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Episode#277: Stefano and Vivian's Deed




Episode#277: Stefano and Vivian’s Deed

-At the Horton House, Maggie, Laura, Abe, Jeremy, Robin, Nick, Abby, and Mike are all there putting the Christmas tree up to get ready for the Annual Ornament Hanging on Christmas Eve. Jeremy tries to avoid Mike, and both Laura and Maggie sigh as they see him staying away from his father. Laura pulls Maggie aside and tells her that this has to stop!

-Outside the Spears Mansion, Greta is coming out of a secret entrance and walks out to the sidewalk, and as she is slowly and discreetly walking away, her eyes widen when she sees Lucas coming out the front door! She tries to dart away but Lucas notices her and quickly runs up to her, and asks her what she’s doing in front of Jan’s mansion again!

-Inside Helena’s secret hideout, Steve is still tied to that chair…he constantly thinks about his family, Kayla, and all his friends back in Salem…he says to himself he’s been here for much too long, he’s breaking out SOON!

-At St.Luke’s, the DiMera children stand outside the church, and Kristen yells that there’s no time to waste, and both Renee and Lexie follow Kristen as Elvis stands back a bit, and the three girls barge into the church to reveal…STEFANO AND VIVIAN AT THE ALTER!

*Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

-Forrest and Billie are at the Alamain Mansion having dinner alone. Billie mentions how she can’t believe Marlena died, and she was never too close to her but knew her well…and she says that what’s even more shocking is her brother’s ex killed her! Forrest agrees, and says that at least things have been peaceful around here lately…Billie laughs and says that it hasn’t seemed like it to her, with her mother back from the dead and them selling so much of Alamain’s stock. Forrest nods but says that its good they have been, because of the economy crashing this is the time and they got to it early. Billie nods, and asks Forrest what she thinks will become of Alamain.

-Laura explains to Maggie that it seems Jeremy and Mike are constantly avoiding each other, and Maggie says she wishes they weren’t either, but there’s nothing they can do. Its between Mike and Jeremy. Laura tells her that if that is true then Robin shouldn’t be here at all. Maggie sighs and says that Jeremy does need his mother. Laura tells her the hell he does!

-Greta tries to give Lucas an excuse, she tells him that she just happened to be passing by! Lucas says fine and says he wants to speak to her about how he found her clawed and critically injured that one night in the front yard of the mansion, and Greta makes a quick flashback to Jan and her having a catfight and the raccoon in her face. She says that she and Jan have met each other, she was just visiting and tripped. Lucas says that that can’t be true!

-Steve tries to struggle with his ropes, and slowly they begin to loosen!

-Stefano and Vivian are revealed to be at the alter…Vivian in a beautiful wedding dress!!!! Father Jansen is there, and all the color fades from Lexie’s face, and Renee nearly faints, and Kristen mutters “No…no…we didn’t make it in time…”, and Father Jansen says:

Father Jansen:I now pronounce you…man and wife.

-Forrest sighs, and says he doesn’t know…with the stock market crashing, things are only getting worse, and despite their plan to sell so much of their stock and investment in networks and other things, which is helping, he just doesn’t know…Alamain is still going downhill. He promises her, however, that everything will be alright.

-Renee approaches Stefano, and asks if he really married Vivian! Stefano says that it will help them in the domination of Salem, and Lexie says that this just can’t be, he couldn’t have married such a crazy woman as Vivian Alamain! Vivian snaps to Lexie that she better start being a little nicer, and Stefano says this is why he has been with Vivian so much lately and he got Ji’Min to get her out of jail…he needs her to be his wife! Elvis rushes in and tells everyone that they need to get out, its already too late, they need to go! Kristen tells Elvis to shut up, and she says this is what she wanted to stop: Stefano and Vivian getting married!

-Lucas tells Greta that he had to take her to the hospital, she did much more than just trip for those bruises, scratches, and injuries! Greta argues that she heard Jan went into a coma by hitting her head, and Lucas says that’s because Jan hit her head, and Greta was literally crawling and couldn’t speak, and she was hurt all over her body! Greta sighs and says she’ll tell him what really happened!

-Kristen asks Stefano if he’s forgotten how poisonous Vivian is, and he reminds her that she helped her when she faked her pregnancy! Elvis tries to pull Renee, Lexie, and even Kristen out of St.Luke’s and says the wedding’s over, they need to get out of here! Lexie asks Stefano why he didn’t tell them, but Stefano simply says he knew they’d object! Elvis again tells everyone they need to leave, and Stefano tells his son he’s right, and as Elvis tries to pull his sisters out, Stefano and Vivian begin to run down the aisle together, but…St.Luke’s…EXPLODES!

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