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Episode#274: The Race to Stop Stefano




Episode#274: The Race to Stop Stefano

-Megan continues to stand in the DiMera Courtyard, saying how her father’s plans are coming full circle, and none of his children will be able to stop him….

-Carrie and Brandon greet each other at Chez Rouge, and Brandon notices Carrie is distracted and questions her about it. Carrie explains the situation about Sami, and Brandon says he heard about that and has no clue whats going on with her. Carrie explains that although the evidence points to Sami lying, she doesn’t know what to believe. Her and Brandon continue to talk, and Brandon invites her to dance!

-Renee, Lexie, Kristen, and Elvis are all in the car and Elvis asks Kristen if she could at least tell them whats so bad that Stefano’s doing, and Kristen says theyre is absolutely NO time, they just have to get there in time…

-Sami is at the Java Café. She is having a cup of coffee as she thinks to herself she HAS to prove that it was Stami, because no one will speak to her and she can’t go to jail, and she prays for God and Marlena to help her. As Sami sits at a table she hears a voice says “Oh, it’s the murderor!” and looks up to see Greta Von Amberg!

*Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

-Abe and Maggie are together at Abe’s house, as Maggie helps him through physical therapy. They spend time together and talk as she helps him, and Abe thanks her for doing this, and Maggie thanks him, because this is helping her keep her mind off of all that’s happened. Abe tries to comfort Maggie and she opens up to him as she says that the past few years, she has been hit with such devastation. She explains to him that Zack, Shawn, Alice, and Mickey all died, Doug slipped into a coma, Hope and Julie are in jail, and now Marlena is dead…not to mention whats happened to all of their other friends, and Abe’s stroke. Abe continues to comfort her, and tells her that together, they can survive all of this…

-Megan says that soon this town will be her father’s, and she’ll be at her side, and Bo’s will be at her’s…

-Carrie eagerly accepts Brandon’s invitation, and they begin to dance. As they dance, they talk about various things and bond, and eventually they drift back to the subject of Sami. Brandon tells her that Sami’s track record is against her, and he knows that Sami can lie. Carrie agees, and says something just seems off…Brandon however also brings up that a few years back, Kate and Eugenia Willens drugged him and Sami and threw them in bed together to make it look like she cheated on Lucas the night before Lucas and Sami’s wedding. He says that for months Sami claimed it wasn’t their fault and no one believed her, which is what led to Stan in the first place, but later Sami and Nicole finally found proof that it was Kate and Eugenia. Carrie says she did hear about that, and continues to think. Brandon tells Carrie that if she really wants an answer…to just go with her gut. Carrie realizes he’s right and thanks him as they finish up their dance…

-The DiMeras are still in the car riding throughout Salem, and Elvis continues to try to get Kristen to tell them whats going on with Stefano. Kristen again refuses and Renee tries to get Elvis to calm down, as Lexie says that this is ridiculous and they just need to get to wherever they are going, but suddenly, the car breaks down!

-Abe and Maggie continue to spend time together and try to get through all that’s happened.

-Sami asks Greta what the hell she wants, and she barely even knows her, she tells her to go bug Nicole! Greta says that she won’t be able to do that, and tells her she’s so sorry about her mother…and that she couldn’t make up any better lies. Sami gets very angry and tells Greta to just stay out of it, its none of her business! Greta laughs and says poor Eric, he must be in tears over this, and Sami just tells her to shut up. Greta says that she doesn’t know who’s worse: Her or Nicole, both of them are con-artists. Sami is silent for a moment, before yelling:

Sami:That’s it!

Sami runs out of the Java Café, leaving Greta in confusion.

-Kristen is enraged when the car breaks down in the middle of the road! Lexie says she’ll call a tow truck and a cab, and Renee tries to calm Kristen down. Kristen says to call Peter or something! Elvis approaches Kristen and says just to tell him whats going on, and Kristen yells fine if it’ll get him off her back, and she whispers something in his ear! Elvis exclaims “OH NO!” before walking off, taking out his cell phone, and saying into it:

Elvis:Hey, its me…I need…to make an arrangement…I need to stop my father from making a terrible mistake…

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Good episode. I still love how sami and amr's death is affecting almost everyone in Salem. Sami has a mountain to climb to prove her innonce. Its a great story. It was good to see mags and abe again.

I also like Seeing Carrie and Bradno together. They would make a nice couple

And I wonder what in the hell stefano is up too

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