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Episode#267: Marlena's Wake




Episode#267: Marlena’s Wake

-Maggie gasps as she hears of Marlena’s death, and says that this is impossible! Abe tells her that he must have heard it wrong, and that it doesn’t make any sense. Maggie sits down on the couch and says that not another pillar of Salem can be gone! She begins to cry, saying how Marlena was her great friend, and Abe slowly reaches his hand out and touches her shoulder. He tries to assure her it will all be alright.

-Jan runs over to Nicole and tells her to just leave that alone, but Nicole backs away with the evidence in hand and says that now she can finally get rid of what Jan’s been blackmailing her with ever since they “killed” Victor together! Jan laughs and asks how she’s going to destroy it when she’s trapped in some random room. Nicole looks around and says she’ll just tear it up! Jan launches herself at Nicole and they get into a struggle over the evidence!

-Mike tells Alexis that they’ve got more to worry about than why Robin is mad, and he has to get back into his son’s good graces, and that his relationship with him was already screwed up enough before Alexis came along. Alexis says that she wants to make up with Jeremy too, and they just have to figure out a way to do it. Mike says that they really can’t just snap their fingers and make Jeremy forgive them, and Alexis says she’s not just going to sit around and wait for him to decide that they’re good in his eyes.

-Bo sighs and scratches his head, and asks Sami if she has any evidence of what this Stan did. Sami sighs and says that pretty much the only proof there is is the costume which Stan had, but then she also says that she doesn’t have the murder weapon, which could clear her, but Anna snaps that she had enough time to throw it off somewhere. Bo turns to the other PD officers and tells them to search the area for anything, and he tells Sami he won’t arrest her now, but they’ll see what they turn up. Sami nods and slowly, everyone gathers around Marlena’s corpse….

*Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

-Jan and Nicole fight over the evidence, and eventually, Nicole accidentally tosses it across the room! Both of them fall to the ground, and Nicole yells that this is ridiculous, and that she tried to kill Colin years ago, and she didn’t even really murder him so neither of them should care so much! Jan says that she still has what could send her to jail for life, and Nicole reminds her that Colin’s not around to press charges, but Jan says that that doesn’t matter. Nicole grumbles and yells that they need to get out of here and stop fighting about the stupid evidence. Jan agrees, and they look around, and sigh as they still don’t see anything.

-At Maggie’s house, Jeremy is home alone. He sits around thinking on Mike and Alexis sleeping together, but hears the doorbell ring. He stands up and goes and answers the door to see his mother Robin! She smiles and exclaims “Jeremy!” as she pulls him into a hug.

-Everyone looks down at Marlena. Eric says that he barely even got to see his mother when he got back, and now before he knows it, she’s dead. Belle asks why this had to happen to her, and she was always one of the best people in Salem. Carrie says that Marlena practically raised her and was always like a second mother to her, throughout so many years. Sami says that Marlena and her had such a rough relationship…but they always loved each other, and now its all her fault that she’s dead! Anna says that she hopes Marlena can forgive her for keeping from her for so long that Jan was her child, and Tony then says that he and Marlena barely got to know their actual daughter together. Lucas looks down at Marlena’s body and is about to say something, but when Tony and Anna mention Jan, Lucas says:

Lucas:Wait a minute…I gotta tell Jan! I have to tell her that her mother is dead!

-Jan and Nicole walk around the secret room, and Nicole exclaims that she can’t believe the princess beat them. Jan says that she needs to get back to her son, and Lucas. Nicole thinks for a moment, and then says that that’s it! Lucas will eventually wonder where Jan is, and with any luck, he’ll find them! Jan sighs and says she’s not stupid, this room is hard to find. Nicole groans and says that they have to cling onto some type of hope. Jan says yeah, but until Lucas decides to come hunting for them or Greta comes to her damn senses, they’re just going to have to live down here together. Nicole sighs and slams her fist into the wall, saying she’s right, and fears of whats to come…

-Above, in the actual main areas of the Spears Mansion, a cloaked figure walks inside the living room. This figure turns on a light, and the hands are shown to be female hands. This woman grabs a piece of paper and a pen and begins writing a note, and after getting done, they set it down on the coffee table! The woman laughs ans the takes off her cloak to reveal Greta Von Amberg! Greta smiles and walks towards the front door to leave, but before she does, she says:

Greta:Now no one will ever try to find Jan…now I’ve just got to come up with a way to keep anyone from searching for Nicole. Those bitches are going to be stuck down there forever…or at least, until I kill them.

Greta throws her head back and laughs before leaving the Spears Mansion…

-Jeremy is overjoyed to see his mother, and he asks her what she’s doing here, and Robin tells him that once she heard about his problems she rushed back to Salem. Jeremy chuckles and says that she didn’t have to do that, he’s a big boy, he can handle himself. Robin nods and says that she knows, but she still has to be there for him, she’s his mother. They walk back inside Maggie’s house, and Robin promises him that she’s back for good, and she’s going to make sure Alexis and Mike will never hurt him again.

-Alexis tells Mike to just forget it, and she’s going to try to get Jeremy back herself! Mike snaps to her to be his guest, and she growls and tells him that things aren’t over for her and Jeremy, not by a long shot. Alexis Kefer never loses a man, men lose her! With that Alexis walks out of the Horton House, slamming the door behind her.

-Lucas excuses himself back outside Marlena’s penthouse, and takes out his cell phone and tries to call Jan. Sami and Belle look around confused and ask what everyone is talking about, and Anna sighs as she says that Nicole lied. Jan is really Marlena and Tony’s hidden child, and they only recently found out. Both sisters are shocked, and Belle asks how her arch rival can be her SISTER! She says she barely got used to the fact that Nicole was even her sister. Sami is confused, and says that she can’t believe this. She continues to look down at Marlena’s body, as a few paramedics walk over and tell them that they need to take Marlena’s body to the hospital. They all nod, and Lucas comes back and says that he can’t get ahold of Jan, and Anna says that she’s sure he’ll be able to find her later. Bo tells the paramedics to not keep her down at the morgue for long, and he thinks they’d want her funeral as soon as possible. He sheds a tear as he puts a blanket over Marlena’s face, and the town heroine is taken away…


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