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Episode#402: At the Hospital

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Episode#402: At the Hospital

-Lucas promises Jan that he loves her...but he loves Eugenia too...he's still trying to figure this all out! Jan is about to argue with him more, but both turn when they hear on the TV that Victor Kiriakis has been stabbed and is being rushed to the hospital in critical condition!

-Nicole and Travis are at the Salem Inn....the two kiss passionately, and Nicole says that this past month has been the best of her life...no Greta, no craziness...just being with him...she truly believes he's the love of her life. Travis smiles and agrees, kissing her again...but they also hear the announcement on TV about Victor!

-Vivian pours herself another drink, after Valentine leaves...she says this is too crazy...she just...she has to figure out a way to stop those two morons...she can't fall after ALL this! She decides to relax and turn on the TV...but she drops her drink when she hears about Victor!

-Alexis says she can do anything she puts her mind to...she can definitely expose Cassie as a framing bitch! Mimi says she must've really researched this if she believes that she's innocent...Alexis nods and tells her she read everything...Mimi says she has no clue who really pushed Cassie that night, she just knows SHE didn't!

-Laura screams NO...she did nothing! Chris says that this is the SECOND time something like this has happened....Cassie interrupts and says third..not too long ago, Robin told her and Jeremy that Laura tried to strangle her...Julie says this is ridiculous, Laura is innocent! Bo tells Chris to just stop...they should wait to do anything before they learn of Robin's status...Chris says fine, and everyone rushes down to the hospital!

-Eugenia and Celeste run in to the hospital...they see Mike...and Eugenia rushes up to him and tells him that she has some questions about something, and its urgent! Mike tells Eugenia he's sorry, but it will have to wait...he has a stabbing victim coming in! Eugenia and Celeste turn as Victor is pulled in by paramedics!

-Victor is pulled in, and Mike says this doesn't look good....and orders them to get him to ER, stat!!! Celeste gasps...she sees Victor taken away, and looks at all the blood...Dorian rushes in, and Celeste's eyes flare with anger, and she darts over to her and screams:

Celeste:You BITCH! What have you done?!

Celeste then PUNCHES Dorian!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Dorian clutches her cheek and as she stands up, she snaps to Celeste that she did nothing...SOMEONE stabbed Victor at the Kiriakis Mansion! She says he's lost too much blood...Celeste says this can't be happening! However, then they turn when Robin is rushed into the hospital!!!!

-Robin is pulled in on a stretcher...the Horton's and Chris all with them! Mike comes out to get something and sees Robin...he asks what the hell happened here! Maggie explains that she went tumbling down the stairs at her house...Mike sighs and says he has to handle this, and tells a nurse to call Lexie for Victor...he tells the paramedics to also get Robin to the ER!!! Jeremy says his mom can't die...not after nearly dying already, and Cassie comforts him as Julie says she's sure it'll all be alright!

-Lexie enters the waiting room and Celeste rushes over to her...she tells her daughter she has to save Victor! Lexie tells her mother that the nurses told her everything and she's going to do her best but it doesn't look good...Lexie rushes off to the ER as Celeste and Dorian watch...Bo walks over and asks whats going on with them!

-Lucas and Jan enter the hospital, both now fully clothed...they run into the waiting room, and Lucas sees Maggie and asks what she's doing here...she says she's here since Robin fell down the stairs...and asks what he's doing here! Jan explains that they heard about Victor's stabbing on the news, and Maggie gasps!

-Mike has Robin in a hospital room now....he is with nurses, and says they have to keep her alive...he comments that she must have taken quite a fall...and then suddenly...Robin flatlines! Mike direly tries to revive her!!!

-Lexie is also in a room with Victor...she looks at him and says this is even worse than she thought...she says he has multiple wounds all over his main body...she says they have to stop this bleeding, and they have to work FAST!

-Nicole and Travis are the next ones to enter the hospital...Nicole yells that they heard about Victor...she walks over to Celeste, Dorian, and Bo...and Bo asks what happened to his father! Dorian tells him that Victor was suddenly STABBED at the Kiriakis Mansion...and he's in critical condition! Bo yells NO...he can't lose ANOTHER person, as Nicole looks around in shock!

-Eugenia walks over to Lucas and Jan...and Jan rolls her eyes as Lucas asks what she's doing here...Eugenia tells him she was just walking in when all of THIS happened...Lucas then goes on to ask why she was here in the first place...and Eugenia tells him that her baby may be alive, and Jan's eyes go WIDE!

-Mimi explains that one random night...Cassie was pushed out that window...and she just so happened to set it up that ALL the evidence pointed to her...and she went to jail! Mimi says that she got a 25 year sentence, and she's not even to a full 3 years yet...Alexis promises Mimi that she'll get her out of here and expose Cassie for the lying bitch that she is...because she's got something in this too: The man she wants, Jeremy Horton!

-Mike desperately tries to revive Robin, yelling:

Mike:Come on, Robin, don't die on me now!

-Everyone in the waiting room is in shock at all thats going on with Robin AND Victor...Jeremy sits, worrying about his mother...Cassie kisses him and promises that Robin will survive this...Jeremy looks at Laura...he wonders if she really did do ALL of this to his mother...and Laura continues to worry about her, and Robin's, fate! Nicole says that this really is impossible...who the hell would stab Victor! Celeste snaps to Nicole that she tried to kill him herself once, hell she shouldn't even be here! Bo says that he just got his wife back...and now he may lose his biological father...everyone hears someone stumble in...and they all turn to see...VIVIAN!

-Lexie constantly tries to save Victor...she tries to stop the bleeding, but she can't...she sighs and vows not to give up...she won't let Victor die now! She and the nurses continue to try to cut off all the bleeding and patch up the wounds...however, one of the nurses ask what chance that Victor has to survive...Lexie heavily sighs and says that at this point she'd say that chance is minimal!

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