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Episode#399: Proof?




Episode#399: Proof?

-Sami sees Brandon as he is trying to get his clothes on...and she says this is sure interesting...she looks at Carrie and asks if she's already bedded Brandon....Carrie laughs and shakes her head, telling her sister no Brandon just got out of the shower and she accidentally saw him like this! Sami says sure...and tells her to trust her, he IS good in bed!

-Will and Destiny are upstairs at the Spears Mansion....they play with Arianna and Bentley, and Will introduces Arianna to Bentley as his niece...Will then goes on to tell Destiny how great it is to have his daughter back...and its all thanks to her. Destiny tells him no, it wasn't all because of her...he was strong throughout the whole thing and fought the Galore's...and they really couldn't have done it without Dorian. Will says that he still can't believe that his own grandma would do that...and hire the person trying to take his baby away from him! Destiny tells Will that when she rescued them...Kate seemed genuinely sweet, and like she didn't know at the time that Crystal was the one fighting him for Arianna...Will nods, but says still...however, now its time to focus on raising his daughter!

-Lucas and Jan lay on the couch after making passionate love....Jan says that was great...they haven't done that in so long...and Lucas agrees, but still is distant...Jan tells him something seems wrong. Lucas lies and tells Jan that he loved it too....he really did...because he loves her. Jan asks if he's thinking about that bitch Eugenia again!

-Eugenia is seen entering St.Luke's...she goes up to the candles, and lights one...she prays to God, asking Him to please tell her if she should really stick around....should she really stick around, waiting to see if Lucas will *REALLY* choose her over Jan! Meanwhile, Celeste also enters the Church, praying about...Victor.

-At Maggie's house, Robin is upstairs, while everyone else is downstairs...except Laura. Laura soon runs into Robin, and Robin groans and tells Laura to get out of her way, but Laura stands her ground and asks Robin WHY she accused her of trying to kill her AGAIN!

-Vivian is at the DiMera Mansion...sipping on a drink as she thinks about how Kristen and Bo are investigating who set Peter up to die...she says that they can't figure it out! They just can't....as she continues to drink, Valentine enters and asks what the hell she's talking about!

-Dorian tells Victor that she knows there's something there...she just knows it...and she's going to prove it! She pulls Victor into a kiss....and as they kiss....they begin to slowly go upstairs, pulling their clothes off in the process!

-Suga is seen in the kitchen at the Kiriakis Mansion...she says that she has a plan...she's NOT going to let Victor send her back to jail!!!

-Bo asks if she's sure....Bo says that numerous reports have said that Stefano died in a car crash with Will and Destiny...Kristen says she knows, and at the time she was too busy grieving Peter AND her father and dealing with the situation with him and Hope but its just...too odd, too coincidental...she says she knows that it was a stormy night, but it doesn't even make sense that he somehow got into a simple car crash and went off that cliff...she says that nothing like that has happened before with her father! Bo points out what Andre told everyone back in 2002...Kristen tells him obviously that was a lie! She says that it just doesn't add up that Stefano died RIGHT after Peter's death and right after she wondered if someone was really out to kill Peter...Bo slowly nods and as he thinks about it, she may be on to something...Vivian may have set up both Peter AND Stefano to die!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Brandon smiles and tells Sami thats enough...there's nothing going on between him and Carrie...nothing at all! Sami says alright, she'll believe that...Carrie tells Brandon she needs to go get something from her room, and after she leaves, Sami approaches Brandon and says:

Sami:Okay, cough it up...you want my sister, don't you?

-Destiny agrees and tells Will that Arianna, her best friend, is proud of him up in Heaven right now...Will says he hopes so, and Destiny tells him that he's only had Arianna back several days and he's already become a good father again...far better than the Galore's could ever be! Will thanks her, and they continue to talk and bond, and slowly they lean in and....KISS!

-Robin snaps to Laura that wasn't some accusation, its a fact! Laura wrapped her arms around Robin's neck...Laura says thats because she taunted her into it...she tells Robin that she's baiting her...but she won't let her take her down!! Robin tells Laura its only a matter of time...Laura'll be in the crazy house soon, and she'll make sure of it!

-Kristen says yes...she's not sure but she really thinks thats the only possibility...Bo tells her right now, while they should keep the Stefano aspect in mind, they should focus on her setting Peter up to die...he says that Vivian has reason to...but how could they prove it! Kristen tells him there has to be some proof out there...Bo says no...she could've just somehow set him up and there could be no proof at all!

-Eugenia continues to pray...she prays to God that she stayed in the Spears Mansion because of Lucas...because she loves him...and a part of her has really been hoping...that he'd dump Jan for her...but if he's off having sex to her...its just a fantasy...and maybe she should just leave the Spears Mansion and Salem in general! Celeste meanwhile continues to pray about her relationship with Victor, wondering what she should do...he tried to kill a woman...but she also still loves him!

-Lucas asks Jan how can he not...he feels like he's practically cheating on Eugenia! Jan angrily gets up and tells Lucas that he had NO problem cheating on HER while she was in the Secret Room! Lucas says its DIFFERENT, he thought she left him...Jan tells Lucas she's tired of this...its time for him to wisen up and get rid of Eugenia!

-Vivian turns to Valentine and tells her to get out as she downs another drink, and says she has enough on her plate, she doesn't need to deal with her right now...Valentine smiles and says they're sisters, she can tell her...Vivian continues to drink as Valentine prods her, and FINALLY, Vivian says:

Vivian:Alright...I'll tell you.

-Dorian and Victor lie in a bed upstairs in Victor's bedroom...the two make passionate love...however, downstairs, Suga says its about time to make sure Victor Kiriakis NEVER sends her back to prison for something she doesn't even remember going!

-Bo tells Kristen that if she set up BOTH Stefano and Peter...then maybe there's something...but if its just Peter...she could have just sent Peter down there and no one may know it! Kristen curses as she realizes that Bo is right...even if Vivian did do it, she can't prove it!

-Eugenia finishes praying, but still wonders what she should do about this mess with Lucas...she thinks that maybe it is time to give up another man she loves! Eugenia continues to think as she heads towards the exit of the Church...but she runs into Celeste! Eugenia greets Celeste and tells Celeste she's so sorry...Celeste's prayer is interrupted...she looks at Eugenia and then flashes back to when she had a vision of a woman giving birth and a baby crying!

-Bo tells Kristen that there COULD be proof...but honestly...it doesn't look like there is! Kristen clenches her fists and tells Bo that she HAS to prove it somehow...if it IS Vivian like it seems...then she's damn well going to send her to prison right with Kate and Crystal! Bo nods and promises Kristen that somehow...they'll figure this out, but he is just warning her...Kristen nods and says she understands...Bo says he needs to go, but he'll definitely be in touch...this is his top case now! Kristen thanks him for all of this...he says anytime...he leaves the Brady Pub, and Kristen steps outside...she looks to the sky, and she promises Peter that she's going to find whoever set him up...and if it is Vivian...she's going to avenge his death and stop this woman once and for all...she'll END the reign of Vivian Alamain! Kristen walks away as her words echo into the night...

And....don't forget to tune in TOMORROW...as "Life in Salem" turns 3 years old...and its 400th episode airs...and MANY lives of salem are changed drastically! Only on Life in Salem!


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