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Episode#391: Tony and Anna's Decision




Episode#391: Tony and Anna's Decision

-Its another new day in Salem!

-Outside St.Luke's, Jan is seen in the cemetary with baby Josh in a stroller....Jan stands over the grave of Blake Willens/Bradley Spears....she slowly touches it, as a few tears fall from her eyes....she tells him she's so sorry its taken mommy so long to visit...she's just been busy with daddy...and also, she's taking care of his brother Josh...she tells him she's sorry she had to practically give him to that witch Eugenia...but its for the best, and she hasn't forgotten about him...and now, she has a new baby that will help her get over his death, and help her and daddy start a family....however, Jan hears someone ask what she's doing at her son's grave, and she looks up to see EUGENIA!

-Alexis is seen sitting at the police station....she has a hat and sunglasses on, and is reading the newspaper....she looks up, makes sure no one sees her, and slowly stands up, tossing the news paper aside...she edges towards one of the computers, and grins as she gets there and begins to sit down...but suddenly her arm is grabbed by none other than Chris, who asks her what the hell she thinks she's doing!

-Victor is at Titan...in between doing work, he constantly tries to call Celeste, but she doesn't answer...he leaves messages on her phone, telling her how much he loves her and that they need to talk...he looks at a newspaper beside him, and sees the news story about Crystal and Kate getting arrested for Peter's murder, and his eyes widen, especially when he sees Dorian mentioned! But his reading is interrupted by Dorian herself when she walks right into his office, saying:

Dorian:Well well well...if it isn't the man who wanted me dead.

-Tony and Anna are in bed at the Salem Inn....both are naked and underneath the covers in Tony's bed! Anna tells him that was a great night of love making...its been far too long! Tony agrees, and says he is so pleased that they're back together...Anna says she still just can't believe what he told her about Kate, her and Stefano setting him up to be killed, and hiring that Crystal Galore woman....and then turning around and being his friend and sleeping with him! Tony nods and says that he supposes he just got tricked...but now, he's looking forward to a bright future with Anna! He then says thats why he needs to say something...he tells her he's been heavily thinking about something ever since they made love, and then he says:

Tony:Anna, my dear, I think we should leave Salem.

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Jan looks at Eugenia, and Eugenia again asks Jan what she's doing at her own son's grave...Jan stutters for a moment, but slowly tells Eugenia that Lucas talked about how her baby died in childbirth one night, and so she decided to just come down here and see where he was buried....Eugenia says to Jan that it seemed like Jan was doing more than just looking at the gravesite, though...Jan shrugs and says she was just telling him what a great life he would have had with Lucas around...Jan then goes on to snap that of course, Eugenia would have been out on her ass soon anyway...Eugenia tells Jan NOT to start this here, NOT in the presence of her baby boy...Jan glances at Josh real fast but quickly snaps out of it, and Jan says fine...Eugenia tells her at least she has her baby....her's died before it had a chance to live! Eugenia says to Jan that she just wishes she could stop with all the insults because while she may not be the best person in the world, she's gone through ALOT in the past year or two! Eugenia tells Jan that she doesn't know what kind of agnozing pain a mother goes through when their child dies, and Jan finally tells Eugenia firmly:

Jan:Oh, I definitely do!

-Alexis tells Chris to get his hands off of her, and Chris tells her he will after he knows what she's doing near government computers! Alexis tells him not to be so pushy....she just wanted to...check up on how Laura's case was doing! Chris rolls his eyes and tells her that Laura doesn't even HAVE a "case" yet, she hasn't been arrested! Chris orders Alexis to tells him what she's doing here right now...and Alexis bites her lip, but then wraps her free arm around Chris and seductively says:

Alexis:Instead...how about...we take a break here and have a little fun time to ourselves?

-Victor tells Dorian she's already up and around...lovely. Dorian nods, and tells him that she would have come sooner, but another bitch kidnapped her and tried to kill her...but she lived of course...she tells Victor that she's impressed...his hitwoman got to her twice...Victor asks how she knows who he hired, and she says it was a nurse who injected an air bubble into her IV...and she knew from the beginning that he was responsible for her getting shot at the Spears Mansion! Victor says to Dorian this is all a big misunderstanding, and Dorian bursts out laughing as she says:

Dorian:Victor, its ME! You know that I would figure out what you did as soon as I woke up....so don't even try to play dumb...you hired that woman to kill me, and you almost succeeded.

-Anna's eyes widen and she asks Tony what about their children....Jan and Carrie! Tony nods and tells her he thought about that, and its ultimately her choice...but he just wants to get away from Salem...he doesn't want to be here, at least not for awhile, after all that chaos at the courthouse yesterday...its just too much...from Andre taking over his life to searching for his supposed child with Renee, from Vince to the chaos with his hidden child with Marlena and Kristen's rape, then Peter's death and his little thing with Kate...he says that he wants to establish a bond with Jan, he even spoke to her yesterday...he says that it went well enough, and they showed signs of a mutual agreement...but after talking to her, he's not sure if he can ever have a father-daughter bond with her...she's a different, unique kind of girl....Anna says that she's never had the best bond with Carrie, either...but she does still want to speak to her now that Carrie's back in town for good....but at the same time, she does understand what he means...and its been a hectic three years! Anna is silent, and Tony asks if she'll leave Salem with him...and she finally says...YES, she'll go wherever he goes...he's her soulmate...now and forever! Tony grins and pulls her into a kiss as the screen fades to black...


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