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Episode#339: Mystery Man




Episode#339: Mystery Man

-Greta comes back into the Secret Room after returning to Salem, and Jan is with baby Josh, feeding him his formula…she asks what she did to Nicole, and Greta replies that she took care of Nicole, and she won’t be back…Jan tells her that she’s never been against killing people, but she can’t believe that she actually killed Nicole…and that Nicole was like someone she always hated but liked at the same time…Jan goes on to say:

Jan:So now that Nicole is dead and gone…why do you even need to keep me in here? I was just an accomplice to all of Nicole’s schemes…and you did this to mainly torture her, even though you ended up tormenting me more…

-Tony tells Vivian that he is not associated with his father/step-father, and he thought she would’ve known that…Vivian says she does, but something happened a short time ago…Tony asks what, and Vivian takes a deep breathe before saying:

Vivian:I’m afraid Stefano has…died…again.

-Hope finishes gathering her things, but Bo continues to beg her to not do this…he says that she can’t just give up on YEARS of happiness…Hope says she ISN’T, but its…in the past now. She tells Bo that she still loves him, and she knows he loves her, but…when she killed Gina, it changed everything. Sure, she’s not an alcoholic or hooked to crack anymore, and has faced the consequences for her crime…but it still changed everything between her and Bo….and that was confirmed when he slept with Kristen.

-Nicole lies in that small ditch off the side of the road somewhere, and is still bleeding…she lets out one last moan, as the pain flows throughout her body, and her body begins to shut down…however, suddenly, a man is seen standing above Nicole!

*Life in Salem Opening*

Greta says that Nicole did cause all this, and Nicole is her true rival, and she also hates her far more than she hates Jan, and tormented her quite a bit in the Secret Room before killing her…but no, she’s not letting Jan go! Jan asks why the HELL not, and Greta says that for one, she still DESPISES Jan, two, she could expose Greta to everyone, and three Jan should be thankful…she gave her baby Josh after baby Bradley died!

-Tony laughs and says that Stefano is probably just alive, hiding somewhere, and he’ll be back within the next year…Vivian shakes her head and tells Tony no, this time he’s really dead…they don’t have his body, but in the huge rainstorm he couldn’t see and got into a car crash before flying off a very deep cliff, they can’t even launch a search team…Tony raises an eyebrow and says that is quite odd…it would be unusual for Stefano, who’s survived so many other near deaths, to die in a way like that…he asks if anything led up to it!

-Bo again tries to tell her that that was NOTHING, but Hope says no, she knows it was something more…she sighs and kisses Bo one last time…a passionate, lovely kiss…and Bo asks what that was for as he slowly pulls back, and she says…it was a goodbye kiss…a final kiss. Hope takes her things, and leaves her and Bo’s house….Bo begins crying, as the story of him and Hope…may finally be over.

-Jan says she knows, but that’s NO excuse, and doesn’t justify her throwing everyone down in a Secret Room…she tells Greta that it was because of her and her crap of a nurse Lea that her baby died…Greta rolls her eyes and tells Jan to just enjoy her new son, as she leaves, and Jan realizes that…now she’s all alone, down in the Secret Room, aside from Josh…

-Vivian pauses but tells him no…Tony says its just too bad, and Vivian says that they aren’t having a funeral or memorial service or anything…but she thought he should know. Tony nods, and Vivian soon leaves, as Tony says:

Tony:Well…it seems things are still very interesting around Salem…

-The man standing above an unconscious Nicole slowly picks her up, and carries her away…


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