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Episode#403: Operation

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Episode#403: Operation

-Alexis says to Mimi that if she takes down Cassie...she's sure that she'll get Jeremy back...she explains that Jeremy and Cassie have been dating...and Jeremy hates her. Mimi says thats awful...she knows what its like to lose the man you love. Alexis says "Oh really?" and Mimi says that she was in love with Rex Brady before she went to prison!

-Jan asks Eugenia what she means...her baby may be alive...its dead and buried! Eugenia explains Celeste's vision months ago to her...and Jan thinks to herself that this can't be happening...Eugenia can't figure everything out!

-Celeste asks Vivian what the hell SHE'S doing here...she shouldn't be here! Vivian, kind of coming out of her drunk state after hearing about Victor, tells Celeste that her beloved ex-husband...Victor...has been stabbed...and she's here to support him!! However, someone pulls Vivian's arm, and she hears:

Person:Get the hell out, you whore!

Its revealed that the person is...KATE ROBERTS!

-Mike continues to try to revive Robin...finally, he slowly stops...and says that everything's over now...

-Lexie yells to the nurses to get Dr.Stansville in here...she can't do this alone! Lexie's hands are all out bloody...she says that she has one wound patched up....but there are just way too many others! Lexie begins to sob as she operates on Victor...saying ANOTHER man can't die under her hand...

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Lucas looks at Kate and asks WHAT the hell she's doing out of jail...Kate tells her son that for the moment, she got her lawyers to allow her to have bail for the time being...Lucas clenches his fists, and Vivian tells her rival to get her hands off of her! She says that she is Victor's ex-wife...she has as much of a right to be here as Kate or Nicole do! Kate sighs and looks at Celeste and explains that she heard about this on the news just as she was leaving the police station...she asks if there's any update, and Celeste shakes her head...Justin rushes in, and Celeste runs over and hugs him...he asks if anyone has ANY idea who stabbed his uncle! Suga is seen...watching from a distance!

-Destiny rushes in to the hospital...Jan sees her and asks what she's doing here...where are the kids! Destiny says they're at home with Will...but she knew Dorian knew Victor...she rushes up to Dorian and hugs her, and Dorian thanks her so much for coming...she says she needs a friend right now! Bo turns to Dorian and asks her what she was DOING at the Kiriakis Mansion anyway!

-Alexis tells Mimi that Rex is Cassie's brother...she spoke to him awhile back...but he refused to tell her anything about Cassie...Mimi says that she and Rex used to have a relationship...but it ended in 2005 after she had an abortion...she says that she married Shawn Brady later on, but that cratered after Rex came back to town in 2006...she really does love him...and miss him. Alexis says that if they both work together...then they can BOTH have their men!

-Celeste tells Justin that no one knows anything at this point...but they have to find out! Dr.Stansville is seen rushing through the waiting room, and Justin asks if she has any news...Dr.Stansville says she's sorry but no...she has to get to the ER!

-Dr.Stansville rushes into Victor's room...Lexie breathes in relief and says thank goodness she's here...she says she needs her help...Victor's bleeding too much and they don't have much time left!

-Dorian slowly gulps as she flashes back to her and Victor making love...Destiny asks Dorian if she's okay! Bo says to Dorian that he needs to know...for their invesitgation...Celeste walks towards Dorian and asks what she was doing there! Dorian finally admits that she and Victor were there...having sex!

-Mike comes out and Jeremy jumps up when he sees him...Cassie, Julie, and Maggie all stand at his side...Jeremy asks Mike if he has any news...Laura looks at Mike, and Mike says he does!

-Celeste gasps...and Dorian says that she and Victor were...enemies for a time, but they put it behind them and ended up having sex...thats when he was stabbed in the bed...but she couldn't get a good look at the stabber! Suga breathes a sigh of relief...and Celeste says she shouldn't be here...this is useless! She runs off, but Abe yells for her to stop!

-Lexie enters the waiting room...everyone turns to see her...Celeste stops when Abe yells for her, and she then sees Lexie...she tells everyone that she has some news!

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