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Episode#345: Does Jeremy Believe Her?




Episode#345: Does Jeremy Believe Her?

-Nicole is at Travis's house...she tells Travis she doesn't know him well and she's barely been here but...its just so wonderful here...so refreshing...she wasi n that crazy room for so long, she hasn't felt this HAPPY in forever! Travis laughs and tells her this nice place can do that to you...he says she's welcome to stay as long as she likes...she thanks him, and Travis then says:

Travis:So...I have a weird question for you.


Travis:Know how to play poker?

-Kayla asks why not...and Megan says she's just busy and there's some renovation going on in the mansion...that kind of stuff. Steve says it'll be fine and they both invite themselves in, and as Jill runs and hides, they both go into the living room...Steve looks around as Kayla distracts Megan by talking to her, for anything with DNA on it...

-Inside the Secret Room, Jan sits with baby Josh...holding him, bouncing him, saying how much she's fallen in love with him...he's HER son...she says she wants out of here and will get out, but the fact she didn't escape just means that they get more quality time together....she thinks to herself she's sorry about Nicole...but they were never best friends anyway. Greta and Lea then walk in, as Greta tells her its time for Josh's check up!

-Lucas and Eugenia spend time together and Eugenia continues to mourn her child, but they plan their wedding....Eugenia tells Lucas she doesn't know what she'd do without him, he's already helping her get through this. There is a knock on the door, and he opens it to see Maggie and Abby!

-Robin tells Jeremy she is NOT lying, she wouldn't lie to him! Jeremy tells her that his grandmother would never try to kill anyone, and Mike says thats very true, but Robin says that she knows Laura wouldn't really want to kill her, and she doesn't want her to get thrown in prison...but they KNOW her track record of insanity! She put her own daughter in harm's way once...she was so crazy even after she got out of her catatonic state...Laura says how DARE she, and Robin yells that she's only telling the truth...she won't try to get Laura put in prison, but she WILL try to send her to a crazy house where she belongs!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Nicole says it depends...what kind of poker. Travis says just average, every day poker...Nicole asks him if maybe they could play...strip poker!

-Steve finds a hairbrush...and nods at Kayla...Kayla and him both then quickly leave, confusing Megan, and once they are outside they laugh in triumph and say they have the DNA they need...but as they go to the hospital, Steve gets a call...and his eyes widen! Kayla asks him whats wrong, and Steve says:

Steve:I just got a call from Shane...after we drop this DNA off at the hospital...we...have to leave Salem.

-Lea checks out Josh, and says he seems to be fine...Jan says she loves her little bundle of joy, and Lea sighs as she thinks about this crazy scheme...

-Lucas eagerly greets Maggie and his niece Abby....Maggie explains to them how HAPPY she was when she heard about their engagement, and came with Abby to congratulate them! Lucas and Eugenia thank them, and as they talk, Abby looks around and flashes back to how Lilly Spears locked her in the Secret Room and brainwashed her nearly three years ago...

-Laura yells that Robin is LYING, she's just a pathetic lying BITCH! Mike sighs and tells them ALL to calm down, Robin just woke up after being unconscious for a good long while and everyone's getting way too worked up...he orders Jeremy, Alexis, and Laura out of her room...Jeremy tries to argue with him but Mike makes it clear that his decision is final, and they all walk out into the waiting room...

-Travis laughs and asks if she's serious....Nicole says yes...and the two begin! The two laugh as they play strip poker, both of them losing alot of their clothes, and they just have fun, Nicole having fun with someone for the first time in a very, very long long time...

-Kayla asks what he's talking about....Steve says that Shane called and said even though Rhonda has been arrested....the ISA thinks someone else is behind her holding her and Benjy captive in that pit, and they need to go into protection, so they can drop this DNA off but then....they need to meet Shane and Kim at the airport! Kayla says that they can't just leave Benjy, not after they just found him again...Steve says he knows, but they don't have a choice...

-Greta tells Jan to continue to enjoy her baby as she and Lea leave....Jan says that oh she will, and soon she WILL get out of here....she still feels bad for Nicole's death, but she has more problems to worry about.....she will get out, and reunite with Lucas!

-Maggie tells Eugenia that she's so glad Lucas found the right woman to marry...it may be so sudden, but she can tell that he's happy...and she's better than Jan Spears! Eugenia thanks her, as Maggie offers her condolences after the death of "her" baby...Eugenia again thanks her, and Maggie continues to express how happy she is for the wedding....Abby comments outloud that this mansion is so beautiful....but it still creeps her out a bit that there's a Secret Room underneath it...Lucas asks her what she's talking about!

-Alexis says that she can't believe Robin is doing this...Jeremy is silent, as Laura says that she has feuded with Robin ever since she returned to town....its not that surprising. Alexis says she knew Robin was fiesty but not like this....though then again, she may be the same way if she was in her position! But she says this is still so absurd and they have to stop her! Laura looks at Jeremy and asks if he really believes her over Robin...she asks if he thinks that she tried to kill his mother!


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