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Episode#335: Escape?

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Episode#335: Escape?

-Tony enters Chez Rouge after the discussion with Anna at the Salem Inn, and he sits at the bar, and tells the bartender he knows its early but he’d like just one drink…but then Tony looks to his left, and sees Kate sitting there!

-Victor is in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion, and there is a knock on the door…he opens it to see none other than his ex-wife, Vivian, there!

-Eugenia is up and around in the Spears Mansion, and she and Lucas are both in the kitchen…Lucas asks how she is, Eugenia says a bit better…its still going to hurt but she’s at least a bit better after the death of her baby, and says she’s arranged a memorial service for her son to be buried…Lucas then asks what his name is going to be!

-Greta asks Jan how she is, and how is her new son…Jan says they are both fine, his name is Josh…both Nicole and Jan stand in front of the window, and as Greta says excellent and slides the formula and Jan’s breakfast through, Nicole watches closely…Nicole watches even closer when Greta slides HER breakfast underneath the window…and at the right moment…Nicole GRABS Greta’s hand!!!!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Tony sighs and says never mind, he should leave, but Kate tells him to stay…Tony hesitantly does, and Kate tells him its alright, she’s not going to have an outburst…she asks him why he’s here so early, and he just says he’s having some personal issues, and asks why she’s here…she says that she just feels like it, her life isn’t so great right now, hasn’t been for a long while…Tony and Kate, despite hating each other, begin to open up to one another!

-Victor asks Vivian what the hell she’s doing here, and shouldn’t she be off somewhere being a black widow…as Vivian invites herself in, she tells him that she takes it that he knows then…Stefano says that ever since she announced it, its been all over the news about Stefano’s death…he never even knew why she married the man.Vivian says she did for her own reasons, but now he’s gone, sadly…so she decided to stop by to see her only living ex-husband.

-Eugenia sighs and says she hasn’t really thought about any names…but if it was a boy, she was thinking about naming him Blake…Blake Willens. Lucas nods, and he tells her he’s still sorry that this happened…Eugenia says its just that…this baby, her son…it was what made her finally turn around…she was involved in even more scandals before she got pregnant, but he came along and she realized she needed to clean up her act…but now, that one thing that pushed her…is gone.

-Greta immediately tries to pull back as Jan smirks, but Nicole keeps a TIGHT hold on her hand and pulls it towards her…and its revealed Greta has the keys to the Secret Room in that hand! Greta screams and again tries to pull back, but Nicole is persistant, and finally THRUSTS it forward, and then twists Greta’s wrist as Greta hollers out! Nicole grabs the keys and lets go of Greta’s hand, as Greta pulls it back and clutches it in pain, and Nicole and Jan rush to unlock the door out of the Secret Room!

-Kate tells Tony that her life has just been a whirlwind ever since she came back at that fashion show…and she flashes back to how she and Stefano hired Crystal to kill Tony but Peter died instead…and Tony says that his life has been chaos first with his missing child, then with Marlena’s death, and now these problems with Anna…as Tony and Kate have a few drinks, they continue to talk…although they aren’t drunk they eventually…leave Chez Rouge together!

-Victor then congratulates Vivian on taking over Alamain a few months ago, and Vivian thanks him…she says it was grand, kicking those asshats out of Alamain…and she actually also wanted to talk to him about Titan…Victor asks what about Titan, and Vivian then says:

Vivian:I would like to…help out with Titan, as well.

-Lucas tells Eugenia she has him…and Eugenia says he’s right, and she’s so glad for that…at least she has him now…Lucas asks her what day her due date was supposed to be…Eugenia responds that it was May 15th…and Lucas goes on to say;

Lucas:Then that’s the day we’re getting married.

-Nicole manages to get the door open, and both Nicole and Jan, with Josh in her arms, rush out of the Secret Room! Greta, despite the pain in her wrist, tries to stop them, but Nicole tosses her aside! Nicole and Jan run up the staircase to the door out of the Secret Room, screaming and hollering in the process…is Greta’s scheme finally coming to an end?! Tune in Monday on LIS to find out!

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