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Episode#343: Robin's Story

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Episode#343: Robin's Story

-Celeste is rushed into the hospital…Victor and Justin are at her side…Lexie arrives, and she gasps when she sees her own mother there…and asks what happened…the paramedics say that she’s alive, she’s not near death…but she has drugs in her system! Lexie says that’s impossible but they confirm it, and Lexie rushes her to a hospital room…

-The woman hides from Billie, but Billie says she knows someone is there…the woman however darts out, grabbing ahold of Billie!

-Kayla walks out into the police station…and tells Steve that they have to get to the hospital, NOW!

-Jeremy gasps and says his mother is awake…Robin looks at Jeremy and continues to utter his name, but she looks at Alexis and is silent! Jeremy calls for a doctor or nurse or something, as Alexis breathes in relief…she says Robin is alive and awake, and now all can be well….unless she tries to start something!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Celeste is rushed into a hospital room, as Lexie nervously gets to work, and says that she can't have something happen to her mother now that her father is gone...

-Billie tries to scream, and soon punches the woman away! Billie asks who the hell she is, and why she's attacking her!

-Steve and Kayla rush into the hospital, Kayla telling a nurse that she is Dr. Kayla Johnson...and she needs to see a certain patient NOW! Steve says its URGENT, they need to figure out if he is who they think he is...and he doesn't have a registered name, but he was brought in one night after the big storm, after he was found at Rhonda Miller's house...the nurse says she knows who they're talking about, and takes both Steve and Kayla away!

-Mike rushes into Robin's hospital room, and examines her....and asks Robin if she can hear him! Robin slowly nods and says yes...she can hear him....she says she can speak, can move around....she's fine. Mike tells Jeremy and Alexis that she is indeed awake....but to be careful, and not to panic her...Alexis asks if she remembers what happened to her, and Robin then says:

Robin:Yes, I do...you attacked me.

-Lexie comes out of Celeste's room, and tells Victor and Justin she has news on her condition!

-Billie DEMANDS to know who the woman is, but she darts off! Billie wonders what the hell that was about as she quickly leaves!

-The nurse lead Steve and Kayla into a hospital room where the man(Joshua Morrow) lies on a hospital bed, unconscious....Kayla takes a small stick and opens his mouth, and swabs it in there...she then thanks the nurse, saying they just need to run a DNA Test...Steve nods and as he and Kayla leaves, he asks her how they are gonna try to prove that this guy is Benjy of all people if they don't have any blood to test it against!

-Alexis yells that thats NOT true, she can't believe she would lie like this! Robin tells her to calm herself down, Alexis did attack her...causing them to get into a fight. Both Jeremy and Mike listen closely, as Robin says that the two constantly fought...Alexis threw slurs at her as the catfight went on...Alexis says to just tell everyone that she didn't try to kill her, and Robin then says:

Robin:Well of course you didn't....Laura did.

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