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Episode#344: Celeste's Condition




Episode#344: Celeste's Condition

-Kayla tells Steve that they just have to get to another natural DiMera relative...with Stefano dead, and Tony and Kristen not being biological DiMera's...they have the choices of Elvis, Renee, and Megan. Kayla says they just need to go to the DiMera Mansion and get some DNA from one of them...but then Steve says it might be best if they don't tell them that Benjy might be right here in the hospital!

-At the DiMera Mansion, Jill walks into the living room with Megan, and Megan says its good to see her here...Jill says that she's carrying her kid, she expects her first payment...Megan tells her to be patient, she needs to find out how exactly Jill is taking care of herself, and her precous child, outside of the doctor's office...but suddenly, Renee walks in and says:

Renee:Hey Megan...who's your friend?

-Lexie tells Victor and Justin that she doesn't know what the hell has happened to her mother...but she's in a drug induced coma...somehow she is very pumped up with drugs and its sent her into a comatose state...Victor asks how the HELL this could happen, and Lexie says she doesn't know...her mother is NOT a drug addict, not at all! Justin asks if she could come out of it, and Lexie says there is a chance, and she says this is her mother...she's going to personally watch her, and Lexie says:

Lexie:And I will not rest until I find out why my mother has such harmful and powerful drugs in her system that she's in a coma...Victor, if this is because of you...I'm telling you right now, I don't care if you are a Kiriakis, I WILL kill you!

-Alexis raises her eyebrows and asks her what the hell she's talking about...Robin says its true, Alexis and her got into a catfight...they were fighting fiercely over the situation involving Jeremy, like usual...but then Laura came along...she and Laura have been fighting alot too, and Laura DEFENDED Alexis of all things...and in the end...Laura viciously shoved Robin down and beat her head on that rock! Laura stomps in suddenly and yells:


*Life in Salem Opening*

-Kayla says he may be right...this is so odd and sudden, and even with Stefano dead, they can't let the DiMera's get their hands on him...Kayla says its been so long since they've seen Benjy but she still feels a connection to him, and Steve nods...he says they just need to go to the DiMera Mansion, get some DNA, and get out. Kayla agrees, and they leave.

-Megan looks at Renee and shrugs and says that its someone she's known for awhile...Jill slowly nods, and Renee says alright...she was just coming into get something. Megan smiles as Renee gets what she needs and leaves the mansion...Megan tells her they are alone in the mansion now so they can speak freely...but suddenly she hears the doorbell ring! She opens it to see Steve and Kayla...and asks what they want, Kayla says she's here to collect something...Lexie is busy at the hospital so she sent her down to get something for her, and Steve asks if they can come in...and Megan says no, they can't!

-Victor tells Lexie thats PREPOSTOROUS, he would NEVER, EVER give Celeste drugs...he does not mess with drugs himself! Lexie laughs and says everyone in town knows of his behind the scenes business...Justin defends his uncle, saying his only business is Titan and the fashion industry! Victor says thats sure as hell right, and he's going to find out what happened to Celeste himself! Victor looks into the room...seeing Celeste's comatose body...he says he loves her...before walking off.

Greta and Lea are seen watching from a distance...Greta says excellent, now Celeste can't talk...she thanks Lea, saying its easier to have a nurse around who knows what types of drugs to use and to be able to access them easier than Greta can...Lea says this is SO evil...she knows Greta has to keep Jan, and formerly Nicole, under the Secret Room, but to go to the lengths of drugging someone and putting them in a coma so they won't talk! Greta tells her it had to be done, and Lea asks her who ELSE's life has she screwed with besides Jan, Nicole, Eugenia, Lucas, Celeste, Victor, Lexie...Greta looks around and points at Alexis, who's not far away in Robin's hospital room, and says:

Greta:I screwed with her's, too.

-Laura asks Robin what the HELL she's going on about, and Robin says they all know what happened...LAURA tried to kill her! Laura yells she did NO such thing, she was at Chez Rouge until she went to the hospital after Robin fell...Alexis says its true, it was only her and Robin fighting...Robin says Alexis is just defending Laura because Laura sided with her pathetic ass earlier that night at the restaraunt...Alexis says its true, Laura did give her kind advice, but she wasn't even at the scene where Robin fell! Jeremy looks at his mother and says:

Jeremy:You're lying to me, I know it....my grandma did not try to kill you.

-Lea asks if SHE was the one who tried to kill that Robin Jacobs...she heard about that on the news! Greta shakes her head and says no...she stabbed Alexis! Lea's eyes widen and says she's psychotic...Greta laughs and says that she may be, but if Lea talks...well, she just might meet the fate of Nicole! Lea shakes her head as they both leave....

-Victor walks through the halls of the hospital...he says he's going to make that BITCH who did this to Celeste pay...he says he know who did it....and Victor then says:

Victor:Dorian Lord....

Victor walks off as the screen fades to black...


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