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Episode#353: Nicole's Resistance




Episode#353:Nicole's Resistance

-Will and Destiny are walking through Salem Place, Will saying he can't believe his dad asked him to be his best man...Destiny tells him he should be honored, and Will says he is...he's just been to enough weddings to last him a lifetime, and with this sudden engagement between his dad and Eugenia, its all sorta weird...suddenly they bump into Crystal, who begins telling them about how the custody hearing is beginning soon...and Arianna will be HERS! She taunts Will and Destiny, until Tony suddenly comes over and says:

Tony:Now you leave these two people alone!

-Lucas and Eugenia are at Chez Rouge with Maggie, Kate, and some others...planning their wedding. They discuss various things such as decorations at St.Luke's, the food, etc etc...Kate continues to make comments about how she can't believe Eugenia is marrying her son, but Lucas tells her to please just deal with it...Kate hesitantly agrees as they talk, and Eugenia tells Lucas that she's had Titan design her one of the best wedding dresses in Salem...she may have lost her son, but she can't wait for the big day!

-Down at the Salem police station, an amnesiac Suga sits in her cell alone after Rhonda was transferred to a prison out of state...she continues to wonder why she's even in jail, and how she can't remember anything about her life...suddenly, Chris approaches her cell, and says:

Chris:Congratulations, Suga...you're being released.

-Sami runs after Nicole, and Brandon and Carrie yell for her to wait...Sami follows Nicole, telling her to come back...she has hope now, she WON'T lose it! Nicole thinks to herself that she doesn't want to go back to Salem after being locked up in a Secret Room, she just wants some damn PEACE...Nicole rushes to Travis's house, and she runs in the door as Sami follows, and yells to Travis:

Nicole:Hide me, NOW!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Crystal is stunned to see Tony and is silent as she flashes back to being hired to kill him but ended up killing Peter instead....Destiny asks who he is, and Will tells her that this is Tony DiMera...he was at the hospital back when they first returned to town and was at his grandmother's funeral...Tony tells Crystal that if he ever sees her harrassing two young kids like this again, he will have her arrested! Crystal snaps that these people have stolen her granddaughter from her, and Tony says:

Tony:I loved the great grandmother of that infant...but she is no longer with us, so I am going to do what she would do...and that is make sure you never get your hands on that baby as long as you live!

-Maggie tells Eugenia she's still so sorry about the loss of her child...Eugenia sheds a single tear but says its fine...she's overcoming it, and she has a wedding to focus on...and she and Lucas can have children anyway, not to mention they have Will and Bentley already...and she knows her son would want her to be happy...they continue planning the wedding, as Kate asks Eugenia who of her family is coming to the wedding...Eugenia sighs and says that she doesn't have much family, and none of them are in Salem...so it might just have to be their family and friends here in Salem..she doesn't even know who her matron of honor is, yet...Lucas tells her its fine, they still have a little time, as they continue planning the highly anticipated wedding of Lucas Roberts and Eugenia Willens...

-Suga asks Chris if they've finally realized she has no clue what the hell they've been talking about since she was thrown in here...Chris says no, but Judge Fitzpatrick randomly dropped the charges...Suga is confused, as Chris tells her that there is a limosine waiting for her outside...Suga is even more confused as she is released...and when she walks out to the limosine she is SHOCKED to see...Victor Kiriakis!

-Travis asks what she means...and Nicole tells her they don't have time to talk, but before she can say anything more, Sami comes knocking on the door...yelling for Nicole to let her in! Travis goes over to the door, despite protests from Nicole, and opens it...and asks who she is, and Sami tells him that she just needs to talk to Nicole...she begs Nicole to come out! Brandon and Carrie approach and Travis asks WHAT is going on...Sami says that she's just an old friend of Nicole who NEEDS to talk to her, and Brandon says that Nicole is his sister...and Travis looks at Nicole as she slowly says:

Nicole:Thats...Greta...the woman I told you about...

-Crystal tells Tony he has NO right, absolutely NO right to say that to her...Tony continues to tell her to just leave, and Crystal finally obliges...Will and Destiny thank Tony for the help, and he says anytime...he just didn't like what he saw of that woman, and Destiny says that she's a huge bitch...and it may be time to find something on her that will help them in the custody battle...

-Suga asks Victor if he's the Victor Kiriakis she's been hearing about in jail lately...Victor has Henderson let her in to the limosine before they drive off, and he says he is...Suga asks what the hell he wants with her, and Victor smirks and tells her she'll see...he got her off for all her charges, and she'll reveal why after a few days of rest for her inside the Kiriakis Mansion....

-Travis says to Nicole "THIS is Greta?!" and Nicole says yes...but he has to be quick, she could pull something at any moment! Travis says they should call the police, and Sami screams NO and asks what the hell Nicole's talking about...Travis asks if this is REALLY Greta...and Nicole sighs and says no, but she DOESN'T want to talk to that woman right now...Travis tells Sami that if Nicole doesn't want to talk to her then she's not welcome in his house! He slams the door on Sami as she groans in frusteration...Brandon and Carrie tell her to calm down and they'll come back later, and Sami tries to argue but they soon convince her...Sami sighs as she thinks to herself that Nicole HAS to come back to Salem, she just HAS to...


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