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Episode#348: The Mastermind Revealed




Episode#348: The Mastermind Revealed

-Lexie is stunned to see her ex-husband and Faye Walker...and she slowly greets them and asks what they're doing here...Abe coldly responds that he's here for a check up...Lexie asks why Maggie isn't bringing him, and Faye says that she's busy...Lexie stares at Faye and says:

Lexie:Well Faye, I see you want to sleep with my ex-husband?

-Travis asks Nicole if she ever thinks she'll find the right one...Nicole shrugs and says at this point she's given up...but if the right one came along she'd go for it...she says that its just been a very tough life from her...her father was a pig, she was a porn star, she had so many men and not to mention a sham of a marriage with Victor Kiriakis...so she just doesn't know anymore.

-Laura says that she and Robin haven't been on friendly terms since around the time Marlena died, which is right when both Robin and her returned to Salem...she explains to Kate that Jeremy was dating Alexis Kefer, but Alexis cheated on him with Mike, which was wrong...but now Jeremy hates both Alexis and Mike, and Mike didn't even know Alexis was his girlfriend...and she's been in Alexis's position before, she knows how it feels...but Robin has tried to block Mike and Alexis out of Jeremy's, a grown man, life...and she wouldn't have it and won't have it now! Kate laughs and says:

Kate:Laura...you took on me of all people, and I can't believe I am saying this, but if you could at least fight me, then you can fight some petty woman like this Robin Jacobs.

-Steve is stunned to see his old enemy, Lawrence Alamain(Michael Sabatino) standing there...Lawrence looks at him and says it seems he's finally found him....Steve asks what the hell he's doing here...if he's behind all this! He looks at the woman....who is revealed to be....CARLY MANNING(Crystal Chappell)!!!!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Kayla, Kim, Shane, and Billie all rush into the large house...they hear muffled screams as they run around, and break into a room where they see a tied up Forrest!

-Faye yells "EXCUSE ME?!" at Lexie, and Abe asks Lexie how she could say such a thing...Faye says that Abe is just a friend, the father of her son, Heaven FORBID she actually talks to him....something Lexie never does! Lexie says that she's so busy here and with her family, and she doesn't really want her OR Theo talking to him....Abe argues that Theo is his son, and Lexie is the cheating murderor here, but Faye stops the argument, saying they need to get to Abe's appointment! Faye and Abe rush off as Lexie sighs...

-Travis says there still could be guy some out there, waiting for her...Nicole says maybe, but then asks about him and his love life...Travis responds that he's had some girlfriends in the past, but nothing serious like her...but he constantly hopes for someone to love, the right one...someone just for him.

-Kate tells Laura that she can't believe that after all Laura's been through, she's cowering like this...Laura tells Kate she can't believe she's actually trying to give her advice...Kate simply responds that a recent situation has changed her outlook on things...Kate continues to tell Laura that she needs to take Robin on HEAD ON, and not let her win....Laura realizes Kate is right, and rushes off...saying she is going to FIGHT Robin untill the end!

-Steve is shocked to see Lawrence and Carly here...Carly tells Steve she's so sorry...she was forced! Steve asks if THEY are the ones who has caused this mess...Lawrence laughs and says yes....he's been back in town for quite some time, he used to live in a castle in Europe, but then came back to Salem...and he's wanted revenge on some of his enemies....he was the one who orchestrated Kayla's kidnapping! Rhonda works for him! Steve angrily ATTACKS Lawrence!

-Everyone is shocked to see Forrest tied up and gagged....Billie runs to untie him, and asks him what the hell's happened, what the HELL is going on...Kayla explains about the woman, as Billie reveals that that woman tried to attack her....Forrest then reveals that his brother Lawrence kidnapped him weeks ago!

-Steve and Lawrence get into a fist fight...as Steve asks Lawrence why he suddenly decides to come back and wreak havoc on his family...Lawrence says it wasn't just his family, it was all his enemies...he says he threatened Carly into it, and hired Rhonda...Steve and Lawrence continue fighting, but Lawrence kicks Steve back as he grabs a gun!

-Billie is stunned, and Forrest says he doesn't know why Lawrence is back, but he probably wanted to get Forrest back for taking over the Alamain family...he and his brother were never on the best of terms! Billie says this is crazy, as Kim calls the police, and Kayla says that they have to find Steve...as Billie tends to Forrest, they all run off...

-Lawrence holds Steve at gunpoint, saying he had a more drawn out plot in mind to get back at him speficially....he says he even let him find Kayla, leaving all those notes directing him to Rhonda's mansion...but he'll just kill him now! Steve groans and says he is SO SO SICK of ALL of this...he's tired of people always trying to harm him and his wife! Victor, Stefano, Helena, Sami, Stefan, Lawrence...ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Steve charges towards Lawrence, but before Lawrence can shoot...Carly tackles him to the ground! Steve then also tackles Lawrence, overpowering him!

-The other small group runs throughout Lawrence's house....

-Shane, Kim, Kayla, Forrest, and Billie all arrive in the room where Steve, Lawrence, and Carly are...they are all shocked...as the police arrive, with Chris...and he is informed of the situation by Shane...Lawrence is placed under arrest, but as he looks at them all, he tells them that he hates every single one of them...and he's behind Kayla trying to be killed, Forrest's kidnapping, and Carly trying to kill Billie...and it may have all failed, but this isn't the end...Lawrence Alamain will be back! Lawrence is carted off by the police...as everyone knows the latest threat is defeated....

-Lawrence is taken out to a police car by Chris and driven off, but continues to vow that although they may have gotten him this time, Salem hasn't seen the last of Lawrence Alamain...he grins slightly....

-Carly apologizes to everyone for helping Lawrence wreak hell on all their lives over the past few months...he threatened her life....everyone is hesitant but knows Carly is a good woman...and they all forgive her. Kayla says now they can stay in Salem...but Shane shakes his head...and says although Lawrence is the mastermind and is now in government custody...it may be wise if ALL of them leave Salem...at least for a good long while...Billie tells Shane that her home is here, as is Forrest's...though Forrest mutters he's probably about to lose it anyway....Steve sighs and says after this...maybe it'd be best for a good long break from Salem...he loves it, but its just been too crazy...Kayla and Kim agree, and Carly says that she'd like to get back to her own life anyway....Billie looks at Forrest and says as short, sudden, and crazy as this was....all of this...has made her realize how much she loved him...Forrest asks if she means that, and she says she does...she says with Alamain being taken from them, and so much history in Salem...maybe it would be good for them to run off together and just...have their own time together...make their own money....just do something...Forrest slowly agrees as he and Billie reunite...Shane says he guesses its final then, and he'll tell the ISA...he says he needs to get back there anyway, to their headquarters,especially now that Lawrence has been caught...they'll need to deal with him and while charges won't be pressed on Carly since she was threatened, Rhonda will also be facing charges and transported out of Salem immediately, and Kim tells him she's going with him...he smiles...and they all leave and head for the airport...every single one of them leaving the town of Salem behind...


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