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Episode#265: Marlena Is Dead!




Episode#265: Marlena is Dead!

-A new day has arrived in Salem!

-Down at the DiMera Mansion, Stefano, Renee, Kristen, Peter, and Elvis are all in the living room. Stefano is reading the newspaper when suddenly, on their brand new TV, a local news station interrupts, and all of them look as the news anchor announces that Marlena Evans has been shot and killed in her penthouse! Kristen drops the earrings she was putting on as Elvis spits out his orange juice, and Stefano stares in shock, and says:

Stefano:What-what is this? No, it’s a lie! A ploy! Not my beloved Marlena…my Queen…it wasn’t her time…no…

Kristen:I can’t believe this…a year ago I would have been head over heels about this…now, I just don’t know…I mean who could have killed Marlena?!

-Mike is shocked to see his ex, and Jeremy’s mother, Robin standing in the doorway of the Horton House! He is silent for a moment and Alexis asks who the hell is this, and he is silent for a brief second as Alexis tells him to snap out of it, and Robin then says “Yes, Mike, its true. I’m back.” Mike turns to Alexis and tells her:

Mike:This is my ex…Robin Jacobs. Jeremy’s mother.

-Sami rushes all throughout Salem, constantly telling herself how she has to get to Marlena before Stami kills her, and that she can’t let her mother die!

-At Marlena’s penthouse, everyone is stunned as it is announced that Marlena is dead! Eric’s hands shake as he looks down on the dead body of his mother, who he only just saw for the first time in a year! Tony is stunned at what has occurred, and looks down at Marlena. As the paramedics say they are so so sorry, Tony leans down, and caresses Marlena’s cheek, and as Anna comes and puts her hands on his shoulders, he whispers:

Tony:No…it can’t be…you can’t be dead…Marlena, my dear, you can’t be dead…

*Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

-Lucas is shocked and horrified as Will is arrested! Will begs Lucas to get him out of this, and Lucas promises that he’s going to while Will is dragged away! Lucas turns to Benard and Crystal Galore and asks them how can they do this! Benard tells Lucas that its for the safety of their granddaughter and Will kidnapped her! Lucas angrily tells them:

Lucas:Will is Arianna’s father! He loves her and just wants to take care of her!

Benard:If he wanted to take care of her, would she be in a hospital right now? She almost died.

Crystal:Yes, and if he really loved her he wouldn’t have taken her from us! He’s just a common criminal.

LucasYou know…where do you get off saying that?! Because now that I think about it…you’re Crystal Galore! The one who Nicole hired to kill Marlena! The former porn star! You helped kill Marlena!

Crystal:Hey, she turned up alive later on. And all of those days are behind me. I don’t even talk to Nicole anymore and got released from prison years ago. Now I’m a good woman, better than your son anyway!

Lucas:You bitch! I should kill both of you right here and now!

Benard:Oh yes, now I see what this family is like.

Lucas is about to argue some more, but then the TV that’s in the room interrupts saying Marlena Evans has been shot and killed…by her own daughter, Sami Brady! Lucas turns and looks on at the TV in shock!

-Nicole slowly wakes up in a dark place, and looks around, wondering where she is and clutching her head in pain. She flashes back to Greta attacking her and Jan inside her hospital room, but doesn’t recall anything else. She looks and sees Jan lying unconscious at the other side of the room, and rushes over and tries to wake her up. Jan slowly comes to, and asks what happened. Nicole replies:

Nicole:I-I don’t know…but I think its safe to say we’re not in the hospital anymore, Toto. All I remember before this is Greta shoving me over…I think.

Jan:Oh yeah…I think she stuck a needle in my arm.

Nicole:Well, that’s helpful information. But what the hell did she do with us?! I don’t even recognize this place!

Jan:Wait a minute…no…she couldn’t have…how did she-


Jan:This is the secret room underneath my damn mansion! She threw me under my own house!

-Alexis looks in shock at Robin Jacobs standing before her! She slowly reaches her hand out and introduces herself, but Robin then slaps Alexis’s hand away! Robin tells her she knows who she is, and tells Mike how she can’t believe what he did to their son! Mike, stunned, asks Robin how she knew, and Robin informs him that Jeremy called and told her, and she rushed back to Salem the second he did!

-The DiMera’s continue to watch the news report on Marlena’s death, and are even more stunned to hear that Sami is the one who shot her and is on the loose! Stefano breathes heavily, and Kristen looks to Stefano, and then she asks him if he had anything to do with this! Stefano angrily replies:

Stefano:Of course not! Why would I kill the woman I love?! That’s ridiculous and I cannot believe you would even bring up something so preposterous!

Kristen:Hey, listen, father, I’m sorry. But this is just too weird. Sami worshipped the ground her mother walked on, even if she was a complete brat. Its so contrived to even try to believe that she killed her own mother!

-Sami approaches Marlena’s huge apartment, and slowly tries to breathe, running all throughout Salem. She continues to hope she’s not too late, but as she runs through the door she bumps into Carrie! Carrie, starting to go into a rage, asks Sami what the hell she’s thinking! Sami tells Carrie that she needs to get up there and there’s a madman on the loose, and Carrie asks her how can she be talking about that when she just shot her own mother! Sami’s face goes pale, and then breaks down, crying as Carrie wonders what the hell is going on.

-Anna sobs, looking down at Marlena’s body, and Tony continues to carress her cheeks. He remembers how he’s shared so many special moments with Marlena this year, and Anna asks if he’s alright, and then Tony responds:

Tony:No, quite frankly, Anna…I’m not. Marlena and I, we finally found out who are true child was…and we have grown so close over the past several months…I mean, Anna, I-

Anna:What is it, Tony?

Tony:I loved her…I admit it. I loved Marlena Evans.

-Lucas is silent at hearing that Marlena is dead, and that Sami, his ex, killed her! Crystal looks at Lucas and says that it looks like she didn’t kill Marlena, Will’s mother did! Benard then says that this only proves that Arianna shouldn’t be in the hands of Will, he has crazy parents, and who’s to say Sami doesn’t try to kill Arianna next! Lucas angrily turns to them and tells them to just shut up, and that a good friend of his and a matriarch of Salem just died, and was killed by a woman he loved for years! Lucas then storms out of the agency as Crystal tells her husband that this may have just secured them raising Arianna.

-Nicole’s jaw drops, and she asks Jan how she could have a secret room, and also asks if she takes after her grandfather! Jan tells her that years ago, she had this thing built so she could hide some stuff down here, and it wasn’t intended for imprisoning people in! Nicole walks over and finds a light switch, and flips it to reveal a deluxe room, with a bed and a bathroom and everything! She looks to Jan and asks:

Nicole:Oh, its not for imprisoning, huh?

Jan:I-oh wait…my sister, Lilly…a couple years ago when Abby Deveraux found this place, incase she blabbed about some of the files she found, Lilly added on a bedroom to the place incase she had to lock Abby up. But how Greta Von Amberg found out about it is beyond me! I mean, I haven’t used this place in ages!

Nicole:Oh you got to be kidding me! You gotta be kidding me! Once again Jan, your stunts have gotten me into trouble! But…if you own the place, you can get us out, right?

Jan:Um, I’m not sure…I kept this place pretty hidden and concealed from the rest of the mansion and I think…Lilly’s got the keys to the first door that gets us out of here…and she’s not even in Salem anymore. Then after that we’d have to get through the hidden walls…

Nicole:Great, just great.

Jan:I still wonder how she even got us down here…I mean, its not like she could just drag us through the main part of the mansion, and Lilly has the keys to the door…there has to be another way out of here, and we need to find it.

-At Marlena’s penthouse, slowly paramedics lift Marlena’s body onto a stretcher, and inform Tony, Anna, and Eric that they’ll be taking it down to the morgue. All three of them cry as Marlena is taken away…and everyone in the room tries to accept that the great Marlena is dead…


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