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Episode#350: Face to Face Again




Episode#350: Face to Face Again

-Travis and Nicole are still at Travis's house...both of them are just getting up, and Nicole continues to take in the joy of being in this wonderful place and OUT of the Secret Room...Travis then asks her if she'd like to go get some breakfast!

-Bo says sure...Kristen again apologizes for avoiding him until now, but he says he understands...she says that night, them having sex felt so right...but Hope walked in on them...and then he ran off after her when she panicked...and she caught them down at the pier hugging...Bo asks her what she's talking about...she says they were in each other's arms down at the pier...Bo then says:

Bo:Kristen...I love Hope...but that wasn't an out-of-love hug...she fell into my arms after Larry Welch tried to kill her, and she nearly fell into the pier...she shoved him back and she ended up falling into my arms!

-Vivian comes to the door at the DiMera Mansion....and she snorts at seeing Valentine there, saying she thought she'd be long gone from town by now, since she lost everything she had here...and that this mansion is for DiMera family only...and Valentine smirks and says:

Valentine:Ah, but I AM part of the DiMera family!

-Sami continues to vow to prove her innocence!

-Robin chuckles and tells Laura she doesn't scare her....she's going to tell the police the truth...that Laura tried to kill her! Laura says she's making a big mistake by lying like this before walking out of the hospital room, and Chris walks in, saying he's ready for her statement!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Nicole says sure, and tells him to come on...Travis laughs and tells her when he meant go get breakfast...he meant her go get breakfast for them! Nicole says "Excuse me??" and says he is kind for letting her stay here but she is NO ONE'S maid...Travis jokingly begs, and Nicole says fine...she'll go grab something from one of the places down the street...

-Kristen looks at Bo and asks if he's being serious...Bo says yes...Hope's pretty much trying to end their marriage as hard as she can....Kristen is silent and says she feels so stupid right now...Bo tells her its alright...but he doesn't want her to feel bad about them making love that night...it was his wrongdoing, not hers.

-Vivian tells Valentine to stop grasping at straws and leaves...but before Vivian can shut the door, Valentine puts her foot there, and shoves her way inside...saying that she is the WIFE of one of the most infamous DiMera family members!

-Sami tells Carrie and Brandon that she knows there is someone or SOMETHING that can help her...she just doesn't know what quite yet...Brandon asks if there is ANYTHING, and he means ANYTHING, that could help them....anything on Stan...anything at all! Sami answers:

Sami:Well, he was an employee of the DiMera's...I'm just not sure what he did, so there could be something there but I'm not sure...there's Andre DiMera, who knew of him, but he's dead....then of course, there may be something about Nicole...

Brandon:Nicole? As in, my sister Nicole?

Sami:Yeah...Stan, as me, shot her back at the fashion show last Spring or Summer....I don't know anything, but Stan may have had a reason for shooting her...he was going to kill mom there, but Nicole ended up getting the bullet...

Brandon:I saw Nicole in the hospital after her shooting, she never said anything....but I haven't seen Nicole since shortly before Marlena's death...I have no idea what the hell happened to her.

-Laura, Jeremy, Mike, and Cassie are all outside...Cassie comforts Jeremy, as Mike keeps an eye on Robin but also tries to help his mother...Maggie and Julie also arrive to comfort Laura, and both assure her they know she's innocent...inside Robin's hospital room, Robin tells Chris what she told Jeremy, Alexis, and Mike...in the middle of her and Alexis's catfight, Laura arrived....and furiously tried to kill her after an argument at Chez Rouge.

-Kristen says no, she knew he was married and took advantage of the comfort he was offering after Peter's death...Bo snaps thats NOT true, she was totally innocent...Kristen and Bo continue to argue, as Bo tells herself to please not blame herself....she doesn't need that...Kristen then asks:

Kristen:But what does all of this mean for...us? I know we never had a relationship but...we've both been good friends, we knew there was a spark that night...what do we do?

-Vivian begins laughing hard and tells Valentine thats a good one....she tells her sister she must have gotten rusty with her scheming skills over these past few months....she knows she's lying...she says she's going to call security, but Valentine stops her as she pulls out the marriage certificate from years ago, revealing her and Andre's marriage...Vivian's jaw drops to the floor and her eyes nearly fall out of her head!

-Chris comes out of Robin's hospital, saying he has her statement on tape...Laura tells Chris that she's LYING through her teeth...Chris tells her they'll look into it and continue the investigation...but to not skip town. Laura glares at Robin, and Robin simply gives her a small smirk, as Maggie reccommends that they go home...Julie and Maggie take Laura home...as Jeremy looks from his mother to his grandmother as she leaves...Cassie continues to comfort him, and he sheds a single tear....Mike walks back into Robin's hospital room...he looks down at her with a cold and dissappointed look....as she watches Laura leave, and thinks to herself that she never should have crossed Robin Jacobs....

-Sami sighs and tells Brandon and Carrie she searched for Nicole in Salem back before she was arrested...but she couldn't find her, not even the hospital knew what happened to her...which was odd. Carrie says thats still so fishy...how she just dissappeared...not to mention how Jan did too...Sami says she doesn't know, but says they should go...Carrie and Brandon agree, and as they pay for the breakfast...Sami goes to walk out of the door....as she is leaving the restaraunt, she bumps into someone...she looks up at them....and is stunned to see NICOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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