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Episode#394: Kristen Breaksdown




Episode#394: Kristen Breaksdown

-The sun has risen as another day starts in Salem!

-Jan is in the kitchen of the Spears Mansion, feeding Josh some formula....Lucas walks in and greets her, and she immediately goes over and kisses Lucas...he however ignores this, and asks how she is...she says she's fine, but just a bit irritated...and Lucas asks why...Jan explains that she got a message from Tony yesterday...telling her that he and that dumb bitch Anna had gotten back together and were leaving town after what happened at the courthouse yesterday...not even bothering to visit her personally to tell his own daughter goodbye! Lucas slowly tells Jan that maybe now she understands why he was so angry at her when he thought she had deserted him!

-Abe is at Maggie's House, and Julie walks into the living room, telling Abe there is someone here to see him...Abe turns to see none other than Faye! As Julie goes into the kitchen, Abe and Faye happily greet each other...as Abe says its been awhile, and Faye nods and says she's been around town...just dealing with some issues with her children...Abe looks at Faye and tells her he knows the look on her face when she's lying...something else is going on! Faye sighs and tells Abe that she feels like....Maggie hasn't exactly been pleased with her hanging around him.

-Suga walks down the stairs at the Kiriakis Mansion....she walks into the living room, and sees Victor....Victor is silent, flashing back to the kiss he and Dorian shared the other day before she scurried out of Titan...Suga greets him, causing him to snap out of it, and he tells her its good he found her...its time for them to talk about something very important!

-Kristen is seen standing at a cliff....she watches the sun come up...its revealed to be the cliff that Stefano and his car went flying off of months ago! She says that this is supposedly the place...first time she's ever seen it...she looks down the cliff below, and says that her father is down there somewhere...she tells him that she's confronted Kate, she's confronted Crystal...but she has yet to confront him....and now she's left with a mystery....she says outloud that she wants to know who set her brother up to die!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Kristen says, seemingly talking to Stefano on the cliff even though no one is there, that Kate and Crystal both claimed that Peter wasn't the intended victim....and they seemed honest when they said it....but it doesn't make sense...she says that Tony told her that Peter thought that SHE called him down to the pier...when she really didn't. She goes on to say that she really doesn't think that Stefano sent Peter down there...but it really is his fault, in the end...because yet again...one of his children has been caught in the cross fire of his petty wars and vendettas!

-Jan asks what that has to do with this...and Lucas says nothing, and he understands how she feels, but Jan's seemed like she refused to accept why he was so angry and why he fell in love with Eugenia so easily...it was because he THOUGHT that Jan left him suddenly, like Tony just took off from town suddenly...Jan groans and says thats very different....Lucas says it is...he just wishes she could see why he loves Eugenia like he loves her! Jan looks at Lucas with disgust and says this is RIDICULOUS...Jan screams to Lucas that she should have tossed that bitch to the CURB by now...she was here first, he should've gone right back to her...she says that she's getting so sick of him trying to have two fiancee's!!

-Abe laughs and asks Faye what she means...Maggie's not one to mind things like that! Faye says that she never said anything specific, its just...she spoke to her awhile back in May...and thats the vibe she got, so she's been staying away...Faye tells Abe she thinks its because of their past together, though she assured Maggie they're just friends...Abe assures Faye that Maggie's not like that....they have a son together...they have to talk sometimes, and he likes having Faye around! Faye asks if he really means that...and he says yes, he does!

-Suga asks what...and Victor tells Suga that he's had a bit of a...change of heart....he says that so much has happened in the past month, its changed his outlook on things...Suga is confused, and asks what this has to do with her...Victor says that he no longer needs her services! Suga asks what he means...Victor tells her that now that the whole thing with Dorian is over...he is going to send Suga back to prison where she belongs! Suga is STUNNED!

-Kristen says that both Renee and Megan were "dead" for years because of his crazy schemes...hell, she nearly got caught up in them several times...Tony of course was tortured by him, and thats what caused his crazy alternate personality to rape her! She goes on to say that both Elvis and Megan are totally screwed up for life because of him...Andre's dead...Benjy doesn't even want to know him! She also points out how EJ was right in the middle of the feud between Stefano and Helena...and low and behold, he's dead too! She says that poor Lexie...she's gone from being good, to being like him, then back to good, then back to being like him...the only reason she even has her son is because of Elvis's scheming! She says that Peter is ultimately dead too...because he wanted to kill his OTHER son...Tony! Kristen then goes on:

Kristen:I know you were just doing it for me, Father....and I don't know if I have any place to talk, considering I tried to kill Tony back at the DiMera Mansion when I shot Anna....and I wanted him dead for so long...but...my brother's dead for no good reason...and damnit, ultimately, its YOUR fault! Yours and Kate's! You two...you constantly screw up your kids lives!!! WHY, damnit, WHY?! Why do you always have to have revenge?! Why did Peter have to die?! WHY FATHER, TELL ME WHY!

Tears run down Kristen's cheeks, but then she says:

Kristen:I guess not even the Phoenix knows...but now...now that I've confronted you, Kate, and Crystal...I'm going to find the person who set Peter up to die...I'm going to find the person that wanted him dead and got their wish! But so help me, if I somehow find out that you somehow caused him to be down there that night...I'll make sure you never rise from the ashes.

Kristen then turns, and stomps off....


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