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Episode#349: Innocence




Episode#349: Innocent

-It is a new day for the world!

-Lexie is down at the hospital....she gets the DNA results back from the test Steve and Kayla wanted to run before they left town...and it reveals that man is NOT Benjy DiMera! Lexie sighs and says it just must have been Lawrence trying to pull one over on them to further torture them....but its good that man isn't Benjy, because her family doesn't need anymore craziness....

-Andre is at his hideout with Valentine...he tells her today is the day...he has to leave town for a certain amount of time, but its time for her to kick their plan into gear...he will be in touch. Valentine grins as Andre leaves....saying that she's going to stick to her sister so hard today...

-Down at the hospital...Laura arrives down there after getting a good night's sleep....she sees Chris there, as well as Jeremy, Cassie, and of course Mike...Mike slowly approaches her and tells her that Chris is about to get Robin's statement...Laura exclaims that she wants to see Robin first!

-In a small restaraunt, at an unknown location...three people sit at a table talking...two of them are revealed to be Carrie(Christie Clarke) and Brandon(Matt Cedeno)...Carrie says they've already been to a few towns and can't find anything...she's not sure what to do, there's just so little evidence around, and they've been searching so long for a month...Brandon agrees, but the woman they're with says there has to be a way...she's NOT giving up yet...the woman is revealed to be a disguised Sami Brady(Alison Sweeney)!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Bo is sitting in the Brady Pub, having some breakfast, thinking about how he has so little family in this town left....however suddenly he looks up and sees Kristen!

-Valentine puts on one of her best dresses....as she says its time to blow Vivian right out of the water, and she leaves....

-Mike tells his mother to stay calm, and Chris really needs to get Robin's statement first....Laura says no, she has to speak to Robin...she brushes past Mike and Chris, as Jeremy curiously watches...she stomps into Robin's hospital as Robin looks up at her...and Laura says:

Laura:Now listen here...before you even utter a WORD to Officer Reddins...I'm going to tell you something, something I'll make sure you never forget.

-Sami says that she knows that ever since they left Salem, they've searched quite a bit throughout several different towns, a few different states...and that they've been constantly on the go...but she knows there's SOMETHING out there somewhere...she says that Stan IS still alive...somewhere....or there must be some evidence....she's not giving up! Carrie assures her sister she doesn't want to give up, they've put alot of effort into this...they just have searched alot and nothing's turned up...so she's not sure what their next move should be!

-Bo is silent at seeing Kristen...Kristen says she knows this is awkward, especially since she's practically avoided him for a month....and with her father's death and all things have been more crazy...Bo says thats fine, and he hated Stefano but he is sorry about that...Kristen asks if they can talk!

-Valentine smugly approaches the DiMera Mansion...and bangs on the door, yelling to be let in!

-Robin tells Laura to go ahead and say it....she's already going to jail anyway after Robin gives her statement to Chris...but to hurry because she's holding this up...Laura looks down at Robin on her hospital bed, briefly glancing at Chris and her family, but then turns back to Robin and says:

Laura:Last night when you accused me of trying to kill you...I was so upset and even ran off from the hospital....but after talking with someone, I've realized...I can take on someone pathetic as you....so if you want to tell the police and everyone in this town that I tried to kill you...fine, I'll just fight back...because if you think for one minute that you can send me back to a mental institution or wherever the hell you want me to go, think AGAIN! Because I'm Laura Horton damnit, I will defeat you...I'm not lapsing into another catatonic state...so bitch, you had better really think before you tell that officer anything...because if you LIE and say I tried to kill you.... I swear you will wish you had died that night you fell!

-Brandon nods, and says that it seems there isn't REALLY any evidence per say that would help Sami...they may just have to find Stan himself...Sami nods, and says that she doesn't care how they do it...but she is going to prove her innocence for killing Marlena and prove it soon...because she wants to get back to Salem, back to her family, her son...and she is NOT going back to prison...so she IS, no matter what it takes, going to prove herself innocent....


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