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Episode#390: The Reunion




Episode#390: The Reunion

-Justin looks at Victor, stunned and says he must not have heard that right...Victor sadly says he did! Justin wags his finger as he walks past Victor and says he thought that Victor grew PAST this years ago...he tells him he thought he was past the point of all the crime, murdering, and crazy schemes! Victor says that he HAS...its just...when he thought Dorian put Celeste in that coma, he was ENRAGED...he wanted to just murder her, because he loves Celeste so much! He explains that then he arranged Suga's release from prison...and she shot Dorian at the wedding, where he found it was Greta behind Celeste's coma...but then he couldn't FIND Suga, and by the time he did...she already had injected an air bubble into Dorian's IV...at first he thought she was dead, but found out she survived, thankfully...Justin curses and asks Victor when he's going to LEARN, and Victor says that he has now that Celeste left him because of it...suddenly, Vivian is seen in the doorway and she says:

Vivian:Celeste left you?

-Kate continues crying after Tony leaves...Lucas tells his mother that he can't believe this...once again, she's gone off and done something wild and crazy...Will also approaches his grandmother and begs her to be honest with him...did she REALLY not know that Crystal was the one who wanted custody of Arianna. Kate continues to swear on her life that she didn't...Stefano obviously knew since he offered to help her in the custody battle, but he kept it from her because he knew that she'd never go through with it if she knew....Lucas says that may be, but he is still shocked that she wanted a man dead and was responsible for another man's death....he doesn't think she's gone this far before! Kate says she knows, she has regretted it for months...she even tried to stop Crystal from killing Tony at the last minute, but by the time she got to the pier...Peter was already shot and bleeding to death with Tony and Billie at his side! Lucas tells her he doesn't care...a man is dead NOW because of her...and she had no problem plotting and hiring someone to kill another man...he says to his mother that he's had enough, and this whole time he's been determined to keep Arianna from freaks like the Galore's...he guesses he'll have to keep her and his entire family away from a freak like HER! Kate screams NO...please no...first Tony and now him! Chris comes forward and says to Lucas that won't be a problem...Kate's going to be behind bars! Kate gasps as Chris places her under arrest for the murder of Peter Blake!

-Tony slowly walks towards the pier on the docks....as he walks around, he flashes back to the night months ago when Peter died....on this very pier. He remembers how one minute he and Peter were arguing over who called them down to the pier, and Kristen's rape and Vince...and the next, everything changed...and now he knows that his brother died because of him....and Crystal Galore killed him and she was hired by his father and Kate...Tony sheds a few tears and tells Peter he's so sorry, he never meant for any of this to happen...he knows their relationship was rough during the year Peter was back in Salem, but he NEVER wanted him dead...and now, he's lost everyone...Peter's gone, Kristen and his family hates him, Stefano's dead, Marlena's dead, Kate is the one who tried to set up his death, and Anna hates him. Suddenly, a voice says "Maybe she doesn't." and Tony whirls around to see Anna!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Victor asks Vivian what the hell she's doing here...Vivian says she was just dropping by to visit her ex-husband, and couldn't help overhearing that the ever so lovely Celeste left him...Victor tells her thats none of her business, and orders her to get out! Vivian laughs and says that Victor's better off without that bitch...and now, he's free to come back to her! Justin rolls his eyes as Victor says he'll call security! Vivian says fine....but she's around, if he ever needs a shoulder! Vivian leaves, as Victor realizes that not only does he have Celeste and Dorian on his hands, he has Vivian as well! Justin just sighs and tells Victor he's had one hell of a life....

-Kate yells that Chris can't do this...and Chris tells Kate that she broke the law...she tried to kill a man and someone else ended up dead because of it, for goodness sakes! Kate looks at her family, her son, her grandson....Lucas just shakes his head and tells everyone to come on...he says that anyone who'd pull off a scheme like that...he refuses to bother with them. Kate looks at Will, who just shakes his head and says he needs to spend time with his daughter, as Kate is taken away and everyone else leaves the courtroom, all of this finally ending....

-Tony asks Anna what she's doing here...and Anna explains that she was walking around Salem...looking for him! Tony asks why, and says that for months she hasn't wanted to speak to him...Anna nods, but says now...she does....she tells Tony that after some hard thinking and talking to some special people...while she doesn't approve of him pulling her around like that and sleeping with Kate two seconds later....she's not ready to give up on their love. Tony asks if she's serious....Anna says yes...she tells him that Carrie encouraged her to do it, and she didn't want to, but then she visited Roman...and just talking about it like that...made her realize that she doesn't want it to end...she tells Tony that IF...IF he can be serious with her, and have a serious relationship...then....maybe she wants to try something again...Tony nods and says he definitely can, after everything with Kate...he definitely can. Anna asks Tony if Kate will be a problem...and he promises her that he's done with Kate Roberts for good! Tony tells Anna that he loves her so much...and right now...he needs her more than ever! Tony rushes up to Anna and pulls her into a passionate kiss, and she kisses him back...the two lock lips as the lovers reunite at long last....


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