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Episode#287: Steve's Escape!




Episode#287: Steve’s Escape!

-Crystal is shopping at Salem Place….as she walks from one shop to another, she thinks about the Arianna situation, and how she has to find something to use that will give her and Benard an edge over Will…she glances, and across the city, she can vaguely see the local jail…she flashes back to setting up Marlena to be killed nearly five years ago!

-Forrest is at Alamain, and is having a meeting with Billie, Nicholas, and Valentine…he tells them he tried to negotiate with Victor, but Victor immediately threw that out the window…he says Victor’s hellbent on getting this take over to go through, so they’ll just have to sell more stock! Valentine comments that soon, they won’t have anything left if they keep selling, they’re selling so much its almost like they’re selling Alamain itself! Forrest says to not worry, this is going to work, it HAS to work!

-Steve sneaks through the hideout, evading guards and Helena, as he makes his way to the exit…he manages to knock out a few guards, as he constantly thinks about how he’s going to be home soon, and as he approaches the door he notices its locked…but he breaks it open, and darts out of Helena’s hideaway!

-In the Kiriakis Mansion doorway, Kate smiles and tells Stefano she knew he’d want to do this eventually, and Stefano nods, and he says now they just need to figure out how…he tells Kate there is only one thing to do if they want to dispose of Tony: Kill him!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Stefan is surprised at Kayla and asks why, and Kayla says she doesn’t know….it doesn’t feel right. She continues to look at Stefan, and she says she’s sorry but she can’t do this or talk about it, and as she walks out of the room Stefan worries that Kayla’s starting to figure out that he’s not Steve!

-Crystal remembers how Nicole got her to set up Marlena to die, and in exchange Nicole got her out of jail…she remembers how later she went back to jail, but it was thanks to Benard she got out. She says that’s a time of her life she’d never want to revisit, but she’d do it again if it meant getting Arianna!

-Nicholas asks Forrest “What if it doesn’t work, what if your big plan is a failure, uncle?” and Forrest tells Nicholas not to say that, and he knows he’s still bitter over him forcing Nicholas to break up with Belle. Forrest says that he’s the CEO here, he’s in control….Nicholas disagrees with Forrest, and tells him that the board of directors told them they were backing a takeover, there’s no way they can stop this, he’s even got some of their shareholders selling stock, and asks what more they can do! Forrest says that he’s going to do whatever it takes, Titan won’t take Alamain, he promises them all that! Forrest storms out, and Billie sighs as she looks at Nicholas and Valentine….

-Steve runs throughout Salem, heading to his and Kayla’s apartment!!!!!!

-Kate is silent, and Stefano asks why she’s so quiet, this is what she’s been implying she wants to do…and it will be an eye for an eye with her! Kate agrees, but says that she’s just always been just a bit hesitant when it comes to outright murdering someone, but he “murdered” her…..she’ll murder him….Stefano tells her they shouldn’t do it themselves, however, and he shouldn’t just hire some DiMera hitman, for they shouldn’t be suspected in this, and it could ruin all that he has planned for Salem….Kate nods as she continues to think about this, and Stefano asks if she agrees, and Kate finally does!

-Stefan follows Kayla, and tells her its alright, he just loves her and wants to show her how much he loves her….he begins to comfort Kayla….

-Kate tells Stefano she agrees, she’ll help kill Tony….Stefano tells her they just need to get someone for the job. Stefano and Kate continue to discuss their options, and eventually decide they will need to hire someone, someone who wouldn’t be connected to either one of them. Kate tells Stefano that she wants Tony to be dead soon, and Stefano says as does he, but she just has to have patience. Stefano tells Kate he’ll be in touch, and he leaves the Kiriakis Mansion!

-Steve approaches his apartment….a few tears of joy begin running down his cheek as he says that finally, this is the end….now he just has to get rid of that imposter…

-Stefan comforts Kayla, and he massasges her shoulders. She and him kiss, and Kayla tells him she does love him, no matter what…she begins to say he’s the love of her life, but she stares at him, and she stops…Stefan asks whats wrong, and Kayla says something doesn’t feel right…she backs away from Stefan, and she says she doesn’t know whats happening but something just feels wrong….Stefan approaches her, but suddenly….STEVE BURSTS IN! Kayla gasps in shock and Stefan looks at him in horror, and Steve growls:

Steve:Don’t you touch my wife!

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It’s about damn time Steve. I cant wait until this story is over / It was a long time coming.

I cant stand Forrest. He is an ass. I think they all should elect a new ceo. Almain is still spining out of control. They need a new leader

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