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Episode#268: Marlena's Funeral Part 1




Episode#268: Marlena’s Funeral Part 1

-Several days have passed in Salem since Marlena Evans’ historic murder. The town of Salem is now preparing to bury a beloved woman….

-Down in the Secret Room beneath the Spears Mansion, in the bathroom besides the actual room itself, Jan is in the bathtub, as Nicole sleeps on one of the beds. Jan slowly gets out of the bathtub and puts a bathrobe on that she found lying around in there, and suddenly as she brushes her hair both her and Nicole hear someone yell “Wakey wakey eggs and bacey!”, and as Nicole slowly wakes up and looks at the door, Jan rushes out to see who it is, and both of them scowl when they see Greta through a hole in the door. Nicole says that it’s the disgusting, rabies-filled bitch herself, who locked them down here. Suddenly, a drawer shoots open, with two trays of some breakfast on them. Greta laughs and says that she needs to watch her mouth, or she may not feed them.Greta asks if they like their new home, and Nicole snaps that its great in a pathetic way. Greta then says:

Greta:Oh…you two still must be grieving…so sorry about Marlena…

Nicole:Marlena? What about her?

Greta:Oh, you two don’t know, do you?! Your mother, or in Nicole’s case, fake mother, was killed by Sami Brady!

-Lucas walks down into the holding cell area at the police station with Sami, and the guard walks up to Will’s cell and unlocks the door, saying his father posted bail. Will rushes out and hugs Lucas, and thanks him so much for freeing him. Lucas nods and says he shouldn’t have been in there in the first place, and also he notices that Will looks upset. Will says ever since he found out about Marlena’s death, he’s been in tears. Lucas pats him on the back and softly promises Will it’ll all be alright, and Sami goes to try to hug Will, but he ignores her and walks past her. A tear runs down Sami’s cheek as Lucas sighs and follows Will, but before Sami can go, from another cell Hope says something:

Hope:Sami, how could you do such a thing? Killing your own mother? She tolerated you for yea-

Sami:Oh you bitch! I did not kill her, I am serious, Stan did! And do not get high and mighty on me, you’re the one who is rotting in here for a murder you actually committed! I’m not the murderor, you are! And I am going to make sure everyone knows it. I’m sure Alice is proud of you.

Julie:How dare you talk to her like that!

Sami:I’m not putting up with this.

With that, Sami angrily leaves.

-Belle and Carrie are down at the hospital, and Carrie looks at Belle and asks if she’s ready, and Belle nods, as she sniffs and goes into Roman’s room. Roman Brady, formerly John Black, sits their still catatonic after Stefano and him shot each other on the island. The sisters sit down, and Belle takes her father’s hand, and says:

Belle:Hey, Dad….I’m sorry its been awhile since I visited, I-I’ve just been busy…Carrie’s back in Salem, I’m sure that’ll make you happy.

Carrie:Yeah, I’m back for good, and I’m going to be here when you wake up.

Belle:But, more importantly…we have something to tell you. I don’t know if you can hear us, but you need to know either way. Its…about Mom. She’s been through a lot lately, and….and…oh I don’t know if I can say it…

Carrie:Joh-D-dad…Marlena’s….Marlena’s….Marlena’s…passed away. S-Sami, or someone…impersonating her…killed her, and today’s her funeral.

-Outside of St.Luke’s, Eric stands over his mother’s coffin, and slowly touches it, and still can’t believe Marlena is dead. Maggie and Abe arrive, and Maggie runs up to Eric and hugs him, and says she’s so sorry about Marlena, and says how she was always one of her closest friends. Eric nods and says that he knows, and he tells Maggie that he can’t believe that today, he has to bury his mother…

*Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

-At the Kiriakis Mansion, it is dark as everyone is attending Marlena’s funeral. Suddenly, a mysterious figure, who’s face is hidden and is not seen enters. He has gloves on, and he walks up to Victor’s desk, and looks at a picture of Victor, and slowly shatters it…it falls to the floor, and then this figure begins shifting through Victor’s files…

-Nicole gasps and says in shock that Marlena’s dead, and looks at Greta for a moment and says that she’s lying! Jan says that she just saw Marlena a few days ago, she just found out she was her actual mother, she was alive and fine! Nicole tells Greta that her tricks don’t work, and Greta rolls her eyes and says that this is no trick. She says that Nicole is way too paranoid, and Nicole then begins to say that Sami wouldn’t kill her own mother, but stops mid-sentence, and she flashes back to the fashion show in May where she argued with “Sami”, pulled on her hair and it came off, and then “Sami” shot her! Nicole looks from Jan to Greta and says:

Nicole:Wait, no…it wasn’t Sami who killed Marlena! It couldn’t have been!

-Carrie and Belle both look as Roman sits there, silent and still. Belle cries and says to Carrie that if he heard them, she hopes he’s okay. Carrie says that Roman is a strong man, he’s fine. She tells him that she loves him, and that the day he wakes up, and she knows that day will come, she’s going to be there to guide him. Belle smiles at what Carrie tells their father, and slowly they get up to leave as both of them kiss Roman on the cheek, but they see someone in the doorway: Cassie Brady!

-Sami, Lucas, and Will are all in the car on the way to Marlena’s funeral. Sami looks at Will in the backseat and asks if he will at least talk to her, and that she’s really telling the truth. Will asks her to just leave him alone, saying that his grandma is dead just after he got arrested for “kidnapping” his daughter. Sami looks at Lucas, and back to Will, completely quiet. She then says:

Sami:You’re…you’re….daughter? What? Please tell me I heard that wrong! Will, you are only-

Will:Yeah I already got that from Dad and don’t act like you don’t know. Or maybe it was just that you didn’t care enough to help me when I finally admitted that I had a child. Oh, yeah, that was Stan, right?

Sami:Lucas, you did not tell me?! Why?!

Lucas:Well Sami I have known you for many years so I don’t buy your games that you were tied up almost all year!

Sami:Its true! And Will, I cannot believe you’d sleep around like that! So I have a granddaughter, and who’s her mother? Probably a little-

Will:SHUT UP, MOM, JUST SHUT UP! She died in childbirth! I’ve had to raise my baby girl only with the help of Destiny and now Crystal Galore, another woman who tried to kill grandma, trying to take her away from me! So the last thing I need is my grandma’s REAL killer harping me about it!

Sami:I am your mother and you will not talk to me like that!

Lucas:Can you both just be quiet?! Listen, Marlena is dead, my fiancee I still cannot find, my granddaughter is in government custody, my son was thrown in jail, this is the last thing I need!

Sami:Your fiancee? Who the hell is that? Alexis?

Lucas:Jan Spears, but that’s none of your business. She just found out that she, not Nicole, is your sister, and of course right when Marlena dies, she falls off the face of the Earth!

-Maggie comforts Eric and tells him it will all be alright in the end. A voice says it certainly will be, and all three of them turn to see two security guards…and Marlena’s mentally incapacitated twin sister: Samantha Evans(Andrea Hall Gengler)! Eric asks who the hell invited her, and Sam says she’s Mar’s sister, she deserves to be here, and she managed to get the prison to let her out just for the funeral. Eric says coldly that she shouldn’t be here, she tried to kill Marlena so many times after she returned. Sam laughs as the security guards escort her to her seat, and Maggie sighs, but then they all see someone else enter: Rex Brady!

-The mysterious figure continues looking through Victor’s files, but then they stand and close the file cabinet, and begin to walk throughout the dark mansion…

-Carrie and Belle both see Cassie Brady and rush up and hug her, and Cassie says that she came back to town with Rex the minute they heard about Marlena, and that she’s so sorry, and that she thought of Marlena for her mother for almost a year, and she was always great to her. Belle nods and again hugs her sister, and Carrie says she just can’t believe Jan is actually Tony and Marlena’s daughter. Belle rolls her eyes and says that Jan is the last person she wants to think about, and Cassie says “What?!” and Carrie tells Cassie that Jan was recently revealed to be Tony and Marlena’s daughter, and Cassie is silent for a moment as she remembers her history with Jan. Belle says that they better get down to the funeral, and the three sisters leave the hospital.

-Greta looks at Nicole confused for a moment, and says that well many eye-witnesses saw her just shoot Marlena in the heart, and she mentions how Sami is making this whacky claim that some guy named Stan dressed up as her, and Nicole tells her to not think its so far fetched. Greta laughs and says to look who’s the crazy one now. Nicole then admits that…she’s known that Sami wasn’t really Sami for a long time now. She explains to Jan and Greta how at the fashion show, she ripped off Sami’s hair and saw hair underneath it, but it certainly wasn’t how women styled their hair, and she saw that “her” face was a mask and everything. Nicole shudders at the thought of everything, and Jan and Greta both look at Nicole in shock, and as Greta bursts out laughing, Jan begins slapping Nicole and she asks how Nicole couldn’t tell anyone! Nicole says that she had bigger things on her mind, like crazy Greta Von Amberg and how to keep her ruse up as Tony and Marlena’s daughter, and she doesn’t give a damn about Sami anyway. Jan says that her mother’s death could have been prevented by Nicole, but Nicole snorts and says she barely knows Marlena, so she doubts she ruined her life. Greta says this is typical Nicole, but now that she’s down here, she won’t be able to hurt anyone. Greta simply says “Ta Ta” and then leaves, as Jan groans and says that Lucas is probably searching high and low for her especially now that Marlena is dead. Nicole says that at least people are probably looking for Jan, no one could care about where she is. Nicole then goes on to say that Lucas had better find them though because she’s not going to take being trapped down here forever.

-Eric, Maggie, and Abe all see Rex Brady, Eric’s half-brother in the doorway, and Rex informs them that he’s returned for Marlena’s funeral, and Cassie should be here soon. Eric nods, and soon Tony and Anna arrive, as well as Sami, Lucas, and Will…and everyone gives Sami the cold shoulder. Carrie, Belle, Cassie, and many, many other ols faces arrive as Marlena’s funeral begins…

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Good episode. Though I dont remeber Nicole pulling off Stan's wig.

How many damn kids do Mar have> My goodness. She was spitting them out.

So they let Sami out on bail. I am su suprised considering all the bad things she's down before. I am shocked that she was not considered a flight risk. It is nice to see everyone come otgehter for Mar's funeral...

Will Nicole be Sami's savior? GTHat will be a great twist.

I can't belive how many people anted to kill Marlena.

So abe is done with his physical therapy?

I love how everyone is in jail. When will Julie and Hope's trial be?

A very good episode.

I loved the scenes in the secret room. I love Jan vs Nicole vs Greta

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