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Episode#388: Crystal Goes to Jail




Episode#388: Crystal Goes to Jail

-Victor arrives at the Kiriakis Mansion after leaving the hospital, and he storms in, yelling for Suga...saying he needs her to get her ass down here now....he wants to know what the hell she's trying to pull, kidnapping Dorian from the hospital...he thought they agreed all bets are off when it comes to Dorian! Suddenly, he turns around to see JUSTIN behind him, and Justin asks:

Justin:Oh, Uncle Victor, what are you up to now?

-In a room at the hospital, none other than Roman Brady(special guest Drake Hogestyn) is seen sitting catatonic, still in such a state after being shot by Stefano DiMera on an island in late 2007....slowly, a woman walks in...and that woman is revealed to be Anna! She tells Roman that she knows he can't speak and probably can't hear her...but she needs his advice!

-Judge Fitzpatrick declares that in light of the recent developments, the custody of Arianna shall go BACK to Will....Crystal and Benard look at Judge Fitzpatrick, and Crystal screams NO...she really is a good person, she just had a lapse of judgement, and she was sick with worry and desperation at the time because of all of this! Benard argues to the judge that he is still a very good role model citizen, but Judge Fitzpatrick strongly disagrees, telling them that once Bo Brady gets here, Crystal is getting arrested, and Arianna shouldn't be anywhere near the Galore's, even if Benard hasn't done anything! Benard runs over to Ji'Min and begs his lawyer to help them, but Ji'Min says no, he's dropping the Galore's as clients! Will looks on in awe as Destiny rushes over and hugs him, and he says very slowly that he's finally getting his baby girl back! Bo, Chris, and Kristen rush in with Maggie, and she points out Crystal to Bo....Kristen runs up to Crystal before anyone else can, and screams:


*Life in Salem Opening*

-Crystal asks Kristen who the hell she is...and Kristen tells her she's Kristen Blake...the SISTER of the man Crystal murdered! Crystal looks on in shock, saying she's Stefano's daughter, and Kristen says damn right! Kristen looks at the baby in Crystal's arms, and tells her that she's lucky she's holding that, or else she'd be beating her to a PULP for what she's done...hell have no fury like Kristen Blake DiMera! Bo approaches the two women and tries to calm Kristen down, as Crystal tells Kristen that it was an accident, she didn't mean to shoot Peter...Kate and Stefano hired her to kill Tony! Kristen angrily turns to Kate and screams that SHE was involved in this, too! Kate tells Kristen she's so sorry, and she regrets what happened every day of her life...Tony continues to stare at Kate, as Will finally comes out of his shock and tells Crystal its time to give him his daughter!

-Victor lies and tells Justin that nothing's going on....Justin says that he heard him yelling, he knows he's up to something! Victor tells him he doesn't know what he's talking about, and asks what he's even doing here! Justin says he was here to discuss some Titan things...but now he's here to discuss whats going on with his uncle!

-Crystal tells Will no...she says after all this, after ALL she's gone through...she's NOT losing Arianna now...she says she killed Peter for HER....she tried to kill Dorian and Destiny for HER...she says that she is TAKING her granddaughter, no matter what! Will tells Crystal that he's had about enough...he calls her a psycho, saying that she is pathetic if she'd go to the point of murdering like this! Will declares that its over...the battle's over, and he's going to take his daughter, and they are going to have a happy life away from her nutcases of grandparents! Tears pour down Crystal's face as she tries to fight back, but Will finally gets his daughter out of her arms...and he holds Arianna for the first time since Christmas...tears of JOY begin to pour down Will's cheeks!

-Anna tells Roman about the situation with Tony, from him falling for Marlena, the Jan/Nicole craziness, and then him sleeping with Kate....she says its funny, both of her ex's have somehow fallen for both Marlena Evans and Kate Roberts at one point or another! She explains to Roman that she doesn't know what to do...she's talked about it with their daughter, Carrie, but is still unsure...she says that Tony led her around on a chain for MONTHS...and she was so ENRAGED at seeing him with Kate a couple months ago...but her feelings are still there!

-Will cries tears of joy as he holds his precious daughter in his arms...he tells her its been far too long, but daddy's here now...as Benard and Crystal watch in disgust! Crystal screams out, ordering him to give her her granddaughter, saying that he's just some ugly, misfit pig!!! Destiny smirks at Crystal and says that Arianna is where she belongs...Crystal's eyes dart to Destiny and exclaims that SHE did this...this is all her fault! She blames Destiny for her losing Arianna, saying that if she hadn't barged in there, Arianna would still be in her arms...Crystal turns to Kate, also calling her a traitor...Kate explains that for once she had to do the right thing, and she will always protect her family...Crystal also calls Dorian a bitch, but Dorian simply laughs and says at least she's not a murderor...Kristen looks at Crystal one last time, and PUNCHES her...sending Crystal flying to the floor, saying thats for Peter! Bo walks over to Crystal, and forcefully pulls her up...telling her that she's under arrest for the murder of Peter Blake, attempted murder of Tony DiMera, and the kidnapping and attempted murder of Destiny Stokes and Dorian Lord! Crystal continues to cry as Bo handcuffs her and reads her rights...Crystal stares at Arianna in Will's arms....she looks directly at Will and tells him that she despises him so much, he took her granddaughter away from her and she did this ALL for that sweet little baby...she goes on to say that one day, she's going to make sure that she'll get her granddaughter back...but Will simply says that he highly doubts that will ever happen! Bo tells Crystal that he doubts she's ever going to see light outside of a jail cell again...Crystal is dragged away by Bo, being thrown in prison for shooting and killing Peter Blake nearly six months ago....


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