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Episode#392: Tony and Kristen Have It Out




Episode#392: Tony and Kristen Have It Out

-Eugenia asks Jan what she means, and Jan realizes the slip up she just made, and quickly covers herself by explaining to Eugenia that around 7 years ago...she lost her baby she had been carrying for months...her baby with Paul Mendez. She tells Eugenia about how thats when she fell in love with Shawn, but she fell down the stairs at Bo and Hope's house after an argument with Belle...but then told everyone Belle pushed her down the stairs....she carried that baby in her womb for so long...and then it died...so yes, she knows how it feels to lose a child! Eugenia nods and says that she heard about that....Eugenia finally says that this is such a grim subject, they should change it....she looks at Josh and grins, saying that he really is a BEAUTIUFUL baby....she asks Jan out of curiosity what day he was born....and Jan instinctively says:

Jan:March 24th.

Eugenia:Oh...oh my....thats the exact day Blake was born!

-Chris stares at Alexis and tells her its time for her to leave NOW, but she seductively tells him no...she wants to stay with him...as she comes onto him! Chris begins to get nervous, and Alexis continues to seduce him...Chris finally yells FINE...he'll let her on the computer if she stops this!

-Victor tells Dorian that even after all these years, she still has a brain...Dorian says of course, thats why he was attracted to her in the first place...he needed someone smarter than Viki! Victor snaps for her to not speak of Viki that way, and asks Victor why she even came to Salem in the first place...Dorian explains that she heard about how Viki/Nikki being here awhile back, and she knew that this was the perfect chance to come to Salem for revenge on Victor...for screwing her over in favor of Viki all those years ago!

-At the DiMera Mansion, Kristen is in the entryway, and she hears a knock on the door...she answers it to see none other than Tony!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Jan realizes she slipped up, and her eyes widen....she plays dumb and asks Eugenia if thats really true...and Eugenia nods and says yes....she was called down to the hospital that night by some nurse...and she says that its still so blurry, but she somehow had these huge complications, had to be knocked out, and went into labour...and her son was stillborn....Jan slowly says thats too bad, and Eugenia tells her that she knows they're not friends...but she thinks Jan is really lucky to have such a beautiful baby like Josh. Jan just tilts her head, and says that they need to go....Jan scurries away, as Eugenia slowly touches her son's grave, wondering why he couldn't have lived....

-Alexis says its his loss...but thanks him as she slowly sits down, and gets on the police computer...Chris looks at her in disgust, saying she's yet another crazy woman here in Salem....Alexis tells him that at least she's not a stabbing psycho, or a woman who accusses innocent people of trying to kill them....Chris asks Alexis what she wants on that computer anyway!

-Kristen looks at Tony....the last time she spoke to him was at Peter's funeral months ago, even though she saw him at the custody trial just the other day...she slowly backs away, asking him what the hell he wants...Tony promises her that he's not here to start anything or harm her....he tells her that he's here....to mend fences between them...once and for all!

-Victor tells Dorian that he NEVER screwed her over for Viki....Dorian gets angry and tells him he sure as hell did! Dorian tells Victor that they had something...perhaps love...but he also had love with Viki, AND Nikki Smith, and was always so back and forth...but they definitely had something...they had chemistry! Yet in the end, he ended up pledging his love for Viki and leaving her out in the cold...and it'd come back to haunt him many years later! Victor tells Dorian that he always has and always will has huge love for Viki...but that all ended thanks to Clint Buchanan. Victor says that as usual, she's blaming Viki for something that wasn't her or his fault...he says it simply was that he did love Viki...it was a deep love, and for the record, he couldn't give a damn about Nikki Smith! Dorian says that it all goes back to that, though, and thats why she's wanted revenge on him for months now....and him hiring that woman to kill her...gives her the perfect chance for revenge now...she says that she was going to make that Destiny girl help her in return for the information on Crystal...but she doesn't need that now that she has THIS!

-Kristen shakes her head at Tony and tells him to get out....she doesn't want to see his sorry ass ever again, she thought she made that perfectly clear! Tony nods but argues that he didn't kill Peter...like she accused him of doing. Kristen asks if he wants a medal for that...being a rapist instead of a murderor. Tony again claims that he is not a rapist...it was Vince...Vince did all of that! Kristen tells Tony she has enough to deal with, he needs to go away...Tony tells her that he is....the whole reason he's here today is because...he and Anna are back together, and they're leaving Salem! He says that she won't ever have to see him again after this...but he just...would hate to leave Salem without making amends with his adopted sister...and his, or Vince's, ex-wife...despite all the craziness between them since the rape. Kristen slowly says she can't believe this...him leaving Salem....she is silent, and after a minute says its funny...six months ago...she would have literally rejoiced...and she still feels like it now...but she also doesn't know how to feel...she tells him that she really did think he killed Peter, and she hates him...but these past several months have really...changed her. She tells Tony that she's over the rape now....she says that...something happened a few months ago that caused her to move past it...and she's still grieving her brother, but she has alot more on her mind...so she says that maybe it is time to...forgive him...especially if it was actually Vince. Tony nods and thanks her, as Kristen says that...she'll try to slowly forgive him, and she wishes him the best....Tony again thanks her, and apologizes about Peter...he says that it shouldn't have happened, Peter was a good man and a great brother...he then goes on to say:

Tony:And Kristen, in a way you've been right all along....it was because of me, partially....I was the intended victim...he was only down there because you wanted to meet him there...

Kristen:Wait, what?

Tony:Peter came down there shortly after I arrived, because Anna was held at gunpoint by one of Stefano's men and called ME down there...Peter said that you called him down there...he accused me of doing something to you, and thats how we started fighting before Crystal shot him.

Kristen:I....I...never called Peter down there...I mean, if I wanted to talk to him I could've just called him or done it here...but Kate and Crystal both said that his death was an accident, and Father wouldn't dare set Peter up....

Tony:But, if you weren't the one to lure him down there....then it seems someone may have known about what was going to happen, and they wanted him dead...

Kristen:You're right...but you know what, I'll deal with this myself...you just...you just have a good life with Anna...and it'll take a long time for me to fully forgive you...but I will try, and I...am over the rape. Someone special has really helped me through that in more ways than one...so you can consider us on...speakable terms, at least. And I...really am sorry for the hell I've put you and even Anna through during the past year and a half.

Tony:No, I understand...you have no need to apologize, and I am truly and deeply sorry for what Vince put you through....raping you like that...it had to be horrible. But rest assured, Vince is gone now...and I'll make sure he, nor I, ever hurt you again....and for the record, although alot of it was Vince in that era....I think....a part of me really did love you, from what little I can remember and what little I was there for, all those years ago when we fell in love and wed..

Kristen:Thank...you, Tony.

Kristen and Tony then say their goodbye....the former couple that has had such a rocky relationship since 1993 and especially since the rape resolving their differences, but going their seperate ways...Tony leaves the DiMera Mansion, as Kristen realizes that someone set her brother up to die as well....and she vows to find out who!


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