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Episode#266: Stami or Sami?




Episode#266: Stami or Sami?

-Will is dragged into the holding cells down at the police station, and as he is thrown into one, he is shocked to see Julie and Hope in the cell across from them! Julie gasps at seeing Will, and comments how it seems everyone is ending up in jail with them these days! Will sighs and comments how this day just gets worse, and Julie then says:

Julie:William Horton, what are you doing in jail, and, you finally came to your senses and came back to Salem?

Will:Yeah, yeah, I did. Listen, Aunt Julie, if its okay with you I’d rather not go into it right now. Its just too stressful and hard to explain. Basically, to put it simply, I kidnapped a baby.

Hope:You what?! Will are you insane?!

Julie:You kidnapped an innocent child?! How could you, that is so unli-

Will:She…was my daughter. I have a baby girl who’s grandparents tried to take her away from me, so I had to take her back to Salem.

Julie then faints, as Hope says that she has to sit down because of this one…

-Nicole and Jan search the Secret Room underneath the Spears Mansion, trying to find any way to get out. Nicole stomps her foot down in anger and says she can’t find anything, and Jan agrees. Jan leans against the wall and says that she has to get out of here and get back up to Lucas, and she can’t let some psycho hold her captive the rest of her life. Nicole smirks and says that now she must know how Shawn felt. Jan glares at Nicole and tells her to not talk about Shawn like that, because she may have moved on now since Shawn’s death, but she never stopped believing in the love her and Shawn shared. Nicole laughs and says that that’s nice and all but they have bigger things to worry about. Both of them continue searching.

-Lexie walks into the DiMera Mansion with Theo in her arms, as Celeste slowly walks in behind her, and she sees everyone watching the TV and asks whats going on. Renee looks at her and informs her that Marlena’s been murdered by Sami! Celeste screams out as Lexie puts Theo down and rushes to the TV to see whats happening!

-Belle is walking through town, thinking about what happened with Nicholas a few nights ago, when she separated from him because of Forrest’s threats. She sighs and says to herself that its for the best, and continues walking. She sees ambulances and police cars rushing down the streets and people gathering at Tvs and wonders what is happening, and when she goes over to see for herself, she hears the news about Marlena! Belle shrieks as she drops her purse and runs for Marlena’s penthouse!

-Alexis tells Robin that its all a big mis-understanding, and Robin says that she doesn’t think it is. She says that Alexis is probably a common lowlife who’d do anything for sex, and since Jeremy wouldn’t give it to her, she shacked up with Mike instead! Alexis yells that its not like that at all, and they were both drunk, and she didn’t even know Mike was Jeremy’s dad! Mike tells Robin that she wasn’t like this all those years ago, and Robin says its because he’s hurt her son time and time again! Alexis says:

Alexis:Okay, listen, Miss Jacobs…again, it was an accident, I mean I love-

Robin:No more excuses! Mike, I thought you were better than this. I really did. But I guess not. Now if you all will excuse me, I’m going to see my son. Is he here?

Mike:No, he lives with Aunt Maggie now.


Robin then turns around and heads off, leaving Alexis and Mike shocked!

-Sami, in the doorway of Marlena’s penthouse, wails as she yells that she’s too late, and Carrie pulls her off the ground and asks her what the hell she is talking about! Carrie says that she may have just killed her own mother! Sami and Carrie both turn around as Lucas drives up, and Belle runs towards them, and Belle yells how Marlena can be dead, and looks at Sami as Lucas does the same! Sami continues to break out in tears as she hears Belle say that Marlena’s dead, and Carrie begins to bawl as she slaps Sami and asks how she could kill Marlena! Sami says:

Sami:It-it wasn’t…me! It was a psycho named Stan! He’s been impersonating me for months, he shot Nicole and he…he…killed my mother!

*Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

-Lucas, Carrie, and Belle all look at Sami, stunned at what she just said! They then look as Marlena’s body is rolled out of the building, as Eric, Tony, and Anna follow! Belle and Carrie both scream and Anna runs up and hugs Carrie, as Eric glares at Sami and asks her how she could kill her own mother! They all turn around as Bo arrives on the scene with the PD, and his jaw drops as he sees Marlena’s body! He looks at Tony and says:

Bo:What the hell happened here?!

Tony:Sami shot her! That bitch shot and killed Marlena!

-At the Carver Household, Maggie opens the door as she helps Abe, who is now released from the hospital and in a wheelchair, in. He smiles and says that after all Summer of being in a hospital, its good to be home. Maggie leans down and kisses him with a smile, and then as she goes to get something she turns on the TV. She is about to go into the kitchen until she hears on the news about Marlena’s death!

-Alexis shuts the door at the Horton House, and turns to Mike, and says that this is ridiculous! Not only do they have to worry about trying to get back into Jeremy’s good graces, now they have to deal with Mike’s ex-wife! Alexis says if she didn’t know any better, Robin might be jealous. Mike laughs and says that that’s highly unlikely, and that even when he lived with her off/on in Israel, they never got back together, and Robin hasn’t been interested in him since she saw him with April Ramirez way back in the late 80’s. Alexis tells Mike that she’s a woman, and Robin’s concern had to be more than just for her son.

-Nicole and Jan fail to find any way to get out of the secret room beneath the Spears Mansion. Nicole yells out in anger and tells Jan how only she’d build a secret room without a way to get out of it incase she got locked in there! Jan tells Nicole that she shouldn’t have tried to mess with Greta so much, and that she needed to stop sleeping around with men who already had girlfriends! Jan tells Nicole that she’s made enemies out of going after Eric, Brady, and Austin. Nicole then says:

Nicole:Well, lets not forget your number of enemies: Belle, Mimi, Chloe. Don’t act high and mighty on me, Jan.

Jan:Well, at least I got rid of mine! If you had found a way to dispose of Greta perm-

Nicole:Okay enough of the blame game! What matters is that we’re trapped down here, and who knows what that psycho is going to do to us, or if she’s just going to leave us here to die!

Nicole slowly begins to look around some more, and pulls out some drawers just for the heck of it, and gasps when she sees a file and picks it up! She looks at Jan and says:

Nicole:The evidence! This is where you’ve been hiding that damn evidence that I tried to kill Colin for the past four years! In this room!

-Lexie asks if this is some kind of sick joke, how could Sami kill Marlena! Renee shrugs and says that’s what the media is saying, and Celeste glances at Stefano, and then looks back at the TV. Lexie says how Marlena has always been a longtime friend of her, and can’t believe this has happened!

-Bo looks at Sami and asks if this true, and Sami screams no! Anna yells that they saw her kill Marlena, and Sami explains that it was an imposter! She shouts to everyone that Stan, an alter ego she THOUGHT she created, was a real person! She explains that many months ago, all the way back in Winter during that huge snow storm, he showed up in her room at the Salem Inn and attacked her, and told her how he was going to ruin her life, then he dressed up as her and walked around as her for months! Tony asks her if she knows how ridiculous that sounds, and Sami continues:

Sami:Just listen to me! He was horrible to Mom! I wouldn’t be that horrible! And he shot Nicole! He was the one Tony hired for the fashion show, not me! He’s wanted to kill my mother since May, and now he finally succeeded!

Bo:So you are telling me that a man you and Andre conspired together to create, was an actual person? Sami, you’ve come up with better excuses and lies rather than this over the years-I mean, how could you?! Marlena, who tolerated you and all that you did…oh Lord…just never mind.


Bo:I don’t want to hear this! Samantha Gene Brady, you are under arrest for the murder of Marlena Evans Craig Brady Black Black North Black.

-Julie slowly wakes up, and looks at Will and Hope, and asks Hope if it was a dream..Will doesn’t really have a child. Hope sighs and says its true, and she asks Will what he was thinking! Julie tells Will that he’s too young to be a father, and asks how he could be so irresponsible! Will scowls and snaps that he doesn’t want to talk about all of this, but what matters is that he has a daughter, his baby girl, and he can’t let a family like the Galore’s take her away from him! He says that he loved his girlfriend Arianna so much, she meant the world to him, but the rest of her family are nothing but horrible people! Hope tells him she knows what young love, that is forbidden by someone’s parents, is like, but she still can’t believe that he has a daughter! She tells him that he has to be more responsible, and Will yells that he knows! Will sighs and says he’s sorry he snapped at them, but he’s already gone through the responsibility part of everything, and now he just needs to keep his daughter from the Galore’s before its too late.

-Sami screams to her uncle that he can’t arrest her, and that she’s telling the truth! Belle is in tears and at her mother’s side, and Tony and Anna continue to tell Sami to cut the crap! Lucas and Carrie are both glancing back and forth from Marlena’s dead body to Sami as an officer puts cuffs on her, and she yells that Stan is probably still in town somewhere, and they can find him if they’d just believe her! She looks around and asks if anyone noticed that she was acting weird, and Sami continues to cry as she looks at Marlena’s slain form. The officers begin to carry her away, but Lucas interrupts:

Lucas:Wait…I’m not saying I believe her story, but she was acting weird. When Will came back and I called her to tell her, at first she didn’t know who Will was.

Sami:See?! See?!

Carrie:And….Marlena did call me back to town in the first place because Sami wasn’t acting like herself, according to her.

Sami:Uncle Bo, please, you gotta believe me, please!

Bo looks at Sami, and there is a freeze-frame on Marlena’s body…


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