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Episode#396: Vivian Discovers Kristen's Investigation

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Episode#396: Vivian Discovers Kristen's Investigation

-Jan tells Lucas that he's paranoid....there's nothing wrong, nothing off, nothing going on...she tells him to calm down and just come to his senses...remember his love for her! Jan puts Josh down and runs towards Lucas...and pulls him into a kiss! She says its time that they remember what they have...remember everything about what made them fall in love...Lucas doesn't say anything as the two begin to rip each others clothes off...

-Lexie is in the living room with Theo at the DiMera Mansion....she suddenly hears someone banging at the door, and has Celeste come in with Theo while she goes to answer it...Lexie soon opens the door to see Faye! Lexie tells Faye this is a surprise...and Faye tells her that she's here to get Abe's son!

-Robin is at Maggie's house...she sits alone in the living room, in her wheelchair....Laura walks in and asks where Jeremy is, and she says that he's out with Cassie getting them all something to eat....Laura says that she knows Hope is out, Maggie and Abe are at physical therapy, Julie's at the park with Pamela and Addie...Abby's out of the country visiting Jack and Jennifer, and Nick's at the hospital...so now they're all alone, and they can have a proper talk about why the hell Robin keeps telling everyone that Laura tried to kill her!

-Hope slowly apologizes, and says she shouldn't have jumped to conclusions about that....Bo assures Hope its nothing....and they can talk later...but now, he really does need to help Kristen with this...its very serious and important. Hope nods in understanding, and steps out as Kristen thanks Bo...she says that she knows this is awkward and odd, and maybe she shouldn't even be going to him, but out of all the fools in the Salem PD...he's the smartest, and she knows that together they can figure out who set Peter up...she says she just has to do it...for her brother. Bo agrees...and promises her that they WILL figure out who set Peter up to die...just as VIVIAN walks in!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Jan and Lucas kiss passionately, slowly falling into the living room as they leave Josh in the kitchen...the two collapse onto the couch, kissing and continuing to rip their clothes off...Lucas tells her that they shouldn't be doing this, because of Eugenia...Jan tells him to forget about her, and continues to kiss him all over his body as he does the same to her!

-Lexie says "Excuse me?", and Faye tells Lexie that its time Theo goes back to where he rightfully belongs: To his father! She tells Lexie that Abe is STILL trying to recover from a stroke that SHE caused...Lexie tells Faye that this is none of her business and she's beating a dead horse anyways....Theo is hers, and staying with her! Faye tells Lexie that there's no way in hell that the court would have given custody to Lexie after just being released for murder....Faye deduces that Lexie pulled something, and she's going to find out what!

-Kristen and Bo both turn to see Vivian, and Kristen asks what she's doing here....Vivian says that she heard about the whole Crystal/Kate/Stefano debacle...and was here to visit her old "friend" Kate...but she slowly and nervously asks if she heard something about Peter being set up...Kristen explains what Tony told her, and how her and Bo are setting out to find out who set Peter up....Vivian is horrified!

-Robin tells Laura she doesn't know what the hell she's talking about....Laura yells to Robin that there's NO ONE hear...no secret cameras or recorders....its time she gets a reason for why she's downright FRAMING her! Robin chuckles and says to Laura to give it up...soon she'll be in the crazy house for everything she did to her! Laura screams that she DID NOTHING, damnit, she DIDN'T DO A THING!! Robin says oh please...Laura hated her for months before she fell! Laura screams AH HA, she admits she fell! Robin realizes that she slipped up and says fine...they both know the truth...but no one will believe Laura, she's known for being crazy! She says that she should've stayed in that mental home...she's glad she didn't meet her back when she and Mike were together...she asks Laura if she remembers the cozy little rooms....then the other rooms with the white walls...just sitting there for years after losing it back in 1980....and taunts her constantly, telling her that soon those days will be back! Laura is overcome with emotion as she remembers her torrid mental past, and finally begins to STRANGLE Robin....just as Jeremy and Cassie walk in!!!!!

-Vivian tries to talk Kristen and Bo out of this, saying Peter may have been mistaken...it doesn't mean anyone set him up! Kristen tells him there's no way Peter would mistake something like her calling him down to the pier...she KNOWS someone wanted him dead, she feels it in her gut..and she's going to find out who!! She and Bo walk off, determined to find some answers, as Vivian's heart drops...she flashes back to sending Peter down to the pier...and thinks to herself that she can't let anyone find out that she set Peter up...or else everything she's worked so hard to get BACK will be gone again and she'll be inside a jail cell....again! Vivian vows to make sure that Bo and Kristen never discover the truth!

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