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Episode#383: Kate's Choice




Episode#383: Kate's Choice

-Carrie looks at her mother in shock and asks why she'd say something like that....Anna shakes her head and says she best not get into it, its just...ever since Nicole impersonated Tony and Marlena's hidden child...things have been so different between them....there's been sparks of romance, but nothing solid...Carrie shakes her head and says no...she thinks there's something else bothering Anna!

-Rex asks Alexis WHAT she just said about Cassie....Alexis again apologizes, but says that she used to date Jeremy Horton....they've sort of had this on/off thing for about a year, but suddenly Cassie started dating him and sunk her hooks into him good....so she needs to find SOMETHING on Cassie...Rex says basically, she wants dirt...he tells Alexis that if she thinks he's gonna help her sabatoge is own sister's lovelife, she's insane!

-As the entire courtroom watches, Lisa tells Judge Fitzpatrick that she has someone who can prove that Crystal is MUCH more of a criminal than Will Roberts ever was, or ever will be....Crystal and Kate both wonder whats going on...but suddenly Lisa introduces the court to...NICOLE WALKER!

-Destiny and Dorian try to breathe, but the gas gets to them......Destiny tells Dorian that if this is the end for them....she's so so sorry about everything she's gotten her into....Dorian shakes her head and tells Destiny that none of what happened was her fault.....Destiny says that she's sure the Galore's are behind this, obviously someone's trying to kill them....Dorian tells Destiny that if they are, then she can't just give up....she can't let Crystal win!!!!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Anna flashes back to seeing Tony and Kate having sex, but quickly snaps out of it, lying to her daughter by saying that no, its just...the whole thing with Nicole and Jan and Marlena pretty much ruined her and Tony....and she thinks Tony probably still loves Marlena....Carrie tells Anna that after Renee "died" in 1983, Tony loved her, but he and Anna still had deep love....she encourages her mother to give her and Tony another chance.

-Alexis says that she doesn't want that, she just....she just wants to know about Cassie....thats all. Rex tells her he's not stupid, and he's had enough of this....he gets up and storms out, as Alexis sighs, thinking that she has to find SOMETHING out about Cassie...suddenly, a light bulb goes off in her head...and she says that she knows what to do, before leaving herself!

-Nicole walks into the courtroom, and Lisa says to the judge and everyone else that Nicole can tell everyone about Crystal's crimes....Kate and Crystal are inwardly relieved, but Crystal is stunned to see her old friend Nicole....Lucas looks at his ex-wife, as Jan and Sami look at their friend and enemy....Lisa has Nicole take the stand, as Ji'Min objects saying this is ridiculous, but Judge Fitzpatrick overrules it....Lisa tells Nicole to tell the court EVERYTHING about Mrs. Galore!

-Dorian tells Destiny that she can tell she has fought Crystal and her husband for the longest time...and Destiny says that she definitely has....Dorian says to Destiny that she herself is a Cramer woman...and Cramer women fight and stand up for themselves no matter what, and she says that Destiny reminds her of a Cramer woman with how adamant she's been....she tells Destiny that its not the time for them to give up....they ARE going to escape this thing!

-Carrie leaves the Brady Pub after she and Anna finish talking....Anna sighs as she thinks about Tony, and she thinks that a part of her hates him....she's been pulled around by him for years....one minute he loves her, then its Renee, then its her again, then years later its Marlena, then its her, then its Kate....but then she thinks that a part of her does love him.....and she just can't forget about him. Anna sighs as she also leaves the Pub....

-Nicole explains that she's known Crystal for many years.....and she's no good woman....Nicole explains how Crystal very willingly helped "kill" Marlena Evans in 2004, and was a porn star....she says that she also knows Will and his father, and knows that they are good people....Crystal scowls, staring at her former partner in crime...soon Nicole gets off the stand, as Lisa explains that there they have it...Crystal is an attempted murderor, she couldn't raise a baby! Ji'Min deflects that was a long time ago, and Benard is a model citizen....Kate in the background thinks that this isn't enough to stop the Galore's!

-Kate looks at Tony, who smiles again at her.....she thinks that she has loved having him as a friend....maybe something more.....but she also loves her son, and her grandson....and she can't let two innocent people die. Kate tells Tony to excuse her....she gets up and leaves the courtroom, tears running down her cheeks, knowing she's about to lose Tony....but she vows to save Dorian and Destiny's lives!

-Dorian and Destiny vow to escape the truck...both of them trying to pry the hatch open....


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