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  1. Ah, cool I didn't know they'd given Pam a love interest. Thanks, he was the only one I didn't recognize I havent'seen the show for ages.
  2. Ihahaha it'd be neat to have someone from B&B who was previously on Y&R as a different character cross over and find out that the two characters are the same person - i.e. Brad Carlton is posing as Dollar Bill - or Donna Logan lived under the fake identity of Grace - haha or Victor crosses over and finds out not only that Brad and Victoria are still together, the current Victoria has been a sad and sorry imposter for a very long time lol.
  3. lol all the stars on that "Switch" promo went back to their own soaps anyway
  4. Hey, saw this picture on ctv.ca's B&B page - who is the guy next to Pam and above Hope on the far right side? It looks like Ron White from Blue Collar Comedy haha http://www.ctv.ca/TheBoldandtheBeautiful.aspx Can't seem to post the picture for some reason
  5. ian

    Another Update

    ML, take all the time you need to get your stuff in order, and as soon as you're back to your A-Game, we'll be here waiting for what you come up with Cheers friend.
  6. 400!! Congrats on this milestone
  7. This is really well done! I loved the scenes with Jodie in the support group, those characters were great and it was touching! Waiting for more.
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