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Episode#400: The Four-Hundreth Episode

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Episode#400: The Four-Hundreth Episode

-Brandon tells Sami she's delusional...and Sami retorts that the last time everyone thought she was she turned out to be RIGHT about something! Brandon says that he and Carrie are just good friends, and roomates...Sami tells Brandon she knows him...and she says to just give it up and go after Carrie!

-Destiny and Will kiss passionately...but Will suddenly pulls back, saying he's sorry....he shouldn't have done that...he's very sorry. Destiny slowly looks at Will...she sighs as she stares him up and down...and asks him why he said he was sorry!

-Jan says to Lucas that Eugenia's outstayed her welcome, he needs to grow a damn backbone and throw her out on her ass! She says that oh they fell in love while she was gone...well she's back, so too bad for Eugenia! She yells that her baby died, oh how sad, but NONE of that gives Eugenia a valid reason to stay in her mansion and come between her and Lucas...she says to Lucas that everything can be happy and normal again if he'd just GET RID OF HER!

-Alexis is seen entering a dark place...with all metal walls...slowly, a security guard walks up behind her...he tells her they're almost there, and she says good...she hasn't come all this way for nothing!

-Laura snaps to Robin that she's so tired of her saying that...she's going to the mental house, she's going to the mental house, its ridiculous! Robin says that its true...Laura asks Robin WHY she hates her so much....WHY! Is it because she doesn't hate Mike like she does...because Mike's her son, and she knows that he and Alexis shouldn't have slept together and that he's made some mistakes in his life, but she can't hate him...and she's shocked Robin does! She tells Robin that she remembers hearing about how there was a time where Robin and Mike were pretty deep in love...yet she moves back to Salem, and she despises him! She asks Robin if thats what EVERYTHING has been about...she asks if even going back to her hating Alexis...is it because she slept with Mike and NOT because she cheated on Jeremy!

-Jeremy, Cassie, Robin, Julie, Hope, Abe, and Maggie are all downstairs in Maggie's kitchen...as they all talk, Jeremy tells Cassie he should go check on his mom...Cassie stops him and tells him he's sure Robin is fine...and she would like just a few minutes without her around for once. Jeremy understands and kisses her...Hope hears a knock on the door, and answers it to see Bo!

-Valentine taps her foot as Vivian drinks another drink...and says she's waiting! Vivian says fine, she'll tell her....Valentine can tell that Vivian is tipsy and probably wouldn't normally admit this to Valentine...Valentine wonders if this is what she overheard Vivian and Sami talking about! Vivian begins to say that she did something very awful...but she did it rightly for her revenge...she set a man up to die!

-Celeste tells Eugenia thats quite alright...and asks how she's doing. Eugenia shrugs and says its hard...ever since Jan crashed the wedding, Lucas has had them all live together, and she knows he doesn't really want her...added to that, she lost her baby only a little over three months ago...Celeste raises an eyebrow and says:

Celeste:Dahling, your baby is still alive.

-Victor and Dorian make passionate love in Victor's bedroom at the Kiriakis Mansion...he thinks to himself he can't believe this....he tried to have Dorian killed and now he's having sex with her, and he loves Celeste...but he forges on...however, in the shadows...SUGA is seen hiding...KNIFE in hand!!! There is a flash of everyone's faces as the 400th episode of Life in Salem begins....

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Brandon is silent as Sami tells him to go for Carrie...she says she KNOWS they like each other...its been obvious for months! Brandon whispers that he just doesn't want to make a fool out of himself...Sami yells that this isn't highschool, GO! Brandon slowly turns and goes to find Carrie!

-Jill is seen in Dr.Stansville's section of the hospital, in the back....Dr.Stansville tells her that both babies are doing fine...but soon, they'll be able to find out the genders of the babies...and they're due in just a couple months...she's not sure how long she can keep up this lie to Megan for long!

-Will looks at Destiny, confused, and says it just...wasn't right. Destiny sighs, and Will asks whats wrong...she says nothing...its just...maybe she kinda...liked that kiss....but she knows his heart belongs to Arianna, his dead girlfriend and HER best friend...Will stares at Destiny up and down and says...that doesn't mean he can't move on! Slowly...he and Destiny lean in and kiss again!!!

-Lucas says he can't "just get rid of her"...Eugenia is a part of his life, and they were together for a few months! Jan says its what he has to do...if he wants Jan, he's got to just grow some balls and kick Eugenia out of his life! Jan yells that she goes through this every damn time with a man...Shawn couldn't ever get rid of Belle or Mimi, and Lucas can't rid of Eugenia! She says that a year ago, he proposed to her and wanted to marry her...its time for them to get married, its time for them to forget Eugenia Willens! Lucas then screams:

Lucas:NO! I can't just forget the woman I love!

-The security guard leads Alexis on through the mysterious place...she tells him to hurry up! He says right this way...

-Robin says Laura how dare she...she doesn't give a DAMN about Mike! Laura says oh please, she wouldn't have rushed back to Salem if she didn't! Robin says she did because her SON was in pain, and asks why the hell thats so hard for anyone to get! Laura says because she may love Jeremy, but she knows its not because he was in pain...she says to Robin she thinks she puts on this angry exterior to everyone, including Mike, because she's jealous that it was ALEXIS that slept with Mike and not HER!

-Hope asks Bo what he wants...Bo says he'd like to talk to her...privately. Hope is silent for a moment but lets him in...and they go into another room of the house. Bo sits her down and tells her he thinks its time for them to get back together! Hope says thats not really his decision to make! Bo says he knows...but he also knows she still loves him...he felt it the other day, and he feels it now....forget Kristen...he knows they belong together!

-Valentine says oh really...thats interesting...tell her more! Vivian continues to drink her sorrows away, and says that like her, that man tried to take her down...Valentine raises an eyebrow and, thinking she's talking about Stefano, says she thought he tried to help her for quite a few months! Vivian says hell NO...and after one night of enjoyment...it all went downhill...so she had to get back at that man...she found out about a plan to kill another man...and made sure that her enemy was the one killed instead! Valentine listens in complete confusion now, wondering what the hell her sister is talking about!

-Eugenia looks at Celeste like she's crazy and tells her that her baby died months ago...in fact, right before Greta put Celeste in that coma! She says that it was a premature birth, and her son, Blake, was stillborn...Celeste looks at Eugenia in confusion and informs Eugenia that right before she figured out Jan and Nicole were in the Secret Room...she had a vision of babies being born...one was crying...and Eugenia's baby was definitely crying upon birth!

-Victor and Dorian continue to make passionate love...Dorian tells Victor she missed this...she direly missed this...and he could've had this...but he chose Viki over her! However, now...he can just forget about Celeste...they CAN put this behind them...and he can move on with her! Victor is silent as he kisses Dorian...kind of thinking about Celeste at the same time, but knowing its over...he whispers that it IS time to come on! Suga watches in disgust...muttering that this will all be over soon...she's NOT going back to prison...

-Brandon runs into Carrie's room...she turns around and asks him whats going on...is everything okay! He says yes...but after a short talk with Sami...he's realized that he...loves her, or at least likes her, and wants to be with her! Carrie just stares at him...and he tells her that ever since he came back to town, he's been spending time with her...they got close when Sami was sent to prison for Marlena's murder, and then they went on the run to prove her innocence...now they're living together...and he knows she only divorced Austin about a year ago...but he just...there's something about her he can't resist! Carrie slowly says wow...she says she hasn't really thought about...love or relationships since Austin...she really believed he was the love of her life, but then he cheated on her...she says that ever since then...she has tried to get over that, and she put all her focus on Sami...but she really...has gotten close to Brandon and...maybe she feels something for him too...and is READY to move past her failed marriage to Austin! Brandon asks if she's sure...and she tells him yes, she's absolutely sure! She then pulls Brandon into a steamy kiss!

-Jill tells Dr.Stansville that they'll just have to figure on which one is Megan's and which one is her own, and tell Megan the gender of HER baby with Bo...not Jill's baby with Bo! Dr.Stansville tells her thats not exactly possible...Jill snaps that this entire scheme isn't exactly possible, but they did it! Dr.Stansville narrows her eyes and says to Jill she's VERY lucky she's done all this for her AND Megan all these months...she's felt so dirty during all of it! Jill says its what they have to do for her own safety...Megan would kill her if she finds out about all this! Dr.Stansville asks how she can keep it up to her past the birth of these children...she says Megan's been so commanding and overbearing during alot of this, there's no way in HELL she'd miss the birth! Jill says somehow they'll have to distract Megan long enough for her to give birth to the babies and figure out who's is who's!

-Jan looks at Lucas, stunned and offended...she calls him a bastard, and slaps him! She then KICKS Lucas in the crotch...and he falls to the ground with a scream!! Jan says she can't believe this...she has done so much...and THIS is how she's repaid...right after they MAKE LOVE...he claims Eugenia is "the" woman he loves! She screams that this is all useless...she has been UNDERSTANDING...she's let that BITCH live in HER house for over a month....she's given him so much time to give up Eugenia...but he just won't! Jan, going into a complete rage, runs over and grabs a gun out of her cabinet...she puts it to Lucas's head, who is still on the floor in complete pain! Jan exclaims that its time to end this!

-Hope sighs and tells Bo that they've been apart for so long, and she's been in so much pain...it may be too late, despite what happened the other day...Bo holds her hands and tells her its NOT too late...their spark, their love...its there...buried deep down! He says they need to put what happened with Gina, what happened with Kristen in the PAST...Hope stares at Bo and asks if he can do that...can he really put having sex with Kristen in the past! She says even now, he's still talking to her so often...Bo promises that they are only friends, and he's just helping her with an investigation...its BUSINESS! He begs Hope...he says they aren't divorced yet, they can still save their marriage! He tells her they both are in much better states now than they were last Winter and even last Spring...Bo was still trying to get over her killing Gina, and thats why he turned to Kristen...and she was serving time in jail and then trying to adjust to living a normal life again! Hope bites her lip, looking at Bo...and tells him...fine...maybe it is time for them to reunite! Bo and Hope both have tears in their eyes, and Bo pulls her into his arms...kissing her...and Hope finally bursts out in tears, finally, her and her husband are back together!

-The security guard leads Alexis to what looks like a cell...its revealed that Alexis is in sometime of prison! The security guard tells Alexis that here's who she wanted to see...Alexis says its about time...she travelled so fvar just to get to her! The prisoner looks up at her as Alexis walks up to the bars...she tells her that SHE'S the only one who can help her take down Cassie Brady...and its revealed Alexis is speaking to...MIMI LOCKHART(Farah Fath)!

-Robin yells for Laura to shut up, JUST SHUT UP! Laura screams that she knows its true...Robin says that she HATES Mike, she can't see why she ever loved him...the only good thing that came out of it is Jeremy, who's she's in Salem for in the FIRST place! Laura shakes her head and exclaims she needs to STOP lying...be honest with everyone and admit she's not over Mike...and being back in Salem has only caused those feelings to re-surface even more! Robin growls at Laura and tells her she's just a crazy old bitch...constantly trying to avoid what she did! Laura YELLS that she did NOTHING...she never did a thing to Robin except hold her ground against her! Laura says to Robin that she's going to prove that to EVERYONE, and she's going to show them the bitter old bitch that Robin REALLY is!!!! Robin wheels over to the stairs, and turns to Laura...she promises her that she'll take her down...she's going to WIN and put Laura right where she belongs! Robin suddenly pulls a lever on her wheelchair, sending it in reverse...Laura slowly asks what she's doing...and Robin's wheelchair goes FLYING down the stairs, Robin screaming as she falls all over the staircase...and Laura screams:


Laura rushes down as Robin tumbles to the ground and everyone rushes in!

-Victor and Dorian continue to make love...Suga decides that its time to make her move...she slowly edges out of the shadows...

-Vivian says to Valentine that she had to do it...she just had to...she wanted revenge so bad, and oh she doesn't regret what she did...but now that damn Kristen Blake and Bo Brady may figure it out...of course, everything about the original victim came out in some court thing, and Tony had to slip up to Kristen! Valentine confusedly asks what Tony has to do with this...and Vivian, still drinking, looks at Valentine and says:

Vivian:Well...I set Peter up to die...when Tony was the victim!

-Victor and Dorian say they can't stop as they constantly make love in the bed...Suga gets closer to Victor!!!

-Eugenia tells Celeste she must be mistaken..Jan's baby, Josh, was born that night...and HE'S the only baby born that evening that lived...Blake was dead upon birth! Celeste shakes her head and says her visions aren't always clear...but she's sure that night...Eugenia gave birth...and the baby was crying like any normal, living baby would! Eugenia asks if she's REALLY serious...Celeste says she is, and her visions rarely lie...she was the first who figured out that Jan and Nicole were locked up, after all! Eugenia says that this means...her baby...her precious baby...it may be alive!!!!!

-Suga stands above Victor and Dorian...they make love...but as Victor kisses her...Dorian opens her eyes and she sees Suga peering above them! Before she can say anything...Suga takes her knife and STABS Victor...repeatedly! Blood goes EVERYWHERE as Suga constantly stabs him...Dorian SCREAMS as Suga relentlessly stabs the great Victor Kiriakis!!!!!!!!!!!!

-As the 400th episode of LIS comes to a close...there is an ending montage of everyone....

Will and Destiny are seen kissing upstairs in the Spears Mansion....Destiny pulls back slightly...

Destiny:Will...I really do think I love you....

Brandon and Carrie are also seen kissing passionately, the two finally getting together...Sami stands in the doorway, smiling ever so slightly...

Jan is seen holding a gun right to Lucas's head, who is in visible pain on the floor....

Jan:Its time to end this once and for all!

Bo and Hope are then seen, holding each other....

Bo:I love you, Hope...I love you more than anything...

Jill and Dr.Stansville are next seen...

Jill:I can't let Megan find out that I am carrying both her baby with Bo's and my own baby with him....

Alexis is seen inside that prison with Mimi Lockhart...

Alexis:You can help me bring down Cassie Brady...

Laura is seen with an unconscious Robin as many of the Horton's rush in...

Laura:Robin...Robin...PLEASE! Don't die!!!! Wake up!!!

Vivian and Valentine are seen at the DiMera Mansion....

Vivian:I set up Peter Blake to die...when Crystal Galore was going to kill Tony...but I made sure that Peter died instead....and now Kristen and Bo may figure it out...

Eugenia is seen with Celeste at St.Luke's...

Eugenia:My baby...Blake could be alive...I mean...if your vision is true...my poor baby may be out there somewhere!

And finally, Suga is seen stabbing Victor...and as Dorian continues to scream, blood flowing EVERYWHERE...Suga steps back....

Suga:Its done....

There is a flashes of ALL these faces as the screen fades to black!

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Congrats congrats congrats on an amazing celebration. You went out with a huge bang. I can't believe that Suga...wait yes I can believe that. You definitely made sure that 400 was going to happen with a bang. Has Jason Voorhees been giving Suga some lessons?

I'm also liking that Mimi's back. I always felt as if FF deserved to stay on DAYS.

I really liked Vivian's line about setting up Tony for death. She's such an amazing character.

Good job and here's to 400 more!

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