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Episode#342: Alexis Stands Up to Jeremy

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Episode#342: Alexis Stands Up to Jeremy

-It is another new day in Salem!

-At the Kiriakis Mansion…Justin suddenly barges in, yelling for Victor to get out here NOW! Victor asks him what is it, and Justin just tells him to GET OUT HERE! Justin leads Victor into the front yard…where an unconscious Celeste is lying!

-Steve and Kayla walk down into the police station, and to the cells…Chris takes them to Rhonda’s cell….as Steve comforts Kayla and promises to be there for her, she says no….she needs to talk to Rhonda alone…Steve is resistant but eventually gives in and both he and Chris leave…and Kayla goes on to ask Rhonda why she kidnapped her!

-Billie is at the pier, and she wonders where the hell Forrest is…she may have broken up with him but he has vanished off the face of the Earth….suddenly, the woman that watched and strangled Kayla begins to watch Billie!

-Alexis slowly walks into Robin’s hospital room….and looks down at the unconscious Robin, and she tells Robin that she DIDN’T do this…and she hopes she knows that…but with how Robin is…she knows that but is gonna tell that Chris Reddins a totally different story! Jeremy suddenly walks in, and asks:

Jeremy:What the HELL are you doing in here?

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Andre and Valentine are at their hideway…and Andre tells Valentine that with Stefano dead, its time for her to make her move…they are going to take over the DiMera family!

-Victor asks Justin what happened here, and Justin says he doesn’t know…he just found her lying here, and Victor yells for him to call 911! Justin does so, as Victor tries to wake Celeste up, but can’t…meanwhile, Greta is watching from a bush!

-Rhonda slowly tells her that she won’t get anything out of her, she barely knows what happened…she wasn’t behind it…Kayla was just given to her….so she stashed her down in that pit…with that man. Kayla tells her she still doesn’t understand, and she wants some answers…Rhonda has to know SOMETHING! Kayla also asks who that man is…and Rhonda then says:

Rhonda:Benjy DiMera.

-The woman that strangled Kayla slowly approaches Billie…Billie however turns around, and asks who’s there!

-Alexis says she was just visiting Robin, seeing if she was alright…Jeremy says she was probably visiting to see if she was dead yet! Alexis asks what flew up his ass, and Jeremy says he just doesn’t want her here…Alexis tells him that she DID NOT try to kill Robin! Jeremy asks why she WOULDN’T try to kill her, and Alexis grabs Jeremy and then says:

Alexis:Jeremy, I love you, but I’ve had ENOUGH of you accusing me and being so mean and horrible to me!

-Valentine asks Andre what they are going to do…and Andre then whispers a plan in her ear…

-An ambulance arrives, and takes Celeste to the hospital, stating she is alive but…it seems she has drugs in her system! Victor and Justin are STUNNED!

-Kayla yells “WHAT?!” and asks if she’s serious….Rhonda nods, and Kayla says no…she’s lying….she’s just trying to lure her in so Rhonda can toy with her. Rhonda says it may be sudden but its true…does she think she’d throw her in a pit with a stranger? Rhonda tells her Benjy’s in the hospital last she heard, since he was down there MUCH longer than Kayla…she can go get a DNA test done against another DiMera right now!

-Alexis tells Jeremy that she’s tried to be nice, tried to change her ways and all that…but for months, oh for SO MANY MONTHS, Jeremy has just shoved her away! And now, just because the police speculate she tried to kill Robin, he’s going off thinking she did it! Alexis tells Jeremy that he KNOWS her, he LOVED her…and he knows her well enough to know that she doesn’t try to kill people, that’s insane and ridiculous! This entire situation is ridiculous…someone falls and hits their head and the police swarm the person who CALLED 911 and was there when it happens…she says no one ever accused anyone of killing poor Natasha Richardson…she tells Jeremy that he saved her when she was stabbed, so that must mean SOMETHING! Jeremy says he just wouldn’t leave someone to die on the street…but Alexis continues to argue with him! However, suddenly…both of them turn as Robin opens her eyes and hoarsely says:


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