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Episode#340: Free

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Episode#340: Free

-A few days have passed since Nicole was shot and left to die!

-Megan and Jill both enter the hospital, and see Dr.Stansville….Dr.Stansville tells them both that the baby is doing fine, just fine…its been a good while since Jill became the surrogant, and everything has been going good ever since…now, its time for the first ultrasound!

-Kate is outside St.Luke’s, at the cemetary…she is at Peter Blake’s grave, and says how sorry she is about what happened with Crystal, Tony, and Stefano…she never meant for him to die. Kate sheds a single tear as she stands up and walks around…and is stunned when she sees Lucas, Eugenia, Will, and Destiny at some type of private ceremony!

-Eugenia, Lucas, Will, and Destiny are all dressed up as the private memorial service and burial of Blake Willens, really Bradley Spears, is about to be buried…Eugenia tries to be strong but cries, as she tells Lucas that this was her first child…and she has to bury him before he could even live at all…Lucas comforts her, and Will tells her he’s so sorry, as does Destiny…however, everything is interrupted when Kate barges in, asking what the hell is going on here!

-Nicole is seen lying somewhere….in a smaller or moderately sized house, she is alive, and her gunshot wound is patched up…slowly she wakes up, and is in a bed….she looks around, and slowly stands up as she realizes that she’s alive….Nicole looks around at the place, and then says outloud:

Nicole:Where the hell am I?

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Megan says excellent, this is all going according to plan…Dr.Stansville glances to Jill, as they head to the ultrasound room..Dr.Stansville rolls her eyes, and after Jill walks in, she turns to Megan and says:

Dr.Stansville:Sorry, you can’t go in there.

-Everyone turns in shock towards Kate…and Eugenia tells her former partner in crime that she’s burying her BABY, can’t she have a bit of respect! Kate asks what her son and grandson are doing here…and Lucas tells Kate to just calm down, and this is a memorial service for Eugenia’s stillborn son, Blake…Kate asks why he’s here…and Lucas then tells his overprotective mother that he and Eugenia are engaged!

-Nicole walks around the place she’s in….but suddenly, a man(Justin Bruening) walks in…Nicole looks at him and stands back, asking who he is! He tells her to calm down, she’s safe here, he patched up her wound…he says his name is Travis Baines…he found her bleeding, and shot, on the side of the road a couple days ago!

-Megan asks Dr.Stansville what she’s talking about, Jill is carrying HER baby…Dr.Stansville says it should only be something between the doctor and the pregnant woman, but Megan exclaims that ultrasounds have other people in the room ALL the time…Megan shoves Dr.Stansville aside and stomps in, as the doctor sighs and follows her…

-Kate screams “WHAT?!” and Lucas tells her that he and Eugenia have been getting to know each other for a few months…Eugenia’s changed from the schemer she once was, and has helped him through some issues…Kate is stunned, and tells Lucas this may not be such a good idea, but Lucas won’t listen to it! Kate sighs and says she’ll just have to accept it then…Eugenia tells them that they should get on with the memorial service, and it begins!

-Travis explains to Nicole that he brought her back here, and he knows how to do this type of thing, he’s not a doctor but he does know how to do it, especially all the way out here with not that many hospitals around…Nicole asks where they are, and he replies they’re practically in the country, or else a very very small village…Nicole walks around, and steps outside by a side door for a moment…she looks at the world before her, breathing in the fresh air…and sighs in relief! As Travis watches her, she says outloud:

Nicole:So now…I’m….I’m free! I’m not…in Greta’s damn Secret Room underneath the Spears Mansion…I can breathe in the fresh air! I’M FREE!

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