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Episode#334: Nicole's New Plan




Episode#334: Nicole’s New Plan

-It’s a brand new day in Salem!

-Tony and Anna slowly wake up in bed next to each other at the Salem Inn…and Anna says that last night was yet another night of random sex…Tony nods, and Anna sighs and tells Tony that they’ve been doing this for awhile, random dates, sleeping together when they feel like it… she asks what the hell is their status together!

-At the DiMera Mansion, the DiMera family continues to mourn and recover from the loss of Stefano…Kristen asks what they’re going to do now, and they still haven’t figured it out…Elvis says that he doesn’t know, but he’s sure as HELL is not going to let Vivian takeover the family!

-Greta is at a room in the Salem Inn…and she looks at a tied up Celeste, who is still unconscious after Greta knocked her out last night…she wonders how Celeste knows about her locking Jan and Nicole in the Secret Room…but says that somehow, she has to get rid of her!

-Down in the Secret Room, Jan nurses “her” new baby, which is really the baby Greta stole from Eugenia…Nicole looks at Jan and thinks that she’s always been crazy, but this has caused her to go full fledge back into psycho land, as Jan softly sings crazily to the baby boy…Nicole then whispers to herself:

Nicole:This is the end…I was determined to get out before this, but this crazy baby switch of Greta’s is the final straw…I’m getting out of this room today!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Tony sighs and says he’s not sure, things have just been so confusing and chaotic lately…Anna tells him that she understands and he KNOWS she loves him, but she’s also getting tired of being dangled around like this! She wants to know if she actually is with him or isn’t…because she’s getting tired of just dinner once or twice every week and maybe some sex, but then nothing official!

-Kristen says that they really should get Ji’Min over here to read Stefano’s will if they want to shut Vivian out of everything, but Elvis says that she remembers the chaos LAST year with the will…everyone tried to tamper with it, and Celeste came out on top, and he’s not sure Stefano ever had time to change it, he was always preoccupied with the domination of Salem! Kristen agrees, but says that Vivian would get everything, or control, then…because she was Stefano’s wife at the time of death…Elvis says that they just have to find some kind of loophole or SOMETHING that will get her out of the family!

-Greta heavily contemplates on what to do with Celeste…she looks at the newspaper lieing on the desk, and it has a report about how Robin Jacobs fell and hit her head last night, and is still unconscious, but she’s not comatose…Greta then yells “THAT’S IT!” and laughs as she makes sure Celeste is still knocked out, before leaving the Salem Inn…

-Nicole continues to vow that she will get out of the Secret Room today, and looks at Jan…Jan tells the baby boy that she’ll name him…Josh. Josh Spears…Nicole slowly says she hates to interrupt this, but she has a plan on how to get out of the Secret Room! Nicole begins to whisper it in Jan’s ear…

-Anna tells Tony she understands he is still grieving Marlena and he loved her…but she has her own life too, and she just can’t have a life like this forever. Tony tells her he knows, understands, and AGREES…its just so hard right now. Anna nods, and she says that until its not hard…then they really shouldn’t do this. Tony and Anna get their clothes on, and Anna leaves!

-Kristen says that she hopes he can find it then, because she has other things on her mind…Elvis asks what kind of other things, but Kristen doesn’t reply as she walks out of the room…Elvis sighs as he looks at a picture of his father, and wonders how the hell all of this happened…

-Jan tells Nicole as she holds baby Josh that that plan is excellent…she can get back to Lucas and put this scheme into motion, and Nicole groans and thinks to herself that after this she’s cutting herself off from all of them…Greta arrives with food in hand, and formula for Josh, apologizing for being late, she had something to get before she stopped by here…Nicole grins…


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