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Episode#397: Hope Questions Vivian




Episode#397: Hope Questions Vivian

-Lucas and Jan lay on the couch, passionately making love as one by one, they lose more pieces of clothing....Lucas continues to protest that they shouldn't do this because of Eugenia, but Jan tells him that this is THEIR time...it has nothing to do with her! Jan and Lucas kiss and continue...as EUGENIA walks up to the doorway and sees it through the doorway!

-Lexie tells Faye that this is RIDICULOUS...and quite frankly, none of her damn business! She says that Abe hasn't even bothered with the custody arrangements in month, and Faye says that he's in a wheelchair constantly having to go through intensive physical therapy to be able to function again! Lexie flashes back to Elvis bribing Judge Fitzpatrick to give her custody...but then she asks Faye if the only reason she is picking at straws is because she thinks this will get her Abe back!

-Jeremy and Cassie are stunned to see Laura trying to strangle Robin, and Jeremy asks Laura what the hell she's doing as he rushes over and pulls her off of his mother...Cassie runs to Robin's side as she gasps for air and asks if she's alright, and Robin says that crazy whore tried to kill her AGAIN!

-Vivian thinks to herself that she'll keep Bo and Kristen from finding out the truth....but really, they couldn't anyway...the only one who figured it out is Stefano...and he's dead, thanks to her and Sami! Vivian assures herself it will be alright...Hope walks back into Bo's office, and greets Vivian...after a moment of brief chatting, she says she seems nervous....and asks Vivian why she seems so nervous!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Eugenia sees Lucas and Jan making love inside the Spears Mansion....she watches in silence, and as the two continue to rip each other apart....her face gets grimmer and grimmer, and a tear runs down her face as she turns, and walks away....

-Faye tells Lexie NO, thats not it at all...she just wants Abe to be reunited with Theo! Lexie shakes her head and tells Faye that she doesn't think she has ever even seen Theo...she says this is just for Abe...she says she saw it at the hospital a couple months ago...Faye definitely wants Abe back! Faye furiously argues with Lexie that she DOESN'T want Abe back...she knows he's happy with Maggie! Lexie says they'll just see about that, and Faye storms out....

-Vivian looks at Hope and tells her she's not nervous...its just a shock...her own husband wanting his son dead, and then someone ELSE setting up her step-son to die! Hope tells Vivian that as far as she knew she never cared about Peter...and Vivian simply shrugs...Hope says she thinks she's hiding something else!

-Laura screams, while Jeremy holds her back, that she didn't try to kill Robin....but yet again, Robin taunted her into something....she explains that they were talking about WHY Robin was FRAMING her, and an argument broke out...Robin says that Laura is lying through her damn teeth...Laura came in, told her she'd never send her to a mental home, and began choking her!!! Robin tells her son to call the police, and Jeremy says that they aren't calling anyone...they just need some time to cool down. He slowly lets Laura go as Robin grasps her neck, and the two enemies exchange a death glare....

-Vivian says to Hope that this is prepostorous...she's fine, she isn't hiding anything and really should go, especially if Hope's going to give her the third degree like this! Vivian quickly rushes off, leaving Hope to wonder if, and what, Vivian is hiding!


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