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    Episode#289: The Face-Off

    -Abe is continuing his physical therapy at his house with Maggie…they talk as Maggie helps him excersize and move around more, but suddenly the doorbell rings! As Abe sits down, Maggie answers it to see Bo!

    -At the DiMera Mansion, someone is heard knocking on the door, and Renee passes Megan in the kitchen after a moment and tells her someone is here to see her. Megan plays with her knife and laughs, and she walks into the foyer and sees none other than Jill Stevens in the doorway!

    -Crystal is stunned at Stefano’s orders, and says she only just met him and he wants her to kill someone! Stefano nods, and says it may seem odd, but he wants his son, Tony, killed as soon as possible…he says if she does this, he can tip the court in her favor…he has that kind of power. Crystal says she’s just not sure if she wants to go back to that kind of life, and Stefano asks whats more important, her own legal record or her granddaughter!

    -Helena points her gun at Steve, Kayla, and Stefan and tells them that it seems they’ve figured out everything…yes, she switched Stefan and Steve to get back at them for her precious EJ’s death! She says Stefan was a loyal soldier, but obviously not good enough! She tells them that the road ends here, its time for Steve and Kayla to die!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Peter is at the Alamain Mansion, and he bangs on the door! Ivan answers it, and Peter says he’s looking for Valentine…Ivan tells him that she’s in the living room, and Peter charges in, and tells Valentine they have a big problem!

    -Steve tells Helena to back off, she’s just a bitter old bitch who can’t do anything but make other people miserable. Helena points her gun at him and thanks him, saying he just revealed who the real Steve was. Stefan apologizes to his mother for failing, and Helena says she’ll deal with him later. Helena tells them now its time for the people who killed EJ to pay the piper once and for all, but Kayla rushes towards Helena before she can fire the gun and they get into a struggle!

    -Maggie greets Bo, as does Abe, and he asks Bo what brings him by. Bo tells him he just wanted to give him an update on everything down at the station while he’s out of commission, and as Maggie goes to get them some drinks, Abe tells him that’s not it…there’s something else on his mind, and he can tell!

    -Kayla and Helena struggle for the gun, and Helena calls her a fool, and Stefan rushes to help his mother but Steve pulls him back and they get into another fight! Stefan tells him that he’s going to pay for all this, and Steve tells him he doubts that, and the men and women continue their vicious fights….

    -Megan tells Jill its about time she got back to Salem, she thought she was coming in right after Christmas! Jill whispers to her that she did, she just didn’t tell her until now. Megan asks why the hell not, and Jill exclaims that it doesn’t matter, but she’s here now, but she slowly says she does have one thing to tell her. Megan asks what, and Jill exclaims that she slept with Bo Brady right before New Years!

    -Steve, Stefan, Helena, and Kayla all continue to fight! Helena tries to take aim at one of the two Steve’s, but Kayla stops her again, and they continue to fight! Helena finally shoves Kayla away, and as Kayla falls to the ground, Helena yells that she’s had enough of this and its time for someone to die!

    -Crystal tells Stefano of course her granddaughter is more important to her, but killing someone would be a big step back in life for her…Stefano says she considers it a step back, he’d consider it a step forward! Crystal quickly explains the entire situation with Arianna to him, and Stefano asks if she really wants a reckless teenager like Will Roberts raising her precious Arianna…Crystal finally says no, no she doesn’t, and she’ll kill Tony!

    -Steve and Stefan struggle and fight, and Helena cannot tell which is which…she groans and says fine, she’ll just have to guess, and hope she makes the right kill…but there are enough bullets for everyone!

    -Valentine asks Peter whats wrong, and whats bad enough for him to just come barging in on her like this. Peter tells her that Vivian’s free, and Valentine nearly chokes on her drink! She asks him how the hell she got free, and he says his father of all people did it, and a shocked Valentine asks why! Peter responds that he doesn’t know, but now she wants revenge, and since Valentine got him into it, she’s gonna get him out of it! However, Valentine says Vivian is powerless even free, but before Peter can tell her about Vivian and Stefano’s marriage, she throws him out of the Alamain Mansion!

    -While Kayla tries to slowly stand up, Steve and Stefan keep on fighting and throwing fists and kicks at each other, and Helena watches them closely, and finally says its time for Steve Johnson to die, and she takes aim at one of them and….FIRES! The man she hit screams out in pain as the bullet goes straight into his back, and he coughs out blood and falls to the ground!
  2. daysfan
    Episode#288: The REAL Steve Johnson!

    -Crystal continues to say to herself she’ll do whatever it takes to get Arianna!

    -Stefano walks back to his limo, but after thinking for a moment, he tells his driver to just go back to the DiMera Mansion….he’s going to take a bit of a walk…his driver obeys, and Stefano sets off!

    -Helena walks into her hideout….and she is HORRIFIED to find Steve gone! She quickly deduces that he’s escaped, and Helena goes howling mad! She says this won’t happen, she’s going to stop this….its time for Steve Johnson to die!

    -Kayla and Stefan look at Steve standing in the doorway, and Kayla looks from Steve to Stefan, and asks what the hell is going on! Steve tells his “Sweetness” that that’s an imposter….for months, Stefan Cassadine has been impersonating him and romancing her! He says that Helena Cassadine is behind this, she did it to get revenge on him for killing EJ on that island back in 2007...Stefan tells Kayla not to believe this guy, it has to be something from the DiMera’s….Kayla looks at both men, trying to figure out which is which….

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Will and Destiny are at the Java Café, and Will tells her how hard it was to give Arianna back once the holidays ended…Destiny comforts him and says she knows, but soon, he’ll have her back for good. Will says he doubts that, the custody battle will just put her in the hands of the Galore’s for good. Destiny tells him he has to be positive, she takes his hand and promises him it will all work out!

    -Stefan and Steve continue to argue, as both claim to be the real Steve. Kayla looks at the actual Steve, she looks him in his one eye….as she thinks….and she tells him….she doesn’t know what to think. Steve slowly approaches her, and tells her that she knows in her heart that he’s Steve…he tells her to think of their times together, all they went through…he says remember when he died in 1990...remember when they found each other again in 2006...remember Benjy, remember her giving birth to Stephanie…he pulls Kayla into a deep kiss as Stefan protests, and after a moment she pulls back, and whispers:

    Kayla: You’re…you’re Steve….

    She turns to Stefan, runs towards him, and rips off his patch to reveal an eye there!

    Kayla:And you’re an imposter!

    -Stefano walks through Salem Place, and continues to think about how to kill Tony…he passes by Crystal, and he overhears her saying how she really does need an edge over Will because of her criminal past, she just has to find it…she’d do anything to get an edge, to get Arianna back…Stefano stops and then approaches Crystal!

    -Stefan scowls at Steve and Kayla, and tells them fine, its true….his mother deployed him to do this, and she’s been giving him all his orders for months now….Kayla says she can’t believe she ever kissed him, went out to dinner with him, and loved him so much…Stefan laughs and says Steve saw it all, and asks if he enjoyed seeing him all over his wife! Steve angrily attacks Stefan!

    -Stefano introduces himself to Crystal, and Crystal tells him she’s heard of him a lot….she asks why he’s talking to her of all people, and Stefano explains to her that he overheard what she was saying….and he may be able to help her…if she helps him! Crystal is interested, and Stefano tells her he has heard of her trying to kill Marlena Evans…and he needs her to kill someone: Tony DiMera!

    -Steve and Stefan get into a struggle, as Kayla screams and Steve punches Stefan in the nose, and as Stefan falls back, he grabs him and shoves him up against the wall! The two look-a-likes continue to fight, and Kayla yells that she’ll call 911, but someone says that no one is calling anyone! They all turn to see Helena in the doorway, gun in hand!
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    Episode#287: Steve’s Escape!

    -Crystal is shopping at Salem Place….as she walks from one shop to another, she thinks about the Arianna situation, and how she has to find something to use that will give her and Benard an edge over Will…she glances, and across the city, she can vaguely see the local jail…she flashes back to setting up Marlena to be killed nearly five years ago!

    -Forrest is at Alamain, and is having a meeting with Billie, Nicholas, and Valentine…he tells them he tried to negotiate with Victor, but Victor immediately threw that out the window…he says Victor’s hellbent on getting this take over to go through, so they’ll just have to sell more stock! Valentine comments that soon, they won’t have anything left if they keep selling, they’re selling so much its almost like they’re selling Alamain itself! Forrest says to not worry, this is going to work, it HAS to work!

    -Steve sneaks through the hideout, evading guards and Helena, as he makes his way to the exit…he manages to knock out a few guards, as he constantly thinks about how he’s going to be home soon, and as he approaches the door he notices its locked…but he breaks it open, and darts out of Helena’s hideaway!

    -In the Kiriakis Mansion doorway, Kate smiles and tells Stefano she knew he’d want to do this eventually, and Stefano nods, and he says now they just need to figure out how…he tells Kate there is only one thing to do if they want to dispose of Tony: Kill him!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Stefan is surprised at Kayla and asks why, and Kayla says she doesn’t know….it doesn’t feel right. She continues to look at Stefan, and she says she’s sorry but she can’t do this or talk about it, and as she walks out of the room Stefan worries that Kayla’s starting to figure out that he’s not Steve!

    -Crystal remembers how Nicole got her to set up Marlena to die, and in exchange Nicole got her out of jail…she remembers how later she went back to jail, but it was thanks to Benard she got out. She says that’s a time of her life she’d never want to revisit, but she’d do it again if it meant getting Arianna!

    -Nicholas asks Forrest “What if it doesn’t work, what if your big plan is a failure, uncle?” and Forrest tells Nicholas not to say that, and he knows he’s still bitter over him forcing Nicholas to break up with Belle. Forrest says that he’s the CEO here, he’s in control….Nicholas disagrees with Forrest, and tells him that the board of directors told them they were backing a takeover, there’s no way they can stop this, he’s even got some of their shareholders selling stock, and asks what more they can do! Forrest says that he’s going to do whatever it takes, Titan won’t take Alamain, he promises them all that! Forrest storms out, and Billie sighs as she looks at Nicholas and Valentine….

    -Steve runs throughout Salem, heading to his and Kayla’s apartment!!!!!!

    -Kate is silent, and Stefano asks why she’s so quiet, this is what she’s been implying she wants to do…and it will be an eye for an eye with her! Kate agrees, but says that she’s just always been just a bit hesitant when it comes to outright murdering someone, but he “murdered” her…..she’ll murder him….Stefano tells her they shouldn’t do it themselves, however, and he shouldn’t just hire some DiMera hitman, for they shouldn’t be suspected in this, and it could ruin all that he has planned for Salem….Kate nods as she continues to think about this, and Stefano asks if she agrees, and Kate finally does!

    -Stefan follows Kayla, and tells her its alright, he just loves her and wants to show her how much he loves her….he begins to comfort Kayla….

    -Kate tells Stefano she agrees, she’ll help kill Tony….Stefano tells her they just need to get someone for the job. Stefano and Kate continue to discuss their options, and eventually decide they will need to hire someone, someone who wouldn’t be connected to either one of them. Kate tells Stefano that she wants Tony to be dead soon, and Stefano says as does he, but she just has to have patience. Stefano tells Kate he’ll be in touch, and he leaves the Kiriakis Mansion!

    -Steve approaches his apartment….a few tears of joy begin running down his cheek as he says that finally, this is the end….now he just has to get rid of that imposter…

    -Stefan comforts Kayla, and he massasges her shoulders. She and him kiss, and Kayla tells him she does love him, no matter what…she begins to say he’s the love of her life, but she stares at him, and she stops…Stefan asks whats wrong, and Kayla says something doesn’t feel right…she backs away from Stefan, and she says she doesn’t know whats happening but something just feels wrong….Stefan approaches her, but suddenly….STEVE BURSTS IN! Kayla gasps in shock and Stefan looks at him in horror, and Steve growls:

    Steve:Don’t you touch my wife!
  4. daysfan
    Episode#286: Stefano’s Decision

    -Its several days after New Years, and 2009 is in full throttle in Salem!

    -At the DiMera Mansion, Vivian is there with Peter and Ji’Min and they discuss Stefano’s “master plan”. They talk for awhile, but it is not heard what exactly they are speaking of, and Vivian says this is excellent, very very excellent….

    -Steve is at the Cassadine area where he’s being held captive, and he says that he’s so close to escaping….finally, now, its time! As he slowly takes the ropes off, saying he’s been pretending to be still bound in front of Helena for a week, Helena suddenly walks in!

    -Stefano is inside his limosine, driving across Salem, and he says that he’s started what his new wife can continue with a certain side of Salem, but that he finds Kate’s offer very interesting….perhaps he does need revenge on Tony, Kristen still hasn’t recovered from that rape…he tells his driver to take him to the Kiriakis Mansion!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Stefan and Kayla are together in their apartment, and Kayla says she hopes they can have another great year together….she tells him how much she loves him, and he simply agrees….he tells Kayla that in honor of the new year, and trying to make it a great one…he wants to make love to her!

    -Inside the Salem Jail, which Sami has been thrown in until her trial and conviction, Sami tries to adjust to life in jail…but she vows to prove that she didn’t kill Marlena! She says that the justice system wants to take on Sami Brady, so they will…even in jail, she’s going to stop this! She won’t be in here forever!

    -Vivian marvels at the plans the DiMera’s have for Salem…Peter however, worries with Vivian in the family and helping, and her swear for revenge on everyone!

    -Helena greets Steve, and sarcastically and tauntingly asks if he’s having a good 2009 so far…Steve acts like he’s angry and disgusted, and tells her he wants to go back to his wife! Helena tells him that will never happen, and Stefan and Kayla are perfectly happy together. Helena soon leaves, and Steve finally is able to be free of his ropes, and he begins his escape!

    -Stefano’s limo approaches the Kiriakis Mansion!

    -Kayla tells Stefan they haven’t made love in such a long time….she is silent for a moment as she thinks about this, and she looks at him, and caresses his cheek as she thinks…but then, she suddenly says no, she’s sorry, but she won’t!

    -Steve sneaks through Helena’s hideout, trying to get away and back to Kayla…

    -Stefano walks up to the door of the Kiriakis Mansion, and rings the doorbell. Soon, Kate opens the door, and grins and says she knew she’d be getting a visit from him eventually! She asks what brings him all the way here, to the mansion of a man he’s not too fond of, and Stefano smirks and answers:

    Stefano:I have decided…that it is time to rid ourselves of Tony DiMera…once and for all.
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    Episode#285: New Years Eve

    -Its New Years Eve in Salem!

    -Bo wakes up in bed after being asleep for hours…he looks around and the room looks messy but its only him in there, and he wonders what the heck happened!

    -Alexis and Eric are at Eric’s apartment…they slowly wake up….and they notice they’re in bed together! Alexis’s eyes widen and she asks if they had sex last night, and Eric nods and says that they did. Alexis jumps out of bed and looks at the time, and asks how they slept all day! Eric shakes his head and simply says he doesn’t know, but he guesses after they got here last night it just….happened. Alexis asks Eric how he can take this so lightly, and she’s trying to be a better person and get back into Jeremy’s good graces, she just had a one night stand with yet ANOTHER man!

    -Down in the Secret Room, Nicole and Jan are sitting down there, and Jan has her hand on her stomach…Nicole asks her whats wrong, and Jan answers she’s just feeling a little sick. Greta suddenly arrives and wishes them a happy new years, and Nicole growls and asks where the hell she’s been…Greta says she’s just been letting them tough it out down here, and Nicole tells her not for long!

    -At the Salem Inn, Sami is spending a quiet New Years Eve alone…still trying to recover from all that’s happened lately. However, she hears a ring at her doorbell…and she goes to answer it to see the police! Sami’s face goes pale and asks what does she owe this visit, and they tell her that the investigation is over…there’s no evidence supporting her claims about Stan, she’s under arrest for the murder of Marlena Evans!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Victor takes Celeste to the Penthouse Grille for New Years Eve, the place where they met nearly a year ago….Celeste thanks Victor so much for taking her here, and also tells him how much she loves him. Victor has an elegant table prepared for them, but he sees Dorian at another table!

    -Bo gets up and around, but continues to wonder what happened, and he feels ab it of a headache…he thinks for a moment and the last thing he remembers is being at the Cheatin’ Heart with Jill Stevens!

    -Eric tells Alexis that technically she’s single, she can sleep with whoever she wants. Alexis asks Eric if he’s stupid, and tells him that she wants Jeremy back, she wants to be faithful to him, but like an hour after she pleaed with him to take her back she hopped into bed with a guy she barely knows! She asks Eric how she could do this, how could he let her do this, they told each other of their problems and he takes her home so they can have sex! She asks if he’s a pervert, and Eric tells her to hold up, she did it willingly…he says maybe she doesn’t want to change and be faithful as much as she thinks!

    -Greta tells Nicole that she, and Jan for that matter, need to stop always saying how they’ll be getting out of there….she says they’ve been down here this long, they aren’t leaving! Nicole tells her to just wait, and Greta tells them they’re both so funny…but sad. She says its happy and fun for her though, she gets to watch Jan, and her biggest rival Nicole, suffer and rot…she wishes them a happy New Years before leaving, and leaving food behind for them, but Jan simply says she’s not hungry and walks into the bathroom as Nicole wonders whats wrong with her…

    -Sami tells the officers no, she can’t be arrested, she’s really innocent! The officers say they’ve delayed this for weeks, and they’ve investigated records…Marlena’s penthouse…they’ve searched and examined everything they can, but they find nothing to support her statement. They then give Sami the normal procedure, and she tries to protest, but they take her into custody!

    -Victor tries to ignore Dorian as he and Celeste share their romantic dinner…she just simply winks at him….

    -Midnight is approaching in Salem and 2009 is almost here!

    -Alexis tells Eric that’s such a load of crap, and he doesn’t know her at all. As she puts her clothes on and gathers her things, she says that they can just forget this ever happened. He asks her if she expects them to just go along, and she says yes, she does! She says that she is not doing this again, she’s not going to let ANOTHER one night stand affect her life! Alexis quickly leaves Eric’s apartment…

    -A short time later, Sami is brought down to the police station…she constantly protests it, but the police all ignore her….she begins to cry, and as she is booked she breaks down, but they drag her to her cell, and the clock strikes midnight just as Sami Brady is thrown into jail for Dr. Marlena Evans’s death…
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    Episode#284: One Night Stands

    -Alexis is walking along in Salem after unsuccessfully trying to get through to Jeremy, and she thinks about the whole situation with Jeremy, Mike, and even Robin…she just sighs, but as she walks, she runs into someone! They both apologize, and she sees it is Eric Brady!

    -Benard and Crystal are at a hotel in the middle of Salem, and they discuss the upcoming custody battle with Arianna. Benard explains that with the good lawyers they have, and with Will kidnapping Arianna…they should be able to get custody of her, the only problem is Crystal’s history of crime…he says that could put a major dent in their plans!

    -Jill and a drunken Bo are in bed together at Bo’s house….and they begin to make love!

    -Kate walks along upstairs in the DiMera Mansion, and finds Stefano in his office, after just getting out of bed and getting ready for the day. He looks up at her and snorts, asking what he owes this visit. She tells him that he has a bad choice in wives, but that’s not why she’s here…she tells him that she needs his help. He asks with what, and Kate says:

    Kate:I want to take care of your son, Tony….for good….

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -At Titan, Victor is in his office, and a temporary secretary while Alexis is on vacation comes in and tells him that Forrest Alamain has arrived. Victor nods and then Forrest enters, and they politely greet each other. Forrest tells him he wants to try to discuss this attempted takeover of Alamain, and he says that he and his family have been selling off a lot of stock to try to save the company, but he wants to work out a deal that can benefit them both!

    -Alexis and Eric begin to talk, and Eric tells her that its fine, and its nothing compared to whats happened to him recently…Alexis asks what happened, and he explains to her everything about Marlena’s death…she tells him that just a few weeks ago, she spoke to his sister Carrie about that, and she knows the supposed murderor Sami…she says she’s sorry about that, and Eric asks about her problems, and she explains the situation with Mike and Jeremy…Eric and Alexis begin to comfort each other!

    -Crystal tells Benard she’s sure that he and his lawyers can just take care of that, she says he got her out of jail a few years ago, he can get their granddaughter back! Benard says he’s just warning her, and because of her they have the small possibility of losing her to the government, Will, or someone else. Crystal snaps to not blame her for this…and she inwardly vows that she will do whatever it takes to get Arianna!

    -Jill and Bo continue to make love, until later on…Bo finally passes out! Jill comments that that was good, but “she” is going to kill her for this!

    -Stefano asks Kate why she’s come to him about Tony, and he’s not his son, and he cast him out of his life and his family the minute he recovered from his coma. Kate tells Stefano to not play dumb, she knows he raped Kristen, and Stefano also knows that he nearly killed her in Italy! Kate says that her family, and her life, went so out of control because of him…she says now its time for both of them to exact revenge!

    -Victor laughs and tells Forrest that there will be no deal, and Forrest asks Victor to just listen before he makes a decision. Victor tells him no, but its nice of him to make a last ditch effort to save his company…he tells him that despite his little tactic to sell off so much of their stock, Titan will be taking over Alamain, and its only a matter of time before its official! Victor then gets security to escort an angry Forrest out of Titan!

    -Alexis and Eric continue to talk and comfort each other over their respective issues and problems right now, and eventually…Eric ends up asking Alexis if she wants to come back to his apartment with him! Alexis thinks for a moment before agreeing, and they walk away together!

    -Stefano tells Kate he has a lot to attend to, and he has no time for fools such as Tony….Kate tells him to not try to say that to her, she knows him, she knows he wants revenge…she says if she knows him, he’s probably been trying to figure out a way to get revenge on him…as Stefano is silent, pondering this, Kate just says she’ll give him a little time to think…as she walks out and leaves the DiMera Mansion, Stefano thinks about the prospect, and then says:

    Stefano:Yes, yes…I should, and shall, get revenge on Antony for raping my Kristen, my daughter…its time he pays…
  7. daysfan
    Episode#283: Kate Visits Stefano

    -Jill continues to try to come onto Bo…as they chat, she gets him to have a few more drinks!

    -At Maggie’s house, Jeremy walks into the living room when he hears the doorbell constantly ringing…he yells that he’s coming, he’s coming, and he walks up to it and opens it to see Alexis!

    -Tony and Anna both pull back from the kiss, and Anna tells him she’s so sorry, and Tony apologizes as well…Anna says she knows he loves Marlena and its just too soon, and they still have a lot to get over. Tony agrees, but he tells her that its as much his fault as his…Anna says she should go, but Tony tells her to wait!

    -Vivian asks Kate what the hell she is doing here, and Kate says that she needs to see Stefano. Vivian says that Stefano is upstairs and has a busy day ahead of him, so she can just leave right now. Kate tells her that she thinks its up to Stefano decide, and Vivian just orders her to get out NOW! Kate asks what the hell gives her the right, and Vivian simply says that she is the new lady of the house! Kate’s eyes widen and she says:

    Kate:Oh…you must be joking.

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Jeremy asks Alexis what the hell she’s doing here, and tells her to just go away, but before she can even say anything, he tries to slam the door in her face! Alexis stops him and begs him to just listen to her…she’s tired of being away from him, she loves him and wants to be with him, or at least wants his forgiveness. Jeremy tells her she’s not getting it, and to just stay out of his way!

    -Bo continues to drink with Jill as they talk….

    -Tony tells Anna she doesn’t have to go…he doesn’t want her to go. Anna asks if he’s really saying that, and he nods and says he is. He tells Anna he needs her….especially in a time like this. Anna decides to stay, and thank Tony…she says she shouldn’t have his forgiveness after all of this, she doesn’t deserve this, but Tony tells her she definitely does.

    -Kate looks in in shock at Vivian, and Vivian says its true…she is once again Mrs. Stefano DiMera! Kate laughs and asks what she had to pull for Stefano to marry her, and Vivian says it was actually all Stefano’s idea! Kate just says she’s not playing this game and needs to see Stefano, and Vivian tells her no, she’s not welcome in this house. Kate pushes past Vivian, and Vivian grabs onto Kate’s hair as she walks inside, but Kate grabs Vivian’s arm and throws it back, and tells her she’s not playing this game! As she looks for Stefano, Vivian scowls and says:

    Vivian:Oh yes…revenge will be so sweet….

    -Alexis tells Jeremy that they have to talk about this sometime, and Jeremy tells her that there’s nothing to talk about! As he forcefully throws her out of Maggie’s house, she screams in anger, and begins to walk along Salem….a tear runs down her cheek as she says that all she wants is him to just forgive her….but maybe he’s right about her….

    -At the Cheatin’ Heart, Jill eventually gets Bo drunk! He begins to slur his words, and Jill laughs and tells him she should probably get him home. Jill helps Bo out of the Cheatin’ Heart, and they go to her car, and she drives him back to his house…once they get there…she helps him to his bedroom and…Jill and Bo fall into bed together!
  8. daysfan
    Episode#282: Old Rivals

    -Its several days after Christmas in Salem, and New Years is fast approaching!

    -Bo is at the Cheatin’ Heart, and he remembers how he read the story at the hospital on Christmas…he says that made him happy, especially talking to Kristen again too, but he still seems so depressed. A voice asks why, and he turns to see a face from the past: Jill Stevens(Lisa Robin Kelly)!

    -In the Secret Room, Jan and Nicole pace anxiously. Jan says its been awhile since Greta town, and Nicole mutters that she probably left them to die. Jan tells Nicole that they barely got scraps to eat for Christmas, and as much as she hates seeing Greta, they need food…Nicole is silent for a moment, and finally yells that they have to get out of here!

    -At the DiMera Mansion, Vivian comes downstairs in a robe…Elvis is there and scowls at her, and she says good morning, and how she is just loving being the new Mrs. Stefano DiMera. Elvis asks her if she and his father are sleeping in the same bed, and she laughs and says no, and Elvis mutters that he knew she was only in this for the money. Vivian says she’s in it for much more than that, and Vivian Alamain is back and in full force!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Tony is eating breakfast at Chez Rouge, and he smiles when he sees Anna walk in…Anna smiles and he invites her to sit down which she does. She asks him how he’s doing, and Tony tells her he’s fine, its been a hard holiday season, but he is doing fine…he just can’t find Jan. Anna says that’s odd, and Tony says he’ll need to ask Lucas what is going on. Anna and Tony continue talking about various things and end up eating together, as Kate disgustedly watches from another table!

    -Bo barely recognizes Jill, and asks who she is. Jill laughs and says she can’t believe he doesn’t remember her….she’s Jill Stevens, the woman hired by Franco Kelly over ten years ago to mess with Bo and Hope! Bo asks her what the hell she’s doing still in Salem, and Jill says she recently moved back…and she saw him looking so depressed, and she’s so sorry about Hope!

    -Nicole rushes up to the door of the Secret Room, and says she’s not dying here like a starved rat, Greta Von Amburg won’t kill Nicole Walker! Jan tells her finally she sees that they need to get out of here and not be so mopey, and both of them try to break the door down!

    -Peter comes out at the DiMera Mansion, and shudders at seeing Vivian. Vivian laughs and greets her step-son, and tells her that his father has ordered that she meets with him and Ji’Min later today. Peter asks about what, and she says he must surely remember the tentative plan he made with them…when it comes to some big fashion businesses around Salem. Peter simply says;

    Peter:Oh…right…that. Yeah, we’ll have to talk about it, I’ve been doing some work for my father in that area recently.
    Vivian:I know…I know…this is whats going to lead to me getting back at Forrest, Valentine, Nicholas, and Billie…oh Stefano and I have such a brilliant plan….

    -Kate walks out of Chez Rouge as Tony and Anna continue to talk and even share some laughs. Tony tells Anna he forgot how much he missed her, and Anna says she really thought they’d never speak again after the incident with Nicole a year earlier. Tony says that was almost a year ago, and he’s trying to put the past in the past…which includes his family, Vince, Nicole, Marlena, and what happened with his secret child. Anna and him slowly lean in and kiss!

    -Bo asks Jill how she knows about Hope going to jail, and Jill is quiet for a moment and simply responds that she heard. Bo and Jill continue to talk…and Jill begins to come onto Bo!

    -Nicole and Jan still can’t escape, and they fail to break the door down. Nicole comments to Jan that her sister may have tightly secured this place, but she doesn’t care! She proclaims that maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next week, but one day THEY ARE going to get out of here! She says that she won’t let Greta outdo her, not now, not ever! Jan agrees with Nicole and says its nice she finally found her backbone. Nicole looks to the door and again vows to escape this dreaded room!

    -As Vivian and the DiMera’s ready for the day, and Vivian walks into the living room and has a cup of coffee, she hears the doorbell ring, and quickly goes to answer it. She opens the door to see her bitter rival: Kate!
  9. daysfan
    Episode#281: Christmas!

    -Its Christmas Day in Salem!

    -At the Alamain Mansion, Forrest, Billie, Nicholas, and Valentine are all trying to have a happy Christmas, but not succeeding…Valentine continues to be off in her own little world, Forrest and Billie romance each other, and Nicholas is still angry at Forrest over what happened with Belle. After awhile, Forrest sighs and looks at everyone and says this has to stop!

    -At the Kiriakis Mansion, Victor, Celeste, Justin, Kate, and Justin’s wife Adrienne Kiriakis(special guest star Judi Evans) are all sitting having Christmas Dinner, and Justin tells Adrienne he’s so glad she could come to Salem for Christmas, he just wishes the boys could have come. Adrienne smiles and tells him she’s glad to be here, and Celeste smiles at the happy couple, and kisses Victor as Kate mutters that she needs a man. Victor tells them all that this is a fantastic Christmas and a great year is ahead, a year where he will finally take Alamain!

    -Stefan and Kayla romance each other on Christmas!

    -At the hospital, everyone prepares for the traditional reading of the story…

    *Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

    -At the hospital, Bo is planning to read the story to the children, but as he gets ready he runs into Kristen! He asks her what she’s doing down here on Christmas, and Kristen tells him that as crazy it seems she’s had to come down here for some check ups, and she even had to come down here on Christmas…she explains she had some very minor injuries when Elvis almost blew up St.Luke’s, and Bo says he heard about that, and he wishes he could arrest her dumb brother. Kristen laughs and says that makes two of them, and Kristen is silent for a moment but then asks how his first Christmas without Hope is!

    -Forrest tells the Alamains and Billie that he is sick of this constant struggling in the family, its been going on all year…he says first it was just with Vivian but she’s been out of their lives since Spring yet still this is going on. Nicholas snaps to Forrest that it wouldn’t be happening if he didn’t act like just a dumbass, and Forrest stands up and tells him that he is his boss and his uncle and he won’t have that type of talk! Billie tries to calm Forrest down but he tells Nicholas that its Christmas, and he’ll be damned if he’s going to let him talk like that!

    -Kate tells Victor that she just wishes their son could be here for Christmas with them, and Victor tells her that Philip deserves to be in jail for all he pulled. Kate tells Victor that he’s done worse even in recent years, and that it was Belle’s fault anyway! Justin tells them to not fight, its Christmas, and Kate exclaims she shouldn’t be here, and she wouldn’t be if Victor wasn’t practically holding her captive! Kate tells them all that she needs to go call Lucas, and Rex and Cassie and Billie, and wish them a merry Christmas. As Kate walks off, Celeste sighs, but Victor kisses her hand and tells her to not let him and Kate’s fighting get to her…Celeste smiles and tells Victor she’s so glad to have a man like him in her life.

    -Kayla continues to think something is off with “Steve” somehow, but she just brushes it off and tries to spend a happy Christmas with her “husband”.

    -Bo tells Kristen that its hard without Hope, its hard to even talk about. He says that he loves her so much but their relationship is so damaged, and she’s in prison. He says that its been hard living without her and just with his two daughters, but he’s pulling through, and that’s one reason he chose to read the story…he didn’t want to spend some sad, lonely Christmas at home. Kristen says she understands how it feels and its coming upon the one year anniversary of her rape, which still haunts her…Bo and Kristen continue to comfort each other over their troubles.

    -Nicholas tells Forrest he’s a grown ass man, he’ll talk however he wants. Valentine just laughs and says that they’re all acting like morons as Forrest and Nicholas continue their fight. After awhile, Billie finally yells “ENOUGH” and asks them if they can look at themselves…its Christmas, and they are all fighting, they are all STILL fighting! She tells them to just hold off until after the holidays, and after a moment, the Alamains reluctantly agree and try to spend a good Christmas together…

    -The Kiriakis’s continue their Christmas Dinner, sharing some good laughs and fun, despite the fight between Victor and Kate…Celeste and Victor kiss passionately after some time as do Justin and Adrienne, and all of them spend a very merry Christmas together….

    -At the hospital, soon Bo comes out and happily greets all the children, and he quickly gets to reading the traditional Christmas story, giving everyone at the hospital a great Christmas, and for the first time in awhile, Bo truthfully grins as he reads the story, and all of Salem has a wonderful Christmas…

    -Up in Heaven, a woman sits in a chair and looks down on Salem having a good Christmas, surrounded by family, friends, lovers, or just good people. The woman smiles, and its soon revealed to be Alice Horton(very special guest star Frances Reid). Alice looks to the screen and says:

    Alice:From our hearts to yours, merry Christmas from everyone in Salem….and may you have happy holidays, for all the days of your lives, and for all of your life in salem…
  10. daysfan
    Episode#280: Christmas Eve

    -Many days have passed since the chaos at St.Luke’s, and all of Salem is preparing for Christmas Eve. The Hortons are all at the Horton House starting the traditional Ornament Hanging, many of Marlena’s children/step-children are gathered at Chez Rouge to honor her memory, and others are going to Midnight Mass…which is outside due to Elvis’s explosion inside St.Luke’s.

    -Down in the Secret Room, Nicole and Jan are having a very lonely Christmas Eve. Jan continues to express how she wants to get back to Lucas and is going to kill Greta, and Nicole tells her she knows, she knows. Nicole snaps that she has people to get back to, Nicole has no one. Jan tells Nicole that’s because she’s a cold hearted bitch, and her mother is at least still alive. Nicole argues that after her little scheme, she wouldn’t be surprised if Faye and Brandon don’t even care where she ran off to. Nicole says she might as well just stay in here, all of Salem probably reviles her.

    -At Chez Rouge, Carrie, Belle, Eric, Rex, and Cassie are all there…as they talk Belle comments that it was nice for Maggie to let them have the place to themselves in honor of Marlena’s memory. Carrie agrees and says that she just hopes they can have a good time, because they are family. Rex agrees, and Belle whispers that she hopes Eric is alright, and he’s been so quiet since Marlena’s death. Everyone however turns when Sami enters!

    -At the Horton House, Maggie, Laura, Mike, Jeremy, Nick, Abby, Lucas, Will, Pamela, Addie, Destiny, Abe, and Robin are all there, starting the ornament hanging. Maggie says how she wishes Julie and Hope could be here, but she is still glad that Bo let her pick up Pamela and Addie. As the Hortons converse, Jeremy avoids Mike, and Destiny tells Will she has a big Christmas miracle for him!

    *Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

    -Hope and Julie are in their jail cell, and Hope says that this is the first Christmas that she’s spending without her family…right now they’d be at the Horton House if it wasn’t for her stupid moves. Julie comforts her and tells her not to think that, and she tells her that she’s going to make sure they have a good Christmas, even in jail!

    -Jan tells Nicole fine, when she gets out, Nicole can just stay in here and rot…she’d have no problem with the person who took her rightful place for almost all of 2008 rot inside her own little dungeon. Jan says to Nicole that she’s so sad, she can never hold onto a man, and is just a pathetic gold digger. Nicole brushes Jan’s comments off, and Jan groans, and tells Nicole that’s all she’s ever going to be: A gold digger. Nicole angrily turns around and tackles Jan!

    -Cassie mutters that the murderous herself is here in the flesh, and Carrie elbows her in the stomach. Sami nervously approaches everyone and greets them, and much to Sami’s surprise, Carrie hugs her! Sami hesitantly thanks Carrie, and Eric just stays away from most of them, while Belle does greet her sister. They all soon gather, and Carrie gives a toast to Marlena!

    -Back at the Horton House, Destiny excitedly tells Will that she’s got such a big surprise for him. Meanwhile, Maggie pulls out the box of of Ornaments, and tells Abe and Laura that they have a new addition to the ornaments this year. Laura raises an eyebrow and asks who, and Maggie smiles at Abe and pulls out an ornament with his name on it!

    -Hope asks how…and Julie tells her to watch, and she walks over to the bars of the jail cell, and yells to the guard that she wants to make a phone call!

    -Jan and Nicole get into an intense catfight, each of them pulling on each other’s hair, kicking each other, or slapping each other. They begin to knock things over as they struggle all over the Secret Room, but finally Nicole pushes Jan into the wall and says this is ridiculous! She says she’s attacking someone because of some petty insult, and its Christmas Eve! Jan scowls at Nicole, and Nicole tells her it’s the holidays, just this once they need to get along. Jan thinks for a moment, but soon nods in agreement.

    -Everyone toasts to Marlena, and Carrie tells them she’s glad that at least on Christmas Eve, they can band together as a family like this…they begin to eat some dinner, and just tries to have some fun as the children/step-children of Marlena…

    -Laura and Abe look in shock at Abe’s new ornament, and Abe laughs and asks why he’s getting an ornament. Maggie tells him because he’s a part of the family now, and she knows he will be for a long time. Maggie leans down and kisses him as Laura smiles, and then the doorbell rings! Destiny claps and says that her surprise for Will, and the entire family, is here! She runs to open it to reveal Will’s lawyer holding…ARIANNA! Will is stunned as he sees what Destiny’s done, and tears begin running down his face as he holds his daughter for the first time in weeks! Destiny tells Will that she was able to convince child services see his daughter at least for Christmas, and Will is so happy that he kisses Destiny, as the entire family gathers around to see Arianna…

    -Later in the evening, it is finally time to hang the ornaments, The Hortons all sit in the living room, and suddenly the phone rings, and Maggie answers it to hear JULIE! She gasps in shock and asks Julie how she was able to make a phone call, and she says she was able to convince the guard to let her and Hope all the Horton House…the family wishes them a Merry Christmas, and Hope finally gets to speak to her daughters! Afterwards, they all hang the ornaments like tradition, and Maggie hangs Abe’s as Will and Destiny hang Arianna’s, which they made themselves, and they also hang Bentley’s, as well as all the others, and the strong family spends a wonderful Christmas Eve together…
  11. daysfan
    Episode#279: The Nightmare Couple Before Christmas

    -At the police station, Bo and the other officers are continuing the investigation of Marlena’s murder. One of the officers says that they’ve investigated it a lot these past few weeks, and he’s sorry, but Sami’s story just doesn’t make any sense…they can’t find a scrap of evidence pointing to this guy even existing. Bo sighs, and he admits that he soon may have to arrest his niece!

    -Will and Destiny are at the Spears Mansion…they’re watching Bentley while Lucas is upstairs, and Will comments that he can’t see how Jan could just leave his dad and her own son, and Destiny agrees. Will sighs and says he misses Arianna so much…he wants her to spend her first Christmas with HER dad. Destiny sighs, and thinks to herself that Will needs his daughter.

    -Back at whats left of St.Luke’s, the paramedics check out Vivian, Stefano, Father Jansen, and Kristen…they say that everyone seems to be alive and fine, they’re very lucky this explosion wasn’t bigger! The police arrive and are about to take Elvis into custody for attempted murder, but Stefano stops them, saying that there’s no need for that…but his son has severely disgraced him! He says that no matter what he thinks, he and Vivian are married, and now their quest to take over Salem can continue!

    *Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

    -Carrie is shopping at Salem Place, and she runs into Cassie! She tells Cassie she hasn’t seen her in awhile, and says that as sisters, they probably need to get to know each other a little better. Cassie smirks and agrees, and says they should try sometime. Carrie says that because of Marlena’s death, the entire family needs to band together and try to spend Christmas with each other…Cassie laughs and tells Carrie that she doesn’t want to spend Christmas with Marlena’s murderor, nor the long lost child Jan. Carrie says that she doesn’t even know if Jan’s still in town and asks what she has against her.

    -Belle is at Titan, finishing up some photo shoots for Bella before she goes on her Christmas vacation. As she gets done, Justin approaches her and congratulates her, saying these will look great for the holiday addition of Bella Magazine. Belle thanks him, and Justin is silent for a moment, and he says it looks like she has something on her mind. She just says this is the first Christmas without her mother…and she’s got so much going on in her personal life right now, and Justin comforts her and says it seems like there’s more, and Belle confesses that its about Nicholas!

    -The officers at the police station tell Bo they’re sorry about all of this, and Bo says that he has to make Marlena’s murderor succumb to justice…and he has to do what he’s gotta do. He says to just keep investigating it, and they’ll make a decision by New Years.

    -Will and Destiny continue to discuss Will’s hopes that he can spend Christmas with Arianna, but he says it looks like it won’t happen, and he says that everything was going so great before Benard and Crystal came to Salem. As Will leaves the room, Destiny sits thinking, and she gets out the phone book and dials a number on the phone!

    -Peter and Megan arrive at the scene of the explosion…Peter asks what the hell is going on, and Renee says that Elvis had a great idea to try to blow up the Church, and Peter asks why while Megan simply cackles. Vivian snarls at Peter, and Stefano says its because he was trying to stop his wedding…he reveals to Peter that he married Vivian! He says it shall be crucial in their plans, and Vivian grins as Peter nearly faints!

    -Cassie flashes back to Jan pushing her out the window of Belle and Philip’s loft in 2006, almost paralyzing her, but them working together to frame Mimi. She tells Carrie she has nothing against Jan, she just hasn’t heard good things about her. Carrie says she’s right, but she’s family, and Cassie simply agrees. Carrie says that if her and Sami are there, just play nice. When Cassie leaves, Carrie runs into Brandon, and she comments that they are running into each other everywhere, and Brandon laughs and they begin to talk. When Carrie mentions wanting to have a Christmas get together in honor of Marlena, but the problems with Sami and Jan missing, Brandon mentions Nicole’s been missing too!

    -Peter says this can’t be happening, and Stefano says that it is, and all of his children shall accept it. Lexie tells Stefano this is crazy, and Renee agrees. Stefano silences them all, saying that is enough, and Megan says she supports his decision. Stefano thanks her, and says he only told Megan because he knew he could trust her to not pull anything….he tells them that now, this is done, and its time for the next step…he says that soon, Salem shall be theirs!

    -Justin and Belle talk about Belle’s issues with Nicholas, and she tells him about Forrest giving Nicholas and ultimatium awhile back. Justin tells Belle that Alamain and Titan are rivals, and Victor has been trying to get Titan for awhile now…he says that though, she can’t let it affect her personal life. He tells her that if she really likes Nicholas, she needs to be with him. Belle says that he’d get kicked out of Alamain if they were to get back together, and she can’t do that to him. Justin tells her that it seems like Nicholas wants Belle more than he wants Alamain, and that she needs to do whats right, and that leaves Belle thinking…

    -Carrie finds it odd that Nicole is missing, but she says that she knows Nicole a bit, and after she was exposed for pretending to be Tony and Marlena’s child, she may have skipped town. Brandon says that wouldn’t be like Nicole though, and both of them discuss their sisters/step-sisters missing. The topic eventually floats to Carrie missing Marlena, and Brandon comforts her.

    -The paramedics tell Stefano, Vivian, and Kristen they are free to go, and luckily any injuries were very minor. As a limo arrives to take the DiMera’s home, Stefano takes Vivian’s hand and says that now its time to move into the future!
  12. daysfan
    Episode#278: Married

    -Steve continues to try to break out of his prison…the ropes slowly come off!

    -At the Horton House, Laura and Maggie continue to argue. Jeremy helps Nick and Abby get the tree up, and as they do he bumps into Mike! Jeremy angrily tells Mike to watch where he’s going, and Mike tries to plea with him and asks him if they can’t at least cooperate around the times of the holidays, and Jeremy says not after he slept with his girlfriend! Jeremy stomps off and Mike tries to go after him, but Robin says to stay away from her son!

    -Back in the Spears Mansion frontyard, Greta tells Lucas that she and Jan got into a bit of a…scuffle. Lucas’s eyes widen and he asks why, and she says that Jan seemned a bit cranky, and she then admits that Jan hit her repeatedly with a branch!

    -St.Luke’s suddenly….explodes! Elvis, Renee, and Lexie all get outside in time, but look on in shock, as the structure still stands but the interior is ruined! Renee asks what the hell happened, and their father, Kristen, and Vivian may be dead! Elvis confesses that he had a bomb planted inside to stop the wedding!

    *Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

    -Stefan and Kayla are having a romantic dinner. Stefan tells Kayla how much he loves her, and she says that she loves him….a mysterious person watches them both!

    -Steve promises Kayla he will get home!

    -Mike tells Robin to butt out, and Robin says that she won’t because she has to protect Jeremy from men like his, all his life he’s always treated Jeremy like dirt, he never knew how to be a father and still doesn’t! Mike tells Robin that this is between Jeremy and him, and he knows how to be a father but Jeremy won’t let him in, he hasn’t for almost a year! He says he’s so sorry for sleeping with Alexis, he’s apologized for months, but he didn’t even know she was Jeremy’s girlfriend! Mike then runs after Jeremy!

    -Lucas looks at Greta in shock and asks why the hell Jan did that, and Greta says that she was probably just frustrated…she says thet she guesses with his son there and all and Sami flaunting around it just took a toll on her, and she says she mainly came here to ask about Nicole, since Jan knew her and she guesses Jan just didn’t want even more stress….Lucas says something doesn’t add up here, but Greta tells him she doesn’t know whats left to explain…Jan just got frustrated and had enough and she just ended up getting hurt, and that’s all there is to it. Greta quickly tells Lucas goodbye and runs off!

    -Renee nearly faints at Elvis’s confession, and she takes out her cell phone and calls 911, while Lexie SLAPS Elvis and calls him an idiot for this! Elvis says that they all hate his decision and when Kristen told him he knew he had to stop it, and Lexie asks if that means KILLING Stefano! Elvis says the bomb wasn’t supposed to be a huge one, just enough to stop the wedding…he says it couldn’t have killed them because St.Luke’s is still standing, and Lexie snaps just barely, and she looks at the Church and says she has to get in there!

    -Stefan and Kayla continue to enjoy their romantic evening with each other, as the mysterious figure watches and clenches their fists!

    -Elvis tells Lexie it could be too dangerous, and Lexie turns to Elvis and says fine, then he goes in there since this is his fault! Renee interrupts the arguing siblings and says that an ambulance is on its way!

    -Mike catches up to Jeremy, and he tells him to please stop. Jeremy asks him why he should, and Mike needs to stop acting like he should forgive him! Mike tells Jeremy maybe he doesn’t, but that Jeremy can’t act like this forever….some angry teenager, because Jeremy is a grown ass man. He tells him that they’ve argued so many times, he’s made so many mistakes, but he’s sure Jeremy has too. He says that it’s the holidays, for once they need to get along. He tells him if they can at least get past the fact that he wasn’t around as much during Jeremy’s childhood and the Alexis factor…they could at least be kind to each other. Jeremy is silent for a minute, and remains silent as he slowly walks off….

    -The ambulance arrives, and quickly they bust in and try to get Stefano, Vivian, Kristen, and Father Jansen out. While Lexie, Renee, and Elvis wait anxiously, they slowly bring them out…one by one. Stefano coughs, as he and Vivian are conscious, and he looks up at Renee and asks who did this…and Renee motions to Elvis! Stefano goes off on Elvis while he coughs, telling him that he should kill him for betraying him and his family like this, but Vivian hoarsely interrupts him and says its alright…Elvis’s effort was in vain…they’re married now, and that’s all that matters!
  13. daysfan
    From LIS EP/HW Tara Smith:

    Due to the holidays, I have been very busy and unable to post episodes...therefore, the Christmas/New Years episodes of LIS shall air this week!!!! Be on the look out for them, and my deepest apologies to them not being able to be posted on time!
  14. daysfan
    "2009 will be a gigantic year for LIS, it has so much ghoing on...December 08 was only the beginning." Tara Smith previews

    Marlena's Death:"The aftermath continues to play out...Sami is the town bad girl, she's reformed in recent years, but combined with her past and the craziness of Stan, the law won't be easily convinced. It would almost be ridiculous for her not to be charged. There have been a few cases with Sami like this before, the murder of Franco Kelly and when Kate and Eugenia set her up in 05. But this is so different, and will play out in such a different way this very well could be the biggest thing Sami has ever faced. Someone will believe Sami...and this someone isn't the person you'd expect! This story is going to connect with another one within the first months of 2009."

    The DiMera's:"Well, this big plan Stefano has been going on about with Vivian for a very long time now has finally been revealed: They got married...again! Vivian is now a DiMera, and again has power. Stefano uses her to take a big step in dominating Salem, but his children, obvious by Elvis rigging St.Luke's to explode, dissapprove. Also there's Peter, who Vivian had a one night stand during the "Secret Storm" in Winter of 08....everyone knows about that after he exposed it at the fashion show, but Vivian wants revenge. Later on, this story is going to take a twist no one expects!"

    The Business War: "This storyline has been on full blast for awhile now, even if it has taken a bit of a downtime airtime-wise lately. Forrest is working desperately to save Alamain from Titan, but soon Victor will be the last of his worries. Vivian will be back in action now that she has power, and she is going to get vengance on people like Forrest, Billie, Nicholas, and especially Valentine...who all booted her out of Alamain, and the latter(in cahoots with Celeste) exposed her schemes at the fashion show. Nicholas wants to be with Belle, but he can't be because of his uncle's orders, and Forrest won't let Nicholas and Belle be together no matter what. Valentine also is harboring a secret, and that will be revealed this year."

    Lucas/Jan/Greta/Nicole: "Greta continues to torment Jan and Nicole in the Secret Room beneath the Spears Mansion, but there will be a few twists...Lucas is going to try to give up on Jan, and he meets another woman. Nicole also knows about Stan, and may hold the key to Sami's freedom...this storyline is going to be HUGE, and will envelope so many characters its unbelievable. If you want a story with numerous twists, you got one."

    Jeremy/Alexis/Mike/Robin/Laura: "Robin continues to try to protect Jeremy, as Alexis and Mike constantly try to get back into his good graces. Robin is a hard vixen, but Alexis isn't one to be messed with. Jeremy and Mike's father-son issues will continue heavily, but Mike has one supporter: Laura. Laura is trying to play the mediator, and isn't getting along well with Robin in the process. Will Alexis ever get Jeremy back? We'll see, but this will be a huge story in 2009."

    Steve/Kayla/Stefan: "This is coming to a climax....Helena and Stefan will go down very soon, and Steve and Kayla think they can have happiness. But, they have someone watching them....this will tie into a slowly building HUGE story."

    Bo: "Bo has been finding a great friend in Kristen, but could it become more? Megan is on the prowl, and she has a HUGE plan in place for Bo, one that she hopes will reunite her and Bo...Megan is a full fledged psycho, she's going to stop at nothing to get what she wants."

    Will/Destiny/The Galore's: "The custody battle will begin...things are looking bleak for poor Will. He's just a teen who means well, but he will fight for Arianna, but so will Benard and Crystal. Crystal is going to go to GREAT lengths to get her granddaughter, and this will intertwine with another story. Will and Destiny are part of the next generation, they will be front and center."

    Tony/Anna: "They may reunite, they may not...right now they are testing the waters, but Tony's life may be in jeapordy sometime soon. This may not seem like much, but Tony WILL play a role in something HUGE."

    Abe/Maggie: "Abe will continue with physical therapy, this road is a long one...he is as close to Maggie as ever, but when his old lover Faye comes back into his life things may just get rocky."

    Carrie/Brandon: "Carrie is trying to get over Marlena's death, and she's finding some good comfort in Brandon...they will grow closer, and eventually, Carrie is going to be involved in TWO big storylines."

    Victor/Celeste/Dorian/Viki: "This shall be a big story....Dorian has some plans in stores for Victor, and Celeste is concerned now that Dorian is back around...Viki will be back soon, but will she bring good ole Niki with her? Victor will also be involved in the business war...he thinks he's the one with all the power, but soon he'll learn otherwise!"
  15. daysfan
    Episode#277: Stefano and Vivian’s Deed

    -At the Horton House, Maggie, Laura, Abe, Jeremy, Robin, Nick, Abby, and Mike are all there putting the Christmas tree up to get ready for the Annual Ornament Hanging on Christmas Eve. Jeremy tries to avoid Mike, and both Laura and Maggie sigh as they see him staying away from his father. Laura pulls Maggie aside and tells her that this has to stop!

    -Outside the Spears Mansion, Greta is coming out of a secret entrance and walks out to the sidewalk, and as she is slowly and discreetly walking away, her eyes widen when she sees Lucas coming out the front door! She tries to dart away but Lucas notices her and quickly runs up to her, and asks her what she’s doing in front of Jan’s mansion again!

    -Inside Helena’s secret hideout, Steve is still tied to that chair…he constantly thinks about his family, Kayla, and all his friends back in Salem…he says to himself he’s been here for much too long, he’s breaking out SOON!

    -At St.Luke’s, the DiMera children stand outside the church, and Kristen yells that there’s no time to waste, and both Renee and Lexie follow Kristen as Elvis stands back a bit, and the three girls barge into the church to reveal…STEFANO AND VIVIAN AT THE ALTER!

    *Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

    -Forrest and Billie are at the Alamain Mansion having dinner alone. Billie mentions how she can’t believe Marlena died, and she was never too close to her but knew her well…and she says that what’s even more shocking is her brother’s ex killed her! Forrest agrees, and says that at least things have been peaceful around here lately…Billie laughs and says that it hasn’t seemed like it to her, with her mother back from the dead and them selling so much of Alamain’s stock. Forrest nods but says that its good they have been, because of the economy crashing this is the time and they got to it early. Billie nods, and asks Forrest what she thinks will become of Alamain.

    -Laura explains to Maggie that it seems Jeremy and Mike are constantly avoiding each other, and Maggie says she wishes they weren’t either, but there’s nothing they can do. Its between Mike and Jeremy. Laura tells her that if that is true then Robin shouldn’t be here at all. Maggie sighs and says that Jeremy does need his mother. Laura tells her the hell he does!

    -Greta tries to give Lucas an excuse, she tells him that she just happened to be passing by! Lucas says fine and says he wants to speak to her about how he found her clawed and critically injured that one night in the front yard of the mansion, and Greta makes a quick flashback to Jan and her having a catfight and the raccoon in her face. She says that she and Jan have met each other, she was just visiting and tripped. Lucas says that that can’t be true!

    -Steve tries to struggle with his ropes, and slowly they begin to loosen!

    -Stefano and Vivian are revealed to be at the alter…Vivian in a beautiful wedding dress!!!! Father Jansen is there, and all the color fades from Lexie’s face, and Renee nearly faints, and Kristen mutters “No…no…we didn’t make it in time…”, and Father Jansen says:

    Father Jansen:I now pronounce you…man and wife.

    -Forrest sighs, and says he doesn’t know…with the stock market crashing, things are only getting worse, and despite their plan to sell so much of their stock and investment in networks and other things, which is helping, he just doesn’t know…Alamain is still going downhill. He promises her, however, that everything will be alright.

    -Renee approaches Stefano, and asks if he really married Vivian! Stefano says that it will help them in the domination of Salem, and Lexie says that this just can’t be, he couldn’t have married such a crazy woman as Vivian Alamain! Vivian snaps to Lexie that she better start being a little nicer, and Stefano says this is why he has been with Vivian so much lately and he got Ji’Min to get her out of jail…he needs her to be his wife! Elvis rushes in and tells everyone that they need to get out, its already too late, they need to go! Kristen tells Elvis to shut up, and she says this is what she wanted to stop: Stefano and Vivian getting married!

    -Lucas tells Greta that he had to take her to the hospital, she did much more than just trip for those bruises, scratches, and injuries! Greta argues that she heard Jan went into a coma by hitting her head, and Lucas says that’s because Jan hit her head, and Greta was literally crawling and couldn’t speak, and she was hurt all over her body! Greta sighs and says she’ll tell him what really happened!

    -Kristen asks Stefano if he’s forgotten how poisonous Vivian is, and he reminds her that she helped her when she faked her pregnancy! Elvis tries to pull Renee, Lexie, and even Kristen out of St.Luke’s and says the wedding’s over, they need to get out of here! Lexie asks Stefano why he didn’t tell them, but Stefano simply says he knew they’d object! Elvis again tells everyone they need to leave, and Stefano tells his son he’s right, and as Elvis tries to pull his sisters out, Stefano and Vivian begin to run down the aisle together, but…St.Luke’s…EXPLODES!
  16. daysfan
    Episode#276: The Taxi

    -Greta comes to visit Jan and Nicole, and sees Jan trying to figure out a way to escape. Greta laughs and says how cute, and tells Jan to just give it up, she’s not getting out of here. Nicolee asks Greta if they have to be in there can she at least go away, and Greta responds that there’d be no fun if she did, and she just thought she’d tell them how their loved ones are!

    -Lucas walks around the kitchen of the Spears Mansion, and says he still can’t believe that Jan just up and left town like that...especially when they were about to get married, and he wonders if Will and Arianna, Greta, and her being Marlena’s child just pushed her too far…but he then says outloud that she wouldn’t have just left Bentley here. He says that something is not right!

    -Sami arrives at the hospital, and runs into Mike, and she frantically asks if Nicole is still here!

    -Elvis, Renee, Kristen, and Lexie continue to wait for a tow truck and taxi to arrive, and Elvis paces as he thinks about what’s about to happen. Finally, after a bit more waiting, the tow truck arrives and takes their broken car away, and the taxi also arrives, and Kristen whispers in the driver’s ear where to take them! They all get in the taxi and drive off!

    *Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

    -Nicole sarcastically asks what loved ones she has left, and Greta says that’s such a good point, but her mother and brother are doing fine. Nicole threatens Greta and tells her to stay away from Faye and Brandon, and Greta chuckles and tells Jan that poor Lucas is going through such a tough time, his fiancee just taking off int othe wind. Jan asks Greta what she’s talking about, and Greta says that Jan wrote him a little note, telling him how she couldn’t take everything anymore and left Salem!

    -Lucas recalls when everything started getting really crazy around the Spears Mansion and Jan’s life back in late May…how he proposed to her and she accepted, but then Will returned with a baby and didn’t particularly like Jan, Sami constantly acted weird…he says that Jan’s been through worse so that wouldn’t push her over the edge, he says that Nicole was revealed to have pretended to be the DiMera Child when Jan really was the child, and that may have pushed her, but she’s pulled off those type of schemes herself before…but getting two new parents would be huge…Lucas continues to ponder this, but then he remembers randomly finding Greta injured on the front porch, and Jan also being scratched and bruised, and he wonders what happened between them, and if Greta’s still in town then he needs to find out!

    -Mike tells Sami that Nicole mysteriously vanished from the hospital days ago, and they haven’t seen her since…he’s assuming she left, but she didn’t even give the hospital any check out forms. Sami says that’s way too strange and they have to know something about where she is, and Mike shakes his head and says unfortunately, they don’t. As Mike walks off, Sami stands there in shock and asks what kind of hospital this is, letting patients just walk out and not even try to find out where they are! She says to herself that she needs to find Nicole, because she remembers how Stan shot her at the fashion show in May, when he wanted to kill Marlena…and Stan had to have a reason for shooting Nicole, so its obvious Nicole knows something, and she could help her…but now she’s missing!

    -The DiMeras continue to drive across Salem…

    -Jan’s eyes widen and she snaps to Greta that Lucas would never believe that! Greta tells her that he already has, his little son Will had to comfort him over it. Jan screams “NO, NO, NO!!!!” over and over, and Greta takes joy in seeing her in so much pain. She looks at Nicole and says that she hates her the most, she only wishes she had a loved one that she could trick into thinking Nicole took off from…but Nicole is such a bitch she doesn’t have any. Nicole says cute, and Greta tells them that she’ll leave them alone, and Jan breaks down crying!

    -Lucas decides to find Greta, and takes off!

    -The taxi stops somewhere in Salem…and Kristen thanks the driver and pays him as they all get out, and Elvis gulps, and warns them all to be careful, which raises Renee’s suspicions. They all look around and Lexie asks what they are doing here, and Kristen says they have to get in there NOW…they have to get into St.Luke’s Church before its too late!!!!
  17. daysfan
    Episode#275: Elvis’s Next Move

    -Down in the Secret Room beneath the Spears Mansion, Jan and Nicole continue to try to withstand living together. Jan paces and says that they have to get out of here soon, because she’s engaged and Lucas is going to wonder what happened to her. Nicole just brushes it off, and Jan angrily tells her to listen, and that she is going to get out of here no matter what it takes!

    -Sami rushes into her room at the Salem Inn, and she says this is perfect, she’ll be able to clear her name!

    -At the DiMera Mansion, Megan is still thinking about how she will get Bo all for herself, and Peter comes out and asks where everyone is, and Megan says “Oh not another one”, and tells Peter that everyone’s just busy. She says that once they get back though, they are gonna have a bombshell, especially for him.

    -On the side of the road, Kristen is still angry over their car breaking down, and Renee tells her it will all be fine. Elvis is still on the phone, and he says that they have to get it down there FAST, and there isn’t much time!

    *Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

    -Dorian is sitting in a luxury, deluxe room at the Salem Hotel. She drinks some wine and says that Victor’s life is about to get a whole lot worse….

    -At the Kiriakis Mansion, the mysterious figure who was there earlier sneaks in, and sits down in the living room…

    -Nicole tells her that they tried that already, Jan can’t just bust down the doors. Jan says that she doesn’t care, she has to get back to Lucas, her son, and make Greta pay! Nicole groans as Jan continues to try to find a way out of the room, but is continuously unsuccessful, and Nicole tells Jan she told her so.

    -Sami takes out her phone and dials a number, but after a minute, she curses and says she couldn’t get ahold of her. She runs out of her room and bangs on another door, and yells for Nicole to open up! After a few minutes of constant knocking, she walks up to the front desk in the Salem Inn, and asks the secretary if Nicole Walker is still staying here….and the secretary responds that as far as she knows, Nicole is still in the hospital after being shot. Sami mutters:

    Sami:Of course…thanks!

    Sami again runs off, thinking to herself that Nicole is her last hope…for once…

    -Peter asks Megan what she means, but Megan just smiles and says he’ll see, and she walks off…

    -Elvis just tells the person on the phone to “get it done”, as Lexie watches and raises an eyebrow. Elvis hangs up his phone and Lexie approaches him and asks him who he was talking to, but Elvis makes a quick excuse and just says he was talking to the towing company, and he walks off.

    -Dorian says that she couldn’t just let Victor sit around living a peaceful life…and now that she’s in Salem, its time for some payback….

    -On the side of the road, Elvis walks away from Lexie and says to himself he hopes his father forgives him for what he’s set in motion…
  18. daysfan
    Episode#274: The Race to Stop Stefano

    -Megan continues to stand in the DiMera Courtyard, saying how her father’s plans are coming full circle, and none of his children will be able to stop him….

    -Carrie and Brandon greet each other at Chez Rouge, and Brandon notices Carrie is distracted and questions her about it. Carrie explains the situation about Sami, and Brandon says he heard about that and has no clue whats going on with her. Carrie explains that although the evidence points to Sami lying, she doesn’t know what to believe. Her and Brandon continue to talk, and Brandon invites her to dance!

    -Renee, Lexie, Kristen, and Elvis are all in the car and Elvis asks Kristen if she could at least tell them whats so bad that Stefano’s doing, and Kristen says theyre is absolutely NO time, they just have to get there in time…

    -Sami is at the Java Café. She is having a cup of coffee as she thinks to herself she HAS to prove that it was Stami, because no one will speak to her and she can’t go to jail, and she prays for God and Marlena to help her. As Sami sits at a table she hears a voice says “Oh, it’s the murderor!” and looks up to see Greta Von Amberg!

    *Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

    -Abe and Maggie are together at Abe’s house, as Maggie helps him through physical therapy. They spend time together and talk as she helps him, and Abe thanks her for doing this, and Maggie thanks him, because this is helping her keep her mind off of all that’s happened. Abe tries to comfort Maggie and she opens up to him as she says that the past few years, she has been hit with such devastation. She explains to him that Zack, Shawn, Alice, and Mickey all died, Doug slipped into a coma, Hope and Julie are in jail, and now Marlena is dead…not to mention whats happened to all of their other friends, and Abe’s stroke. Abe continues to comfort her, and tells her that together, they can survive all of this…

    -Megan says that soon this town will be her father’s, and she’ll be at her side, and Bo’s will be at her’s…

    -Carrie eagerly accepts Brandon’s invitation, and they begin to dance. As they dance, they talk about various things and bond, and eventually they drift back to the subject of Sami. Brandon tells her that Sami’s track record is against her, and he knows that Sami can lie. Carrie agees, and says something just seems off…Brandon however also brings up that a few years back, Kate and Eugenia Willens drugged him and Sami and threw them in bed together to make it look like she cheated on Lucas the night before Lucas and Sami’s wedding. He says that for months Sami claimed it wasn’t their fault and no one believed her, which is what led to Stan in the first place, but later Sami and Nicole finally found proof that it was Kate and Eugenia. Carrie says she did hear about that, and continues to think. Brandon tells Carrie that if she really wants an answer…to just go with her gut. Carrie realizes he’s right and thanks him as they finish up their dance…

    -The DiMeras are still in the car riding throughout Salem, and Elvis continues to try to get Kristen to tell them whats going on with Stefano. Kristen again refuses and Renee tries to get Elvis to calm down, as Lexie says that this is ridiculous and they just need to get to wherever they are going, but suddenly, the car breaks down!

    -Abe and Maggie continue to spend time together and try to get through all that’s happened.

    -Sami asks Greta what the hell she wants, and she barely even knows her, she tells her to go bug Nicole! Greta says that she won’t be able to do that, and tells her she’s so sorry about her mother…and that she couldn’t make up any better lies. Sami gets very angry and tells Greta to just stay out of it, its none of her business! Greta laughs and says poor Eric, he must be in tears over this, and Sami just tells her to shut up. Greta says that she doesn’t know who’s worse: Her or Nicole, both of them are con-artists. Sami is silent for a moment, before yelling:

    Sami:That’s it!

    Sami runs out of the Java Café, leaving Greta in confusion.

    -Kristen is enraged when the car breaks down in the middle of the road! Lexie says she’ll call a tow truck and a cab, and Renee tries to calm Kristen down. Kristen says to call Peter or something! Elvis approaches Kristen and says just to tell him whats going on, and Kristen yells fine if it’ll get him off her back, and she whispers something in his ear! Elvis exclaims “OH NO!” before walking off, taking out his cell phone, and saying into it:

    Elvis:Hey, its me…I need…to make an arrangement…I need to stop my father from making a terrible mistake…
  19. daysfan
    Episode#273: Kate Confronts Tony

    -Carrie is at Chez Rouge, still distraught over Marlena’s death. Alexis enters and orders a drink, her being distraught over the situation with Jeremy and Mike, and she and Carrie meet, and explain their situations to each other, and Carrie is horrified to learn about what Mike did, and Carrie explains that she knew Mike very well, and at first Alexis says “Not another ex.”, but Carrie assures her that she won’t judge her for what she did, and Alexis comforts Carrie over losing Marlena.

    -Lexie, Renee, and Elvis continuously search for Stefano, and they stumble onto Kristen, who also claims that she hasn’t see him in quite some time, and they all continue to search.

    -Will and Destiny continue to argue with the Galore’s at Salem Park. Crystal taunts Will saying there’s no way the court will give Arianna to an underage criminal. Destiny reminds Crystal of her criminal record, being a porn star and trying to kill Marlena for Nicole Walker, but Crystal argues that all of that was along time ago, but all of Will’s crimes are very recent. Benard also taunts Will telling him that he’ll have his mother in jail with him, and Will stomps off angrily!

    -Tony is at the Salem Inn, and he gets a knock on his door…slowly he goes and answers it, and is shocked and horrified to see Kate standing there!

    *Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

    -Carrie finds comfort in Alexis over all that’s happened over the past few weeks. Alexis learns about Sami being accused of killing Marlena, and she tells Carrie that she did meet Sami when she was working for EJ, and she did seem feisty, but not psychotic. Carrie says that she was acting odd before Marlena was killed, and she just doesn’t know. Carrie also tells Alexis that she’s met Jeremy before, and if she knows him, he won’t hold a grudge forever.

    -The DiMera Children keep on searching for Stefano, but to no avail, however outside, in the courtyard, they run into Megan, who smirks at hearing they are searching for Stefano, and she tells them she knows where he is!

    -Tony is shocked to see Kate at his doorstep, and he says that he heard she was alive…but with Marlena dying, he just hasn’t had the time to talk to her. Kate has a firm look on her face, and asks him how he can be a free man, and Tony explains to her that he was cleared on all of his crimes on reasons of insanity, and explains to her the Vince mess! Kate tells him she doesn’t believe that, and she’s going to make him pay!

    -Renee, Lexie, Elvis, and Kristen all quiz Megan on where Stefano is, but Megan is reluctant at first, and Lexie asks why Stefano would tell her of all people, the crazy psycho, where he is going and not tell the rest of them, and Elvis sneers that Megan is the favorite. Megan laughs and says they are all such fools, and Kristen orders everyone to leave so she can speak to Megan privately!

    -Destiny chases after Will throughout the street, and she chases him all the way into Salem Place! She tells him to ignore what Benard and Crystal told him, and Will comments that he hates those two, and he loved Arianna his girlfriend, but he just can’t stand her parents or her siblings. Destiny tells Will that there’s no good just standing around and bad mouthing them, they have to fight, fight for both Arianna’s, and themselves!

    -Tony tries to plea with Kate, and deeply apologizes, and says that they always were friends, and Kate snaps that they were until he pulled her into a garden in Italy and shot her! Tony once again claims it was Vince and he had no influence or power as to what he did, and Kate sarcastically says that everyone uses insanity as an excuse, and Tony tells her that he’s sorry but she can do nothing to him, he’s already been cleared. Kate says that she’s Kate Roberts, and its disgusting that he got off like this. She says that she’s a powerful woman and it is well known that she’s back in Salem and has re-taken her throne, so he should watch his back! Kate then leaves, as Tony sighs, wishing Kate and Kristen would back off of him, believing that it really was Vince…

    -Crystal and Benard remain in the park and discuss the situation, and Benard again asserts that he hates Will AND Destiny, but she had a point about Crystal’s track record. Crystal simply brushes it off that the lawyer can find some loophole around that, and that Benard has a perfect track record and is a well respected business man. Crystal thinks to herself that she doesn’t care about her past, she is going to take Arianna!

    -Kristen confronts Megan privately, and tells her sister that they both have always been the closet of all of Stefanos’ children to be closest to him, and she deserves to know where he is! Megan laughs and says she doesn’t care, and she can’t let them interfere in their father’s plans. Kristen won’t back down however and continues to grill Megan.

    -Carrie and Alexis continue to talk and befriend each other, and Carrie also assures Alexis that Robin won’t be that hard to take on, and Carrie expresses her concerns about Sami. Alexis says that its possible that Sami is lying through her teeth, and she could have snapped and no one knew, and Carrie sighs. Alexis tells Carrie that she needs to go, but as she stands up, she reminds Carrie that sometimes, even the most unbelievable things are true. Carrie ponders this and Alexis leaves, and then Carrie runs into Brandon!

    -Kristen continues pressuring Megan, and Megan finally says just to humor her, she’ll tell her where Stefano is, and Megan thinks to herself she hopes her father will forgive her for this, and she says to Kristen that its probably too late now. She leans in and whispers something in Kristen’s ear, and Kristen’s eyes widen, and Megan laughs after she is finished, and Kristen rushes to her other siblings and says to follow her!
  20. daysfan
    Episode#272: Vivian’s Doubts

    -Renee comes down at the DiMera Mansion and asks Lexie if she’s seen Stefano anywhere, and Lexie says no, and Renee says she hasn’t seen him in hours…

    -Valentine walks across the Alamain Mansion, and thinks about everything that has been happening with Alamain, and she says that despite that…her life has been just about perfect. She slowly takes out a picture of someone from a drawer, and says she’s sorry she had to leave him, but she has a better life in Salem…

    -Destiny is with Will down at the park, and he pours his heart out to her about how he misses his daughter. She comforts him and assures him its all gonna be alright, and he’ll get Arianna back, and Will says he hopes so. He tells Destiny how glad he is to have her at her side and she smiles, but then their moment of joy is ruined when Crystal and Benard arrive!

    -Victor is at the Kiriakis Mansion and is still disturbed by Dorian’s sudden arrival and decision to move to Salem. Celeste soon begins to ask Victor why this concerns him so much, and Victor tries to tell her its nothing, but Celeste soon also gets concerned, and when Victor goes to get a drink, she takes out her Tarot Cards!

    -At Salem Place, Vivian walks along, and thinks to herself that in just a few hours, she’ll have made a major step in getting back at everyone who ever hurt her. She looks at the various shops, and then gulps and wonders outloud if its really worth it. She hears a voice asks if whats really worth it and turns to see KATE!

    *Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

    -Lexie and Renee get concerned for Stefano, and they also ask Elvis if he’s seen him. Elvis hasn’t either, and all three begin to search for Stefano!

    -Valentine continues to admire the picture she is looking at, but when she hears someone enter, she quickly puts it away, and turns to see Ivan! He asks if she’s alright and she says yes, and she rushes out of the room, leaving Ivan to wonder why she was acting so odd.

    -Benard angrily asks Will what he’s doing out of jail, and Destiny asks them to just leave them alone, and Crystal begins taunting Will about his grandmother’s death and says that she will soon have Arianna. Will gets angry and tries to stand up to the Galore’s, but Destiny manages to calm him down. Benard however promises Will that Arianna will soon be under their custody!

    -Celeste is utterly horrified when the Tarot Cards tell her that her relationship with Victor is in great danger! Celeste vows to find out what is going on with Dorian, and Victor wonders if Celeste is alright -Celeste is utterly horrified when the Tarot Cards tell her that her relationship with Victor is in great danger! Celeste vows to find out what is going on with Dorian, and Victor wonders if Celeste is alright once he comes back in and they drink and spend time together, and Victor tries to get his mind off of Dorian.

    -Vivian is shocked to see Kate standing before her! She begins throwing insults at her immediately and sarcastically welcomes her back to life, and Kate tells Vivian that she’s so petty, and she’s through with their rivalry, and she was just concerned that Vivian wouldn’t do something crazy. Vivian and Kate angrily fight and Vivian eventually stomps off, and vows that now she must do this! To make everyone pay! There is a freeze frame with Vivian, Stefano, Celeste, Valentine, Forrest, and Kate’s faces…
  21. daysfan
    Episode#271: The Plan Commences

    -At the Spears Mansion, everyone is just getting up and around…and as Lucas walks through the living room, he is STUNNED when he discovers a note from “Jan” on the coffee table!

    -Robin and Laura continue to face-off over Mike and Jeremy, and Laura tells Robin that she just needs to go back to Israel! Robin asks how Laura, a woman who she’s barely met, can tell her to go back to Israel when she’s barely been back in Salem for a week! Laura says that she’s seen how Robin’s been acting, and it’d just be better if she wasn’t in Salem, and both of them turn when they see Jeremy enter!

    -Belle is out shopping, still mourning her mother and trying to keep her mind off of it. While shopping, she runs into Nicholas!

    -Celeste asks Victor who this is, and Kate says she was just wondering that herself. Victor asks if Celeste and Kate would excuse him, and both oddly leave, and Victor engages in a heated discussion with Dorian. He asks her what the hell she is doing in Salem, and Dorian simply asks if she can’t visit her ex-lover once in awhile!

    -At the DiMera Mansion, Stefano constantly worries now that Marlena is dead. When Vivian walks into his office, he looks at her and tells her that he must kick his plans into high gear now, and the Phoenix must rise! Vivian asks if he’s sure now, and Stefano says:

    Stefano: Yes, my dear, now

    *Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

    -Lucas is shocked and dismayed at the note Jan left him! Will comes downstairs and asks Lucas whats wrong, and Lucas informs him that Jan’s left town…and shows him the note! Will is shocked and says that he always found Jan odd, and Lucas is devastated, feeling like she ran out on him, and he finds comfort in his son, as Greta watches in joy from the window.

    -Belle is uncomfortable when she runs into Nicholas, and quickly tells him she needs to go. Nicholas stops her and tells her they need to talk, and he’s sorry about her mother, but Belle tells him they have nothing to talk about, and she just can’t do this now, and Belle runs off.

    -Victor and Dorian mysteriously argue, with Victor stating how Dorian has not come in contact with him in years and why of all times now, but Dorian affirms to him that she’s here and here to stay!

    -Vivian and Stefano begin talking about their plan, and Vivian asks Stefano if they really can do it now. Stefano says that they must, after the death of his Queen of the Night, he’s not holding back any longer!

    -Robin and Laura try to calm down when Jeremy enters, but Jeremy blasts them both for arguing, and asks if he can’t enjoy having his mother back in his life, and also asks if they can’t just forget about Mike and Alexis. Laura tries to argue with Jeremy but he won’t have it, and finally she gives up, but tells Robin that she’s keeping her eye on her, which leads to Jeremy asking Laura how long she’s staying in town, and Laura responds possibly a very long time! This thrills Jeremy but unsettles Robin.

    -Vivian and Stefano are at an unknown location…and Stefano slowly comes out from behind a curtain and says that all is well…and its time, they just need several hours to prepare. Vivian nods, and they both set off…
  22. daysfan
    Episode#270: Diva in Salem!

    -At the Kiriakis Mansion, Kate comes downstairs in her robe and brushes her hair, and she sees Celeste in the living room with Victor, and she walks in and smirks and says how cute. Victor tells Kate he is spending some private time with a very special person, and to get out. Kate laughs and says fine, but as she turns to leave, the doorbell rings, Kate goes to answer it, and it is revealed to be DORIAN LORD!

    -In Europe, there is a woman seen walking through a large castle. She walks up to a door and knocks on it, and a voice says “Come in”, and the woman enters. She begins by saying that she needs to go to Salem, and the man tells her to be patient, and soon they will go back to Salem…once her sister heals. The woman says that time is running out, and the man assures her that it will all happen when the time is right…

    -Back in Salem, at Maggie’s house, Laura Horton(Jamie-Lynn Bauer) comes downstairs and sees Robin drinking some coffee. Robin looks up and smiles at Laura, and says that she is sincerely sorry for the loss of Laura’s great friend Marlena. Laura thanks her, and says these past few years have been very hard for everyone, and she just is glad her children and grandchildren are alright, and Robin mutters under her breath that maybe Mike isn’t. Laura tells her that that is actually what she wanted to talk to her about: Mike.

    -At the Salem Inn, Tony wakes up in bed…with Anna next to him!!! He slowly looks at her as she wakes up, and she looks around…and asks if they slept together last night! Tony slowly says he believes they did, and Anna then apologizes, but Tony says no, he should be apologizing, because he was so drowned in Marlena dying…but Anna stops him and says she understands. Anna then says that maybe she shouldn’t be asking this, but she will. Anna asks Tony if this by some chance gives hope for them ever getting back together!

    *Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

    -Stefan and Kayla are at Salem Place Apartments. Kayla says that it is so sad that Marlena is dead, and Stefan simply says yes, it is. Kayla asks if he’s alright, and it seems like he’s not really cared about Marlena’s death or anything. Stefan says that all is fine, and Kayla oddly shrugs as she walks away, and it is revealed Helena is watching from the window…and she scowls and says that Stefan is screwing everything up!

    -Kate asks Dorian Lord(Robin Strasser) who the hell she is! Dorian laughs and asks how she could not know who she is and she says she is Dorian Lord! Kate shrugs and asks what she wants, and Dorian says she wants to speak to Victor. Kate shakes her head and yells to Victor that someone is here for him, and Victor tells them to leave, but Kate yells that its Dorian Lord and Victor stops dead in his tracks!

    -The two people at the castle in the Europe discuss going back to Salem, and the man insists that the time is approaching when they will go back to Salem.

    -Laura and Robin get into an explosive argument over Mike, Laura telling Robin that she’s being way too hard on Mike, and Jeremy won’t need her breathing over his shoulder to protect him from Mike and Alexis. Robin however fires at Laura that after all that Mike has done, she needs to do this, and she’s stayed out for far too long.

    -Tony and Anna discuss their relationship, and Tony tells Anna that he has forgiven her for all that happened with Jan and Nicole and understands why she did what she did now, but he’s not ready yet, its too soon after Marlena’s death, and they shouldn’t have slept together, and Anna understands, but says that she can’t wait for him forever.

    -Helena vows not to let Stefan ever be discovered, and to continue to torture Steve. However, another figure watches Kayla, Stefan, AND Helena…meanwhile Stefan and Kayla spend time together and bond to help Kayla get over Marlena’s death.

    -Victor is astonished to hear about Dorian Lord being on his door-step! He quickly rushes to the door with Celeste behind him, and Dorian says “Hello…Victor, its been a long time…I’m sure you’ll be glad to know I’m moving to Salem. Permanantly.”
  23. daysfan
    Episode#268: Marlena’s Funeral Part 1

    -Several days have passed in Salem since Marlena Evans’ historic murder. The town of Salem is now preparing to bury a beloved woman….

    -Down in the Secret Room beneath the Spears Mansion, in the bathroom besides the actual room itself, Jan is in the bathtub, as Nicole sleeps on one of the beds. Jan slowly gets out of the bathtub and puts a bathrobe on that she found lying around in there, and suddenly as she brushes her hair both her and Nicole hear someone yell “Wakey wakey eggs and bacey!”, and as Nicole slowly wakes up and looks at the door, Jan rushes out to see who it is, and both of them scowl when they see Greta through a hole in the door. Nicole says that it’s the disgusting, rabies-filled bitch herself, who locked them down here. Suddenly, a drawer shoots open, with two trays of some breakfast on them. Greta laughs and says that she needs to watch her mouth, or she may not feed them.Greta asks if they like their new home, and Nicole snaps that its great in a pathetic way. Greta then says:

    Greta:Oh…you two still must be grieving…so sorry about Marlena…
    Nicole:Marlena? What about her?
    Greta:Oh, you two don’t know, do you?! Your mother, or in Nicole’s case, fake mother, was killed by Sami Brady!

    -Lucas walks down into the holding cell area at the police station with Sami, and the guard walks up to Will’s cell and unlocks the door, saying his father posted bail. Will rushes out and hugs Lucas, and thanks him so much for freeing him. Lucas nods and says he shouldn’t have been in there in the first place, and also he notices that Will looks upset. Will says ever since he found out about Marlena’s death, he’s been in tears. Lucas pats him on the back and softly promises Will it’ll all be alright, and Sami goes to try to hug Will, but he ignores her and walks past her. A tear runs down Sami’s cheek as Lucas sighs and follows Will, but before Sami can go, from another cell Hope says something:

    Hope:Sami, how could you do such a thing? Killing your own mother? She tolerated you for yea-
    Sami:Oh you bitch! I did not kill her, I am serious, Stan did! And do not get high and mighty on me, you’re the one who is rotting in here for a murder you actually committed! I’m not the murderor, you are! And I am going to make sure everyone knows it. I’m sure Alice is proud of you.
    Julie:How dare you talk to her like that!
    Sami:I’m not putting up with this.

    With that, Sami angrily leaves.

    -Belle and Carrie are down at the hospital, and Carrie looks at Belle and asks if she’s ready, and Belle nods, as she sniffs and goes into Roman’s room. Roman Brady, formerly John Black, sits their still catatonic after Stefano and him shot each other on the island. The sisters sit down, and Belle takes her father’s hand, and says:

    Belle:Hey, Dad….I’m sorry its been awhile since I visited, I-I’ve just been busy…Carrie’s back in Salem, I’m sure that’ll make you happy.
    Carrie:Yeah, I’m back for good, and I’m going to be here when you wake up.
    Belle:But, more importantly…we have something to tell you. I don’t know if you can hear us, but you need to know either way. Its…about Mom. She’s been through a lot lately, and….and…oh I don’t know if I can say it…
    Carrie:Joh-D-dad…Marlena’s….Marlena’s….Marlena’s…passed away. S-Sami, or someone…impersonating her…killed her, and today’s her funeral.

    -Outside of St.Luke’s, Eric stands over his mother’s coffin, and slowly touches it, and still can’t believe Marlena is dead. Maggie and Abe arrive, and Maggie runs up to Eric and hugs him, and says she’s so sorry about Marlena, and says how she was always one of her closest friends. Eric nods and says that he knows, and he tells Maggie that he can’t believe that today, he has to bury his mother…

    *Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

    -At the Kiriakis Mansion, it is dark as everyone is attending Marlena’s funeral. Suddenly, a mysterious figure, who’s face is hidden and is not seen enters. He has gloves on, and he walks up to Victor’s desk, and looks at a picture of Victor, and slowly shatters it…it falls to the floor, and then this figure begins shifting through Victor’s files…

    -Nicole gasps and says in shock that Marlena’s dead, and looks at Greta for a moment and says that she’s lying! Jan says that she just saw Marlena a few days ago, she just found out she was her actual mother, she was alive and fine! Nicole tells Greta that her tricks don’t work, and Greta rolls her eyes and says that this is no trick. She says that Nicole is way too paranoid, and Nicole then begins to say that Sami wouldn’t kill her own mother, but stops mid-sentence, and she flashes back to the fashion show in May where she argued with “Sami”, pulled on her hair and it came off, and then “Sami” shot her! Nicole looks from Jan to Greta and says:

    Nicole:Wait, no…it wasn’t Sami who killed Marlena! It couldn’t have been!

    -Carrie and Belle both look as Roman sits there, silent and still. Belle cries and says to Carrie that if he heard them, she hopes he’s okay. Carrie says that Roman is a strong man, he’s fine. She tells him that she loves him, and that the day he wakes up, and she knows that day will come, she’s going to be there to guide him. Belle smiles at what Carrie tells their father, and slowly they get up to leave as both of them kiss Roman on the cheek, but they see someone in the doorway: Cassie Brady!

    -Sami, Lucas, and Will are all in the car on the way to Marlena’s funeral. Sami looks at Will in the backseat and asks if he will at least talk to her, and that she’s really telling the truth. Will asks her to just leave him alone, saying that his grandma is dead just after he got arrested for “kidnapping” his daughter. Sami looks at Lucas, and back to Will, completely quiet. She then says:

    Sami:You’re…you’re….daughter? What? Please tell me I heard that wrong! Will, you are only-
    Will:Yeah I already got that from Dad and don’t act like you don’t know. Or maybe it was just that you didn’t care enough to help me when I finally admitted that I had a child. Oh, yeah, that was Stan, right?
    Sami:Lucas, you did not tell me?! Why?!
    Lucas:Well Sami I have known you for many years so I don’t buy your games that you were tied up almost all year!
    Sami:Its true! And Will, I cannot believe you’d sleep around like that! So I have a granddaughter, and who’s her mother? Probably a little-
    Will:SHUT UP, MOM, JUST SHUT UP! She died in childbirth! I’ve had to raise my baby girl only with the help of Destiny and now Crystal Galore, another woman who tried to kill grandma, trying to take her away from me! So the last thing I need is my grandma’s REAL killer harping me about it!
    Sami:I am your mother and you will not talk to me like that!
    Lucas:Can you both just be quiet?! Listen, Marlena is dead, my fiancee I still cannot find, my granddaughter is in government custody, my son was thrown in jail, this is the last thing I need!
    Sami:Your fiancee? Who the hell is that? Alexis?
    Lucas:Jan Spears, but that’s none of your business. She just found out that she, not Nicole, is your sister, and of course right when Marlena dies, she falls off the face of the Earth!

    -Maggie comforts Eric and tells him it will all be alright in the end. A voice says it certainly will be, and all three of them turn to see two security guards…and Marlena’s mentally incapacitated twin sister: Samantha Evans(Andrea Hall Gengler)! Eric asks who the hell invited her, and Sam says she’s Mar’s sister, she deserves to be here, and she managed to get the prison to let her out just for the funeral. Eric says coldly that she shouldn’t be here, she tried to kill Marlena so many times after she returned. Sam laughs as the security guards escort her to her seat, and Maggie sighs, but then they all see someone else enter: Rex Brady!

    -The mysterious figure continues looking through Victor’s files, but then they stand and close the file cabinet, and begin to walk throughout the dark mansion…

    -Carrie and Belle both see Cassie Brady and rush up and hug her, and Cassie says that she came back to town with Rex the minute they heard about Marlena, and that she’s so sorry, and that she thought of Marlena for her mother for almost a year, and she was always great to her. Belle nods and again hugs her sister, and Carrie says she just can’t believe Jan is actually Tony and Marlena’s daughter. Belle rolls her eyes and says that Jan is the last person she wants to think about, and Cassie says “What?!” and Carrie tells Cassie that Jan was recently revealed to be Tony and Marlena’s daughter, and Cassie is silent for a moment as she remembers her history with Jan. Belle says that they better get down to the funeral, and the three sisters leave the hospital.

    -Greta looks at Nicole confused for a moment, and says that well many eye-witnesses saw her just shoot Marlena in the heart, and she mentions how Sami is making this whacky claim that some guy named Stan dressed up as her, and Nicole tells her to not think its so far fetched. Greta laughs and says to look who’s the crazy one now. Nicole then admits that…she’s known that Sami wasn’t really Sami for a long time now. She explains to Jan and Greta how at the fashion show, she ripped off Sami’s hair and saw hair underneath it, but it certainly wasn’t how women styled their hair, and she saw that “her” face was a mask and everything. Nicole shudders at the thought of everything, and Jan and Greta both look at Nicole in shock, and as Greta bursts out laughing, Jan begins slapping Nicole and she asks how Nicole couldn’t tell anyone! Nicole says that she had bigger things on her mind, like crazy Greta Von Amberg and how to keep her ruse up as Tony and Marlena’s daughter, and she doesn’t give a damn about Sami anyway. Jan says that her mother’s death could have been prevented by Nicole, but Nicole snorts and says she barely knows Marlena, so she doubts she ruined her life. Greta says this is typical Nicole, but now that she’s down here, she won’t be able to hurt anyone. Greta simply says “Ta Ta” and then leaves, as Jan groans and says that Lucas is probably searching high and low for her especially now that Marlena is dead. Nicole says that at least people are probably looking for Jan, no one could care about where she is. Nicole then goes on to say that Lucas had better find them though because she’s not going to take being trapped down here forever.

    -Eric, Maggie, and Abe all see Rex Brady, Eric’s half-brother in the doorway, and Rex informs them that he’s returned for Marlena’s funeral, and Cassie should be here soon. Eric nods, and soon Tony and Anna arrive, as well as Sami, Lucas, and Will…and everyone gives Sami the cold shoulder. Carrie, Belle, Cassie, and many, many other ols faces arrive as Marlena’s funeral begins…
  24. daysfan
    Written by: Tara Smtih and Very Special Guest Writer ML Cooks

    Episode#269: Marlena’s Funeral Part 2

    -Marlena’s funeral begins. Many many people from the past attend as Father Jansen begins…and everyone looks and gets emotional at the coffin of the great Marlena Evans…

    *Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

    -Maggie gives a heartbreaking euology about her best friend…she says that there was no other person in this town left that was better than Marlena. She says that Marlena always supported her, and she recalls when Marlena “killed” her, but she says that their friendship even lasted through that…she tells them all that Marlena is in a better place…and she will watch over them all.

    -Tony gives a euology, and says he’s known Marlena for well over twenty years, and she was a great woman…but in the past year he’s gotten to know her even better…she helped him get rid of his alter, Vince, and they discovered they had a child together…and he thinks that during all the time they spent together it made him realized that he loved Marlena…and he’s never going to forget her. Tony steps down and sits next to Anna, who sighs, but also smiles.

    -Carrie gives a euology, saying that Marlena took care of her before and after she thought her father died…she was always there for her when Anna couldn’t be, and supported her for so many years…she says that she will miss Marlena, and that she WILL make her proud.

    -Eric and Belle give their tributes to Marlena:

    Belle walks up to the podium, ready to say a few words about her mother, Dr. Marlena Evans. She looks out into the crowd and sees all her friends and family. She begins to speak, though her voice is shaky and soft
    “It’s great to see all of you guys in one place. Usually when we all come together, it’s for the holidays, or The Horton 4th of July barbecue. But not this time. We are here to mourn a great woman. A woman who was compassionate, warm, sweet, so caring, and most of all, selfless. My mother was truly an angel sent from heaven. And in some sort of sick and twisted way, she’s been called back to the heavens.” Belle pauses trying not to break into tears. She tries to stay strong. She continues
    “My life will never bee the same without Marlena. My mother was my rock and my foundation, my best friend, and a beacon of hope. No matter what was going on with her, whenever I needed anything, Marlena was right there, always the first one. I love her so much and I am a better woman because of Marlena. My mother has been through so much through out her life. From being possessed to the devil, to being held in the secret room with Kristen, to being held hostage by Stefano in his underground Paris to being set up as the Salem Serial Killer. My mom survived all of that. She was the strongest and most enduring woman I know. We all owe her a gratitude of debt. This town is a better place thanks to my mother.” She looks over to Marlena’s coffin and stares at it. Her emotions begin to take a hold of her. She stops and think about how is she going to move on from this. Her father is comatosed, her mother is dead, shot by her own half sister. She wonders how does this happen. Why her? As Belle looks at her dead pale faced mother, she finally cracks. Bursting out in tears and sinking to the floor. Eric, jumps up and rushes over to her and holds her.
    “It’s ok Belle. “ He says with tears forming in his eyes. Seeing his half sister falling apart and letting the fact that his mother is dead gets to him to. He closes his eyes and let’s the tears fall from his eyes, holding Belle, as they cry together in each other arsms. Everyone in the church is emotionally moved and heart broken.

    -Everyone is shocked and enraged when Stefano gives a euology, saying how Marlena was his Queen of the Night, one of his reasons for living, and although he lost her to his Pawn, he still loved her, and that he’d never forget her, and that she was a remarkable woman. Kristen also gives a euology, saying how she HATED Marlena with a passion for years, she was her arch rival…but made her life complete. And she also points out that without Marlena, her life wouldn’t have been so much fun, and she never would have gotten over her rape without the therapy Marlena gave her.

    -Bo and Kristen find comfort in each other over Marlena’s death. Both of them step outside and Kristen says that this is crazy, she should be rejoicing and dancing around, instead she’s crying over it. Bo says that he and Marlena were always close friends, and this is another loss in his life…he just can’t believe it, his entire family is in shambles, and Kristen tells him that in time, it will heal.

    -Sami gives a euology, apologizing to Marlena for what Stami did and again proclaiming her innocence. She says that Marlena was the greatest and most forgiving mother on the planet, there is no one like her and no one will ever be like her. She promises to make her proud and tears up as she says that there is no way that she’s going down for her murder, and she will find Stan and make him pay!

    -Everyone is emotional as the great heroine Marlena Evans is finally buried….ending her era for good, and leaving a legacy….
  25. daysfan
    Episode#267: Marlena’s Wake

    -Maggie gasps as she hears of Marlena’s death, and says that this is impossible! Abe tells her that he must have heard it wrong, and that it doesn’t make any sense. Maggie sits down on the couch and says that not another pillar of Salem can be gone! She begins to cry, saying how Marlena was her great friend, and Abe slowly reaches his hand out and touches her shoulder. He tries to assure her it will all be alright.

    -Jan runs over to Nicole and tells her to just leave that alone, but Nicole backs away with the evidence in hand and says that now she can finally get rid of what Jan’s been blackmailing her with ever since they “killed” Victor together! Jan laughs and asks how she’s going to destroy it when she’s trapped in some random room. Nicole looks around and says she’ll just tear it up! Jan launches herself at Nicole and they get into a struggle over the evidence!

    -Mike tells Alexis that they’ve got more to worry about than why Robin is mad, and he has to get back into his son’s good graces, and that his relationship with him was already screwed up enough before Alexis came along. Alexis says that she wants to make up with Jeremy too, and they just have to figure out a way to do it. Mike says that they really can’t just snap their fingers and make Jeremy forgive them, and Alexis says she’s not just going to sit around and wait for him to decide that they’re good in his eyes.

    -Bo sighs and scratches his head, and asks Sami if she has any evidence of what this Stan did. Sami sighs and says that pretty much the only proof there is is the costume which Stan had, but then she also says that she doesn’t have the murder weapon, which could clear her, but Anna snaps that she had enough time to throw it off somewhere. Bo turns to the other PD officers and tells them to search the area for anything, and he tells Sami he won’t arrest her now, but they’ll see what they turn up. Sami nods and slowly, everyone gathers around Marlena’s corpse….

    *Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

    -Jan and Nicole fight over the evidence, and eventually, Nicole accidentally tosses it across the room! Both of them fall to the ground, and Nicole yells that this is ridiculous, and that she tried to kill Colin years ago, and she didn’t even really murder him so neither of them should care so much! Jan says that she still has what could send her to jail for life, and Nicole reminds her that Colin’s not around to press charges, but Jan says that that doesn’t matter. Nicole grumbles and yells that they need to get out of here and stop fighting about the stupid evidence. Jan agrees, and they look around, and sigh as they still don’t see anything.

    -At Maggie’s house, Jeremy is home alone. He sits around thinking on Mike and Alexis sleeping together, but hears the doorbell ring. He stands up and goes and answers the door to see his mother Robin! She smiles and exclaims “Jeremy!” as she pulls him into a hug.

    -Everyone looks down at Marlena. Eric says that he barely even got to see his mother when he got back, and now before he knows it, she’s dead. Belle asks why this had to happen to her, and she was always one of the best people in Salem. Carrie says that Marlena practically raised her and was always like a second mother to her, throughout so many years. Sami says that Marlena and her had such a rough relationship…but they always loved each other, and now its all her fault that she’s dead! Anna says that she hopes Marlena can forgive her for keeping from her for so long that Jan was her child, and Tony then says that he and Marlena barely got to know their actual daughter together. Lucas looks down at Marlena’s body and is about to say something, but when Tony and Anna mention Jan, Lucas says:

    Lucas:Wait a minute…I gotta tell Jan! I have to tell her that her mother is dead!

    -Jan and Nicole walk around the secret room, and Nicole exclaims that she can’t believe the princess beat them. Jan says that she needs to get back to her son, and Lucas. Nicole thinks for a moment, and then says that that’s it! Lucas will eventually wonder where Jan is, and with any luck, he’ll find them! Jan sighs and says she’s not stupid, this room is hard to find. Nicole groans and says that they have to cling onto some type of hope. Jan says yeah, but until Lucas decides to come hunting for them or Greta comes to her damn senses, they’re just going to have to live down here together. Nicole sighs and slams her fist into the wall, saying she’s right, and fears of whats to come…

    -Above, in the actual main areas of the Spears Mansion, a cloaked figure walks inside the living room. This figure turns on a light, and the hands are shown to be female hands. This woman grabs a piece of paper and a pen and begins writing a note, and after getting done, they set it down on the coffee table! The woman laughs ans the takes off her cloak to reveal Greta Von Amberg! Greta smiles and walks towards the front door to leave, but before she does, she says:

    Greta:Now no one will ever try to find Jan…now I’ve just got to come up with a way to keep anyone from searching for Nicole. Those bitches are going to be stuck down there forever…or at least, until I kill them.

    Greta throws her head back and laughs before leaving the Spears Mansion…

    -Jeremy is overjoyed to see his mother, and he asks her what she’s doing here, and Robin tells him that once she heard about his problems she rushed back to Salem. Jeremy chuckles and says that she didn’t have to do that, he’s a big boy, he can handle himself. Robin nods and says that she knows, but she still has to be there for him, she’s his mother. They walk back inside Maggie’s house, and Robin promises him that she’s back for good, and she’s going to make sure Alexis and Mike will never hurt him again.

    -Alexis tells Mike to just forget it, and she’s going to try to get Jeremy back herself! Mike snaps to her to be his guest, and she growls and tells him that things aren’t over for her and Jeremy, not by a long shot. Alexis Kefer never loses a man, men lose her! With that Alexis walks out of the Horton House, slamming the door behind her.

    -Lucas excuses himself back outside Marlena’s penthouse, and takes out his cell phone and tries to call Jan. Sami and Belle look around confused and ask what everyone is talking about, and Anna sighs as she says that Nicole lied. Jan is really Marlena and Tony’s hidden child, and they only recently found out. Both sisters are shocked, and Belle asks how her arch rival can be her SISTER! She says she barely got used to the fact that Nicole was even her sister. Sami is confused, and says that she can’t believe this. She continues to look down at Marlena’s body, as a few paramedics walk over and tell them that they need to take Marlena’s body to the hospital. They all nod, and Lucas comes back and says that he can’t get ahold of Jan, and Anna says that she’s sure he’ll be able to find her later. Bo tells the paramedics to not keep her down at the morgue for long, and he thinks they’d want her funeral as soon as possible. He sheds a tear as he puts a blanket over Marlena’s face, and the town heroine is taken away…
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