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Episode#346: Robin's True Colors




Episode#346: Robin's True Colors

-Renee arrives at the train station....Elvis is there...she tells him she has the tickets....she asks if he's sure he wants to do this...Elvis nods, and says that with their father dead...there's no reason left to stay in Salem. Renee tells him that he's just letting Vivian win...their father would want them to continue the domination of Salem...Elvis says they tried to dominate Salem, but they failed, and without him its useless...he's just glad she agreed to leave Salem with him.

-Steve and Kayla walk into the hospital to drop off the DNA they got from the DiMera Mansion...both of them think about how after this...they'll have to leave Salem with Shane and Kim due to what happened with Rhonda....they bump into Lexie, who asks them what they are doing as she glances at the hairbrush...and Kayla says:

Kayla:Well...Lexie....if we tell you this....I want to know that we have your trust...you can't tell the rest of your family.

-Abby looks at Lucas and confusedly asks if he didn't know, after living here for so long....Lucas shakes his head and tells his niece no, he has no clue what she's talking about...Abby tells Lucas that beneath the Spears Mansion...there's a Secret Room there!

-Jeremy sighs and tells Laura he knows her....he knows that she wouldn't try to kill his mother...but at the same time, he says he doesn't know if his mother would really lie....but no, he doesn't think Laura tried to kill Robin...Alexis mutters that if Robin had in fact said SHE tried to kill Robin, she's sure Jeremy would believe her...Jeremy snaps she doesn't know what she's talking about, but he still doesn't get why Robin would lie, and Alexis angrily turns to Jeremy and yells:

Alexis:Because your mother is a BITCH! I can't believe that she's been in Salem for so long now yet you haven't noticed how much of a cold evil woman she is!!!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Renee tells Elvis that she did agree at first...but she's starting to reconsider! She says that for one Salem is her home, and two...though their father and brother are both dead now....she doesn't want to let Vivian completely take over the DiMera family! Elvis says he wanted to fight her at first....but Kristen and crazy Megan are still around, and he knows Vivian is such a pathetic old hag, she won't be able to take it all anyway....he thinks that they're time in Salem is over.

-Lexie looks at Steve and Kayla slowly and silently, and Steve says she has to understand...just because of how her family can be...Lexie nods and says she understands, and asks what this is about....Kayla pulls out the DNA they got from the man and the DiMera Mansion, and tells her that she's been told that a man in one of these very hospitals...is Benjy DiMera. Lexie looks on in shock and says she never knew Benjy but asks if she's sure...Kayla says yes, she's sure, and then says:

Kayla:I was going to do this myself....but due to all that happened to me thanks to that Rhonda Miller woman, who had him in that pit too if you didn't know...Steve and I...have to leave Salem. And I know Mike is busy, so I want to entrust this with you...to run the DNA Test, and if it is Benjy like Rhonda claims....help him.

Steve:Sweetness and I would, we loved that kid...but we can't. Shane says we have no choice.

Lexie:Oh....oh my....I...I can't believe this, this is all such a shock...of course, of course....I promise I'll run the DNA Test and keep it a secret from my family, and take care of this man, if he is Benjy, as I should....

-Lucas says that Jan never mentioned anything about a Secret Room...Abby rolls her eyes and mutters that figures, and Maggie sighs as she explains the story of what happened with Lilly Spears and Abby back in 2006, since Abby found evidence that Lilly and Jan killed their parents and was going to tell Max Brady but Lilly erased her memory...Lucas says he knew Jan killed her parents but didn't know about this...he wonders if there's a way to get to the Secret Room!

-Jeremy tells Alexis that his mother may be lying but to NOT talk about her like that...he yells that she has NO room to talk! Alexis laughs and tells Jeremy that this is ridiculous...she's begged him for forgiveness constantly, for months, but now she's had enough! She says that he is constantly insulting her...but oh his precious PERFECT mother just does no wrong in his mind! Jeremy says he didn't say that, but Alexis exclaims that its what he's thinking!

-Renee sighs and says maybe he's right...maybe they don't really have a place here anymore, especially after the death of their father...Elvis agrees, and both of them grab their things...Renee asks where they're heading, and Elvis says first to Chicago...then they'll board a plane or something to Hawaii, and they'll just see what kind of life they can find there...Renee nods, and both of them sit down as the train leaves, as Elvis DiMera and Renee DiMera leave Salem...

-Steve and Kayla thank Lexie, and she tells them goodbye as she turns to take this DNA to the lab, and Kayla sheds a tear as she knows these are their final moments in Salem....Steve takes her hand and they walk off, but...suddenly, they both spot a woman watching them...Kayla yells that she recognizes her from somewhere....THATS the woman who attacked her in the park! The woman takes off but Steve runs after her!

-Abby says she just stumbled upon it...but really, he shouldn't pursue it, he should focus his time on Eugenia, Will, Bentley, and helping get Arianna back...as well as his wedding! Lucas says that he doesn't like the idea of having a Secret Room right underneath him that he's ever seen....its creepy, and not to mention he remembers how things got crazy with the room beneath the DiMera Mansion! Lucas continues to want to somehow access the Secret Room as he recalls the noises he has sometimes heard, but Eugenia tells him that they have bigger things to focus on, as they all talk him out of it....

-Jeremy tells Alexis that his MOTHER, the woman who gave him life, is lying in there on a hospital bed after fighting for her life and being unconscious for weeks now! Alexis says she knows, obviously, and she's glad Robin is alive and able to speak and that the fall didn't do more damage....but it still doesn't change the fact that she is in there lying to them all about Laura trying to kill her! Laura tells Alexis and Jeremy to both calm down, just be calm...thats what they have to do here, but Alexis continues on:

Alexis:She is ranting and raving about how oh I am innocent but then Laura came along and just decided to see if she could murder Robin...I mean I am glad she told the truth about my role in it, but Laura could go to prison for life, or a mental home like Robin was talking about...or if Robin takes a turn for the worse, she could go to death row! The system is hard, when they get ahold of people, they usually don't let them off so easily like they do with Stefano DiMera! Robin has put your grandmother on the line here!

Laura:STOP!!! PLEASE!!!!!! JUST STOP!!!!!!

Laura takes off running and crying as Alexis and Jeremy both watch, and Laura scurries out of the hospital....


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