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Episode#278: Married!




Episode#278: Married

-Steve continues to try to break out of his prison…the ropes slowly come off!

-At the Horton House, Laura and Maggie continue to argue. Jeremy helps Nick and Abby get the tree up, and as they do he bumps into Mike! Jeremy angrily tells Mike to watch where he’s going, and Mike tries to plea with him and asks him if they can’t at least cooperate around the times of the holidays, and Jeremy says not after he slept with his girlfriend! Jeremy stomps off and Mike tries to go after him, but Robin says to stay away from her son!

-Back in the Spears Mansion frontyard, Greta tells Lucas that she and Jan got into a bit of a…scuffle. Lucas’s eyes widen and he asks why, and she says that Jan seemned a bit cranky, and she then admits that Jan hit her repeatedly with a branch!

-St.Luke’s suddenly….explodes! Elvis, Renee, and Lexie all get outside in time, but look on in shock, as the structure still stands but the interior is ruined! Renee asks what the hell happened, and their father, Kristen, and Vivian may be dead! Elvis confesses that he had a bomb planted inside to stop the wedding!

*Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

-Stefan and Kayla are having a romantic dinner. Stefan tells Kayla how much he loves her, and she says that she loves him….a mysterious person watches them both!

-Steve promises Kayla he will get home!

-Mike tells Robin to butt out, and Robin says that she won’t because she has to protect Jeremy from men like his, all his life he’s always treated Jeremy like dirt, he never knew how to be a father and still doesn’t! Mike tells Robin that this is between Jeremy and him, and he knows how to be a father but Jeremy won’t let him in, he hasn’t for almost a year! He says he’s so sorry for sleeping with Alexis, he’s apologized for months, but he didn’t even know she was Jeremy’s girlfriend! Mike then runs after Jeremy!

-Lucas looks at Greta in shock and asks why the hell Jan did that, and Greta says that she was probably just frustrated…she says thet she guesses with his son there and all and Sami flaunting around it just took a toll on her, and she says she mainly came here to ask about Nicole, since Jan knew her and she guesses Jan just didn’t want even more stress….Lucas says something doesn’t add up here, but Greta tells him she doesn’t know whats left to explain…Jan just got frustrated and had enough and she just ended up getting hurt, and that’s all there is to it. Greta quickly tells Lucas goodbye and runs off!

-Renee nearly faints at Elvis’s confession, and she takes out her cell phone and calls 911, while Lexie SLAPS Elvis and calls him an idiot for this! Elvis says that they all hate his decision and when Kristen told him he knew he had to stop it, and Lexie asks if that means KILLING Stefano! Elvis says the bomb wasn’t supposed to be a huge one, just enough to stop the wedding…he says it couldn’t have killed them because St.Luke’s is still standing, and Lexie snaps just barely, and she looks at the Church and says she has to get in there!

-Stefan and Kayla continue to enjoy their romantic evening with each other, as the mysterious figure watches and clenches their fists!

-Elvis tells Lexie it could be too dangerous, and Lexie turns to Elvis and says fine, then he goes in there since this is his fault! Renee interrupts the arguing siblings and says that an ambulance is on its way!

-Mike catches up to Jeremy, and he tells him to please stop. Jeremy asks him why he should, and Mike needs to stop acting like he should forgive him! Mike tells Jeremy maybe he doesn’t, but that Jeremy can’t act like this forever….some angry teenager, because Jeremy is a grown ass man. He tells him that they’ve argued so many times, he’s made so many mistakes, but he’s sure Jeremy has too. He says that it’s the holidays, for once they need to get along. He tells him if they can at least get past the fact that he wasn’t around as much during Jeremy’s childhood and the Alexis factor…they could at least be kind to each other. Jeremy is silent for a minute, and remains silent as he slowly walks off….

-The ambulance arrives, and quickly they bust in and try to get Stefano, Vivian, Kristen, and Father Jansen out. While Lexie, Renee, and Elvis wait anxiously, they slowly bring them out…one by one. Stefano coughs, as he and Vivian are conscious, and he looks up at Renee and asks who did this…and Renee motions to Elvis! Stefano goes off on Elvis while he coughs, telling him that he should kill him for betraying him and his family like this, but Vivian hoarsely interrupts him and says its alright…Elvis’s effort was in vain…they’re married now, and that’s all that matters!

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