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Episode#386: Destiny Exposes Crystal




Episode#386: Destiny Exposes Crystal

-Down at the police station, Bo is in his office, doing some work...suddenly, Kristen walks in and says she hopes its okay that she stopped by, she still sorta feels like maybe she shouldn't be talking to him at all but she thought she'd see how he was anyway...and he says oh no its fine, she can talk to him whenever she wants...Kristen smiles and asks how he is, and he says he's great as he tells her that he and Hope may be on the fast track to reuniting!

-At the DiMera Mansion, Megan is visiting with her partner-in-crime, Jill.....she tells Jill she can't believe that in just a couple months...her beautiful baby with Bo will be born!

-Cassie is seen walking into Maggie's house...and soon behind her...Jeremy is seen wheeling Robin in on a wheelchair! Robin takes a deep breathe and says that its good to be home, finally they released her from Mike's filthy hospital....Laura walks in, and her eyes go WIDE at seeing Robin!

-Crystal's heart nearly stops at seeing Destiny and Dorian alive and in this courtroom....Benard smugly tells Destiny its too late, they have full custody of Arianna....Crystal slowly says that Benard's right, she's gotten her preccious granddaughter back....Destiny tells Crystal not to play dumb, she knows that its over....Will approaches Destiny and asks what she means, and Destiny looks at everyone and says:

Destiny:Crystal Galore...murdered Peter Blake back in Janurary.

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Everyone looks at Destiny in SHOCK, and Tony turns to Destiny and asks if she just said that Crystal killed his brother! Crystal tells everyone not to listen to her, she's just grasping at straws to try to get Arianna back to Will! Destiny explains that she also tried to kill her and Dorian Lord today, as Dorian says that what Destiny is saying is true....Destiny says that night at the pier....Crystal was the one who shot Peter, and killed him!

-Kristen is silent for a moment, and Bo explains how they bonded just a bit last night and spent the night together...they didn't make love, but slept on the couch at Maggie's house together....Kristen bites her lip and tells him thats great...thats really great....she tells him she should just go, but Bo says no...he knows this is awkward and everything, but really, its for the best....Kristen agrees, but deep down still feels something for Bo....

-Benard tells Destiny to stop this foolishness, like his wife said, she's grasping at straws! Destiny shakes her head and says that for well over a month now, she's been trying to find something out on Crystal through Dorian...thats why Dorian came to Lucas and Eugenia's wedding, but then she was shot...but at the hospital, Dorian told her that Crystal was hired by none other than Stefano DiMera and Kate Roberts to kill TONY DiMera! Kate sighs as Tony's eyes dart towards her!

-Jill nods, and Megan says that her sister may have slept with Bo, and Hope may be floating around, but this baby....oh it will change things forever...Bo can't leave the mother of his newborn child out in the cold! Jill slowly nods, but remembers how she is also pregnant with Bo's baby herself, and has two babies within her! Megan also says that soon...they'll find out the gender of her baby!

-Tony says that this can't be...no, its impossible! Crystal says that Tony's right...she'd never kill anyone, or try to kill a wonderful man like Tony DiMera! Nicole laughs and yells that she tried to kill Marlena for her....Kate stares at Tony, and he stares at her....he walks over to her, ignoring everyone else for a moment, and tells her this can't be true...can it!

-Robin snarls at Laura and asks if she's not in the looney bin yet...Laura snaps to her that it hasn't been proven that she was behind the supposed murder attempt on Robin's life...Robin promises her that soon it will be, and Jeremy begs them to not start fighting here...its his mom's first day home. Cassie agrees, and Laura says that for Jeremy, she'll try not to start anything with Robin...Robin continues to inwardly vow that she'll get rid of Laura soon enough.

-Kate begins crying as Tony asks her if this is true.....she thinks about how she and Tony have developed a connection of some type, and even had sex....Crystal looks at Kate and says that she can tell them that this isn't true...Kate wipes the tears from her eyes and tells Crystal no, she can't! Crystal gasps and begins shaking, as Kate tells Tony she's so sorry...but everything Destiny said is true! She and Stefano DID hire Crystal Galore to kill Tony DiMera, but she killed Peter instead....she explains that at the time, she was just so angry at Tony for nearly killing her in Italy...Crystal screams NO, Kate's just lying for her grandson! Kate then explains that Dorian overheard her talking about it at the Kiriakis Mansion one day, and told Destiny...and then Crystal kidnapped the two women and left them in a truck filled with poisonous gas...and they almost died until Kate saved them! Tony and Lucas both look at Kate, stunned, as Destiny smiles...Will approaches Crystal and orders her to give him his daughter...she's NOT going to be raised by a murderor! He yells for someone to call his uncle Bo down here right now to arrest her!


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