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    Episode#356: Tony and Kate Talk

    -At the Horton House, Alexis is seen knocking on the door...she thinks to herself that she knows Jeremy may still hate her, but she has to talk to him about Robin accusing Laura of trying to kill her....Jeremy answers it, and asks Alexis what she wants!

    -Mike asks Dr.Stansville what she means....and Dr.Stansville says no offense to him, because she's worked with him for awhile and knows he's been the COS for over a year, and is one of the best doctors in town...but with Robin...it seems there is some deep personal issues involved, that could harm her in her already critical state...Mike tells her that she's still alive, and Dr.Stansville tells him she knows, but still...she wonders if another doctor should look after Robin!

    -Destiny is seen at a fancy hotel in Salem...the one where Crystal and Benard have been staying....Destiny stands out on the edge of a window, on a small window, and watches Crystal and Benard....she thinks to herself that she HAS to find something useful on these two, so they won't get Arianna...she knows in her gut that they aren't just some innocent couple....

    -Tony is at the Penthouse Grille, eating as he thinks about how Anna somehow found out about him and Kate having sex that one day....Kate walks by, and Tony suddenly stops her...telling her they need to speak about something important!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -At the DiMera Mansion, a large and fancy limosine pulls in front of the mansion....Vivian stands in the front yard, clenching her fists in anger, as the driver gets out and begins to get out suitcases...Kristen, Lexie, and Megan walk out of the mansion and asks whats going on, and Vivian angrily says:

    Vivian:My bitch of a sister, Valentine Heart, is moving in!

    -Alexis says she needs to speak to him...Jeremy tries to tell her he's a bit busy right now, but she invites herself in...however she walks in to see Cassie, and groans and yells here they go again, and remembers how this is how the whole catfight between her and Robin happened...she asks Jeremy what the deal is between him and Cassie Brady, anyway!

    -Mike tells Dr.Stansville no, he's just fine looking after Robin himself...he says he just has to be more careful, and this won't happen again...Dr.Stansville says she just doesn't want Robin to die like Peter Blake did...his own sister operated on him and was an emotional mess, and if she wasn't the one to operate him, maybe he could have lived! Mike says that Peter had a fatal gunshot, and Lexie is a good doctor...he tells Dr.Stansville everything is fine, before walking off....

    -Destiny continues to watch Crystal and Benard...the two however act normal, though they speak of how they plan to take Arianna back into their care....Destiny continues to vow that she's going to find something on them...

    -Kate asks him what about, and Tony has her sit down with him....and informs him of how Anna saw them having sex! Kate is STUNNED....and Tony says that it seems now she's very angry about it...Kate says oh dear, and apologizes if she caused any problems...Tony says no, its not her fault...Kate tells him that there's never a dull moment...and Tony says he guesses she's right...slowly as they talk, they lean in and kiss!

    -Megan angrily asks Vivian if she invited her idiotic FAMILY to her FATHER's home....Vivian tells her no, and asks what world she's been in for the past year or so...she married Stefano so she could get RID of her family...and she thought she succeeded until Valentine SCHEMED her way into moving into this place...Kristen asks how, and Vivian says that apparently...Valentine is married to their deceased cousin: Andre!

    -Cassie tells Alexis that she can ask her...she tells Jeremy that she and Jeremy are dating, and they love each other...and she's getting a bit sick of seeing her everywhere...she tells Alexis she knows she was involved in this craziness with Jeremy's mother, but ever since she started dating Jeremy, everywhere she turns...Alexis is there! Alexis tells Cassie that she barely knows her and asks when they started dating anyway...Jeremy replies shortly after her stabbing, and Alexis then says:

    Alexis:Oh...you mean when you SAVED my LIFE after I was stabbed?

    -Kate and Tony kiss...but they suddenly pull back, Kate saying she's so sorry, here a woman he loves is angry at him for having sex with her and then she just kisses him...Tony tries to tell her its fine, but Kate runs off! Tony sighs at this complicated situation....
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    Episode#355: Nicole Tells Brandon About the Secret Room

    -Jan is down in the Secret Room....she tells baby Josh that daddy's wedding is approaching all too fast, but tells him to not worry because she's already got a good plan to get out of this room in time to stop it!

    -Robin's monitor starts buzzing, and Mike calls for nurses and a crash cart...and soon they rush in there, and he says Robin got too worked up, she MAY have had an anxiety attack or gone into cardiac arrest or something....he says she hasn't flatlined but they have to stop it before she does....

    -Victor laughs and says excellent, he knows she's perfect for the job....Suga sighs and says she hopes that he is going to really help her try to do this, because she still doesn't remember trying to kill anyone....Victor says of course, and Suga asks WHEN she should pull off this little stunt...Victor tells her a good time may be around Lucas Roberts and Eugenia Willens' wedding day!

    -Brandon asks Nicole WHAT....he says he's very confused here, and Nicole tells him that he heard what she said....Brandon says that so all this time, she's been locked up in some room underneath Jan Spears' mansion...by Greta Von Amberg no less! Nicole explains the entire thing and says THATS why she doesn't want to go back to Salem...she's not scared of Greta, but she'd like to be away from that place for awhile after THAT incident...so basically, she is NOT going back, no matter what Sami, he, or Carrie do!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Jan says that she bets that Greta and Eugenia both think that all is in the clear...Greta probably thinks that Jan's just gonna break down crying and scream on Lucas's wedding day, and Eugenia just thinks that she's gonna marry Lucas...but both of them are so wrong! She says that she WILL get out of this hell hole this time...she is going to make sure NOTHING stops her from thrwarting that wedding!

    -Mike works on Robin with the help of nurses and Dr.Stansville...finally after awhile, he comes out of her hospital room and says to Dr.Stansville that thankfully she's stable, and she probably just got too worked up, and is just resting right now...Dr.Stansville tells him that its good that they were able to keep her stable...but this makes her wonder if Robin should even be under Mike's care!

    -Suga's eyes widen and asks if Victor would ruin such a happy day like that...and Victor tells him he's not saying she should kill her right AT the wedding, if she's even there...he used to be Lucas's step-father and wouldn't do that to him...but somewhere around that may be a good idea....Suga sighs, wondering what she's just gotten herself into...

    -Brandon says he's still very confused, but if she goes back to Salem...not only can she clear Sami's name, even though they were never the best of friends, she can get that psycho Greta arrested and free Jan from the Secret Room....Nicole thinks that it might make things even crazier with Jan wanting to pass off Eugenia's baby as her own...Nicole tells Brandon she's sorry, but no....and tells him to just leave! Brandon continues to try to convince her, but Travis orders him to leave as he comforts Nicole...Brandon sighs as he leaves, and comes out to Sami, and shakes his head...and a single tear falls from her eye...Brandon comforts her, hugging her as the screen fades to black...
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    Episode#354: Brandon Talks to Nicole

    -Its several days later in Salem and the world!

    -Eugenia walks into the hospital, where she goes to Lexie's office...she knocks on the door and Lexie says to come in, and Eugenia greets Lexie...she asks Lexie how she's been, and Lexie says she's been fine...Eugenia asks if she remembers her....Lexie says she does, she worked with her for a time and she was involved in the crazy fiasco of Theo's paternity....Eugenia tells her that she is engaged to Lucas Roberts, and since she doesn't have many friends in Salem, this may seem ridiculous but...she wants to know if Lexie would be her matron of honor!

    -Also at the hospital, Mike walks into Robin's hospital room and asks how she's feeling...Robin simply tells her ex she's getting stronger and stronger, and hopefully will be out of here soon...Mike says good because they have some things to discuss...Robin asks what kind of things, and Mike says:

    Mike:I want you to tell the police the TRUTH... I want you to tell Chris Reddins that my mother didn't try to kill you that night.

    -Suga is sitting in the living room in the Kiriakis Mansion....Victor walks in, Kate shortly afterwards and comments she doesn't know why some random woman is staying here...Victor tells Kate to mind her own damn business, like her son's wedding, and Kate walks off...Victor tells Suga he's ready to tell her what he wants her to do...Suga says its about time, and Victor says:

    Victor:I want you to kill Dorian Lord.

    -Sami and Brandon are standing on the edge of Travis's house...Sami asks Brandon if he's ready to do this..Brandon nods, and Sami thanks him...she says maybe Nicole will listen to him. Sami briefly hugs Brandon as he approaches Travis's house...Brandon knocks on the door, Travis opens it and Brandon tells him he just wants to talk to Nicole...Travis orders him to go away, but Nicole comes out and says...its fine, she'll speak to her brother....

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Lexie asks if she's serious....Eugenia says yes, it may seem so stupid but...she worked under Lexie for a long time and she's one of the few people in this town that she even knows....so she decided to ask her....Lexie says this is a big shocker but...sure, why not...she'll be her matron of honor!

    -Robin tells Mike to not believe his mother's trash that she dishes out...Laura DID try to kill her...Mike says that he KNOWS thats not true! Robin mutters that he's pathetic, and Mike exclaims that SHE'S pathetic...framing a woman for trying to kill her, thats so idiotic! He asks Robin what happened to her, WHAT happened to the woman he once loved...why is she out to make everyone's life a living hell!

    -Suga asks WHAT he just said....she says she knows he didn't just ask her to kill Dorian Lord! Victor tells Suga he knows she may have amnesia but he knows all about her abilities, thats why he got Judge Fitzpatrick to drop all the charges for what she did in Pasadena! Suga says she doesn't remember what the HELL everyone's talking about...Victor reminds her of how she stapped Dahlia, and shot Mark Jr., an infant...so surely she can kill Dorian Lord for him!

    -Travis lets Brandon in, and he and Nicole sit down...he asks his sister why she's so resistant to going back to Salem....Nicole slowly says that for the first time in EONS....she's happy, she's truly happy here....Brandon continues to pressure her to return to Salem, but Nicole blurts that when you are locked up in a Secret Room for MONTHS, you may not to want to go back to the town that it was in!

    -Robin says that she's not, she's just trying to protect her SON, her only son from people like him, Alexis, Laura....he needs to get over himself, and tells him to just go have sex with Alexis! Mike tells her NO, he's had enough of Robin and her attitude....ever since she came back to Salem, she has been some overblown diva who is SELFISH, and probably doesn't even care about Jeremy! Robin then SCREAMS:

    Robin:You ARROGANT BASTARD...if anyone's selfish, its YOU! You for leaving me and Jeremy alone in Israel for all those years....when you'd come, you'd be distant or just run off! You never made an EFFORT to have a father son relationship with your son outside of those small, few early years...you never made an EFFORT to make ANYTHING with me work! So how dare you call me SELFISH, when you were the one who didn't care enough about THE WOMAN YOU CLAIMED TO LOVE AND YOUR OWN DAMN SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Robin breathes very heavily as she says this, and suddenly, her monitor goes off!

    -Suga tells Victor that for the last damn time, she doesn't remember nothing about no Dahlia Salem, no Natalia Cigarette or whatever the hell her name is, no Mark Jr., no baby, no Pasadena, NO NOTHING!!!!! Victor says that may be, but he knows she has that killing blood within her....Suga finally yells fine as Victor continues to pressure her, saying if it'll shut him up, she'll do it!

    -Brandon raises an eyebrow and asks Nicole what she's talking about...Nicole quickly shrugs it off and says nothing, but Brandon tells her he knows she was talking about something...involving some Secret Room...he asks her if there's something she's not telling him...and Nicole finally says fine....Greta Von Amberg held her and Jan Spears captive in a Secret Room for MONTHS underneath the Spears Mansion!
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    Episode#353:Nicole's Resistance

    -Will and Destiny are walking through Salem Place, Will saying he can't believe his dad asked him to be his best man...Destiny tells him he should be honored, and Will says he is...he's just been to enough weddings to last him a lifetime, and with this sudden engagement between his dad and Eugenia, its all sorta weird...suddenly they bump into Crystal, who begins telling them about how the custody hearing is beginning soon...and Arianna will be HERS! She taunts Will and Destiny, until Tony suddenly comes over and says:

    Tony:Now you leave these two people alone!

    -Lucas and Eugenia are at Chez Rouge with Maggie, Kate, and some others...planning their wedding. They discuss various things such as decorations at St.Luke's, the food, etc etc...Kate continues to make comments about how she can't believe Eugenia is marrying her son, but Lucas tells her to please just deal with it...Kate hesitantly agrees as they talk, and Eugenia tells Lucas that she's had Titan design her one of the best wedding dresses in Salem...she may have lost her son, but she can't wait for the big day!

    -Down at the Salem police station, an amnesiac Suga sits in her cell alone after Rhonda was transferred to a prison out of state...she continues to wonder why she's even in jail, and how she can't remember anything about her life...suddenly, Chris approaches her cell, and says:

    Chris:Congratulations, Suga...you're being released.

    -Sami runs after Nicole, and Brandon and Carrie yell for her to wait...Sami follows Nicole, telling her to come back...she has hope now, she WON'T lose it! Nicole thinks to herself that she doesn't want to go back to Salem after being locked up in a Secret Room, she just wants some damn PEACE...Nicole rushes to Travis's house, and she runs in the door as Sami follows, and yells to Travis:

    Nicole:Hide me, NOW!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Crystal is stunned to see Tony and is silent as she flashes back to being hired to kill him but ended up killing Peter instead....Destiny asks who he is, and Will tells her that this is Tony DiMera...he was at the hospital back when they first returned to town and was at his grandmother's funeral...Tony tells Crystal that if he ever sees her harrassing two young kids like this again, he will have her arrested! Crystal snaps that these people have stolen her granddaughter from her, and Tony says:

    Tony:I loved the great grandmother of that infant...but she is no longer with us, so I am going to do what she would do...and that is make sure you never get your hands on that baby as long as you live!

    -Maggie tells Eugenia she's still so sorry about the loss of her child...Eugenia sheds a single tear but says its fine...she's overcoming it, and she has a wedding to focus on...and she and Lucas can have children anyway, not to mention they have Will and Bentley already...and she knows her son would want her to be happy...they continue planning the wedding, as Kate asks Eugenia who of her family is coming to the wedding...Eugenia sighs and says that she doesn't have much family, and none of them are in Salem...so it might just have to be their family and friends here in Salem..she doesn't even know who her matron of honor is, yet...Lucas tells her its fine, they still have a little time, as they continue planning the highly anticipated wedding of Lucas Roberts and Eugenia Willens...

    -Suga asks Chris if they've finally realized she has no clue what the hell they've been talking about since she was thrown in here...Chris says no, but Judge Fitzpatrick randomly dropped the charges...Suga is confused, as Chris tells her that there is a limosine waiting for her outside...Suga is even more confused as she is released...and when she walks out to the limosine she is SHOCKED to see...Victor Kiriakis!

    -Travis asks what she means...and Nicole tells her they don't have time to talk, but before she can say anything more, Sami comes knocking on the door...yelling for Nicole to let her in! Travis goes over to the door, despite protests from Nicole, and opens it...and asks who she is, and Sami tells him that she just needs to talk to Nicole...she begs Nicole to come out! Brandon and Carrie approach and Travis asks WHAT is going on...Sami says that she's just an old friend of Nicole who NEEDS to talk to her, and Brandon says that Nicole is his sister...and Travis looks at Nicole as she slowly says:

    Nicole:Thats...Greta...the woman I told you about...

    -Crystal tells Tony he has NO right, absolutely NO right to say that to her...Tony continues to tell her to just leave, and Crystal finally obliges...Will and Destiny thank Tony for the help, and he says anytime...he just didn't like what he saw of that woman, and Destiny says that she's a huge bitch...and it may be time to find something on her that will help them in the custody battle...

    -Suga asks Victor if he's the Victor Kiriakis she's been hearing about in jail lately...Victor has Henderson let her in to the limosine before they drive off, and he says he is...Suga asks what the hell he wants with her, and Victor smirks and tells her she'll see...he got her off for all her charges, and she'll reveal why after a few days of rest for her inside the Kiriakis Mansion....

    -Travis says to Nicole "THIS is Greta?!" and Nicole says yes...but he has to be quick, she could pull something at any moment! Travis says they should call the police, and Sami screams NO and asks what the hell Nicole's talking about...Travis asks if this is REALLY Greta...and Nicole sighs and says no, but she DOESN'T want to talk to that woman right now...Travis tells Sami that if Nicole doesn't want to talk to her then she's not welcome in his house! He slams the door on Sami as she groans in frusteration...Brandon and Carrie tell her to calm down and they'll come back later, and Sami tries to argue but they soon convince her...Sami sighs as she thinks to herself that Nicole HAS to come back to Salem, she just HAS to...
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    Episode#352: Returning to Salem

    -Greta enters the Secret Room, where Jan is cradling Josh...Jan looks up and asks Greta what she wants, and Greta tells her that she brought her and her new son a little update on Jan's ex-fiancee...Jan snaps that he still IS her fiancee...but Greta simply ignores her and pulls out a tape recorder...and plays the entire conversation between Lucas and Will!

    -Kristen pulls away from Megan and asks what the HELL she's doing, but Megan keeps the knife to her neck, telling Kristen that she heard everything...she SLEPT with Bo! She had SEX with her man!!! Kristen tells Megan that Bo is not HER man, she just needs to drop this stupid obsession! Megan asks when they slept together....Kristen tells her they did the night their father died!

    -Vivian and Valentine continue to argue at the DiMera Mansion, but suddenly Ji'Min arrives...Vivian tells him thank GOODNESS he is here...Valentine agrees, and Vivian tells him she needs him to examine this marriage certificate and prove that it is fake...Vivian gives him Valentine's marriage certificate, and Ji'Min begins to look at it...

    -Sami tells Nicole that they've never exactly been friends but this is JUST the proof she needs to finally make everyone see that Stan killed her mother, NOT her! Brandon and Carrie walk over and Brandon is SHOCKED to see Nicole, and vice versa...he asks her what she's doing here and where she's been, and Nicole responds that its a long story...Carrie asks whats going on...and Sami answers that Nicole can prove that it was Stan all along...finally she can prove it...now they just have to go back to Salem! Nicole then says:

    Nicole:OH HELL NO!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Tony is walking through Salem Place...and he runs into Anna! Tony greets her and asks how she's been, he hasn't seen her in a little while...Anna flashes back to seeing him and Kate having sex RIGHT after she and Tony did...she SLAPS Tony and says:

    Anna:Stay away from me you bastard!

    -Jan listens to the conversation as Lucas asks Will to be his best man...and as he tells him how he loves Eugenia, despite only losing Jan months earlier...a single tear falls from Jan's eye, as Greta says that its so sweet....and tells her that the big day is May 15th...and she luckily just happened to be recording this as it happened...Jan tells Greta to just go the hell away, and Greta shrugs and says fine...she leaves, and Jan tells "her" son:

    Jan:Don't worry, Josh...we're going to be reunited with Daddy soon...I am going to bust out of here by the time that wedding date comes along...Greta made a very, very bad move by telling me when it was...never underestimate Jan Spears. And then I'll get out and take care of Eugenia...and you, your brother Bentley, Daddy, and me will all be a family...

    -Megan thinks to herself that she slept with Bo before Kristen then...she tells Kristen that she can't believe she'd be such an idiot and do this, she KNOWS how much she and Bo love each other! Kristen tells Megan to calm the hell down...but Megan goes on to say that if she ever finds Kristen with Bo again...she'll murder her HERSELF! Megan walks off, leaving Kristen to think about all of this craziness...

    -Sami asks Nicole what she means...and Nicole tells Sami she can't go back to Salem...she doesn't want to go back to Salem. Brandon says he knows that the last time he saw her she probably wasn't too happy because of her scheme being exposed, and he's not really happy with her right now...but if she can prove Sami's story, then she needs to go back! Nicole tells the trio NO, she is happy right now...she is happy here...and she has no desire to go back to Salem!

    -Ji'Min examines the marriage certificate...Vivian asks him if he's found anything to prove that its a fake yet...Ji'Min looks at them both and tells them that he's looked at it very carefully and checked into some records....and he is SURE that this is...a real and legitimate marriage certificate! Valentine laughs in triumph, as Vivian screams that this is IMPOSSIBLE...Valentine tells her sister to get ready, because Valentine Heart DiMera is moving into the mansion!

    -Tony looks at Anna in shock and confusion and asks what she's talking about...Anna snaps to just stay away from her, and Tony tells her he knows she wasn't too pleased with him awhile back but where did all of this come from...Anna tells her that he doesn't need her, he has KATE to love all over! Anna stomps off...leaving Tony in shock, realizing that Anna knows about him and Kate sleeping together!

    -Sami tells Nicole that she HAS to go back...she has to tell everyone what she just told her...Nicole tells her she's sorry, but no....she doesn't want to go back there, at least not right now...Nicole flashes back to the Secret Room and thinks to herself that she just needs to stay the hell away from that town...Nicole quickly runs out of the restaraunt, and all three of them yell for her to come back, but she just runs off...and Sami then yells:

    Sami:DAMNIT! We have to get her to come back to Salem...she's my only hope!
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    Episode#351: Frenemies Reunited

    -Lucas is at the kitchen in the Spears Mansion....Will walks in, and tells his father that his wedding date is fast approaching...Lucas grins and says he knows...Will says he still can't believe he's marrying Eugenia Willens, its all so fast...Lucas says he knows, but he loves her...Will also says that the custody trial date is coming soon...but he doesn't want to think about that...Lucas then says he has a question for Will...he asks if Will will be his best man!

    -Bo sighs and tells Kristen to be honest....he doesn't know...he doesn't even know where he stands with Hope right now....Kristen says she understands, and they probably shouldn't talk at all...Bo says no...he wants to continue speaking to her....and he says to be honest, he can't deny that there was a spark that night...unknown to them both, Megan is watching from a distance!

    -Vivian says this has to be a lie, a fake...she says she never met Andre personally but she knew of him...and no, just no! Valentine tells her oh yes...she met Andre through Stefano, and after her affair with Stefano, and before Peter...she moved on to Andre...they had a joyous marriage, but then Andre got too distracted doing Stefano's bidding and he died...Vivian continues to say this can't be true!

    -Sami is STUNNED to come face to face with none other than Nicole...Nicole looks at Sami in shock...and both of them ask what the hell each other are doing here! Nicole tells Sami she's been here for a little while...and asks Sami why she has a wig on...but then she remembers...she says that Sami must be on the run since she killed mommy dearest!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Will is shocked at Lucas's offer and says sure...he'd do anything for him! Lucas says that he just wants his son at his side when he marries Eugenia...Will tells his father he's honored, but tells Lucas that this still is so weird...he loses his fiancee, then several months later, he gets a new one...he says he knows that he and Sami had much more of a whirlwind romance than that, but its still really weird...Lucas says that Eugenia's just helped him alot...and he loves her.

    -Kristen says that it just doesn't feel right....he and Hope may be on the outs, but she slept with a married man...she had full out sex with a married man! Bo says that she WAS in jail at the time though, and Kristen asks what that matters...and points out that she obviously wasn't since she walked right in on them! Bo tells her maybe they should wait and see....Megan continues watching, clenching her fist....

    -Vivian tells Valentine she's calling the police on her whore-y ass....so she had better forget this scheme of hers and get off the DiMera grounds! Valentine again says that she IS a DiMera, and Vivian continues to look at those forms as Valentine says she IS Andre's wife....Vivian and Valentine argue as Vivian finally says that she's going to call Ji'Min down here right now to straighten this out...Valentine tells her to go for it, and Vivian does so...

    -Sami tells Nicole that she DIDN'T kill Marlena, it was STAN....and if anyone brought any harm to Marlena, it was her, posing as Tony and Marlena's hidden child! Nicole laughs and says that was a LONG time ago....and she goes on to ask Sami why the hell she's here and not in a prison somewhere or not even in Salem! Sami tells her that she's...not exactly a free bird right now but is looking for evidence to prove that it was Stan to kill Marlena, and she says:

    Sami:And you just might be it.

    -Kristen tells Bo that she still just doesn't know....Bo tells her that again, maybe they should wait and see how things unravel with Hope...Kristen says that this is ridiculous though, but Bo continues to say they just need to wait...he gets a call from the PD and tells Kristen he has to leave, and they say their goodbyes as Kristen sighs...she leaves herself, but as she's walking out of the Pub...Megan forcefully grabs Kristen by the arm, puts a knife to her neck, and screams:


    -Nicole asks Sami what the hell she has to do with anything surrounding Marlena's innocence and her supposed death...Sami asks her how the can't know....she tells Nicole that she knows Stan shot her at the fashion show while posing as her...Nicole tells her that she almost forgot about that, and Sami asks what kind of idiot forgets about being shot! Nicole thinks to herself that sometimes when you are locked up by a raving psycho you forget everything else....but Sami tells Nicole that Stan went there that day to kill Marlena...but he came back to the Salem Inn and told her that day that he shot Nicole instead...she tells Nicole that Stan had to have a GOOD reason to switch his target....and Nicole also had to have some reason for not even telling a soul about the incident, and Nicole says:

    Nicole:Well I had a bit too much on my mind, Sami, recovering from a gunshot wound, my huge scheme being revealed thanks to Anna, Faye, Brandon, and Tony, and Gret-nevermind...but anyway....now that I think about it...something....did happen at the fashion show.
    Sami:WHAT!? WHAT?! Nicole, WHAT HAPPENED?!
    Nicole:Calm down first!
    Sami:Okay, bitch, do you know that I have been accused of murder by the entire town, my friends, my own family, my SON...none of them believe whats the TRUTH....I was sent to prison, and I ended up breaking out and have been running around so many places looking for something on Stan...so damnit you had better tell me what happened or I *WILL* shoot you!
    Nicole:Okay....you-, or Stan....were in the same dressing room getting dressed....Stan wasn't exactly kind to me, much like you, and we ended up getting into a big catfight...I pulled on your, or Stan's hair...and it came off....I DID see a full head of hair, definitely NOT hair of a woman underneath it...but he pulled out a gun and thats when he shot me. Happy now?
    Sami:Nicole....Nicole....Nicole....this....this could be what proves my innoncence...I finally have it...I can FINALLY prove to everyone that it was Stan who impersonated me and killed mom!!!!!
  7. daysfan
    "EVERY single month this year has been action packed for LIS," Tara Smith says "But May will probably be the craziest month yet...or perhaps the one you'd most want to tune in for. We'll see pay-offs to some stories that have been going since the Fall of last year, and also plunging into new stories."

    The Secret Room/The Baby Switch: "This story will be the highlight of May...at long last, Jan will get out of that room and Greta's reign of terror will come to an end, that I can tell you. Also, Lucas and Eugenia's wedding is this month....the two think they have happiness, and Eugenia will get to walk down the aisle, but expect the wedding to all go to hell in a handbasket thanks to Jan....then of course there's the baby switch...that story shall truly begin here...but it won't be as long as many of the other baby switches around. But we are reaching the height of this story, and the pay-off for people wanting Jan out of the Secret Room."

    Marlena's Death: "That story has just started to pick up again, and for fans who are sick of this story, I will tell you that it will be another one that wraps up in May....Sami will finally find a way to prove herself innocent, but will it be through Nicole? For fans who don't remember, Nicole found out Stan was Sami at the fashion show LAST May, but ended up getting shot before she could tell anyone....Sami will move on to a new chapter in her life, and finds herself very close to Brandon and Carrie after all this....romance is also in the air for Nicole, who will get some happiness."

    Victor/Celeste/Dorian/Suga: "This story, which has been slower up until this past month, shall really pick up in May...Suga's role on LIS will finally come to light when she comes into this story, and Victor thinks Dorian put Celeste in a coma and vows for revenge...however, when Celeste wakes up this month and reveals that it was truly Greta, will Victor realize he's made a huge mistake? Dorian also knows about Crystal killing Peter, and that will be played on this month."

    The Custody Battle: "We'll see this again, at long last, this month....the custody battle is still fast approaching, and Destiny vows to find SOMETHING on the Galore's for Will and Arianna's sakes....she may come close to finding out all about Stefano and Kate hiring Crystal back in Janurary, but will someone stop her before she can actually find out? We'll see, but all these characters will be moderately frontburner this month."

    Jeremy/Alexis/Cassie/Mike/Robin/Laura: "This has really been on alot in April, so it may take a bit of a downtime this month...but Mike confronts Robin on all her lies, as Laura continues to wonder what to do, but she knows she's not going to give up...Alexis also doesn't like the relationship Jeremy and Cassie have, and vows to take both Cassie and Robin down, as Jeremy continues to be in the middle of everything."

    Vivian vs. Valentine: "Valentine will move into the DiMera Mansion and make Vivian's life hell, as a war begins for the DiMera Dynasty...expect this to possibly pick up a bit more in June."

    Anna/Tony/Kate: "Anna continues to shun Tony as he tries to get back in her good graces, and he and Kate are both distressed by the fact that she knows about their one night stand....Kate will also be involved with Lucas/Eugenia, and doesn't want her involvement in Peter's death to come out....for Tanna fans, do not fear, happiness isn't far away!"

    Hope/Bo/Kristen: "Hope fully cuts herself off from Bo this month, serving him with divorce papers, as Kristen and Bo kind of re-establish their friendship...Megan and Jill also continue their little pregnancy scheme!"

    Maggie/Abe/Faye: "We saw this story on a little bit in April, but sadly, don't expect much more in May...however we will see Abe and Maggie more than usual, and this story will pick up later on."
  8. daysfan
    Episode#350: Face to Face Again

    -Travis and Nicole are still at Travis's house...both of them are just getting up, and Nicole continues to take in the joy of being in this wonderful place and OUT of the Secret Room...Travis then asks her if she'd like to go get some breakfast!

    -Bo says sure...Kristen again apologizes for avoiding him until now, but he says he understands...she says that night, them having sex felt so right...but Hope walked in on them...and then he ran off after her when she panicked...and she caught them down at the pier hugging...Bo asks her what she's talking about...she says they were in each other's arms down at the pier...Bo then says:

    Bo:Kristen...I love Hope...but that wasn't an out-of-love hug...she fell into my arms after Larry Welch tried to kill her, and she nearly fell into the pier...she shoved him back and she ended up falling into my arms!

    -Vivian comes to the door at the DiMera Mansion....and she snorts at seeing Valentine there, saying she thought she'd be long gone from town by now, since she lost everything she had here...and that this mansion is for DiMera family only...and Valentine smirks and says:

    Valentine:Ah, but I AM part of the DiMera family!

    -Sami continues to vow to prove her innocence!

    -Robin chuckles and tells Laura she doesn't scare her....she's going to tell the police the truth...that Laura tried to kill her! Laura says she's making a big mistake by lying like this before walking out of the hospital room, and Chris walks in, saying he's ready for her statement!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Nicole says sure, and tells him to come on...Travis laughs and tells her when he meant go get breakfast...he meant her go get breakfast for them! Nicole says "Excuse me??" and says he is kind for letting her stay here but she is NO ONE'S maid...Travis jokingly begs, and Nicole says fine...she'll go grab something from one of the places down the street...

    -Kristen looks at Bo and asks if he's being serious...Bo says yes...Hope's pretty much trying to end their marriage as hard as she can....Kristen is silent and says she feels so stupid right now...Bo tells her its alright...but he doesn't want her to feel bad about them making love that night...it was his wrongdoing, not hers.

    -Vivian tells Valentine to stop grasping at straws and leaves...but before Vivian can shut the door, Valentine puts her foot there, and shoves her way inside...saying that she is the WIFE of one of the most infamous DiMera family members!

    -Sami tells Carrie and Brandon that she knows there is someone or SOMETHING that can help her...she just doesn't know what quite yet...Brandon asks if there is ANYTHING, and he means ANYTHING, that could help them....anything on Stan...anything at all! Sami answers:

    Sami:Well, he was an employee of the DiMera's...I'm just not sure what he did, so there could be something there but I'm not sure...there's Andre DiMera, who knew of him, but he's dead....then of course, there may be something about Nicole...
    Brandon:Nicole? As in, my sister Nicole?
    Sami:Yeah...Stan, as me, shot her back at the fashion show last Spring or Summer....I don't know anything, but Stan may have had a reason for shooting her...he was going to kill mom there, but Nicole ended up getting the bullet...
    Brandon:I saw Nicole in the hospital after her shooting, she never said anything....but I haven't seen Nicole since shortly before Marlena's death...I have no idea what the hell happened to her.

    -Laura, Jeremy, Mike, and Cassie are all outside...Cassie comforts Jeremy, as Mike keeps an eye on Robin but also tries to help his mother...Maggie and Julie also arrive to comfort Laura, and both assure her they know she's innocent...inside Robin's hospital room, Robin tells Chris what she told Jeremy, Alexis, and Mike...in the middle of her and Alexis's catfight, Laura arrived....and furiously tried to kill her after an argument at Chez Rouge.

    -Kristen says no, she knew he was married and took advantage of the comfort he was offering after Peter's death...Bo snaps thats NOT true, she was totally innocent...Kristen and Bo continue to argue, as Bo tells herself to please not blame herself....she doesn't need that...Kristen then asks:

    Kristen:But what does all of this mean for...us? I know we never had a relationship but...we've both been good friends, we knew there was a spark that night...what do we do?

    -Vivian begins laughing hard and tells Valentine thats a good one....she tells her sister she must have gotten rusty with her scheming skills over these past few months....she knows she's lying...she says she's going to call security, but Valentine stops her as she pulls out the marriage certificate from years ago, revealing her and Andre's marriage...Vivian's jaw drops to the floor and her eyes nearly fall out of her head!

    -Chris comes out of Robin's hospital, saying he has her statement on tape...Laura tells Chris that she's LYING through her teeth...Chris tells her they'll look into it and continue the investigation...but to not skip town. Laura glares at Robin, and Robin simply gives her a small smirk, as Maggie reccommends that they go home...Julie and Maggie take Laura home...as Jeremy looks from his mother to his grandmother as she leaves...Cassie continues to comfort him, and he sheds a single tear....Mike walks back into Robin's hospital room...he looks down at her with a cold and dissappointed look....as she watches Laura leave, and thinks to herself that she never should have crossed Robin Jacobs....

    -Sami sighs and tells Brandon and Carrie she searched for Nicole in Salem back before she was arrested...but she couldn't find her, not even the hospital knew what happened to her...which was odd. Carrie says thats still so fishy...how she just dissappeared...not to mention how Jan did too...Sami says she doesn't know, but says they should go...Carrie and Brandon agree, and as they pay for the breakfast...Sami goes to walk out of the door....as she is leaving the restaraunt, she bumps into someone...she looks up at them....and is stunned to see NICOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. daysfan
    Episode#349: Innocent

    -It is a new day for the world!

    -Lexie is down at the hospital....she gets the DNA results back from the test Steve and Kayla wanted to run before they left town...and it reveals that man is NOT Benjy DiMera! Lexie sighs and says it just must have been Lawrence trying to pull one over on them to further torture them....but its good that man isn't Benjy, because her family doesn't need anymore craziness....

    -Andre is at his hideout with Valentine...he tells her today is the day...he has to leave town for a certain amount of time, but its time for her to kick their plan into gear...he will be in touch. Valentine grins as Andre leaves....saying that she's going to stick to her sister so hard today...

    -Down at the hospital...Laura arrives down there after getting a good night's sleep....she sees Chris there, as well as Jeremy, Cassie, and of course Mike...Mike slowly approaches her and tells her that Chris is about to get Robin's statement...Laura exclaims that she wants to see Robin first!

    -In a small restaraunt, at an unknown location...three people sit at a table talking...two of them are revealed to be Carrie(Christie Clarke) and Brandon(Matt Cedeno)...Carrie says they've already been to a few towns and can't find anything...she's not sure what to do, there's just so little evidence around, and they've been searching so long for a month...Brandon agrees, but the woman they're with says there has to be a way...she's NOT giving up yet...the woman is revealed to be a disguised Sami Brady(Alison Sweeney)!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Bo is sitting in the Brady Pub, having some breakfast, thinking about how he has so little family in this town left....however suddenly he looks up and sees Kristen!

    -Valentine puts on one of her best dresses....as she says its time to blow Vivian right out of the water, and she leaves....

    -Mike tells his mother to stay calm, and Chris really needs to get Robin's statement first....Laura says no, she has to speak to Robin...she brushes past Mike and Chris, as Jeremy curiously watches...she stomps into Robin's hospital as Robin looks up at her...and Laura says:

    Laura:Now listen here...before you even utter a WORD to Officer Reddins...I'm going to tell you something, something I'll make sure you never forget.

    -Sami says that she knows that ever since they left Salem, they've searched quite a bit throughout several different towns, a few different states...and that they've been constantly on the go...but she knows there's SOMETHING out there somewhere...she says that Stan IS still alive...somewhere....or there must be some evidence....she's not giving up! Carrie assures her sister she doesn't want to give up, they've put alot of effort into this...they just have searched alot and nothing's turned up...so she's not sure what their next move should be!

    -Bo is silent at seeing Kristen...Kristen says she knows this is awkward, especially since she's practically avoided him for a month....and with her father's death and all things have been more crazy...Bo says thats fine, and he hated Stefano but he is sorry about that...Kristen asks if they can talk!

    -Valentine smugly approaches the DiMera Mansion...and bangs on the door, yelling to be let in!

    -Robin tells Laura to go ahead and say it....she's already going to jail anyway after Robin gives her statement to Chris...but to hurry because she's holding this up...Laura looks down at Robin on her hospital bed, briefly glancing at Chris and her family, but then turns back to Robin and says:

    Laura:Last night when you accused me of trying to kill you...I was so upset and even ran off from the hospital....but after talking with someone, I've realized...I can take on someone pathetic as you....so if you want to tell the police and everyone in this town that I tried to kill you...fine, I'll just fight back...because if you think for one minute that you can send me back to a mental institution or wherever the hell you want me to go, think AGAIN! Because I'm Laura Horton damnit, I will defeat you...I'm not lapsing into another catatonic state...so bitch, you had better really think before you tell that officer anything...because if you LIE and say I tried to kill you.... I swear you will wish you had died that night you fell!

    -Brandon nods, and says that it seems there isn't REALLY any evidence per say that would help Sami...they may just have to find Stan himself...Sami nods, and says that she doesn't care how they do it...but she is going to prove her innocence for killing Marlena and prove it soon...because she wants to get back to Salem, back to her family, her son...and she is NOT going back to prison...so she IS, no matter what it takes, going to prove herself innocent....
  10. daysfan
    Episode#348: The Mastermind Revealed

    -Lexie is stunned to see her ex-husband and Faye Walker...and she slowly greets them and asks what they're doing here...Abe coldly responds that he's here for a check up...Lexie asks why Maggie isn't bringing him, and Faye says that she's busy...Lexie stares at Faye and says:

    Lexie:Well Faye, I see you want to sleep with my ex-husband?

    -Travis asks Nicole if she ever thinks she'll find the right one...Nicole shrugs and says at this point she's given up...but if the right one came along she'd go for it...she says that its just been a very tough life from her...her father was a pig, she was a porn star, she had so many men and not to mention a sham of a marriage with Victor Kiriakis...so she just doesn't know anymore.

    -Laura says that she and Robin haven't been on friendly terms since around the time Marlena died, which is right when both Robin and her returned to Salem...she explains to Kate that Jeremy was dating Alexis Kefer, but Alexis cheated on him with Mike, which was wrong...but now Jeremy hates both Alexis and Mike, and Mike didn't even know Alexis was his girlfriend...and she's been in Alexis's position before, she knows how it feels...but Robin has tried to block Mike and Alexis out of Jeremy's, a grown man, life...and she wouldn't have it and won't have it now! Kate laughs and says:

    Kate:Laura...you took on me of all people, and I can't believe I am saying this, but if you could at least fight me, then you can fight some petty woman like this Robin Jacobs.

    -Steve is stunned to see his old enemy, Lawrence Alamain(Michael Sabatino) standing there...Lawrence looks at him and says it seems he's finally found him....Steve asks what the hell he's doing here...if he's behind all this! He looks at the woman....who is revealed to be....CARLY MANNING(Crystal Chappell)!!!!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Kayla, Kim, Shane, and Billie all rush into the large house...they hear muffled screams as they run around, and break into a room where they see a tied up Forrest!

    -Faye yells "EXCUSE ME?!" at Lexie, and Abe asks Lexie how she could say such a thing...Faye says that Abe is just a friend, the father of her son, Heaven FORBID she actually talks to him....something Lexie never does! Lexie says that she's so busy here and with her family, and she doesn't really want her OR Theo talking to him....Abe argues that Theo is his son, and Lexie is the cheating murderor here, but Faye stops the argument, saying they need to get to Abe's appointment! Faye and Abe rush off as Lexie sighs...

    -Travis says there still could be guy some out there, waiting for her...Nicole says maybe, but then asks about him and his love life...Travis responds that he's had some girlfriends in the past, but nothing serious like her...but he constantly hopes for someone to love, the right one...someone just for him.

    -Kate tells Laura that she can't believe that after all Laura's been through, she's cowering like this...Laura tells Kate she can't believe she's actually trying to give her advice...Kate simply responds that a recent situation has changed her outlook on things...Kate continues to tell Laura that she needs to take Robin on HEAD ON, and not let her win....Laura realizes Kate is right, and rushes off...saying she is going to FIGHT Robin untill the end!

    -Steve is shocked to see Lawrence and Carly here...Carly tells Steve she's so sorry...she was forced! Steve asks if THEY are the ones who has caused this mess...Lawrence laughs and says yes....he's been back in town for quite some time, he used to live in a castle in Europe, but then came back to Salem...and he's wanted revenge on some of his enemies....he was the one who orchestrated Kayla's kidnapping! Rhonda works for him! Steve angrily ATTACKS Lawrence!

    -Everyone is shocked to see Forrest tied up and gagged....Billie runs to untie him, and asks him what the hell's happened, what the HELL is going on...Kayla explains about the woman, as Billie reveals that that woman tried to attack her....Forrest then reveals that his brother Lawrence kidnapped him weeks ago!

    -Steve and Lawrence get into a fist fight...as Steve asks Lawrence why he suddenly decides to come back and wreak havoc on his family...Lawrence says it wasn't just his family, it was all his enemies...he says he threatened Carly into it, and hired Rhonda...Steve and Lawrence continue fighting, but Lawrence kicks Steve back as he grabs a gun!

    -Billie is stunned, and Forrest says he doesn't know why Lawrence is back, but he probably wanted to get Forrest back for taking over the Alamain family...he and his brother were never on the best of terms! Billie says this is crazy, as Kim calls the police, and Kayla says that they have to find Steve...as Billie tends to Forrest, they all run off...

    -Lawrence holds Steve at gunpoint, saying he had a more drawn out plot in mind to get back at him speficially....he says he even let him find Kayla, leaving all those notes directing him to Rhonda's mansion...but he'll just kill him now! Steve groans and says he is SO SO SICK of ALL of this...he's tired of people always trying to harm him and his wife! Victor, Stefano, Helena, Sami, Stefan, Lawrence...ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Steve charges towards Lawrence, but before Lawrence can shoot...Carly tackles him to the ground! Steve then also tackles Lawrence, overpowering him!

    -The other small group runs throughout Lawrence's house....

    -Shane, Kim, Kayla, Forrest, and Billie all arrive in the room where Steve, Lawrence, and Carly are...they are all shocked...as the police arrive, with Chris...and he is informed of the situation by Shane...Lawrence is placed under arrest, but as he looks at them all, he tells them that he hates every single one of them...and he's behind Kayla trying to be killed, Forrest's kidnapping, and Carly trying to kill Billie...and it may have all failed, but this isn't the end...Lawrence Alamain will be back! Lawrence is carted off by the police...as everyone knows the latest threat is defeated....

    -Lawrence is taken out to a police car by Chris and driven off, but continues to vow that although they may have gotten him this time, Salem hasn't seen the last of Lawrence Alamain...he grins slightly....

    -Carly apologizes to everyone for helping Lawrence wreak hell on all their lives over the past few months...he threatened her life....everyone is hesitant but knows Carly is a good woman...and they all forgive her. Kayla says now they can stay in Salem...but Shane shakes his head...and says although Lawrence is the mastermind and is now in government custody...it may be wise if ALL of them leave Salem...at least for a good long while...Billie tells Shane that her home is here, as is Forrest's...though Forrest mutters he's probably about to lose it anyway....Steve sighs and says after this...maybe it'd be best for a good long break from Salem...he loves it, but its just been too crazy...Kayla and Kim agree, and Carly says that she'd like to get back to her own life anyway....Billie looks at Forrest and says as short, sudden, and crazy as this was....all of this...has made her realize how much she loved him...Forrest asks if she means that, and she says she does...she says with Alamain being taken from them, and so much history in Salem...maybe it would be good for them to run off together and just...have their own time together...make their own money....just do something...Forrest slowly agrees as he and Billie reunite...Shane says he guesses its final then, and he'll tell the ISA...he says he needs to get back there anyway, to their headquarters,especially now that Lawrence has been caught...they'll need to deal with him and while charges won't be pressed on Carly since she was threatened, Rhonda will also be facing charges and transported out of Salem immediately, and Kim tells him she's going with him...he smiles...and they all leave and head for the airport...every single one of them leaving the town of Salem behind...
  11. daysfan
    Episode#347: The Woman

    -Julie is at Maggie's house with Abe, and Abe thanks her for offering to help him get to his check up down at the hospital since Maggie and Abby are visiting Lucas and Eugenia...Julie smiles and says anytime...however her phone rings, she answers it and talks for a moment before whispering "Oh no....", she soon hangs up and tells Abe that was Mike...she's afraid there's been some drama down at the hospital with Robin, Mike, Jeremy, Alexis, and Laura...she needs to get down there...and she can drop him off with his doctor but she won't be able to go in with him...Faye suddenly walks in and says she can!

    -Nicole and Travis are sitting around inside Travis's house....Nicole tells him that she's only just getting to know him, but she still loves it here so much...Travis says that it is a nice place...and he also says that that was a very rousing game of strip poker earlier! Nicole grins and asks if he wants more!

    -Laura walks through Salem, crying after Alexis pointing out what could happen to her earlier because of Robin framing her....she wonders outloud why Robin had to do this, why couldn't she tell the damn truth and say that she fell during the fight with Alexis! She walks into the park and sits down on a bench, as she sheds a few tears...someone asks her whats wrong, and she looks up to see her old rival: KATE!

    -Forrest is seen in a hidden location, tied up and gagged, as he struggles to break free and flashes to when he was attacked and kidnapped at the Alamain Mansion....

    -Steve CHASES the woman throughout Salem, as Kayla follows and gets on the phone with Shane and Kim, screaming that they've found the person who attacked her!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Julie looks at Faye slowly and tells Faye she didn't know she was back in town...though she never knew her well....Faye says she has been for awhile, and she and Abe have been talking more lately...Abe says it would be fine if Faye took him, Jeremy and Mike need Julie right now...Julie asks if this would be okay with Maggie...Faye says she's sure it would be. Julie slowly nods, inwardly groaning in the process before leaving, and Faye tells Abe she guesses its just him and her as they leave for the hospital...

    -Travis smirks and tells Nicole maybe....Nicole says she thought so, ALOT of men have wanted some of her...Travis asks if thats right, and he can't blame them...Nicole laughs and says yes, there have been alot of men in her life...Travis asks if she cares to tell him about them!

    -Laura asks Kate what the hell she wants as she stands up and begins to walk away...Kate says she was passing by and couldn't just ignore seeing an old...friend...of hers after not seeing her since she came back to town...Laura tells Kate that she's fine, just has some things to sort out that are none of her business. Kate says she just wants to know whats wrong, and Laura blurts out:

    Laura:Fine, Kate, since I am sure this will bring pure joy to your icy little heart, Robin Jacobs has just said that I tried to kill her!

    -Steve chases after the woman, yelling that she tried to kill his wife...she's going to pay! The woman approaches an odd house, running inside, but Steve is still on her tail....Kayla, and now Shane and Kim, follow...Billie sees them and wonders what is going on, and also follows!

    -Lexie is at the hospital, turning in the DNA for Steve and Kayla...as she leaves the lab, she thinks about how odd everything's been lately and wonders what the hell is going on in this town! However, as she's walking, she bumps into Faye and Abe!

    -Nicole pauses for a moment and Travis says if its a sensitive subject she doesn't have to answer...Nicole says no its fine, and she slowly explains her hectic love life between Eric, Austin, Brady, even Lucas, and so many others...she says her rivalry with Greta came from loving Eric, he was such a great man....but he wasn't the right one.

    -Kate snorts and asks if thats it...Laura looks at Kate like she's an idiot, and Kate apologizes, she says that that just happens all the time in this town...in the world...Laura says that she knew she shouldn't have talked to her about this. Kate tells her to wait, and asks why Robin would frame her like that...Laura answers because she hates her for interfering with her trying to block Mike out of Jeremy's life!

    -Steve follows the woman inside an odd house, a complex house...they run throughout it, and he sees her enter an office....he rushes and BUSTS the door down to see the woman and....LAWRENCE ALAMAIN!
  12. daysfan
    Episode#346: Robin's True Colors

    -Renee arrives at the train station....Elvis is there...she tells him she has the tickets....she asks if he's sure he wants to do this...Elvis nods, and says that with their father dead...there's no reason left to stay in Salem. Renee tells him that he's just letting Vivian win...their father would want them to continue the domination of Salem...Elvis says they tried to dominate Salem, but they failed, and without him its useless...he's just glad she agreed to leave Salem with him.

    -Steve and Kayla walk into the hospital to drop off the DNA they got from the DiMera Mansion...both of them think about how after this...they'll have to leave Salem with Shane and Kim due to what happened with Rhonda....they bump into Lexie, who asks them what they are doing as she glances at the hairbrush...and Kayla says:

    Kayla:Well...Lexie....if we tell you this....I want to know that we have your trust...you can't tell the rest of your family.

    -Abby looks at Lucas and confusedly asks if he didn't know, after living here for so long....Lucas shakes his head and tells his niece no, he has no clue what she's talking about...Abby tells Lucas that beneath the Spears Mansion...there's a Secret Room there!

    -Jeremy sighs and tells Laura he knows her....he knows that she wouldn't try to kill his mother...but at the same time, he says he doesn't know if his mother would really lie....but no, he doesn't think Laura tried to kill Robin...Alexis mutters that if Robin had in fact said SHE tried to kill Robin, she's sure Jeremy would believe her...Jeremy snaps she doesn't know what she's talking about, but he still doesn't get why Robin would lie, and Alexis angrily turns to Jeremy and yells:

    Alexis:Because your mother is a BITCH! I can't believe that she's been in Salem for so long now yet you haven't noticed how much of a cold evil woman she is!!!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Renee tells Elvis that she did agree at first...but she's starting to reconsider! She says that for one Salem is her home, and two...though their father and brother are both dead now....she doesn't want to let Vivian completely take over the DiMera family! Elvis says he wanted to fight her at first....but Kristen and crazy Megan are still around, and he knows Vivian is such a pathetic old hag, she won't be able to take it all anyway....he thinks that they're time in Salem is over.

    -Lexie looks at Steve and Kayla slowly and silently, and Steve says she has to understand...just because of how her family can be...Lexie nods and says she understands, and asks what this is about....Kayla pulls out the DNA they got from the man and the DiMera Mansion, and tells her that she's been told that a man in one of these very hospitals...is Benjy DiMera. Lexie looks on in shock and says she never knew Benjy but asks if she's sure...Kayla says yes, she's sure, and then says:

    Kayla:I was going to do this myself....but due to all that happened to me thanks to that Rhonda Miller woman, who had him in that pit too if you didn't know...Steve and I...have to leave Salem. And I know Mike is busy, so I want to entrust this with you...to run the DNA Test, and if it is Benjy like Rhonda claims....help him.
    Steve:Sweetness and I would, we loved that kid...but we can't. Shane says we have no choice.
    Lexie:Oh....oh my....I...I can't believe this, this is all such a shock...of course, of course....I promise I'll run the DNA Test and keep it a secret from my family, and take care of this man, if he is Benjy, as I should....

    -Lucas says that Jan never mentioned anything about a Secret Room...Abby rolls her eyes and mutters that figures, and Maggie sighs as she explains the story of what happened with Lilly Spears and Abby back in 2006, since Abby found evidence that Lilly and Jan killed their parents and was going to tell Max Brady but Lilly erased her memory...Lucas says he knew Jan killed her parents but didn't know about this...he wonders if there's a way to get to the Secret Room!

    -Jeremy tells Alexis that his mother may be lying but to NOT talk about her like that...he yells that she has NO room to talk! Alexis laughs and tells Jeremy that this is ridiculous...she's begged him for forgiveness constantly, for months, but now she's had enough! She says that he is constantly insulting her...but oh his precious PERFECT mother just does no wrong in his mind! Jeremy says he didn't say that, but Alexis exclaims that its what he's thinking!

    -Renee sighs and says maybe he's right...maybe they don't really have a place here anymore, especially after the death of their father...Elvis agrees, and both of them grab their things...Renee asks where they're heading, and Elvis says first to Chicago...then they'll board a plane or something to Hawaii, and they'll just see what kind of life they can find there...Renee nods, and both of them sit down as the train leaves, as Elvis DiMera and Renee DiMera leave Salem...

    -Steve and Kayla thank Lexie, and she tells them goodbye as she turns to take this DNA to the lab, and Kayla sheds a tear as she knows these are their final moments in Salem....Steve takes her hand and they walk off, but...suddenly, they both spot a woman watching them...Kayla yells that she recognizes her from somewhere....THATS the woman who attacked her in the park! The woman takes off but Steve runs after her!

    -Abby says she just stumbled upon it...but really, he shouldn't pursue it, he should focus his time on Eugenia, Will, Bentley, and helping get Arianna back...as well as his wedding! Lucas says that he doesn't like the idea of having a Secret Room right underneath him that he's ever seen....its creepy, and not to mention he remembers how things got crazy with the room beneath the DiMera Mansion! Lucas continues to want to somehow access the Secret Room as he recalls the noises he has sometimes heard, but Eugenia tells him that they have bigger things to focus on, as they all talk him out of it....

    -Jeremy tells Alexis that his MOTHER, the woman who gave him life, is lying in there on a hospital bed after fighting for her life and being unconscious for weeks now! Alexis says she knows, obviously, and she's glad Robin is alive and able to speak and that the fall didn't do more damage....but it still doesn't change the fact that she is in there lying to them all about Laura trying to kill her! Laura tells Alexis and Jeremy to both calm down, just be calm...thats what they have to do here, but Alexis continues on:

    Alexis:She is ranting and raving about how oh I am innocent but then Laura came along and just decided to see if she could murder Robin...I mean I am glad she told the truth about my role in it, but Laura could go to prison for life, or a mental home like Robin was talking about...or if Robin takes a turn for the worse, she could go to death row! The system is hard, when they get ahold of people, they usually don't let them off so easily like they do with Stefano DiMera! Robin has put your grandmother on the line here!
    Laura:STOP!!! PLEASE!!!!!! JUST STOP!!!!!!

    Laura takes off running and crying as Alexis and Jeremy both watch, and Laura scurries out of the hospital....
  13. daysfan
    Episode#345: Does Jeremy Believe Her?

    -Nicole is at Travis's house...she tells Travis she doesn't know him well and she's barely been here but...its just so wonderful here...so refreshing...she wasi n that crazy room for so long, she hasn't felt this HAPPY in forever! Travis laughs and tells her this nice place can do that to you...he says she's welcome to stay as long as she likes...she thanks him, and Travis then says:

    Travis:So...I have a weird question for you.
    Travis:Know how to play poker?

    -Kayla asks why not...and Megan says she's just busy and there's some renovation going on in the mansion...that kind of stuff. Steve says it'll be fine and they both invite themselves in, and as Jill runs and hides, they both go into the living room...Steve looks around as Kayla distracts Megan by talking to her, for anything with DNA on it...

    -Inside the Secret Room, Jan sits with baby Josh...holding him, bouncing him, saying how much she's fallen in love with him...he's HER son...she says she wants out of here and will get out, but the fact she didn't escape just means that they get more quality time together....she thinks to herself she's sorry about Nicole...but they were never best friends anyway. Greta and Lea then walk in, as Greta tells her its time for Josh's check up!

    -Lucas and Eugenia spend time together and Eugenia continues to mourn her child, but they plan their wedding....Eugenia tells Lucas she doesn't know what she'd do without him, he's already helping her get through this. There is a knock on the door, and he opens it to see Maggie and Abby!

    -Robin tells Jeremy she is NOT lying, she wouldn't lie to him! Jeremy tells her that his grandmother would never try to kill anyone, and Mike says thats very true, but Robin says that she knows Laura wouldn't really want to kill her, and she doesn't want her to get thrown in prison...but they KNOW her track record of insanity! She put her own daughter in harm's way once...she was so crazy even after she got out of her catatonic state...Laura says how DARE she, and Robin yells that she's only telling the truth...she won't try to get Laura put in prison, but she WILL try to send her to a crazy house where she belongs!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Nicole says it depends...what kind of poker. Travis says just average, every day poker...Nicole asks him if maybe they could play...strip poker!

    -Steve finds a hairbrush...and nods at Kayla...Kayla and him both then quickly leave, confusing Megan, and once they are outside they laugh in triumph and say they have the DNA they need...but as they go to the hospital, Steve gets a call...and his eyes widen! Kayla asks him whats wrong, and Steve says:

    Steve:I just got a call from Shane...after we drop this DNA off at the hospital...we...have to leave Salem.

    -Lea checks out Josh, and says he seems to be fine...Jan says she loves her little bundle of joy, and Lea sighs as she thinks about this crazy scheme...

    -Lucas eagerly greets Maggie and his niece Abby....Maggie explains to them how HAPPY she was when she heard about their engagement, and came with Abby to congratulate them! Lucas and Eugenia thank them, and as they talk, Abby looks around and flashes back to how Lilly Spears locked her in the Secret Room and brainwashed her nearly three years ago...

    -Laura yells that Robin is LYING, she's just a pathetic lying BITCH! Mike sighs and tells them ALL to calm down, Robin just woke up after being unconscious for a good long while and everyone's getting way too worked up...he orders Jeremy, Alexis, and Laura out of her room...Jeremy tries to argue with him but Mike makes it clear that his decision is final, and they all walk out into the waiting room...

    -Travis laughs and asks if she's serious....Nicole says yes...and the two begin! The two laugh as they play strip poker, both of them losing alot of their clothes, and they just have fun, Nicole having fun with someone for the first time in a very, very long long time...

    -Kayla asks what he's talking about....Steve says that Shane called and said even though Rhonda has been arrested....the ISA thinks someone else is behind her holding her and Benjy captive in that pit, and they need to go into protection, so they can drop this DNA off but then....they need to meet Shane and Kim at the airport! Kayla says that they can't just leave Benjy, not after they just found him again...Steve says he knows, but they don't have a choice...

    -Greta tells Jan to continue to enjoy her baby as she and Lea leave....Jan says that oh she will, and soon she WILL get out of here....she still feels bad for Nicole's death, but she has more problems to worry about.....she will get out, and reunite with Lucas!

    -Maggie tells Eugenia that she's so glad Lucas found the right woman to marry...it may be so sudden, but she can tell that he's happy...and she's better than Jan Spears! Eugenia thanks her, as Maggie offers her condolences after the death of "her" baby...Eugenia again thanks her, and Maggie continues to express how happy she is for the wedding....Abby comments outloud that this mansion is so beautiful....but it still creeps her out a bit that there's a Secret Room underneath it...Lucas asks her what she's talking about!

    -Alexis says that she can't believe Robin is doing this...Jeremy is silent, as Laura says that she has feuded with Robin ever since she returned to town....its not that surprising. Alexis says she knew Robin was fiesty but not like this....though then again, she may be the same way if she was in her position! But she says this is still so absurd and they have to stop her! Laura looks at Jeremy and asks if he really believes her over Robin...she asks if he thinks that she tried to kill his mother!
  14. daysfan
    Episode#344: Celeste's Condition

    -Kayla tells Steve that they just have to get to another natural DiMera relative...with Stefano dead, and Tony and Kristen not being biological DiMera's...they have the choices of Elvis, Renee, and Megan. Kayla says they just need to go to the DiMera Mansion and get some DNA from one of them...but then Steve says it might be best if they don't tell them that Benjy might be right here in the hospital!

    -At the DiMera Mansion, Jill walks into the living room with Megan, and Megan says its good to see her here...Jill says that she's carrying her kid, she expects her first payment...Megan tells her to be patient, she needs to find out how exactly Jill is taking care of herself, and her precous child, outside of the doctor's office...but suddenly, Renee walks in and says:

    Renee:Hey Megan...who's your friend?

    -Lexie tells Victor and Justin that she doesn't know what the hell has happened to her mother...but she's in a drug induced coma...somehow she is very pumped up with drugs and its sent her into a comatose state...Victor asks how the HELL this could happen, and Lexie says she doesn't know...her mother is NOT a drug addict, not at all! Justin asks if she could come out of it, and Lexie says there is a chance, and she says this is her mother...she's going to personally watch her, and Lexie says:

    Lexie:And I will not rest until I find out why my mother has such harmful and powerful drugs in her system that she's in a coma...Victor, if this is because of you...I'm telling you right now, I don't care if you are a Kiriakis, I WILL kill you!

    -Alexis raises her eyebrows and asks her what the hell she's talking about...Robin says its true, Alexis and her got into a catfight...they were fighting fiercely over the situation involving Jeremy, like usual...but then Laura came along...she and Laura have been fighting alot too, and Laura DEFENDED Alexis of all things...and in the end...Laura viciously shoved Robin down and beat her head on that rock! Laura stomps in suddenly and yells:

    Laura:EXCUSE ME?!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Kayla says he may be right...this is so odd and sudden, and even with Stefano dead, they can't let the DiMera's get their hands on him...Kayla says its been so long since they've seen Benjy but she still feels a connection to him, and Steve nods...he says they just need to go to the DiMera Mansion, get some DNA, and get out. Kayla agrees, and they leave.

    -Megan looks at Renee and shrugs and says that its someone she's known for awhile...Jill slowly nods, and Renee says alright...she was just coming into get something. Megan smiles as Renee gets what she needs and leaves the mansion...Megan tells her they are alone in the mansion now so they can speak freely...but suddenly she hears the doorbell ring! She opens it to see Steve and Kayla...and asks what they want, Kayla says she's here to collect something...Lexie is busy at the hospital so she sent her down to get something for her, and Steve asks if they can come in...and Megan says no, they can't!

    -Victor tells Lexie thats PREPOSTOROUS, he would NEVER, EVER give Celeste drugs...he does not mess with drugs himself! Lexie laughs and says everyone in town knows of his behind the scenes business...Justin defends his uncle, saying his only business is Titan and the fashion industry! Victor says thats sure as hell right, and he's going to find out what happened to Celeste himself! Victor looks into the room...seeing Celeste's comatose body...he says he loves her...before walking off.

    Greta and Lea are seen watching from a distance...Greta says excellent, now Celeste can't talk...she thanks Lea, saying its easier to have a nurse around who knows what types of drugs to use and to be able to access them easier than Greta can...Lea says this is SO evil...she knows Greta has to keep Jan, and formerly Nicole, under the Secret Room, but to go to the lengths of drugging someone and putting them in a coma so they won't talk! Greta tells her it had to be done, and Lea asks her who ELSE's life has she screwed with besides Jan, Nicole, Eugenia, Lucas, Celeste, Victor, Lexie...Greta looks around and points at Alexis, who's not far away in Robin's hospital room, and says:

    Greta:I screwed with her's, too.

    -Laura asks Robin what the HELL she's going on about, and Robin says they all know what happened...LAURA tried to kill her! Laura yells she did NO such thing, she was at Chez Rouge until she went to the hospital after Robin fell...Alexis says its true, it was only her and Robin fighting...Robin says Alexis is just defending Laura because Laura sided with her pathetic ass earlier that night at the restaraunt...Alexis says its true, Laura did give her kind advice, but she wasn't even at the scene where Robin fell! Jeremy looks at his mother and says:

    Jeremy:You're lying to me, I know it....my grandma did not try to kill you.

    -Lea asks if SHE was the one who tried to kill that Robin Jacobs...she heard about that on the news! Greta shakes her head and says no...she stabbed Alexis! Lea's eyes widen and says she's psychotic...Greta laughs and says that she may be, but if Lea talks...well, she just might meet the fate of Nicole! Lea shakes her head as they both leave....

    -Victor walks through the halls of the hospital...he says he's going to make that BITCH who did this to Celeste pay...he says he know who did it....and Victor then says:

    Victor:Dorian Lord....

    Victor walks off as the screen fades to black...
  15. daysfan
    Episode#343: Robin's Story

    -Celeste is rushed into the hospital…Victor and Justin are at her side…Lexie arrives, and she gasps when she sees her own mother there…and asks what happened…the paramedics say that she’s alive, she’s not near death…but she has drugs in her system! Lexie says that’s impossible but they confirm it, and Lexie rushes her to a hospital room…

    -The woman hides from Billie, but Billie says she knows someone is there…the woman however darts out, grabbing ahold of Billie!

    -Kayla walks out into the police station…and tells Steve that they have to get to the hospital, NOW!

    -Jeremy gasps and says his mother is awake…Robin looks at Jeremy and continues to utter his name, but she looks at Alexis and is silent! Jeremy calls for a doctor or nurse or something, as Alexis breathes in relief…she says Robin is alive and awake, and now all can be well….unless she tries to start something!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Celeste is rushed into a hospital room, as Lexie nervously gets to work, and says that she can't have something happen to her mother now that her father is gone...

    -Billie tries to scream, and soon punches the woman away! Billie asks who the hell she is, and why she's attacking her!

    -Steve and Kayla rush into the hospital, Kayla telling a nurse that she is Dr. Kayla Johnson...and she needs to see a certain patient NOW! Steve says its URGENT, they need to figure out if he is who they think he is...and he doesn't have a registered name, but he was brought in one night after the big storm, after he was found at Rhonda Miller's house...the nurse says she knows who they're talking about, and takes both Steve and Kayla away!

    -Mike rushes into Robin's hospital room, and examines her....and asks Robin if she can hear him! Robin slowly nods and says yes...she can hear him....she says she can speak, can move around....she's fine. Mike tells Jeremy and Alexis that she is indeed awake....but to be careful, and not to panic her...Alexis asks if she remembers what happened to her, and Robin then says:

    Robin:Yes, I do...you attacked me.

    -Lexie comes out of Celeste's room, and tells Victor and Justin she has news on her condition!

    -Billie DEMANDS to know who the woman is, but she darts off! Billie wonders what the hell that was about as she quickly leaves!

    -The nurse lead Steve and Kayla into a hospital room where the man(Joshua Morrow) lies on a hospital bed, unconscious....Kayla takes a small stick and opens his mouth, and swabs it in there...she then thanks the nurse, saying they just need to run a DNA Test...Steve nods and as he and Kayla leaves, he asks her how they are gonna try to prove that this guy is Benjy of all people if they don't have any blood to test it against!

    -Alexis yells that thats NOT true, she can't believe she would lie like this! Robin tells her to calm herself down, Alexis did attack her...causing them to get into a fight. Both Jeremy and Mike listen closely, as Robin says that the two constantly fought...Alexis threw slurs at her as the catfight went on...Alexis says to just tell everyone that she didn't try to kill her, and Robin then says:

    Robin:Well of course you didn't....Laura did.
  16. daysfan
    Episode#342: Alexis Stands Up to Jeremy

    -It is another new day in Salem!

    -At the Kiriakis Mansion…Justin suddenly barges in, yelling for Victor to get out here NOW! Victor asks him what is it, and Justin just tells him to GET OUT HERE! Justin leads Victor into the front yard…where an unconscious Celeste is lying!

    -Steve and Kayla walk down into the police station, and to the cells…Chris takes them to Rhonda’s cell….as Steve comforts Kayla and promises to be there for her, she says no….she needs to talk to Rhonda alone…Steve is resistant but eventually gives in and both he and Chris leave…and Kayla goes on to ask Rhonda why she kidnapped her!

    -Billie is at the pier, and she wonders where the hell Forrest is…she may have broken up with him but he has vanished off the face of the Earth….suddenly, the woman that watched and strangled Kayla begins to watch Billie!

    -Alexis slowly walks into Robin’s hospital room….and looks down at the unconscious Robin, and she tells Robin that she DIDN’T do this…and she hopes she knows that…but with how Robin is…she knows that but is gonna tell that Chris Reddins a totally different story! Jeremy suddenly walks in, and asks:

    Jeremy:What the HELL are you doing in here?

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Andre and Valentine are at their hideway…and Andre tells Valentine that with Stefano dead, its time for her to make her move…they are going to take over the DiMera family!

    -Victor asks Justin what happened here, and Justin says he doesn’t know…he just found her lying here, and Victor yells for him to call 911! Justin does so, as Victor tries to wake Celeste up, but can’t…meanwhile, Greta is watching from a bush!

    -Rhonda slowly tells her that she won’t get anything out of her, she barely knows what happened…she wasn’t behind it…Kayla was just given to her….so she stashed her down in that pit…with that man. Kayla tells her she still doesn’t understand, and she wants some answers…Rhonda has to know SOMETHING! Kayla also asks who that man is…and Rhonda then says:

    Rhonda:Benjy DiMera.

    -The woman that strangled Kayla slowly approaches Billie…Billie however turns around, and asks who’s there!

    -Alexis says she was just visiting Robin, seeing if she was alright…Jeremy says she was probably visiting to see if she was dead yet! Alexis asks what flew up his ass, and Jeremy says he just doesn’t want her here…Alexis tells him that she DID NOT try to kill Robin! Jeremy asks why she WOULDN’T try to kill her, and Alexis grabs Jeremy and then says:

    Alexis:Jeremy, I love you, but I’ve had ENOUGH of you accusing me and being so mean and horrible to me!

    -Valentine asks Andre what they are going to do…and Andre then whispers a plan in her ear…

    -An ambulance arrives, and takes Celeste to the hospital, stating she is alive but…it seems she has drugs in her system! Victor and Justin are STUNNED!

    -Kayla yells “WHAT?!” and asks if she’s serious….Rhonda nods, and Kayla says no…she’s lying….she’s just trying to lure her in so Rhonda can toy with her. Rhonda says it may be sudden but its true…does she think she’d throw her in a pit with a stranger? Rhonda tells her Benjy’s in the hospital last she heard, since he was down there MUCH longer than Kayla…she can go get a DNA test done against another DiMera right now!

    -Alexis tells Jeremy that she’s tried to be nice, tried to change her ways and all that…but for months, oh for SO MANY MONTHS, Jeremy has just shoved her away! And now, just because the police speculate she tried to kill Robin, he’s going off thinking she did it! Alexis tells Jeremy that he KNOWS her, he LOVED her…and he knows her well enough to know that she doesn’t try to kill people, that’s insane and ridiculous! This entire situation is ridiculous…someone falls and hits their head and the police swarm the person who CALLED 911 and was there when it happens…she says no one ever accused anyone of killing poor Natasha Richardson…she tells Jeremy that he saved her when she was stabbed, so that must mean SOMETHING! Jeremy says he just wouldn’t leave someone to die on the street…but Alexis continues to argue with him! However, suddenly…both of them turn as Robin opens her eyes and hoarsely says:

  17. daysfan
    Episode#341: A Memorial Service

    -Megan and Jill sit in the ultrasound room, as Dr.Stansville performs the ultrasound…she and Jill exchange a glance, as they both know Jill is also pregnant with her own baby…but still has to hide it from Megan, and Dr.Stansville tries to figure out a way to show Megan her baby but still keep her in the dark about Jill’s baby…

    -The memorial service for Blake Willens/Bradley Spears begins…Father Jansen comes out and starts it, and Eugenia, Lucas, Will, Destiny, and Kate all sit…Lucas continues to comfort Eugenia as the service goes on…

    -Nicole continues to say that at last she is FREE….she is out of that damn room, she can breathe in the fresh air of the world, she doesn’t have to see that psycho anymore…her shooting her had to be the best thing she ever did! Travis asks what she’s talking about, and Nicole looks at him and Nicole says:

    Nicole:This may sound crazy, but Greta Von Amberg, some nuts psycho, locked someone else and I down in a secret room underneath a mansion in Salem for MONTHS….I constantly tried to escape but never succeeded….until now! But now I am out of the Secret Room, and I am free!

    Nicole rushes up and HUGS Travis!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Dr.Stansville carefully performs the ultrasound, managing to show Megan her own baby, but not Jill’s….

    -The memorial service continues, and everyone pays their respects to Blake/Bradley….Kate thinks to herself that this baby actually looks like a Roberts…and she goes over to Eugenia as Will and Destiny pay their respects…and is blunt enough to ask…why her baby is white! Lucas yells for Kate to STOP, but Eugenia says its fine, and says that the father was white…Kate slowly nods as she walks away, and Eugenia approaches the small coffin, and looks at “her” baby one final time…

    -Travis says he still doesn’t quite understand…Nicole says it’d be hard to understand, but she lived in the crazy town of Salem, and a rival of hers locked her in a Secret Room underground…but now, thanks to him, she’s alive! She tells Travis that this is unusual for her, but she is eternally grateful for what he did!

    -Megan says her and Bo’s precious child looks wonderful….once its born and she brings it to Bo, he’ll be sure to fall for her…he, the baby, and even Pamela and Addie will be a family! She thanks Dr.Stansville as she finishes up the ultrasound, and Dr.Stansville glances at Jill before leaving the room…

    -Eugenia almost feels like something’s wrong, but brushes it off….Eugenia puts a rose besides Blake/Bradley, and she leans down and kisses him on the forehead…before he is buried! Eugenia continues to cry and Lucas comforts her, hugging her and telling her it will be alright, and Eugenia says:

    Eugenia:I know….I know…I’m gonna be strong…I won’t be like this forever, I’m a strong woman…I’m going to get through this, its just hard at first…

    Eugenia’s baby is buried as the memorial service ends…and everyone leaves, Eugenia vowing that she will never forget “her” son…

    -Travis tells her its fine….anyone else would have done the same thing….he asks Nicole if she wants him to take her back to Salem….Nicole thinks about Jan, and baby Josh…and her hometown….but she slowly tells Travis….no! She’ll go back when she’s ready, right now she needs a break from that town…
  18. daysfan
    Episode#340: Free

    -A few days have passed since Nicole was shot and left to die!

    -Megan and Jill both enter the hospital, and see Dr.Stansville….Dr.Stansville tells them both that the baby is doing fine, just fine…its been a good while since Jill became the surrogant, and everything has been going good ever since…now, its time for the first ultrasound!

    -Kate is outside St.Luke’s, at the cemetary…she is at Peter Blake’s grave, and says how sorry she is about what happened with Crystal, Tony, and Stefano…she never meant for him to die. Kate sheds a single tear as she stands up and walks around…and is stunned when she sees Lucas, Eugenia, Will, and Destiny at some type of private ceremony!

    -Eugenia, Lucas, Will, and Destiny are all dressed up as the private memorial service and burial of Blake Willens, really Bradley Spears, is about to be buried…Eugenia tries to be strong but cries, as she tells Lucas that this was her first child…and she has to bury him before he could even live at all…Lucas comforts her, and Will tells her he’s so sorry, as does Destiny…however, everything is interrupted when Kate barges in, asking what the hell is going on here!

    -Nicole is seen lying somewhere….in a smaller or moderately sized house, she is alive, and her gunshot wound is patched up…slowly she wakes up, and is in a bed….she looks around, and slowly stands up as she realizes that she’s alive….Nicole looks around at the place, and then says outloud:

    Nicole:Where the hell am I?

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Megan says excellent, this is all going according to plan…Dr.Stansville glances to Jill, as they head to the ultrasound room..Dr.Stansville rolls her eyes, and after Jill walks in, she turns to Megan and says:

    Dr.Stansville:Sorry, you can’t go in there.

    -Everyone turns in shock towards Kate…and Eugenia tells her former partner in crime that she’s burying her BABY, can’t she have a bit of respect! Kate asks what her son and grandson are doing here…and Lucas tells Kate to just calm down, and this is a memorial service for Eugenia’s stillborn son, Blake…Kate asks why he’s here…and Lucas then tells his overprotective mother that he and Eugenia are engaged!

    -Nicole walks around the place she’s in….but suddenly, a man(Justin Bruening) walks in…Nicole looks at him and stands back, asking who he is! He tells her to calm down, she’s safe here, he patched up her wound…he says his name is Travis Baines…he found her bleeding, and shot, on the side of the road a couple days ago!

    -Megan asks Dr.Stansville what she’s talking about, Jill is carrying HER baby…Dr.Stansville says it should only be something between the doctor and the pregnant woman, but Megan exclaims that ultrasounds have other people in the room ALL the time…Megan shoves Dr.Stansville aside and stomps in, as the doctor sighs and follows her…

    -Kate screams “WHAT?!” and Lucas tells her that he and Eugenia have been getting to know each other for a few months…Eugenia’s changed from the schemer she once was, and has helped him through some issues…Kate is stunned, and tells Lucas this may not be such a good idea, but Lucas won’t listen to it! Kate sighs and says she’ll just have to accept it then…Eugenia tells them that they should get on with the memorial service, and it begins!

    -Travis explains to Nicole that he brought her back here, and he knows how to do this type of thing, he’s not a doctor but he does know how to do it, especially all the way out here with not that many hospitals around…Nicole asks where they are, and he replies they’re practically in the country, or else a very very small village…Nicole walks around, and steps outside by a side door for a moment…she looks at the world before her, breathing in the fresh air…and sighs in relief! As Travis watches her, she says outloud:

    Nicole:So now…I’m….I’m free! I’m not…in Greta’s damn Secret Room underneath the Spears Mansion…I can breathe in the fresh air! I’M FREE!
  19. daysfan
    Episode#339: Mystery Man

    -Greta comes back into the Secret Room after returning to Salem, and Jan is with baby Josh, feeding him his formula…she asks what she did to Nicole, and Greta replies that she took care of Nicole, and she won’t be back…Jan tells her that she’s never been against killing people, but she can’t believe that she actually killed Nicole…and that Nicole was like someone she always hated but liked at the same time…Jan goes on to say:

    Jan:So now that Nicole is dead and gone…why do you even need to keep me in here? I was just an accomplice to all of Nicole’s schemes…and you did this to mainly torture her, even though you ended up tormenting me more…

    -Tony tells Vivian that he is not associated with his father/step-father, and he thought she would’ve known that…Vivian says she does, but something happened a short time ago…Tony asks what, and Vivian takes a deep breathe before saying:

    Vivian:I’m afraid Stefano has…died…again.

    -Hope finishes gathering her things, but Bo continues to beg her to not do this…he says that she can’t just give up on YEARS of happiness…Hope says she ISN’T, but its…in the past now. She tells Bo that she still loves him, and she knows he loves her, but…when she killed Gina, it changed everything. Sure, she’s not an alcoholic or hooked to crack anymore, and has faced the consequences for her crime…but it still changed everything between her and Bo….and that was confirmed when he slept with Kristen.

    -Nicole lies in that small ditch off the side of the road somewhere, and is still bleeding…she lets out one last moan, as the pain flows throughout her body, and her body begins to shut down…however, suddenly, a man is seen standing above Nicole!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    Greta says that Nicole did cause all this, and Nicole is her true rival, and she also hates her far more than she hates Jan, and tormented her quite a bit in the Secret Room before killing her…but no, she’s not letting Jan go! Jan asks why the HELL not, and Greta says that for one, she still DESPISES Jan, two, she could expose Greta to everyone, and three Jan should be thankful…she gave her baby Josh after baby Bradley died!

    -Tony laughs and says that Stefano is probably just alive, hiding somewhere, and he’ll be back within the next year…Vivian shakes her head and tells Tony no, this time he’s really dead…they don’t have his body, but in the huge rainstorm he couldn’t see and got into a car crash before flying off a very deep cliff, they can’t even launch a search team…Tony raises an eyebrow and says that is quite odd…it would be unusual for Stefano, who’s survived so many other near deaths, to die in a way like that…he asks if anything led up to it!

    -Bo again tries to tell her that that was NOTHING, but Hope says no, she knows it was something more…she sighs and kisses Bo one last time…a passionate, lovely kiss…and Bo asks what that was for as he slowly pulls back, and she says…it was a goodbye kiss…a final kiss. Hope takes her things, and leaves her and Bo’s house….Bo begins crying, as the story of him and Hope…may finally be over.

    -Jan says she knows, but that’s NO excuse, and doesn’t justify her throwing everyone down in a Secret Room…she tells Greta that it was because of her and her crap of a nurse Lea that her baby died…Greta rolls her eyes and tells Jan to just enjoy her new son, as she leaves, and Jan realizes that…now she’s all alone, down in the Secret Room, aside from Josh…

    -Vivian pauses but tells him no…Tony says its just too bad, and Vivian says that they aren’t having a funeral or memorial service or anything…but she thought he should know. Tony nods, and Vivian soon leaves, as Tony says:

    Tony:Well…it seems things are still very interesting around Salem…

    -The man standing above an unconscious Nicole slowly picks her up, and carries her away…
  20. daysfan

    A first in LIS history....NINE actors, count them, nine are being CUT from the LIS cast! Six of those being contract actors!!!! And some have been at LIS since the start....Stephen Nichols(Steve Johnson), Mary Beth Evans(Kayla Brady Johnson), Dan Gauthier(Forrest Alamain), Julie Pinson(Billie Reed), Philece Sampler(Renee DiMera), Brent Weber(Elvis DiMera), Charles Shaughnessy(Shane Donovan), Patsy Pease(Kim Brady), and Kristina Wagner(Rhonda Miller) have all recieved their pink slips and every single one of them will be out the door before April ends!

    "Really....there were a combination of reasons these people were cut, and it may seem odd because the latter three on that list just returned/joined a month or two ago....the story was switched around a bit, but not entirely scrapped...some aspects will remain and play a role in some other LIS things down the line...if fans have noticed, someone has been causing some havoc for Steve, Kayla, Shane Kim, Forrest, and soon enough Billie...Rhonda was working with him, and she's out as well after pulling one last stunt on Stayla. But anyway, I'll now get to the reasoning behind this huge announcement." Tara Smith begins

    "First of all, I will say I love writing for every single character on the LIS cast...but some will often dissappear for large periods of time or not get a good story because of the huge cast...the cast has become exceptionally bloated, and I've been noticing for awhile. Cuts had to be made, some were already made in the form of Jason Brooks and Joseph Mascolo....these people were the ones with the least oppurtunity right now, even though they have been getting some good story....I've never admitted this, but in the case of Steve and Kayla, they were characters who were sort of just thrown on me...LIS began RIGHT after they returned, and they weren't exactly characters I wanted to write for, but I rolled with it....it turned out good because I feel they got some good stories and I enjoyed writing for them, but still. Shane and Kim I want to write for too...but they really should go...it doesn't mean none of them can return, but right now there are no plans to bring any of those four back...I am a good amount ahead in episodes, their exits have already been written, and it already feels so good without them there." Tara Smith explains in the case of Steve, Kayla, Shane, and Kim

    "As for Forrest and Billie...they've been some great characters on the LIS cast too and have played big roles in some things, but as the aftermath of the business war ended, I felt like that they were getting to be dead weight....and I felt that they were some of the characters who should be cut. However, out of all nine actors, these two are the ones I see returning someday. Especially Pinson." Tara Smith said

    "Renee and Elvis....they have played some big role in some LIS things, especially DiMera things, but they were entirely dead weight....I mean it was almost unbelievable...they won't be connected to all the other exits, they will have exit scenes, but it will be very quiet, and open ended exits." Tara Smith told fans

    "There will be two BIG, but EXTREMELY brief returns to wrap up everything, everyone's story, and that will be it....again, they'll all be gone by the end of April, but none of these characters will be dying, unlike all the previous exits. The oppurtunity will be there for them to return." Tara Smith said on a closing note

    Again, they will all last air by the end of April.

    ALSO: Justin Bruening of AMC and Knight Rider fame is joining the cast in the new mysterious role of Travis! "Travis shall play a very big role in one of our character's lives." Tara Smith reveals
  21. daysfan
    Episode#338: Disposing of Nicole

    -Abe is at the Carver Household, and someone knocks on the door…he yells for them to come in, and sees it is Faye! He happily greets her, and she says she was driving by…and she decided to come to see him again…she asks if he’s alright, being here all alone…Abe says Maggie simply ran out to get something…Faye also says she saw a for sale sign in his front yard, and asks if he’s really selling his house after having it for so long…Abe nods, and says with physical therapy and all, it’d be better if he just moved in with Maggie at this point…Faye then asks:

    Faye:So I suppose this also means that you and Maggie are…in a pretty deep relationship, aren’t you?

    -Kate lies and tells Tony nothing, nothing…just the hatred that she had for him. Tony nods, but is slightly suspicious of something, however he decides not to tell Kate that…the two continue to talk, as Kate says that she should go…Kate gets up and puts her clothes on, as does Tony…

    -At Bo and Hope’s house…someone knocks on the door…and Bo opens it to see Hope! Bo tells his Fancy Face that he’s SO glad to see her, and he says they really need to talk more about what happened with Kristen that one night…he says he and Kristen have nothing, and even if they did have something, its over! Hope simply says:

    Hope:You’re right, Brady, it is all over.

    -Greta is revealed to be in a car, driving through Salem, as she says its time to get rid of the source of her problems ONCE and for ALL…she enjoyed tormenting her down in the Secret Room, but now she needs to die…in the backseat, a tied up, shot Nicole is lying there…bleeding and unconscious….

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Abe nods and tells Faye yes, he and Maggie have known each other for years…but they have gotten close in the past year or more, and have been in a relationship since last Summer…she was a rock for him during Theo’s custody battle and his stroke, and is still a rock for him during his physical therapy and this rough time in his life…he just can’t operate on his own, at least not for awhile, and he and Maggie love each other so much…its just time to move in together, and her house has so much more room, and her own family is there. Faye says its so great that he’s found someone like that…she just wishes she had someone like that, as well.

    -Kate leaves after putting her clothes on…and Tony sighs as he sits down in a chair, and thinks about what just happened…he says on one point, it actually…felt good, but on another point…he does love Anna, how could he sleep with another woman mere hours after sleeping with her?

    -Kate is walking out of the Salem Inn, as she is finishing strapping some of her clothes…however, suddenly she runs into Vivian! She asks Vivian what the hell she’s doing here…Vivian says she’s come to speak to her step-son, Tony…she needs to tell him something very important…Kate says she was just…talking…to Tony, and Vivian looks at her and then says:

    Vivian:Well, Kate, it seems that you and Tony may have been doing much more than just talking…I’m confused…don’t you hate him?

    -Bo tells Hope no, they can’t give up after DECADES of being together and in love…they’ve gotten through so many issues before, they can get through this! Hope shakes her head, and tells him that she’s known ever since she went to jail that they were over…he can have Kristen…she’s just here to get her things, and leave this place, and Bo…behind.

    -Greta drives out of Salem as Nicole bleeds and moans a few times in the backseat…Greta drives far away from Salem, saying how she hopes Nicole enjoyed her time in that town while it lasted…

    -Abe tells her that maybe someone will come along for her someday…Faye slowly nods, and she says that she was married to Paul for many years, but they both know what kind of man he was…and she is so old that…it may be too late for her…he tells her to look at how old he is, a bit older than her, yet he found the person who was right for him, even after having a wife for many years: Maggie. He tells Faye there is still a chance for her…and Faye smiles, looking at Abe…

    -Kate simply tells Vivian she has no clue what she’s talking about, and rushes off…Vivian simply smirks and walks over to Tony’s room, and knocks on the door…Tony’s thoughts are interrupted, and he answers it and greets Vivian and asks what he owes this visit. Vivian replies:

    Vivian:I have something to tell you…its about Stefano.

    -Bo continues to try to change Hope’s mind, reminding her of their greatest times, but she continues to say that their time together….is over…as Hope remembers all they’ve gone through, she sheds a tear as she goes through her things…she remembers the birth of all her children with Bo, Bo bursting in and taking her away during her wedding to Larry, their weddings, them finding each other again in 1994 after she fell into a vat of acid in 1990...she thinks that those were great times, but it still doesn’t change the fact that now…its over.

    -Greta drives on a random road somewhere, and stops her car on the side of the road…once she makes sure no one is around, she opens the door to the backseat, and drags Nicole out, who’s stomach is now covered with blood(where she was shot)…she throws Nicole into the grass, in a small ditch, beside the road…Nicole lies there, unconscious, as she continues to bleed…Greta GRINS and laughs evilly as she says:

    Greta:Well, this is the end, old rival….now….you will die.

    Greta then gets back into her car and drives back towards Salem, as Nicole is left to die…
  22. daysfan
    Episode#337: The End of Nicole Walker?

    -Mike walks into Robin’s hospital room at the hospital, and examines her…he mutters to himself that she’s still stable, thankfully….he looks down at his ex, and says they haven’t been on the best terms…but its…saddening to see her like this…Mike then flashes back to when him and Robin loved each other deeply…

    -Tony and Kate lay under the covers on Tony’s bed at the Salem Inn, after making love….Kate looks around and asks what the hell just they did…Tony answers that he believes they had sex…Kate sighs and asks how could they do this! She says its so reckless and crazy, and she’s supposed to HATE Tony!

    -Eugenia says this is really weird, and Lucas says that he’s never heard anything like this, and he’s lived here for about a year…Eugenia reminds him of how they heard something the night of Will’s accident, and Lucas says that’s true, but they didn’t hear it this much…he says it has to be more than just some animal stuck in there!

    -Nicole crumbles to the ground as she is SHOT by Greta…Jan screams as she holds Josh close, and Nicole lies on the ground, falling unconscious…Greta looks at Jan and points the gun at her, and says that’s what gonna happen to her AND that baby if she doesn’t get back into the Secret Room…Jan asks what about Nicole, and Greta answers:

    Greta:Well…I think its time for Miss Walker to die.

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    - Mike smiles lightly and tells Robin they sure did have some good times together…he just wonders what happened to her…ever since she came back to town, she’s been like a bitch on wheels…and now this…but he did really love her once…Mike begins to leave, but suddenly…his hand is grabbed by Robin!

    -Tony tells Kate they may have had some conflict in the past, but asks why he’s supposed to hate her….Kate flashes back to Tony, or “Vince”, shooting her in Italy, and then her vowing revenge against him and teaming up with Stefano and hiring Crystal Galore to kill him…she says she doesn’t know, its just…this doesn’t seem right. Tony slowly says it may not be, but they are both just going through a lot…and that’s why this happened. Kate then says she has a question, and asks:

    Kate:Was it you, or was it REALLY that Vince personality that almost killed me in Italy?

    -Lucas curses, saying he can’t figure this out, and he can’t get into the wall…Eugenia says she’s sure its fine, and Lucas slowly nods…but he says he just can’t shake the feeling that something more is down there…however, he and Eugenia go back to what they were doing…

    -Jan stares at Nicole, who’s bleeding profusely now…Greta exclaims to not just stand there, MOVE! Jan looks down at Josh and then slowly moves along, thinking about how this can’t be happening…she tells Greta that she’s going to get her for this, never underestimate Jan Spears…she’s only backing down now because of her new son…Jan walks back into the Secret Room, as Greta goes over to Nicole’s body…

    -Mike looks at Robin as she grabs his hand…but her eyes aren’t open. Mike slowly checks her out again, and he says outloud that it may have just been a reflex…but it shows Robin is on the fast track to waking up!

    -Tony tells Kate that as he’s constantly told everyone…all of that was Vince. Nearly killing her, helping Stefano against Helena, raping Kristen…all Vince! Tony once again swears that it WAS Vince, he didn’t even know half of it happened until therapy! Kate stares into Tony’s eyes, and she then says…she believes him….Tony asks if she means that, and she says yes…she can tell…maybe she’s believed him for a long while but just wouldn’t accept it…and if it really was Vince, then she’s sorry for how much she’s verbally assaulted him…Tony says its understandable, and he’s not entirely innocent…Kate says:

    Kate:If only I had…accepted it earlier…so much could have been prevented.
    Tony:Like what?

    -Lucas continues to wonder what those noises were coming from the walls…he sighs and tries to forget it, as he continues to comfort his new fiancee over the lost of her son “Blake”…still oblivious to the fact that it was REALLY his son that died…

    -Greta takes the keys back and then locks Jan back in the Secret Room, as Jan scowls and VOWS to get out of here…she watches as Greta looks down at Nicole, and says its time for her to die…and she knows exactly what to do…Greta gets some duct tape, and ties Nicole’s hands and legs…and she proceeds to drag the bloody woman out of the Spears Mansion…
  23. daysfan
    Episode#336: Greta vs. Nicole

    -Victor asks Vivian what the hell she means, and Vivian says that the DiMera family owns a fair amount of Titan stock…she wanted a position months ago, and she’s asking again..Victor yells that she’s trying to take over Titan, as well! Vivian tells him NO, its just…she owns Alamain, and also owns Titan stock…if she and Victor worked together, it would get rid of a rival company of his, and everyone would be happy.

    -Tony and Kate return to Tony’s room in the Salem Inn…..both are a bit tipsy, but not full out drunk…they go into Tony’s bedroom…and begin to rip each other’s clothes off and have passionate sex!!!!

    -Eugenia’s eyes widen….and she asks Lucas if he’s serious…Lucas tells her yes, that day may not be the birth of baby Blake Willens…but it’ll be a happy day still, because they WILL get married on that day! Eugenia says she can’t believe this, this is…so kind of him…they’re getting married in a mere month!

    -Nicole and Jan run up to the staircase and to the door that will get them out of the area close to the Secret Room entirely, and as Nicole tries to find the right key to open it, both Nicole and Jan scream for help as Josh cries…Greta mutters to herself that she has to stop this, this CAN’T fail now!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Victor stands up and tells Vivian he knows what she’s trying to do…and orders her to get out of the Kiriakis Mansion! Vivian tries to talk to him and convince him, but Victor won’t have it, and tells her that he’s not Stefano…he doesn’t play her games, especially not anymore! Victor then forcefully removes Vivian from his mansion!

    -Tony and Kate rip each others clothes off and kiss all over each other as they have sex…the two both willingly give into it, despite everything that’s happened…however, unknown to them…Anna walks back in, yelling that she forgot her coat earlier! Anna gets it…but she decides to peek inside Tony’s room…to see him and Kate naked on the bed, having sex!

    -Eugenia again says that this is so hard for her, losing this baby…but…it helps ease the pain, knowing she has Lucas and will marry him so soon! Lucas and Eugenia kiss, as Lucas says he’ll be there for her every step of the way, especially as she mourns Blake…however, both of them hear banging inside the walls, and even a bit of screaming…Lucas asks what the hell that is!

    -Nicole continues to try to open the door, and curses as she wonders outloud which damn key unlocks the door! Jan looks at Greta and tells Nicole to HURRY…Greta’s wrist finally heals enough to where she can use her hand again, and she exclaims that this ISN’T over…she then pulls out….a GUN!

    -Vivian leaves the Kiriakis Mansion grounds…and she says everything is going well, HER plans, not Stefano’s, are finally proceeding full steam ahead…soon she’ll have Victor back, and Titan with him…

    -Tony and Kate continue to have passionate sex…Anna angrily watches, and as the two make love in Tony’s bed together, Anna angrily leaves the Salem Inn, cursing Tony and saying he’s just some bastard…leading her on like this and then going and sleeping with a woman he tried to KILL an hour or two later…she says this is the final straw for her and Tony! She tolerated it when he grew close to Marlena, but she’s not going through this all over again! Anna continues to furiously stomp off…

    -Eugenia raises an eyebrow and says she’s not sure…Lucas and Eugenia listens, and Lucas says it sounds like someone’s inside the walls or something, but at the same time he can’t hear it too well…Eugenia says it could be an animal, but Lucas says he doesn’t get the screams…he tries to bang on the wall and see if anything happens…

    -Jan gasps and shields baby Josh when Greta takes out her gun and points it at her and Nicole…Nicole turns and looks at Greta, and tells Greta that she’s not going to stop her this time…she IS getting out of here…she doesn’t care what she does, but Greta is NOT, and she means NOT, throwing her back in that damn room! Greta slowly approaches Jan and Nicole, the gun aimed at them, and says that she is tired of Nicole causing these problems…questioning her, trying to escape…she hates Jan too, but Nicole has been nothing but trouble for YEARS! Probably the person she hates most in the world, she’s made her life HELL…stealing Eric, forcing her out of Salem, taunting her and attacking her at times…and now always trying to thwart her plans! Nicole says that’s because she LOVED Eric, she truly did…and she just didn’t want anyone to stand in the way…but NOW, Greta is just nothing but a deranged lunatic! Greta says that she’s FINALLY going to rid the world of Nicole Walker FOR GOOD, and wash her hands clean of the filthy whore! Greta then FIRES at Nicole…and Nicole crumbles to the ground!
  24. daysfan
    Episode#335: Escape?

    -Tony enters Chez Rouge after the discussion with Anna at the Salem Inn, and he sits at the bar, and tells the bartender he knows its early but he’d like just one drink…but then Tony looks to his left, and sees Kate sitting there!

    -Victor is in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion, and there is a knock on the door…he opens it to see none other than his ex-wife, Vivian, there!

    -Eugenia is up and around in the Spears Mansion, and she and Lucas are both in the kitchen…Lucas asks how she is, Eugenia says a bit better…its still going to hurt but she’s at least a bit better after the death of her baby, and says she’s arranged a memorial service for her son to be buried…Lucas then asks what his name is going to be!

    -Greta asks Jan how she is, and how is her new son…Jan says they are both fine, his name is Josh…both Nicole and Jan stand in front of the window, and as Greta says excellent and slides the formula and Jan’s breakfast through, Nicole watches closely…Nicole watches even closer when Greta slides HER breakfast underneath the window…and at the right moment…Nicole GRABS Greta’s hand!!!!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Tony sighs and says never mind, he should leave, but Kate tells him to stay…Tony hesitantly does, and Kate tells him its alright, she’s not going to have an outburst…she asks him why he’s here so early, and he just says he’s having some personal issues, and asks why she’s here…she says that she just feels like it, her life isn’t so great right now, hasn’t been for a long while…Tony and Kate, despite hating each other, begin to open up to one another!

    -Victor asks Vivian what the hell she’s doing here, and shouldn’t she be off somewhere being a black widow…as Vivian invites herself in, she tells him that she takes it that he knows then…Stefano says that ever since she announced it, its been all over the news about Stefano’s death…he never even knew why she married the man.Vivian says she did for her own reasons, but now he’s gone, sadly…so she decided to stop by to see her only living ex-husband.

    -Eugenia sighs and says she hasn’t really thought about any names…but if it was a boy, she was thinking about naming him Blake…Blake Willens. Lucas nods, and he tells her he’s still sorry that this happened…Eugenia says its just that…this baby, her son…it was what made her finally turn around…she was involved in even more scandals before she got pregnant, but he came along and she realized she needed to clean up her act…but now, that one thing that pushed her…is gone.

    -Greta immediately tries to pull back as Jan smirks, but Nicole keeps a TIGHT hold on her hand and pulls it towards her…and its revealed Greta has the keys to the Secret Room in that hand! Greta screams and again tries to pull back, but Nicole is persistant, and finally THRUSTS it forward, and then twists Greta’s wrist as Greta hollers out! Nicole grabs the keys and lets go of Greta’s hand, as Greta pulls it back and clutches it in pain, and Nicole and Jan rush to unlock the door out of the Secret Room!

    -Kate tells Tony that her life has just been a whirlwind ever since she came back at that fashion show…and she flashes back to how she and Stefano hired Crystal to kill Tony but Peter died instead…and Tony says that his life has been chaos first with his missing child, then with Marlena’s death, and now these problems with Anna…as Tony and Kate have a few drinks, they continue to talk…although they aren’t drunk they eventually…leave Chez Rouge together!

    -Victor then congratulates Vivian on taking over Alamain a few months ago, and Vivian thanks him…she says it was grand, kicking those asshats out of Alamain…and she actually also wanted to talk to him about Titan…Victor asks what about Titan, and Vivian then says:

    Vivian:I would like to…help out with Titan, as well.

    -Lucas tells Eugenia she has him…and Eugenia says he’s right, and she’s so glad for that…at least she has him now…Lucas asks her what day her due date was supposed to be…Eugenia responds that it was May 15th…and Lucas goes on to say;

    Lucas:Then that’s the day we’re getting married.

    -Nicole manages to get the door open, and both Nicole and Jan, with Josh in her arms, rush out of the Secret Room! Greta, despite the pain in her wrist, tries to stop them, but Nicole tosses her aside! Nicole and Jan run up the staircase to the door out of the Secret Room, screaming and hollering in the process…is Greta’s scheme finally coming to an end?! Tune in Monday on LIS to find out!
  25. daysfan
    Episode#334: Nicole’s New Plan

    -It’s a brand new day in Salem!

    -Tony and Anna slowly wake up in bed next to each other at the Salem Inn…and Anna says that last night was yet another night of random sex…Tony nods, and Anna sighs and tells Tony that they’ve been doing this for awhile, random dates, sleeping together when they feel like it… she asks what the hell is their status together!

    -At the DiMera Mansion, the DiMera family continues to mourn and recover from the loss of Stefano…Kristen asks what they’re going to do now, and they still haven’t figured it out…Elvis says that he doesn’t know, but he’s sure as HELL is not going to let Vivian takeover the family!

    -Greta is at a room in the Salem Inn…and she looks at a tied up Celeste, who is still unconscious after Greta knocked her out last night…she wonders how Celeste knows about her locking Jan and Nicole in the Secret Room…but says that somehow, she has to get rid of her!

    -Down in the Secret Room, Jan nurses “her” new baby, which is really the baby Greta stole from Eugenia…Nicole looks at Jan and thinks that she’s always been crazy, but this has caused her to go full fledge back into psycho land, as Jan softly sings crazily to the baby boy…Nicole then whispers to herself:

    Nicole:This is the end…I was determined to get out before this, but this crazy baby switch of Greta’s is the final straw…I’m getting out of this room today!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Tony sighs and says he’s not sure, things have just been so confusing and chaotic lately…Anna tells him that she understands and he KNOWS she loves him, but she’s also getting tired of being dangled around like this! She wants to know if she actually is with him or isn’t…because she’s getting tired of just dinner once or twice every week and maybe some sex, but then nothing official!

    -Kristen says that they really should get Ji’Min over here to read Stefano’s will if they want to shut Vivian out of everything, but Elvis says that she remembers the chaos LAST year with the will…everyone tried to tamper with it, and Celeste came out on top, and he’s not sure Stefano ever had time to change it, he was always preoccupied with the domination of Salem! Kristen agrees, but says that Vivian would get everything, or control, then…because she was Stefano’s wife at the time of death…Elvis says that they just have to find some kind of loophole or SOMETHING that will get her out of the family!

    -Greta heavily contemplates on what to do with Celeste…she looks at the newspaper lieing on the desk, and it has a report about how Robin Jacobs fell and hit her head last night, and is still unconscious, but she’s not comatose…Greta then yells “THAT’S IT!” and laughs as she makes sure Celeste is still knocked out, before leaving the Salem Inn…

    -Nicole continues to vow that she will get out of the Secret Room today, and looks at Jan…Jan tells the baby boy that she’ll name him…Josh. Josh Spears…Nicole slowly says she hates to interrupt this, but she has a plan on how to get out of the Secret Room! Nicole begins to whisper it in Jan’s ear…

    -Anna tells Tony she understands he is still grieving Marlena and he loved her…but she has her own life too, and she just can’t have a life like this forever. Tony tells her he knows, understands, and AGREES…its just so hard right now. Anna nods, and she says that until its not hard…then they really shouldn’t do this. Tony and Anna get their clothes on, and Anna leaves!

    -Kristen says that she hopes he can find it then, because she has other things on her mind…Elvis asks what kind of other things, but Kristen doesn’t reply as she walks out of the room…Elvis sighs as he looks at a picture of his father, and wonders how the hell all of this happened…

    -Jan tells Nicole as she holds baby Josh that that plan is excellent…she can get back to Lucas and put this scheme into motion, and Nicole groans and thinks to herself that after this she’s cutting herself off from all of them…Greta arrives with food in hand, and formula for Josh, apologizing for being late, she had something to get before she stopped by here…Nicole grins…
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