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"2009 will be a gigantic year for LIS, it has so much ghoing on...December 08 was only the beginning." Tara Smith previews

Marlena's Death:"The aftermath continues to play out...Sami is the town bad girl, she's reformed in recent years, but combined with her past and the craziness of Stan, the law won't be easily convinced. It would almost be ridiculous for her not to be charged. There have been a few cases with Sami like this before, the murder of Franco Kelly and when Kate and Eugenia set her up in 05. But this is so different, and will play out in such a different way this very well could be the biggest thing Sami has ever faced. Someone will believe Sami...and this someone isn't the person you'd expect! This story is going to connect with another one within the first months of 2009."

The DiMera's:"Well, this big plan Stefano has been going on about with Vivian for a very long time now has finally been revealed: They got married...again! Vivian is now a DiMera, and again has power. Stefano uses her to take a big step in dominating Salem, but his children, obvious by Elvis rigging St.Luke's to explode, dissapprove. Also there's Peter, who Vivian had a one night stand during the "Secret Storm" in Winter of 08....everyone knows about that after he exposed it at the fashion show, but Vivian wants revenge. Later on, this story is going to take a twist no one expects!"

The Business War: "This storyline has been on full blast for awhile now, even if it has taken a bit of a downtime airtime-wise lately. Forrest is working desperately to save Alamain from Titan, but soon Victor will be the last of his worries. Vivian will be back in action now that she has power, and she is going to get vengance on people like Forrest, Billie, Nicholas, and especially Valentine...who all booted her out of Alamain, and the latter(in cahoots with Celeste) exposed her schemes at the fashion show. Nicholas wants to be with Belle, but he can't be because of his uncle's orders, and Forrest won't let Nicholas and Belle be together no matter what. Valentine also is harboring a secret, and that will be revealed this year."

Lucas/Jan/Greta/Nicole: "Greta continues to torment Jan and Nicole in the Secret Room beneath the Spears Mansion, but there will be a few twists...Lucas is going to try to give up on Jan, and he meets another woman. Nicole also knows about Stan, and may hold the key to Sami's freedom...this storyline is going to be HUGE, and will envelope so many characters its unbelievable. If you want a story with numerous twists, you got one."

Jeremy/Alexis/Mike/Robin/Laura: "Robin continues to try to protect Jeremy, as Alexis and Mike constantly try to get back into his good graces. Robin is a hard vixen, but Alexis isn't one to be messed with. Jeremy and Mike's father-son issues will continue heavily, but Mike has one supporter: Laura. Laura is trying to play the mediator, and isn't getting along well with Robin in the process. Will Alexis ever get Jeremy back? We'll see, but this will be a huge story in 2009."

Steve/Kayla/Stefan: "This is coming to a climax....Helena and Stefan will go down very soon, and Steve and Kayla think they can have happiness. But, they have someone watching them....this will tie into a slowly building HUGE story."

Bo: "Bo has been finding a great friend in Kristen, but could it become more? Megan is on the prowl, and she has a HUGE plan in place for Bo, one that she hopes will reunite her and Bo...Megan is a full fledged psycho, she's going to stop at nothing to get what she wants."

Will/Destiny/The Galore's: "The custody battle will begin...things are looking bleak for poor Will. He's just a teen who means well, but he will fight for Arianna, but so will Benard and Crystal. Crystal is going to go to GREAT lengths to get her granddaughter, and this will intertwine with another story. Will and Destiny are part of the next generation, they will be front and center."

Tony/Anna: "They may reunite, they may not...right now they are testing the waters, but Tony's life may be in jeapordy sometime soon. This may not seem like much, but Tony WILL play a role in something HUGE."

Abe/Maggie: "Abe will continue with physical therapy, this road is a long one...he is as close to Maggie as ever, but when his old lover Faye comes back into his life things may just get rocky."

Carrie/Brandon: "Carrie is trying to get over Marlena's death, and she's finding some good comfort in Brandon...they will grow closer, and eventually, Carrie is going to be involved in TWO big storylines."

Victor/Celeste/Dorian/Viki: "This shall be a big story....Dorian has some plans in stores for Victor, and Celeste is concerned now that Dorian is back around...Viki will be back soon, but will she bring good ole Niki with her? Victor will also be involved in the business war...he thinks he's the one with all the power, but soon he'll learn otherwise!"


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It all sounds good. A you have a lot planned. I can't wait to see what these twist are and how some of these stories will be tieing in together. 2009 is going to be great for LIS

Where's Hope?

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Very balsy to kill of Marlena but if that means seeing bad girl Sammy reform, then bring her on!

I'm rooting for Tony and Anna to reunite.

There seems to be tons of exciting stuff coming in 2009. Can't wait to read all about it.

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