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Episode#389: Tony Cuts the Cord




Episode#389: Tony Cuts the Cord

-Victor groans and tells Justin to mind his own business...there is NOTHING going on! Justin says that he knows there is, and Victor finally says fine...he's still in pain over losing Celeste, thats all! Justin slowly nods and says he understands, as Victor tells Justin that he and Celeste were in a relationship for over a year...and then to her suddenly leave him like that...it has to hurt! Justin slowly asks:

Justin:Why DID you and Celeste break up, anyway?

-Anna says to Roman that she still loves Tony....in her own way, and she hates it! She says that for years, she's been in total CHAOS with Tony...she says that her life was rather calm for all those years without Tony...then nearly three years ago, she came back to Salem, ran into him again and it once again....but still, she loves him! She wonders outloud to Roman what she should do....should she try to mend fences with Tony!

-Will stands with Destiny as he holds baby Arianna, and Sami rushes up and gets a first look at her granddaughter....she says she's beautiful, and Destiny says that she's finally back in the right hands! Will is silent, just staring at his daughter in happiness....Tony, Lucas, and Kristen all approach Kate, as Kristen tells Kate that she can't believe she took part in the murder of her own brother....Kate continues to tell Kristen that Peter was NOT the intended victim...and Tony coldly says that HE was! Lucas tells his mother he can't believe she'd even work with Crystal, and Kate again swears that she had NO idea she was the one suing for custody of Arianna until she saw Crystal and Benard at his wedding...she says at the time, she wanted Tony dead so much...she was so distant from her family, aside from brief chats! Tony then says:

Tony:I get it now, Kate....you never felt anything for me...all this time....you've just hated me, and the past couple months you've probably just been getting close to me so you can try to kill me again....

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Will turns to Destiny, and sincerely thanks her so much for how much she's helped him...she's been there for him as a friend and for moral support, she helped him kidnap Arianna in the first place, and then she risked her life just to find out something on Crystal that will get him his daughter...Destiny smiles and tells him its because he's such a great friend to her, and she did it for BOTH Arianna's...she also tells him that she couldn't have done it without Dorian...Will turns to Dorian and thanks her, and Dorian lightly smiles, saying that Destiny definitely did fight for him and his daughter...Will and Destiny look at each other, both of them just smiling, happy that this is all over....however, Benard approaches the small group and tells them that if they thinks they've gotten rid of him, they have another thing coming!

-Victor remembers how Celeste broke up with him because he and Suga tried to kill Dorian....and he simply tells Justin that the coma Greta put her in changed her a bit...Justin shakes his head and tells his uncle he knows thats a lie! Victor finally gets frusterated and blurts out that she left him because he hired that drug dealer Suga to kill Dorian Lord!

-Kate tells Tony NO, thats not true! She tells him that she did hate him, yes, and she made that clear after Vince nearly killed her in Italy...and yes, she wanted him dead and teamed up with Stefano to do it, because Stefano was enraged at him because of Kristen's rape....but then, later on after Peter died, she grew close to him...she got to know him and realized he really is a great man...she tells Tony that she's valued their friensship so much over these past couple months! Kate begs Tony to believe her!

-Anna sits with Roman in silence....she constantly thinks about Tony, remembering their greatest times together....she finally sighs and says that she knows what she has to do...she gets up and leaves the hospital!

-Will tells Benard that its over...the custody battle is over, and he's lost Arianna thanks to his murdering wife! Benard tells Will that its not over until he says its over, but Sami and Destiny tell Benard to just go away! Benard looks down at Arianna, and sheds a tear...thinking that they're right...he's lost his granddaughter...Benard tells them fine...he'll leave Salem...but someday...someday he'll be back! Benard angrily turns and storms out of the courtroom...preparing to leave Salem!

-Tony shakes his head and says to Kate that even if that IS true...she still wanted him dead, and never bothered to tell him even after they got close...he says that if it wasn't for this custody trial...she'd still be hiding her role in Peter's death....he says he's sorry but....this is it for them...they won't have any friendship, any romance....nothing at all....this has ruined whatever they had. Kate breaks down crying, begging Tony to please don't go...he has to understand, things are different now....Tony ignores Kate, walking out the door of the courtroom....leaving her behind for good....


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