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Episode#279: The Nightmare Couple Before Christmas




Episode#279: The Nightmare Couple Before Christmas

-At the police station, Bo and the other officers are continuing the investigation of Marlena’s murder. One of the officers says that they’ve investigated it a lot these past few weeks, and he’s sorry, but Sami’s story just doesn’t make any sense…they can’t find a scrap of evidence pointing to this guy even existing. Bo sighs, and he admits that he soon may have to arrest his niece!

-Will and Destiny are at the Spears Mansion…they’re watching Bentley while Lucas is upstairs, and Will comments that he can’t see how Jan could just leave his dad and her own son, and Destiny agrees. Will sighs and says he misses Arianna so much…he wants her to spend her first Christmas with HER dad. Destiny sighs, and thinks to herself that Will needs his daughter.

-Back at whats left of St.Luke’s, the paramedics check out Vivian, Stefano, Father Jansen, and Kristen…they say that everyone seems to be alive and fine, they’re very lucky this explosion wasn’t bigger! The police arrive and are about to take Elvis into custody for attempted murder, but Stefano stops them, saying that there’s no need for that…but his son has severely disgraced him! He says that no matter what he thinks, he and Vivian are married, and now their quest to take over Salem can continue!

*Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

-Carrie is shopping at Salem Place, and she runs into Cassie! She tells Cassie she hasn’t seen her in awhile, and says that as sisters, they probably need to get to know each other a little better. Cassie smirks and agrees, and says they should try sometime. Carrie says that because of Marlena’s death, the entire family needs to band together and try to spend Christmas with each other…Cassie laughs and tells Carrie that she doesn’t want to spend Christmas with Marlena’s murderor, nor the long lost child Jan. Carrie says that she doesn’t even know if Jan’s still in town and asks what she has against her.

-Belle is at Titan, finishing up some photo shoots for Bella before she goes on her Christmas vacation. As she gets done, Justin approaches her and congratulates her, saying these will look great for the holiday addition of Bella Magazine. Belle thanks him, and Justin is silent for a moment, and he says it looks like she has something on her mind. She just says this is the first Christmas without her mother…and she’s got so much going on in her personal life right now, and Justin comforts her and says it seems like there’s more, and Belle confesses that its about Nicholas!

-The officers at the police station tell Bo they’re sorry about all of this, and Bo says that he has to make Marlena’s murderor succumb to justice…and he has to do what he’s gotta do. He says to just keep investigating it, and they’ll make a decision by New Years.

-Will and Destiny continue to discuss Will’s hopes that he can spend Christmas with Arianna, but he says it looks like it won’t happen, and he says that everything was going so great before Benard and Crystal came to Salem. As Will leaves the room, Destiny sits thinking, and she gets out the phone book and dials a number on the phone!

-Peter and Megan arrive at the scene of the explosion…Peter asks what the hell is going on, and Renee says that Elvis had a great idea to try to blow up the Church, and Peter asks why while Megan simply cackles. Vivian snarls at Peter, and Stefano says its because he was trying to stop his wedding…he reveals to Peter that he married Vivian! He says it shall be crucial in their plans, and Vivian grins as Peter nearly faints!

-Cassie flashes back to Jan pushing her out the window of Belle and Philip’s loft in 2006, almost paralyzing her, but them working together to frame Mimi. She tells Carrie she has nothing against Jan, she just hasn’t heard good things about her. Carrie says she’s right, but she’s family, and Cassie simply agrees. Carrie says that if her and Sami are there, just play nice. When Cassie leaves, Carrie runs into Brandon, and she comments that they are running into each other everywhere, and Brandon laughs and they begin to talk. When Carrie mentions wanting to have a Christmas get together in honor of Marlena, but the problems with Sami and Jan missing, Brandon mentions Nicole’s been missing too!

-Peter says this can’t be happening, and Stefano says that it is, and all of his children shall accept it. Lexie tells Stefano this is crazy, and Renee agrees. Stefano silences them all, saying that is enough, and Megan says she supports his decision. Stefano thanks her, and says he only told Megan because he knew he could trust her to not pull anything….he tells them that now, this is done, and its time for the next step…he says that soon, Salem shall be theirs!

-Justin and Belle talk about Belle’s issues with Nicholas, and she tells him about Forrest giving Nicholas and ultimatium awhile back. Justin tells Belle that Alamain and Titan are rivals, and Victor has been trying to get Titan for awhile now…he says that though, she can’t let it affect her personal life. He tells her that if she really likes Nicholas, she needs to be with him. Belle says that he’d get kicked out of Alamain if they were to get back together, and she can’t do that to him. Justin tells her that it seems like Nicholas wants Belle more than he wants Alamain, and that she needs to do whats right, and that leaves Belle thinking…

-Carrie finds it odd that Nicole is missing, but she says that she knows Nicole a bit, and after she was exposed for pretending to be Tony and Marlena’s child, she may have skipped town. Brandon says that wouldn’t be like Nicole though, and both of them discuss their sisters/step-sisters missing. The topic eventually floats to Carrie missing Marlena, and Brandon comforts her.

-The paramedics tell Stefano, Vivian, and Kristen they are free to go, and luckily any injuries were very minor. As a limo arrives to take the DiMera’s home, Stefano takes Vivian’s hand and says that now its time to move into the future!

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I love how everyone is catching onto Greta and starting to wonder where the hell are nicole and Jan.

I also really like Justin and Belles scene. It was very nice

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