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Episode#398: Kristen Connects the Dots




Episode#398: Kristen Connects the Dots

-Its hours later in Salem as nightfall approaches!

-Carrie is at her apartment with Brandon...she's cooking dinner while Brandon is getting out of the shower...she goes to get something when she sees him shirtless!!!

-Victor sits in the living room at the Kiriakis Mansion...Henderson comes in and tells him that he has a visitor...and Victor asks who, and right afterwards DORIAN walks in! Victor stands and asks what she's doing here...Dorian tells him that its time they talk about that kiss they shared!

-Bo and Kristen are sitting in the Brady Pub...they discuss who could have set Peter up. Bo asks Kristen if there's anyone out there who hates Peter...Kristen thinks and says that there's of course someone like Jack who had issues with him way back...but while Jack has a criminal past, he's not really a murderor, especially not now, and he's not even in the country! She continues to think...and she says that there's only one other person she can think of...someone who'd be plausible. Bo asks who, and Kristen says:

Kristen:Vivian Alamain.

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Carrie tells Brandon she's so sorry....she didn't mean to walk up right as he was getting out! As Brandon puts some clothes on, he says no its fine...they're living together, he can see her like this....Carrie shrugs and tells him it still feels weird, but he tells her not to worry about it as Sami walks in!

-Victor tells her there's nothing to talk about...it was just a small slip up on both of their parts! Dorian laughs and she says certainly not...and if they want to tie up this little vendetta...then they need to talk about the kiss...Victor tells her it wasn othing...he got caught up in old times...he loves Celeste Perrault! Dorian tells him that Celeste left him...now maybe its time for those old times...to return!

-Bo raises an eyebrow at Kristen, and she tells Bo about Peter and Vivian's one night stand during that huge snowstorm in Winter 0f 08, and him exposing her at the fashion show...Kristen says that it was obvious Vivian hated him...but then again she's not sure. Bo tells her that Vivian could very well be a possibility...and Kristen says that her father would never allow that, and she doesn't know how the hell Vivian would know about his and Kate's scheme anyway.

-Victor tells Dorian this is ridiculous...they need to bury the hatchet, but he and her are through...he and Viki are through! Dorian tells him it amazes her...he still throws her aside, when he never would have done that to Viki OR Nikki...Victor asks her if she is deaf, he just said he and Viki are through, and he never really loved Nikki...he tried his damdnest to get rid of her and he succeeded! Dorian says that he and Viki are over because Clint convinced her to leave Salem...hell he wouldn't give a damn about Celeste if Viki was still around! Victor says that he loves Celeste...and NOT Dorian! Dorian tells him she KNOWS he's lying...she can see it in his eyes!

-Bo tells Kristen that she makes good points...but then at the same time, he's not sure who else would try to set up Peter according to what she told him...Kristen slowly nods, as she thinks about the prospect of Vivian setting up Peter...she thinks that Vivian did hate Peter...and he almost seemed afraid of her at times. She thinks that around that time....Vivian was getting revenge on ALL of her enemies by taking over Alamain...and right after that...Peter died...Kristen thinks back to how she suspected something like this happened back in the Winter, and told her father...and then...HE died! Kristen thinks that was an accident though...he just went flying off the cliff that rainy night...but even that was a little weird....Kristen's eyes widen as she finally puts everything together, and she looks at Bo and says:

Kristen:Vivian....did set Peter up to die....it all makes sense now....and I think my father may have figured it out....and she may have caused his death too!!!!

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Go Kristen go! Bad girl vs bad girl. I love it. I hope that we get to see a good catfight between these two. Vivian really seems to be up on her villainous ways. The ending was awesome! In a way I like how Kristen is being in the background to help the situation.

Dorian vs Vivian. Wow this woman has so many enemies! Victor must feel lucky to have all of the psychos going after him.

Are we going to see a revival of the cake fight between Carrie and Sami? I actually interviewed Christie and she said that she enjoys the stunts...Alison on the other hand, does not.

Good episode!

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