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Episode#401: 911




Episode#401: 911

-Jan holds a gun to Lucas's head...saying its time for all of this to END!!!! Lucas finally gets the strength to jump up...he grabs the gun from Jan, and they enter a struggle! Lucas asks what the hell she's DOING...and Jan yells that she's so tired of this! She's tired of him and Eugenia...he's lucky neither of them are dead!!!! She screams that she's done SO much for HIM...she went to such lengths to keep Josh!!!!!

-Bo and Hope hold each other....Hope saying how great this feels...him holding her, knowing they're together again...Bo kisses her and say they can all be a family again...them and the girls! He and Hope enter into a passionate kiss....

-Alexis looks at MIMI LOCKHART(Farah Fath) and tells her she's the one who can help her bring down Cassie Brady...Mimi looks at Alexis, very confused...she asks who she is! Alexis says they don't know each other...but she's definitely heard of her...and her little problems with Cassie three years ago! Mimi stares at her, confused, and says she hasn't even heard anything about Cassie for years...Alexis says to Mimi she's here to prove her innocence for pushing Cassie out that window!

-Laura tells Robin to please wake up...don't die!!!! Jeremy, Cassie, Maggie, Abe, and Julie all rush in...Jeremy yells "MOM!!!" and Cassie asks what the hell happened...Laura slowly says that Robin somehow sent herself falling down the stairs! Maggie says she'll call 911 and as Jeremy rushes to his mother's side!

-Valentine asks Vivian in shock that she set PETER up to die...Vivian says yes...and it was grand...a grand scheme! But now...that bitch of a step-daughter is close to figuring it out! Valentine asks for the details....Vivian explains that she told Peter that Kristen wanted to meet him on the pier...she overheard Stefano talking about his and Kate's plot to kill Tony...Valentine puts EVERYTHING together now...and she says VIVIAN is the one ultimately responsible for Peter's death!

-Celeste tells Eugenia she is positive that it was Eugenia's baby that was crying in that vision...Eugenia says that nurse...she told her it was stillborn...so she pretty much thought that meant he was dead upon birth! Celeste asks if she knows the nurse's name...she may have been tricked...Eugenia thinks, but then she realizes:

Eugenia:No...no I don't!!!

-Dorian SCREAMS as blood flows everywhere....Suga looks down coldly at Victor, saying now she can never go back to prison...Dorian looks at Suga, barely being able to see her in the darkness, and Suga quickly turns and runs! Dorian darts out of the bed, blood covering her hands, as she dials 911...the operator picks up, and she screams that Victor Kiriakis has been stabbed!!!!!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Dorian gives the operator the information....saying they are at the Kiriakis Mansion, and gives her the address...she informs the operator that she's a doctor, so she'll try to help Victor as much as she can until the paramedic arrives....Dorian goes over to the unconscious Victor, beginning to try to keep him alive and keep him from losing blood, as she begs him to not die!

-Lucas looks at Jan, confused, asking what the hell she's talking about...Jan slowly says she just means she went to such lengths to protect their son while they were locked up! She tells him she has his CHILD...his CHILD damnit! She goes on to rant that even with THAT...he can't forget about "the" love of his life...she says that she's tried to cope with all this, but she just CAN'T DO IT ANYMORE! She says that she tried to kill Belle at Titan once...he's fortunate she hasn't done that to Eugenia! She tells him she locked Shawn in a cage once to get his love...he's fortunate she hasn't done that to him!!!! Lucas promises Jan that he loves her, it was just a slip of the tongue...but she needs to calm down!! Jan asks how she can be calm when her fiancee, who she COMMITTED TO, is in love with another woman!

-Dorian continues to try to keep Victor alive, and puts pressure on the wounds...but she says there are way too many....those paramedics have to get here fast!!!!!

-Bo and Hope kiss passionately....but they hear all the yelling and chaos in the living room and foyer, and Hope says they should see whats going on! Bo agrees...and they rush out!

-Suga rushes down the stairs in the Kiriakis Mansion....however, she is forced to hide from Henderson as he rushes up the stairs to see whats going on...Suga then gets downstairs finally, and is about to leave, but she sees ambulance lights and hears sirens! Suga then mutters:


-Mimi asks how she even knows about that...and Alexis replies that she's read up about it...Mimi tells her its no use...Cassie framed her and sent her to jail years ago...Alexis says she thinks that with HER help, they can get Mimi out of here...she informs Mimi that Cassie stole her man, so she's bound and determined to finish her off...Mimi's interest is peaked and asks if she really thinks she can do this!

-As the paramedics rush in, Suga quickly darts out the backdoor...escaping the Kiriakis Mansion!

-Bo and Hope rush into the living room and the foyer...they ask what the hell happened, and Laura yells that Robin fell! Jeremy cradles his mother and says she has to live...he exclaims that she still has a pulse! Maggie says that the ambulance is almost here...Bo asks how this happened...and Laura explains that she and Robin were upstairs, arguing...and she just sent her wheelchair backwards and went flying down the stairs! Abe sighs, and he goes over to Bo...he whispers that he loves Laura, but this time he may be required to arrest her!

-Vivian says to her sister that its all true...and now Kristen and Bo are trying to find out who did it...she has to stop them somehow! Valentine smirks and thanks her for speaking to her...she grins as she leaves the DiMera Mansion!

-The paramedics arrive at Maggie's house...they quickly rush in, and tells Jeremy that Robin's alive but they have to get her to the hospital now! They carry Robin out on a stretcher...Chris then enters...and he sighs and asks what happened here. Bo yells for Chris to wait...but Chris says he can't! He looks at Laura and asks if she was involved in this...and Laura explains the situation to him...Chris goes on to say that she's under arrest!

-Eugenia says thats odd...and although she didn't realize this then because she was too devastated...there was NO doctor around! Celeste tells Eugenia it seems something odd may have happened that evening...and Eugenia says they claimed she ended up unconscious...but it is odd that she can barely remember giving birth! Eugenia tells Celeste she needs to go to the hospital, and Celeste says she'll go with her, and the two leave St.Luke's!

-At the Kiriakis Mansion, Dorian, Henderson, and Victor are all now downstairs...the paramedics say to Dorian that Victor's alive but is in CRITICAL condition....she tells them she'll follow them to the hospital! Victor is taken away, and Dorian tells Henderson to stay here...the police are going to be investigating! Henderson nods, and Dorian then rushes out, following Victor, as she continues to hope and pray that he doesn't die!


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