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Episode#347: The Woman




Episode#347: The Woman

-Julie is at Maggie's house with Abe, and Abe thanks her for offering to help him get to his check up down at the hospital since Maggie and Abby are visiting Lucas and Eugenia...Julie smiles and says anytime...however her phone rings, she answers it and talks for a moment before whispering "Oh no....", she soon hangs up and tells Abe that was Mike...she's afraid there's been some drama down at the hospital with Robin, Mike, Jeremy, Alexis, and Laura...she needs to get down there...and she can drop him off with his doctor but she won't be able to go in with him...Faye suddenly walks in and says she can!

-Nicole and Travis are sitting around inside Travis's house....Nicole tells him that she's only just getting to know him, but she still loves it here so much...Travis says that it is a nice place...and he also says that that was a very rousing game of strip poker earlier! Nicole grins and asks if he wants more!

-Laura walks through Salem, crying after Alexis pointing out what could happen to her earlier because of Robin framing her....she wonders outloud why Robin had to do this, why couldn't she tell the damn truth and say that she fell during the fight with Alexis! She walks into the park and sits down on a bench, as she sheds a few tears...someone asks her whats wrong, and she looks up to see her old rival: KATE!

-Forrest is seen in a hidden location, tied up and gagged, as he struggles to break free and flashes to when he was attacked and kidnapped at the Alamain Mansion....

-Steve CHASES the woman throughout Salem, as Kayla follows and gets on the phone with Shane and Kim, screaming that they've found the person who attacked her!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Julie looks at Faye slowly and tells Faye she didn't know she was back in town...though she never knew her well....Faye says she has been for awhile, and she and Abe have been talking more lately...Abe says it would be fine if Faye took him, Jeremy and Mike need Julie right now...Julie asks if this would be okay with Maggie...Faye says she's sure it would be. Julie slowly nods, inwardly groaning in the process before leaving, and Faye tells Abe she guesses its just him and her as they leave for the hospital...

-Travis smirks and tells Nicole maybe....Nicole says she thought so, ALOT of men have wanted some of her...Travis asks if thats right, and he can't blame them...Nicole laughs and says yes, there have been alot of men in her life...Travis asks if she cares to tell him about them!

-Laura asks Kate what the hell she wants as she stands up and begins to walk away...Kate says she was passing by and couldn't just ignore seeing an old...friend...of hers after not seeing her since she came back to town...Laura tells Kate that she's fine, just has some things to sort out that are none of her business. Kate says she just wants to know whats wrong, and Laura blurts out:

Laura:Fine, Kate, since I am sure this will bring pure joy to your icy little heart, Robin Jacobs has just said that I tried to kill her!

-Steve chases after the woman, yelling that she tried to kill his wife...she's going to pay! The woman approaches an odd house, running inside, but Steve is still on her tail....Kayla, and now Shane and Kim, follow...Billie sees them and wonders what is going on, and also follows!

-Lexie is at the hospital, turning in the DNA for Steve and Kayla...as she leaves the lab, she thinks about how odd everything's been lately and wonders what the hell is going on in this town! However, as she's walking, she bumps into Faye and Abe!

-Nicole pauses for a moment and Travis says if its a sensitive subject she doesn't have to answer...Nicole says no its fine, and she slowly explains her hectic love life between Eric, Austin, Brady, even Lucas, and so many others...she says her rivalry with Greta came from loving Eric, he was such a great man....but he wasn't the right one.

-Kate snorts and asks if thats it...Laura looks at Kate like she's an idiot, and Kate apologizes, she says that that just happens all the time in this town...in the world...Laura says that she knew she shouldn't have talked to her about this. Kate tells her to wait, and asks why Robin would frame her like that...Laura answers because she hates her for interfering with her trying to block Mike out of Jeremy's life!

-Steve follows the woman inside an odd house, a complex house...they run throughout it, and he sees her enter an office....he rushes and BUSTS the door down to see the woman and....LAWRENCE ALAMAIN!


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