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Episode#289: The Face-Off




Episode#289: The Face-Off

-Abe is continuing his physical therapy at his house with Maggie…they talk as Maggie helps him excersize and move around more, but suddenly the doorbell rings! As Abe sits down, Maggie answers it to see Bo!

-At the DiMera Mansion, someone is heard knocking on the door, and Renee passes Megan in the kitchen after a moment and tells her someone is here to see her. Megan plays with her knife and laughs, and she walks into the foyer and sees none other than Jill Stevens in the doorway!

-Crystal is stunned at Stefano’s orders, and says she only just met him and he wants her to kill someone! Stefano nods, and says it may seem odd, but he wants his son, Tony, killed as soon as possible…he says if she does this, he can tip the court in her favor…he has that kind of power. Crystal says she’s just not sure if she wants to go back to that kind of life, and Stefano asks whats more important, her own legal record or her granddaughter!

-Helena points her gun at Steve, Kayla, and Stefan and tells them that it seems they’ve figured out everything…yes, she switched Stefan and Steve to get back at them for her precious EJ’s death! She says Stefan was a loyal soldier, but obviously not good enough! She tells them that the road ends here, its time for Steve and Kayla to die!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Peter is at the Alamain Mansion, and he bangs on the door! Ivan answers it, and Peter says he’s looking for Valentine…Ivan tells him that she’s in the living room, and Peter charges in, and tells Valentine they have a big problem!

-Steve tells Helena to back off, she’s just a bitter old bitch who can’t do anything but make other people miserable. Helena points her gun at him and thanks him, saying he just revealed who the real Steve was. Stefan apologizes to his mother for failing, and Helena says she’ll deal with him later. Helena tells them now its time for the people who killed EJ to pay the piper once and for all, but Kayla rushes towards Helena before she can fire the gun and they get into a struggle!

-Maggie greets Bo, as does Abe, and he asks Bo what brings him by. Bo tells him he just wanted to give him an update on everything down at the station while he’s out of commission, and as Maggie goes to get them some drinks, Abe tells him that’s not it…there’s something else on his mind, and he can tell!

-Kayla and Helena struggle for the gun, and Helena calls her a fool, and Stefan rushes to help his mother but Steve pulls him back and they get into another fight! Stefan tells him that he’s going to pay for all this, and Steve tells him he doubts that, and the men and women continue their vicious fights….

-Megan tells Jill its about time she got back to Salem, she thought she was coming in right after Christmas! Jill whispers to her that she did, she just didn’t tell her until now. Megan asks why the hell not, and Jill exclaims that it doesn’t matter, but she’s here now, but she slowly says she does have one thing to tell her. Megan asks what, and Jill exclaims that she slept with Bo Brady right before New Years!

-Steve, Stefan, Helena, and Kayla all continue to fight! Helena tries to take aim at one of the two Steve’s, but Kayla stops her again, and they continue to fight! Helena finally shoves Kayla away, and as Kayla falls to the ground, Helena yells that she’s had enough of this and its time for someone to die!

-Crystal tells Stefano of course her granddaughter is more important to her, but killing someone would be a big step back in life for her…Stefano says she considers it a step back, he’d consider it a step forward! Crystal quickly explains the entire situation with Arianna to him, and Stefano asks if she really wants a reckless teenager like Will Roberts raising her precious Arianna…Crystal finally says no, no she doesn’t, and she’ll kill Tony!

-Steve and Stefan struggle and fight, and Helena cannot tell which is which…she groans and says fine, she’ll just have to guess, and hope she makes the right kill…but there are enough bullets for everyone!

-Valentine asks Peter whats wrong, and whats bad enough for him to just come barging in on her like this. Peter tells her that Vivian’s free, and Valentine nearly chokes on her drink! She asks him how the hell she got free, and he says his father of all people did it, and a shocked Valentine asks why! Peter responds that he doesn’t know, but now she wants revenge, and since Valentine got him into it, she’s gonna get him out of it! However, Valentine says Vivian is powerless even free, but before Peter can tell her about Vivian and Stefano’s marriage, she throws him out of the Alamain Mansion!

-While Kayla tries to slowly stand up, Steve and Stefan keep on fighting and throwing fists and kicks at each other, and Helena watches them closely, and finally says its time for Steve Johnson to die, and she takes aim at one of them and….FIRES! The man she hit screams out in pain as the bullet goes straight into his back, and he coughs out blood and falls to the ground!

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Good episode

. I feel so bad for Peter. Why is everyone being so mean to him?

I loved the ending scene. I know Helena shot her son. that’s shocking.

Andit was so good to See abe and even better to see him bond with bo

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