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Episode#351: Frenemies Reunited




Episode#351: Frenemies Reunited

-Lucas is at the kitchen in the Spears Mansion....Will walks in, and tells his father that his wedding date is fast approaching...Lucas grins and says he knows...Will says he still can't believe he's marrying Eugenia Willens, its all so fast...Lucas says he knows, but he loves her...Will also says that the custody trial date is coming soon...but he doesn't want to think about that...Lucas then says he has a question for Will...he asks if Will will be his best man!

-Bo sighs and tells Kristen to be honest....he doesn't know...he doesn't even know where he stands with Hope right now....Kristen says she understands, and they probably shouldn't talk at all...Bo says no...he wants to continue speaking to her....and he says to be honest, he can't deny that there was a spark that night...unknown to them both, Megan is watching from a distance!

-Vivian says this has to be a lie, a fake...she says she never met Andre personally but she knew of him...and no, just no! Valentine tells her oh yes...she met Andre through Stefano, and after her affair with Stefano, and before Peter...she moved on to Andre...they had a joyous marriage, but then Andre got too distracted doing Stefano's bidding and he died...Vivian continues to say this can't be true!

-Sami is STUNNED to come face to face with none other than Nicole...Nicole looks at Sami in shock...and both of them ask what the hell each other are doing here! Nicole tells Sami she's been here for a little while...and asks Sami why she has a wig on...but then she remembers...she says that Sami must be on the run since she killed mommy dearest!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Will is shocked at Lucas's offer and says sure...he'd do anything for him! Lucas says that he just wants his son at his side when he marries Eugenia...Will tells his father he's honored, but tells Lucas that this still is so weird...he loses his fiancee, then several months later, he gets a new one...he says he knows that he and Sami had much more of a whirlwind romance than that, but its still really weird...Lucas says that Eugenia's just helped him alot...and he loves her.

-Kristen says that it just doesn't feel right....he and Hope may be on the outs, but she slept with a married man...she had full out sex with a married man! Bo says that she WAS in jail at the time though, and Kristen asks what that matters...and points out that she obviously wasn't since she walked right in on them! Bo tells her maybe they should wait and see....Megan continues watching, clenching her fist....

-Vivian tells Valentine she's calling the police on her whore-y ass....so she had better forget this scheme of hers and get off the DiMera grounds! Valentine again says that she IS a DiMera, and Vivian continues to look at those forms as Valentine says she IS Andre's wife....Vivian and Valentine argue as Vivian finally says that she's going to call Ji'Min down here right now to straighten this out...Valentine tells her to go for it, and Vivian does so...

-Sami tells Nicole that she DIDN'T kill Marlena, it was STAN....and if anyone brought any harm to Marlena, it was her, posing as Tony and Marlena's hidden child! Nicole laughs and says that was a LONG time ago....and she goes on to ask Sami why the hell she's here and not in a prison somewhere or not even in Salem! Sami tells her that she's...not exactly a free bird right now but is looking for evidence to prove that it was Stan to kill Marlena, and she says:

Sami:And you just might be it.

-Kristen tells Bo that she still just doesn't know....Bo tells her that again, maybe they should wait and see how things unravel with Hope...Kristen says that this is ridiculous though, but Bo continues to say they just need to wait...he gets a call from the PD and tells Kristen he has to leave, and they say their goodbyes as Kristen sighs...she leaves herself, but as she's walking out of the Pub...Megan forcefully grabs Kristen by the arm, puts a knife to her neck, and screams:


-Nicole asks Sami what the hell she has to do with anything surrounding Marlena's innocence and her supposed death...Sami asks her how the can't know....she tells Nicole that she knows Stan shot her at the fashion show while posing as her...Nicole tells her that she almost forgot about that, and Sami asks what kind of idiot forgets about being shot! Nicole thinks to herself that sometimes when you are locked up by a raving psycho you forget everything else....but Sami tells Nicole that Stan went there that day to kill Marlena...but he came back to the Salem Inn and told her that day that he shot Nicole instead...she tells Nicole that Stan had to have a GOOD reason to switch his target....and Nicole also had to have some reason for not even telling a soul about the incident, and Nicole says:

Nicole:Well I had a bit too much on my mind, Sami, recovering from a gunshot wound, my huge scheme being revealed thanks to Anna, Faye, Brandon, and Tony, and Gret-nevermind...but anyway....now that I think about it...something....did happen at the fashion show.


Nicole:Calm down first!

Sami:Okay, bitch, do you know that I have been accused of murder by the entire town, my friends, my own family, my SON...none of them believe whats the TRUTH....I was sent to prison, and I ended up breaking out and have been running around so many places looking for something on Stan...so damnit you had better tell me what happened or I *WILL* shoot you!

Nicole:Okay....you-, or Stan....were in the same dressing room getting dressed....Stan wasn't exactly kind to me, much like you, and we ended up getting into a big catfight...I pulled on your, or Stan's hair...and it came off....I DID see a full head of hair, definitely NOT hair of a woman underneath it...but he pulled out a gun and thats when he shot me. Happy now?

Sami:Nicole....Nicole....Nicole....this....this could be what proves my innoncence...I finally have it...I can FINALLY prove to everyone that it was Stan who impersonated me and killed mom!!!!!


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