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"EVERY single month this year has been action packed for LIS," Tara Smith says "But May will probably be the craziest month yet...or perhaps the one you'd most want to tune in for. We'll see pay-offs to some stories that have been going since the Fall of last year, and also plunging into new stories."

The Secret Room/The Baby Switch: "This story will be the highlight of May...at long last, Jan will get out of that room and Greta's reign of terror will come to an end, that I can tell you. Also, Lucas and Eugenia's wedding is this month....the two think they have happiness, and Eugenia will get to walk down the aisle, but expect the wedding to all go to hell in a handbasket thanks to Jan....then of course there's the baby switch...that story shall truly begin here...but it won't be as long as many of the other baby switches around. But we are reaching the height of this story, and the pay-off for people wanting Jan out of the Secret Room."

Marlena's Death: "That story has just started to pick up again, and for fans who are sick of this story, I will tell you that it will be another one that wraps up in May....Sami will finally find a way to prove herself innocent, but will it be through Nicole? For fans who don't remember, Nicole found out Stan was Sami at the fashion show LAST May, but ended up getting shot before she could tell anyone....Sami will move on to a new chapter in her life, and finds herself very close to Brandon and Carrie after all this....romance is also in the air for Nicole, who will get some happiness."

Victor/Celeste/Dorian/Suga: "This story, which has been slower up until this past month, shall really pick up in May...Suga's role on LIS will finally come to light when she comes into this story, and Victor thinks Dorian put Celeste in a coma and vows for revenge...however, when Celeste wakes up this month and reveals that it was truly Greta, will Victor realize he's made a huge mistake? Dorian also knows about Crystal killing Peter, and that will be played on this month."

The Custody Battle: "We'll see this again, at long last, this month....the custody battle is still fast approaching, and Destiny vows to find SOMETHING on the Galore's for Will and Arianna's sakes....she may come close to finding out all about Stefano and Kate hiring Crystal back in Janurary, but will someone stop her before she can actually find out? We'll see, but all these characters will be moderately frontburner this month."

Jeremy/Alexis/Cassie/Mike/Robin/Laura: "This has really been on alot in April, so it may take a bit of a downtime this month...but Mike confronts Robin on all her lies, as Laura continues to wonder what to do, but she knows she's not going to give up...Alexis also doesn't like the relationship Jeremy and Cassie have, and vows to take both Cassie and Robin down, as Jeremy continues to be in the middle of everything."

Vivian vs. Valentine: "Valentine will move into the DiMera Mansion and make Vivian's life hell, as a war begins for the DiMera Dynasty...expect this to possibly pick up a bit more in June."

Anna/Tony/Kate: "Anna continues to shun Tony as he tries to get back in her good graces, and he and Kate are both distressed by the fact that she knows about their one night stand....Kate will also be involved with Lucas/Eugenia, and doesn't want her involvement in Peter's death to come out....for Tanna fans, do not fear, happiness isn't far away!"

Hope/Bo/Kristen: "Hope fully cuts herself off from Bo this month, serving him with divorce papers, as Kristen and Bo kind of re-establish their friendship...Megan and Jill also continue their little pregnancy scheme!"

Maggie/Abe/Faye: "We saw this story on a little bit in April, but sadly, don't expect much more in May...however we will see Abe and Maggie more than usual, and this story will pick up later on."

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