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Episode#354: Brandon Talks to Nicole

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Episode#354: Brandon Talks to Nicole

-Its several days later in Salem and the world!

-Eugenia walks into the hospital, where she goes to Lexie's office...she knocks on the door and Lexie says to come in, and Eugenia greets Lexie...she asks Lexie how she's been, and Lexie says she's been fine...Eugenia asks if she remembers her....Lexie says she does, she worked with her for a time and she was involved in the crazy fiasco of Theo's paternity....Eugenia tells her that she is engaged to Lucas Roberts, and since she doesn't have many friends in Salem, this may seem ridiculous but...she wants to know if Lexie would be her matron of honor!

-Also at the hospital, Mike walks into Robin's hospital room and asks how she's feeling...Robin simply tells her ex she's getting stronger and stronger, and hopefully will be out of here soon...Mike says good because they have some things to discuss...Robin asks what kind of things, and Mike says:

Mike:I want you to tell the police the TRUTH... I want you to tell Chris Reddins that my mother didn't try to kill you that night.

-Suga is sitting in the living room in the Kiriakis Mansion....Victor walks in, Kate shortly afterwards and comments she doesn't know why some random woman is staying here...Victor tells Kate to mind her own damn business, like her son's wedding, and Kate walks off...Victor tells Suga he's ready to tell her what he wants her to do...Suga says its about time, and Victor says:

Victor:I want you to kill Dorian Lord.

-Sami and Brandon are standing on the edge of Travis's house...Sami asks Brandon if he's ready to do this..Brandon nods, and Sami thanks him...she says maybe Nicole will listen to him. Sami briefly hugs Brandon as he approaches Travis's house...Brandon knocks on the door, Travis opens it and Brandon tells him he just wants to talk to Nicole...Travis orders him to go away, but Nicole comes out and says...its fine, she'll speak to her brother....

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Lexie asks if she's serious....Eugenia says yes, it may seem so stupid but...she worked under Lexie for a long time and she's one of the few people in this town that she even knows....so she decided to ask her....Lexie says this is a big shocker but...sure, why not...she'll be her matron of honor!

-Robin tells Mike to not believe his mother's trash that she dishes out...Laura DID try to kill her...Mike says that he KNOWS thats not true! Robin mutters that he's pathetic, and Mike exclaims that SHE'S pathetic...framing a woman for trying to kill her, thats so idiotic! He asks Robin what happened to her, WHAT happened to the woman he once loved...why is she out to make everyone's life a living hell!

-Suga asks WHAT he just said....she says she knows he didn't just ask her to kill Dorian Lord! Victor tells Suga he knows she may have amnesia but he knows all about her abilities, thats why he got Judge Fitzpatrick to drop all the charges for what she did in Pasadena! Suga says she doesn't remember what the HELL everyone's talking about...Victor reminds her of how she stapped Dahlia, and shot Mark Jr., an infant...so surely she can kill Dorian Lord for him!

-Travis lets Brandon in, and he and Nicole sit down...he asks his sister why she's so resistant to going back to Salem....Nicole slowly says that for the first time in EONS....she's happy, she's truly happy here....Brandon continues to pressure her to return to Salem, but Nicole blurts that when you are locked up in a Secret Room for MONTHS, you may not to want to go back to the town that it was in!

-Robin says that she's not, she's just trying to protect her SON, her only son from people like him, Alexis, Laura....he needs to get over himself, and tells him to just go have sex with Alexis! Mike tells her NO, he's had enough of Robin and her attitude....ever since she came back to Salem, she has been some overblown diva who is SELFISH, and probably doesn't even care about Jeremy! Robin then SCREAMS:

Robin:You ARROGANT BASTARD...if anyone's selfish, its YOU! You for leaving me and Jeremy alone in Israel for all those years....when you'd come, you'd be distant or just run off! You never made an EFFORT to have a father son relationship with your son outside of those small, few early years...you never made an EFFORT to make ANYTHING with me work! So how dare you call me SELFISH, when you were the one who didn't care enough about THE WOMAN YOU CLAIMED TO LOVE AND YOUR OWN DAMN SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robin breathes very heavily as she says this, and suddenly, her monitor goes off!

-Suga tells Victor that for the last damn time, she doesn't remember nothing about no Dahlia Salem, no Natalia Cigarette or whatever the hell her name is, no Mark Jr., no baby, no Pasadena, NO NOTHING!!!!! Victor says that may be, but he knows she has that killing blood within her....Suga finally yells fine as Victor continues to pressure her, saying if it'll shut him up, she'll do it!

-Brandon raises an eyebrow and asks Nicole what she's talking about...Nicole quickly shrugs it off and says nothing, but Brandon tells her he knows she was talking about something...involving some Secret Room...he asks her if there's something she's not telling him...and Nicole finally says fine....Greta Von Amberg held her and Jan Spears captive in a Secret Room for MONTHS underneath the Spears Mansion!

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