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Episode#341: A Memorial Service




Episode#341: A Memorial Service

-Megan and Jill sit in the ultrasound room, as Dr.Stansville performs the ultrasound…she and Jill exchange a glance, as they both know Jill is also pregnant with her own baby…but still has to hide it from Megan, and Dr.Stansville tries to figure out a way to show Megan her baby but still keep her in the dark about Jill’s baby…

-The memorial service for Blake Willens/Bradley Spears begins…Father Jansen comes out and starts it, and Eugenia, Lucas, Will, Destiny, and Kate all sit…Lucas continues to comfort Eugenia as the service goes on…

-Nicole continues to say that at last she is FREE….she is out of that damn room, she can breathe in the fresh air of the world, she doesn’t have to see that psycho anymore…her shooting her had to be the best thing she ever did! Travis asks what she’s talking about, and Nicole looks at him and Nicole says:

Nicole:This may sound crazy, but Greta Von Amberg, some nuts psycho, locked someone else and I down in a secret room underneath a mansion in Salem for MONTHS….I constantly tried to escape but never succeeded….until now! But now I am out of the Secret Room, and I am free!

Nicole rushes up and HUGS Travis!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Dr.Stansville carefully performs the ultrasound, managing to show Megan her own baby, but not Jill’s….

-The memorial service continues, and everyone pays their respects to Blake/Bradley….Kate thinks to herself that this baby actually looks like a Roberts…and she goes over to Eugenia as Will and Destiny pay their respects…and is blunt enough to ask…why her baby is white! Lucas yells for Kate to STOP, but Eugenia says its fine, and says that the father was white…Kate slowly nods as she walks away, and Eugenia approaches the small coffin, and looks at “her” baby one final time…

-Travis says he still doesn’t quite understand…Nicole says it’d be hard to understand, but she lived in the crazy town of Salem, and a rival of hers locked her in a Secret Room underground…but now, thanks to him, she’s alive! She tells Travis that this is unusual for her, but she is eternally grateful for what he did!

-Megan says her and Bo’s precious child looks wonderful….once its born and she brings it to Bo, he’ll be sure to fall for her…he, the baby, and even Pamela and Addie will be a family! She thanks Dr.Stansville as she finishes up the ultrasound, and Dr.Stansville glances at Jill before leaving the room…

-Eugenia almost feels like something’s wrong, but brushes it off….Eugenia puts a rose besides Blake/Bradley, and she leans down and kisses him on the forehead…before he is buried! Eugenia continues to cry and Lucas comforts her, hugging her and telling her it will be alright, and Eugenia says:

Eugenia:I know….I know…I’m gonna be strong…I won’t be like this forever, I’m a strong woman…I’m going to get through this, its just hard at first…

Eugenia’s baby is buried as the memorial service ends…and everyone leaves, Eugenia vowing that she will never forget “her” son…

-Travis tells her its fine….anyone else would have done the same thing….he asks Nicole if she wants him to take her back to Salem….Nicole thinks about Jan, and baby Josh…and her hometown….but she slowly tells Travis….no! She’ll go back when she’s ready, right now she needs a break from that town…


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