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    Episode#322: Vivian Tells the DiMera’s

    -It is a brand new morning in Salem! All the rain and clouds are gone, and the sun shines brightly throughout the town!

    -At the Spears Mansion, Lucas and Eugenia slowly wake up in the living room…lying together…again! Eugenia looks at him and says they must have fallen asleep together again…KISSING! Eugenia says she’s sorry about last night, but Lucas slowly tells her to stop…and maybe…it was good that they did!

    -Forrest and Billie are at the DiMera Mansion…Forrest paces and says that its been awhile since the Alamain takeover, they are fast running out of money and with tax time just passing…they are in deep trouble! Billie coldly says how nice, and Forrest yells that the mansion could be taken from them within the WEEK! His company has been taken over, Valentine has vanished, and now she’s giving him the cold shoulder like Nicholas!

    -Sami is revealed to be hiding out at a room at the Salem Inn…she has her disguise on, and comments how good it is to be out of that jumpsuit…she knows that today she must get out of Salem…but as she opens the door to leave…she runs into Carrie!

    -The DiMera children are all in the living room of the DiMera Mansion…Kristen thinks about Bo and Hope catching them in bed together, but she asks where Stefano is, and Elvis says he hasn’t seen him. Lexie comments on how strange that is, and Renee agrees. Vivian walks in…and tells them she has some…devastating news!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Rhonda Miller, the woman who had Kayla and that mysterious man in the pit is in a cell at the police station….she thinks about how she wasn’t able to stop Steve from saving Kayla, and how this wasn’t supposed to happen…and wonders how they found her! She sees officers approaching the cell, and they says she has a temporary cellmate until they can book her at the local prison/jail…which may be delayed due to the riot last night…Rhonda looks up at this new cellmate…and Chris, also down there with the officers, says:

    Chris:Well…meet this class act criminal…Suga!

    It is revealed the woman Chris has is SUGA(Missy Elliot)!

    -Eugenia is confused and asks Lucas what the hell he’s talking about…he’s engaged to Jan! Lucas says yes and she does have a point…but Jan left Salem FOUR months ago. Its been four months without his fiancee, and he’s spent so much time calling her, being sad over her, trying to find her…but its no use…he tells Eugenia:

    Lucas:Maybe it is time…to move on.

    -Billie tells Forrest its just a stressful time, they all are unemployed, his family is in chaos…Forrest says that he’s been trying to keep this family together, but everyone else tries to tear it apart! He yells that for over two years, all he’s done is try to rebuild the Alamain’s, but he is surrounded by fools! All fools! Billie gets up and tries to ignore him but Forrest continues to rant, and then Billie exclaims:

    Billie:YOU’RE the one hurting Alamain! Because you’re such an ass and so full of yourself!

    -Sami gasps when she sees Carrie, and also sees she has a bandage on her head…she asks what she’s doing here. Carrie says she lives at the Salem Inn…and last night after getting home from that huge prison riot in the pouring rain, she saw her sneak in! Sami is silent, and she tells her that she didn’t want Larry to have to knock her and Brandon unconscious last night…Carrie says she doesn’t approve of what Sami did…escaping prison with LARRY WELCH of all people, but Sami claims that she and Larry went their separate ways after that…and she also tells her she HAD to escape, no one is going to believe her…she can’t prove that it was Stan who killed Marlena! Carrie nods, and says she understands, and asks what she’s going to do now.

    -Lexie asks Vivian if this devastating news is her and Stefano divorcing…but Vivian says no, but it is about their father…all of them look at Vivian, and Vivian sighs as Kristen asks what wrong…Vivian says last night, he didn’t return because…something happened to him. Elvis stands and immediately asks what…and Vivian then says:

    Vivian:I’m afraid…my husband…your father…has been presumed dead after, in the pouring rain, his car fell off a cliff…

    -Suga is put in Rhonda’s cell, and Rhonda looks at her and asks her what she’s here for…Suga shakes her head and says actually…she has no clue! Rhonda wonders outloud if that means she’s innocent of whatever she’s accused of, but Suga says no…she actually barely remembers anything about her life…supposedly her name is Suga and she was involved in some activities with some Natalia in Pasadena, but she doesn’t know ANYTHING about herself!

    -Eugenia stares at Lucas in shock…and asks if he means…with her?! Lucas doesn’t say a word, and Eugenia says she knows him well but they haven’t been living together for THAT long…not to mention after her last man, her unborn baby’s father…she doesn’t know if she’d want another relationship. Lucas says he understands and shouldn’t have brought it up, but before he walks off…Eugenia tells him to wait….she slowly says maybe he does have a point, and she has been growing close to him lately…so just maybe…they could try! Lucas and Eugenia continue to talk and soon agree to try out a relationship!

    -Forrest yells “EXCUSE ME?!” and tells Billie that he is the ONLY one trying to be a team player, she was but she stopped once Vivian and the DiMera’s took over Alamain! Billie argues that she was with Alamain for almost a year…and that she knows he loves the company, his family, and tried to keep it together…and everyone is at fault, but she feels it was his mismanagement that got the company into such deep trouble, and the fighting! She says he was too focused on eliminating people from the family, like Vivian, or controlling others, like Nicholas, that Alamain collapsed, especially when the economy went into a recession! Forrest tells her to stop putting the blame on him, and he thought SHE was smarter, and he loves her but she will *NOT* talk to him like this! Billie and Forrest continue their very intense argument, and Forrest tells her that she’s probably just disillusioned because of the crazy ass family and crazy ass LIFE that she has had! He tells her to get it through her skull: It wasn’t HIS fault they lost Alamain, he’s the only wise one!! Billie is hurt by all of this and as she walks towards the door Forrest says:

    Forrest:I thought you loved me and would stand by me, too.
    Billie:Well GET this through YOUR skull: I do love you….I love you SO MUCH, its TRUE…but you and I are through! Any man who acts and insults like you do is not worthy of being with any woman!

    Billie storms out, leaving Forrest in shock!

    -Sami asks Carrie why she’d tell her, hell why hasn’t she sent the police down here yet! Carrie tells her its because Sami is her sister, and she still knows she didn’t kill Marlena…she tells Sami to TRUST her! Sami looks at her and reveals that…she’s leaving Salem…to find Stan or someone else who has any evidence that could prove it was Stan who killed Marlena so she can come back. Carrie stares at her and then says:

    Carrie:Well…then I’m coming with you!

    -All of the DiMera children quickly get up and scream and asks what she’s talking about, and Elvis accuses her of lying, but Vivian says sadly its very true…she heard it from the mouths of the paramedics! She says that it hasn’t been made public yet, but it will soon! They try to ask for the details but Vivian says no one knows much…and the cliff he fell off of goes too far…they won’t be able to find a body…everyone is astonished, and Kristen wails out in pain, another family member of hers lost…
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    Episode#321: The Phoenix Has Fallen!

    -Greta asks Lea what she means, and Lea says she just wonders if, with one of these women pregnant with a baby, if she really has to keep them down here…Greta snaps that her job is just to take care of Jan, no questions asked! Lea says she knows but, however Greta interrupts her and just commands her to do her job if she wants that money! Lea slowly nods as she leaves…

    -Lucas and Eugenia walk back into the Spears Mansion, with Will and Destiny in wheelchairs and whatever wounds they had patched up…both of them stir and wake up slowly, and Will asks what happened, but Lucas tells them its nothing serious and to go back to sleep. After they do so, Lucas and Eugenia manage to get them both up to their rooms, where they rest after this crazy night…

    -Sami tells Vivian she got her wish, her husband is dead! Sami tells Vivian its not like she’s mourning Stefano, he was never her favorite person…but all this chaos caused her son to die! Sami explains that Will and “some other girl” were in the other car that Stefano hit before he fell off the cliff, and Vivian asks if they are alright, and Sami says yes, thankfully! Vivian tells her then she has nothing to worry about…they both lived and are alive and well, and the Phoenix is D-E-A-D!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Greta tells Jan and Nicole that its been a lovely evening…but she needs to get going…she’ll just leave them down here to sulk! As Greta leaves, Jan sighs, and says that they were SO close! Nicole tells Jan to calm down…they’ll be out eventually…because if they can get the upper hand on Greta like that again, or lay on the guilt with Lea like she started tonight, they’ll be out of here in no time!

    -Eugenia and Lucas come back downstairs…and Lucas says he’s so so glad that Will is alright and he and Destiny were able to come home…but he can’t believe all this stuff involving Sami. Eugenia comforts him, and Lucas opens up to her, saying his life is spinning out of control…Jan is gone, his son has a child and could lose her, the mother of his son is a murderor and just escaped from jail…he says he doesn’t know how much more he can take! Eugenia continues to comfort him and give him positive words…and they kiss!

    -Sami asks Vivian how she’s going to tell the rest of the DiMera’s that daddy dearest is dead, and she says tomorrow she’ll simply break it to them…it will all be fine. Sami says she can’t just expect them to take it all fine and dandy, they’ll probably know she did it! Vivian says that’s really none of her concern, she didd her job, and now Vivian will handle the DiMera’s! Sami then says:

    Sami:Fine, you’re right…I did my part. Now its time for you to do yours.

    -Jan says that they have been trying to get out of this hellhole for four months!!! She yells that if they haven’t gotten out now, they really never will! Nicole laughs and tells Jan that Shawn was being held captive by her for four or five months…but he escaped! Jan goes off into a daze as she thinks about Shawn…and says she wishes how her soul mate was here, holding her in his big, strong arms right now! Nicole groans and tells her to not start babbling about a dead man, but the point is, they WILL get out! Or at least, she won’t let Greta keep them down here forever!

    -Eugenia pulls back from the kiss and tells him she’s so sorry, it was just instinct…Lucas is silent for a moment, and Eugenia says she should just go upstairs, but he stops her…telling her that…its alright…maybe its time to move on from Jan, because she’s not coming back! Lucas and Eugenia slowly lean in and kiss again…and Greta gasps and grins as she sees it from the window, in the rain!

    -Vivian asks what she means, she’s out of jail…Sami says she wants some resources though…because she’s leaving Salem and will need some money, maybe a disguise. Vivian says she thought she didn’t want a new life…Sami says she doesn’t, but she has figured out she can’t prove that she’s innocent in Salem…she’s going to find Stan, or Nicole Walker or SOMETHING that can prove her innocent…no matter what it takes! Vivian shrugs and says fine…she gives Sami a check of $20,000 dollars…and a basic disguise: A wig, some make up, regular clothes, and other things to apply to herself…Sami thanks Vivian, and Vivian says it was a pleasure doing business with her as Sami leaves the DiMera Mansion.

    -Back at the Spears Mansion, Lucas and Eugenia kiss as Greta watches…Lucas thinks to himself that he’s sorry Jan…but maybe he does need to start to forget about her…meanwhile, upstairs, Will and Destiny both lie in their respective beds after nearly losing their lives tonight…underneath the mansion, Jan feels her stomach as she thinks about Lucas, and Nicole continues to vow to get away from her psycho rival’s clutches. At the DiMera Mansion, as she leaves, Sami thinks to herself as she leaves that she’s sorry…she didn’t want to kill Stefano…but now, she can prove herself innocent…back inside, Vivian says that her good ole husband is dead…it was a nice marriage, but now she doesn’t have to worry about him killing her for her setting up Peter to die, and she can advance with her plans. She looks at a picture of him again, and tosses it in the trash as she says:

    Vivian:The king is dead…but long live the queen.

    There is a freeze frame on all of these people before the screen fades to black…
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    Episode#320: Will’s Fate

    -At Maggie’s house, Maggie, Julie, Abe, and Laura all continue to talk…but suddenly, they hear the doorbell ring, and Maggie answers it to see…HOPE! Maggie is stunned and tells her to come in and get out of the pounding rain, and Hope slowly walks in, and after shutting the door Maggie pulls her into a tight hug, saying she missed her so much…and is so glad she’s out of jail..but she asks what she’s doing here, she expected her to be alone at home with Bo! Hope sighs as she sheds another tear…and asks Maggie if she can stay here!

    -Greta tells Nicole through the window that yet again, she wins…she and her partner in crime are locked up again! Nicole says that they’ll get out, eventually…she showed Greta she knows how to push her buttons…she can do it again! Jan slowly asks if her baby’s alright…Greta replies she looks fine, but she’ll call Lea back down here to check on her.

    -At the DiMera Mansion…Vivian sits in Stefano’s office, where just hours ago Stefano confronted her on setting up Peter’s death…she thinks to herself about how Sami had BETTER have killed Stefano by now, because she needs him dead before he can throw her out of the DiMera family and fortune…

    -The paramedic says its unlikely that whoever fell off the cliff is alive…they might not even be able to search down there…Eugenia says that’s just too bad, and Lucas agrees…Sami listens and realizes that the deed is done…Stefano DiMera is dead! Eugenia comforts Lucas over all of this as another paramedic rushes up to Lucas and says they have news on his son!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Maggie tells her, while confused, that of course she can stay here…but asks why she seems upset, and why she wants to stay here…Maggie says she thought she’d want to be with Bo, but Hope shakes her head and says she wants to see her daughters and…she may need to stay here for awhile. Julie, Laura, and Abe all enter as Hope rushes upstairs, and they all are very confused…

    -Lea arrives at the Secret Room again after Greta calls her down there, and Greta informs her of what happened and lets her into the Secret Room, but this time stays outside the room itself…Lea examines Jan, and Jan asks how her baby is…Lea says its alive…but she has to be honest, NONE of what has been happening is good for her pregnancy! Jan says she knows and that’s why Greta needs to let her out, and Nicole leans down and whispers into Lea’s ear that she may need to take action into her own hands…because she couldn’t let an innocent baby die, could she?

    -Vivian continues to think about how she hopes Stefano is dead…also so she can continue with her plans!

    -Lucas anxiously asks how Will is, as Eugenia continues to try to keep him calm and comfort him, and the other paramedic reveals that Will and his friend…are stabilized! Lucas, Eugenia, and Sami in the background breathe a big sigh of relief…and the paramedic says that any injuries are minor…and whoever was here first did well in trying to stop the bleeding…they then say he doesn’t even have to go to the hospital, they just recommend Will and Destiny go in for some check ups! Lucas is so relieved he falls into Eugenia’s arms, as Sami runs off…so happy her son lived…

    -Hope walks up to a random, empty room…and continues to cry as she takes her soaking wet clothes off and gets into the shower…as she showers, trying to wash the pain away, she constantly flashes back to seeing her husband in bed with Kristen…

    -Lea looks at Nicole and ignores her, trying to shrug it off…Nicole tells her she has to be really cold hearted to do this…I mean a young, innocent life is at risk but she doesn’t care…Lea simply whispers that its her job…Nicole tells her if she says so…Lea is silent for a moment, and just tells Jan her baby is alright and alive before she leaves the Secret Room…Nicole grins, and once outside, Lea asks Greta if she really has to keep this up!

    -Vivian paces around Stefano’s office, and she glances at a few photos of the Phoenix…she comments he really was…kind…to marry her and let her in on his plans and get her out of jail, despite how devious his plans have been…suddenly, Sami walks in…and Vivian looks to her and asks what happened…where’s Stefano! Sami takes a deep breathe and says, still a bit shaken but relieved:

    Sami:Well…Vivian…I think…Stefano is dead. I was chasing him…and his car hit another car in the pouring rain, and his car went flying off a cliff…and I overheard the paramedics, once they got there to take care of the other people…say that it is very unlikely that Stefano survived.

    Vivian’s eyes widen, but she also grins…realizing her plans to kill Stefano have SUCCEEDED!
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    Its now official: Joseph Mascolo, who has played Stefano DiMera off and on since the 80's, has been cut from LIS! Mascolo last aired on March 10th when his car, in a huge rainstorm, went flying off a cliff, after he was nearly killed by Sami Brady(Alison Sweeney) and his wife Vivian Alamain(Louise Sorel)...however before his death, he also nearly killed Will Roberts(Stevie Brock) and Destiny Stokes(Ambyr Childers) in the process! Stefano was presumed dead after his car fell off the cliff.

    "LIS loves Joe and all the years he has given to it, but for now he needs to exit...we had an open ended death, so he could be back someday if need be, but right now there are no plans to bring him back. Stefano has always been a major player on LIS, especially these past few months, but with the constant returns and comings someone needed to be cut...and I feel more oppurtunities with the DiMera's right now can be played out if he's gone. Fans may remember when he was dropped to recurring and barely seen in late 2007 until May 2008, and his death was faked while he was in a coma...well, this is different. He's been cut all the way this time." Tara Smith explained

    Mascolo has had numerous stints on Days, and on LIS, he has been a presence ever since 2006...despite(as mentioned above) being dropped to recurring in late 2007 and early 2008.

    Also, Andrew Hyatt Massey(Larry Welch), who returned in early Feburary, last aired after jumping into the Salem River. "He was always intended to be just a brief stint...mainly, I just used him as a catalyst in Stefano's death. After that, he didn't have much of a point, so he just ran into enemies Bo and Hope before exiting. Much like Stefano's exit, it was open ended...no one even knows if Larry actually died or not. That was intentional, so someday Larry very well could be back."
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    Episode#319: Did Stefano Survive?

    -Julie is at Maggie’s house, and has reunited with Maggie, Laura, and Abe…and has gotten caught up to date on all the happenings…she tells Maggie she is so happy that she’s happy with Abe, and both Maggie and Abe smile and Maggie tells her she’s just glad she’s out of jail, and Julie nods and says she is mostly happy for Hope…she just wonders what will happen between her and Bo now!

    -Bo tells Hope that it was nothing, but Hope says that she won’t buy that…she knows that Bo’s probably moved on over these past 9 months…and she knows that after she came back from Pasadena, whatever they had between them had died…Bo tells her he still loves her, and Hope tells him about how she got Ji’Min to release her from jail just so she could come see him…with another woman…Hope asks him if he can really say there’s nothing between him and Kristen!

    -Jan screams as she falls down the small staircase that leads to the door back inside her actual mansion, and Nicole screams to Greta that she probably infected her by biting her! Jan moans on the ground, muttering that Greta might have killed her baby!

    -Lucas hangs up his phone and tells Will to just hang on, and tells Eugenia to see if she can get Destiny out of the car…Eugenia nods and goes over to the other side of the car, as Lucas looks at his ex, and asks why the HELL she isn’t in prison, and how did this happen! Sami explains that a car was driving and hit Will’s car before going off a cliff…and Lucas asks how she knows about all of this…Sami responds that…she escaped from prison during a riot!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Maggie says that they just will have to see…and be there for both of them, and Pamela and Addie…she says that at least now, maybe the Horton family can move past everything that happened with Gina. Laura agrees, and Julie then asks Laura whats this she’s been hearing about a feud between her and Robin, and Mike and Jeremy!

    -Bo is silent for a moment, as he remembers how he and Kristen made love all day…Hope looks at him and says yeah, she thought so. He tells her no no, he still loves HER…Hope tells him that she’s known it was over for awhile…it was just never official until now. Hope then walks off, still in tears, as Bo looks out at the river…

    -Jan lies on the ground, again holding her stomach, and Nicole is about to have another go at Greta, but Greta comes down the staircase slowly…and she pulls out a syringe! She tells her that this syringe is loaded full of poisonous toxin, not any of your typical knocking out drug, so they both better not try to pull anything…she then orders Nicole back into the Secret Room as she prepares to help Jan in there!

    -Lucas looks at Sami…and asks if she’s insane! He tells her she’s just the same old Sami, and Sami screams that’s NOT true! Lucas and Sami argue as Lucas tries to stop Will’s bleeding and Eugenia gets Destiny out of the car…but when the ambulances arrive, Sami takes off!

    -Laura slowly sighs and says it’s a long story…she and Robin have just been having conflict, and Mike and Jeremy is an even longer story. Julie nods slowly and says she knew Jeremy was having problems with Mike right after he came back to town…Julie says she just hopes that now, they can put the Hortons back together.

    -At the DiMera Mansion, Kristen slowly walks in from the pouring rain…and thinks about how it felt so right making love to Bo…but then Hope walked in, and she caught them hugging down at the docks…she breaksdown crying as she walks along the mansion…

    -Nicole tells Greta that won’t stop her, but Greta tells her it had better..or else Nicole, her good friend Jan, AND an unborn, innocent baby will die! Greta points the syringe from Nicole to Jan’s stomach, and Nicole tries to continue her position, but the guilt overcomes her…and she finally says fine, and walks back into the Secret Room, and Greta also throws Jan back in there…locking the two inside there yet again!

    -Lucas looks around for Sami, and inwardly curses at his ex…wondering to himself how she can just run off like that to save her own ass…he and Eugenia approach the paramedics as they lift both Destiny and Will on stretchers to check them out, and one paramedic steps aside and asks them both what happened…Eugenia glances to Lucas, and he slowly says that the person who originally told him about it had to go…but this is his son and their friend, and from what he knows another car hit them before going off a cliff…and both are alive, but his son is bleeding heavily…the paramedic nods and says they’ll do their best to stabilize them both, but they are lucky they have lived this long…Eugenia asks what about the person who went flying off the cliff!

    -Sami runs off…and hides in some woods nearby…she breaks out in tears as she leans against the tree and the raindrops fall on her head…thinking about how she’s so sorry, Will…she is so so so sorry…but she has to prove herself innocent somehow, and this is the only way…so she can eventually be a mother to him again…she hears Eugenia, Lucas, and the paramedic talking about the possible fate of the person who went off the cliff, and intently listens…

    -The paramedic turns towards the cliff, and sighs…he says he’s been ALL over Salem, so he’s been near here before…and he’s sorry to say, but…it is HIGHLY unlikely that the person, whoever it was, that ended up going off the cliff survived!
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    Episode#318: Sami Calls Lucas

    -Bo looks in shock at Larry grabbing onto Hope…Hope and Larry both look at Bo, and Larry says this is just like old time! Hope orders Larry again to LET GO, and Bo tells Larry he doesn’t know how the hell he’s out here but he had better just let Hope go…Larry laughs and says not this time…this time, Hope Williams Brady, who should have been Hope Welch, will die!

    -Everyone goes back to the doorway inside Rhonda’s house, and upstairs…the officers find Rhonda’s security guards, and Chris tied up! They quickly rescue Chris and also arrest the security guards, and as they all come back downstairs…Rhonda vows vengence on them all as Steve continues to wonder who the hell she is, and they all leave the odd house!

    -Greta bursts into the actual Secret Room, TACKLING Nicole…Nicole screams as Greta literally tries to tear her about, calling her a trashy bitch who never DESERVED to live! She says that’s why she can never keep a man…she deserves to be down HERE! Nicole, being held down by Greta, tells her that it terrifies her to think of what she deserves, then! A catfight erupts as Nicole tries to break free, and she sees the door hanging wide open, and yells to Jan:

    Nicole:RUN JAN!

    -Sami tries to stop her son’s bleeding as they both lie out in the rain…she grabs his cell phone out of his pocket, and quickly dials Lucas’s cell phone number, inwardly begging her ex to pick up…

    -Lucas and Eugenia are still asleep together on the couch in the Spears Mansion…Lucas’s cell phone rings, and they both slowly wake up…and are shocked and confused to see them together on the couch…Lucas asks what happened, and Eugenia says they must have fallen asleep while watching TV…Lucas simply shrugs it off as he answers his phone, and is STUNNED to hear Sami on the other end!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Hope tells Larry this is ridiculous…they run into each other in the middle of a huge storm and he already wants to kill her! Bo says to just stop…they have enough to deal with as it is! Larry tells Bo sorry, this is the end for Fancy Face…he slowly approaches the edge of the pier with Hope!

    -Shane, Kim, Steve, and Kayla all arrive back at Steve and Kayla’s apartment, and Shane mentions that Chris and the other officers shall book that Rhonda down at the station, and that man will be taken to the hospital since he seemed to be in worse state than Kayla…Kim nods as Steve lays Kayla down on the bed, and begs for her to wake up!

    -Jan looks on as Nicole and Greta get into an intense catfight, and Nicole asks her what the hell she’s waiting for, get out NOW, and she’ll wait for her later! Jan nods and darts out of the Secret Room, taking off in a run, but Greta shoves Nicole down again and sees Jan running off, so she JUMPS up and chases after Jan….she catches up to her and throws Jan to the ground, and Jan screams as she falls on her stomach!

    -Lucas asks Sami what the hell she’s doing out of jail and on Will’s phone…Sami says there’s no time to explain, she’s on the side of the road, Will and some friend got into a car accident, and he’s bleeding…he needs to get down here now! Lucas yells “WHAT?!” and tells her to slow down, and asks her where he is, and she gives him the road, and Eugenia asks whats going on…as Lucas hangs up after saying he’ll be down there soon, he tells Eugenia Will has been in a car accident!

    -Greta tells Jan that she was a fool to ever try to escape, and as Jan clutches her stomach on the ground, Nicole runs towards Greta and SLAMS her against the wall! The catfight erupts again, and Greta and Nicole constantly slap each other, and Nicole yells to Greta that its OVER…all of this chaos is OVER! They continue to scream and bang into the walls as they kick and scream and slap…

    -Above in the Spears Mansion, Lucas says he needs to get down to Will, and Eugenia says she’ll go with him…but then, they hear some banging around the walls, and Eugenia asks if he heard that, and she even says she thought she heard someone scream…Lucas says he’s sure its probably nothing, and she nods as after they get their coats and other stuff, they leave!

    -Bo begs Larry to stop, and now just isn’t the time for him to step in and try to kill Hope AGAIN! Larry says it seems like the perfect time, he just escaped from prison, was on his way out of Salem…runs into his ex…its time for him to finish what he’s been trying to do for YEARS! He then prepares to JUMP into the Salem River…but suddenly, Hope elbows him in the stomach and jumps forward towards Bo as Larry jumps into the river…and Hope falls into Bo’s arms as Larry floats away in the water and freezing rain…

    -At Steve and Kayla’s apartment…Kayla slowly, FINALLY, opens her eyes and looks around…and asks what happened…Steve tells her he’s so glad to see her awake and kisses her on the forehead, but before he can explain anything…Shane whispers it would be best for her just to rest. Kayla asks what Shane and Kim are doing here, and Steve sighs and says all can be explained in the morning…and tells her to just…sleep. Kayla easily falls asleep, as Steve looks at Shane and Kim…Shane tells him it may be best for them all to get some rest, and just figure this all out tomorrow, and Steve nods and says with the storm, he and Kim can stay here tonight…Kim thanks him, and Steve turns and looks back at Kayla…

    -Hope falls into Bo’s arms, and Bo says he’s so glad he found her, and that she’s alright…however, as he says this, KRISTEN approaches and overhears it and sees Hope in Bo’s arms…and she again breaks out in tears, and rushes off…shortly after she does, Hope pulls away from Bo, and says that she’s glad that she survived whatever just happened…but it doesn’t change the fact that she just caught him in bed with Kristen Blake!

    -Nicole and Greta violently fight as Jan stands up, and she moves towards the door that will lead her back up into her mansion! She thinks to herself she may actually be able to get back to her fiancee and son…but Greta BITES Nicole, causing Nicole to scream and back away, and Greta DARTS after Jan, as Jan is about to open the door…Greta grabs her, and Jan screams “LUCAS!” before Greta literally throws Jan down the small staircase!!!!

    -Lucas and Eugenia get down to where Will’s car crashed…Lucas is purely horrified when he sees Will lying on the ground, bleeding like that! Sami says thank goodness he’s here, but she wonders outloud what the hell Eugenia’s doing here! Eugenia says she should be in jail for the murder of Dr. Marlena Evans…but Lucas exclaims they have bigger things to worry about, and he gets down and checks Will…he says he’s breathing but he’s going to have to call 911...Eugenia says it looks like Destiny is still in the car and bleeding, too! Lucas calls 911 and tells the operator that there are two people involved in a car crash that could be dying!
  7. daysfan
    Episode#317: The Other Car

    -Greta tells Nicole that she’s no better than her, but Nicole goes on to say that Greta has so much money since her mother is truly dead….she had a chance with such a great man, Eric, yet she’s spent so much time seeking revenge on HER, and even Jan, for something that happened years ago! She tells Greta she knows this is much deeper than her and Jan shoving her out of town in 2007, or just some fight where she got rabies…she still holds a grudge against Nicole for Eric leaving Greta for Nicole alllll those years ago!

    -After Megan is gone from Jill’s hospital room, Dr.Stansville says both her and Megan will be released soon…in fact, Megan’s already being released as they speak, but Jill will have to stay…Jill nods, and Dr.Stansville says that they can’t keep this from her forever…she has to tell Megan that JILL got pregnant with her own baby after she slept with Bo, too!

    -Hope runs down onto the pier in the rain, still trying to run away from Bo…she flashes back to seeing Bo and Kristen making love, and says she can’t blame Bo for moving on…but how could he never tell her?! She was still his wife, and it hurts to see him in a bed with Kristen DiMera of all people…she continues to sob and think about this, but suddenly she runs into someone….and that person is LARRY!

    -Steve pulls Kayla out of the pit, and the officers get the man(Joshua Morrow) out….Kim runs towards Kayla’s side as Steve lays her down, and he says she’s breathing, just unconscious…Shane says they need to find that Rhonda woman and find out whats going on, but Rhonda walks in and says there’s no need for that…before pulling out her gun!

    -Stefano and his car go flying off a cliff after crashing with another car…Sami approaches, and gasps when she see it happen, and she parks her car on the side of the road and runs out into the rain and to the edge of the cliff, and watches as the car plummets into darkness…she looks on, horrified…and she realizes this in itself may have killed Stefano! She slowly turns away from the cliff, and stumbles over to the crashed car to see if the people inside it are alright…she slowly peaks into the window…and is terrified to see…WILL AND DESTINY!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Greta tells Nicole she doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about…she let that go years ago…Nicole laughs and says the hell she did! She says if she did, she wouldn’t have tried to rekindle her relationship with him two years ago! Greta yells she NEVER tried to do that, she cut Eric out of her life, and he ran back to Nicole! Nicole says that’s just because Eric didn’t want to be with a bitch like her…even if she didn’t have rabies then!

    -Jill turns to Dr.Stansville and tells her that Megan WILL murder her if she finds out that one night with Bo got her pregnant too…she says that all they have to do is just…make sure when her baby with Bo is born Megan isn’t around, and then just give the baby away or something…and Megan’s baby can just go straight to Megan.

    -Hope asks Larry what the hell he’s doing here..he should be in prison for Patrick Lockhart’s murder! Larry says he was, he escaped in a riot earlier this evening…he also sees she’s out for the murder of Gina, and she says she was RELEASED, unlike him…he tells her its so weird to run into her…since the last time they saw each other he tried to kill her. Hope tells him to just go away and leave her the hell alone, she has enough to deal with, and he says he doesn’t think so!

    -Rhonda points a gun at Steve, Kim, Shane, Kayla, the officers, and the man…she says none of them are going anywhere! Steve asks who the hell she is, what does she want with his wife, and Rhonda says that’s for her to know and for him to never find out! Kim jumps in front of them all and tells Rhonda to step aside, but Rhonda doesn’t budge! Kim ATTACKS Rhonda, the both of them getting into a struggle…and the gun goes off…Kim screams!

    -Sami looks on, eyes wide and jaw dropped, at her son, her only child…WILL…lying in the drivers seat of the car that Stefano hit! She yells “No, no, no, NO!” as she runs over to the door to the driver’s seat, and tries to pull it open as the rain continues to pour, screaming and crying in the process….

    -Greta tells Nicole to SHUT UP, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, she tricked Eric like she tricked Austin, Victor, Lucas, so many other people…she’s the true bitch! She was a porn star, a liar, a murderor, she tried to pretend to be Tony and Marlena’s missing daughter! Nicole tells Greta that she may be a bitch…but she’s not a crazy bitch. She says Greta could have everything in the world, yet she spends her time locking people up underneath mansions, tormenting them….and that is very, very pathetic…all she does is obsess over how she’s going to torture them next…she’s become pitiful! Greta finally has enough, and BURSTS into the actual room, tackling Nicole!

    -Dr.Stansville says that will be VERY difficult to pull off considering the babies were conceived around the same time, they may be born around the same time…Jill says she doesn’t care, they just have to cover it up to Megan…during ultrasounds and everything…she tells Dr.Stansville if she does…she’ll split half the money she’s making off of this with her! Dr.Stansville sighs and slowly says fine, and Jill says she may want money…but she values her life more…

    -Larry grabs Hope by the arm and says he never really got to kill her…and he’s on his way out of Salem…so why not do something that he wanted to do a long time ago! And this time, there’s no Vivian Alamain around to interfere! Hope tells him to let GO of her, and to not even dare…he lost before, he’ll lose again! Larry just tightens his grip, but suddenly…Bo approaches!

    -The officers and Shane run up to Rhonda and grab Kim, as they also restrain Rhonda and get the gun away from her…its revealed the bullet only grazed Kim’s arm, and she breathes a sigh of relief as she says they can get it patched up…as some of the officers handcuff Rhonda and grab the man, and Steve carries Kayla, and a few other officers go off to find Chris, they all leave the room, hoping to leave Rhonda’s house and turn Rhonda in for holding Kayla and this other man captive…

    -Sami is able to rip the door of Will’s car open…and slowly, she unbuckles Will and pulls him out, and looks at his wounds…she sees some blood on him, but she soon says in relief that he’s still breathing, but she needs to get him to a hospital! She thinks to herself she can’t call 911...she is an escaped convict, but she can’t let her son die…she then decides she has to call…Lucas!
  8. daysfan
    Episode#316: Crash!

    -Greta says to Jan that its very possible, Lucas and his new women seem so very close…Nicole says that she must be twisting the details, but Greta just laughs, and Jan looks down to her stomach and holds it as she walks around…she says she’s carrying Lucas’s baby, she’s his fiancee, he helped her give birth to her first child…he wouldn’t do this…

    -Megan again grins and says this is all going excellent…her seducing Bo that one night after drugging him and dressing up as Hope worked…she got pregnant with his baby, but so his suspicions wouldn’t be raised, she just used Jill Stevens as her surrogant…its all perfect. Dr.Stansville then says yes, and Megan should be released shortly…but Megan says first, she wants to see Jill, and Dr.Stansville slowly nods…

    -Hope runs all throughout Salem in the pouring rain after seeing her husband in bed with Kristen DiMera, and she thinks to herself once again she is running from Bo…Bo runs after her, while Kristen also runs out of Bo and Hope’s house to find them both…

    -Shane, Chris, Kim, Rhonda, Rhonda’s security, AND the PD officers all run into the room Steve is in…Steve looks down at Kayla, unconscious and in a pit, and he turns to Rhonda and calls her a lying, kidnapping bitch! Kim yells that Steve was RIGHT, as Rhonda nervously looks on, and she asks Rhonda why the hell she’d do this…Chris then tells the officers to keep an eye on Rhonda, while she yells for her security to get them ALL out of here, as Shane says they need to get Kayla out of that pit!

    -Vivian and Larry continue to stand inside the DiMera Mansion, and Vivian comments outloud that Sami had better kill Stefano…and Larry says yeah, he sures hopes she does before Stefano can fry him…but he says now…its time for Vivian to cough up the dough!

    -Stefano runs down into the garage of the DiMera Mansion, hops into one of the many cars there, and drives off…he says to himself this is ridiculous, and he IS the Phoenix, and will beat them all…and Vivian had better not harm any of his other children! Sami runs into the garage and sees Stefano speed off, and in a rush, she grabs another car(which has its keys inside of it), and then drives after him!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Greta tells Jan to shut up and stop ranting about that, its no use because…well, he has! She says that now…Jan really has no reason to escape her little home! Jan snaps that’s why she did this…she probably concocted that photo on a computer and did this so Jan and Nicole wouldn’t try to escape! Greta says Jan can think that, but she knows she’s wrong…Jan continues to think about it and then she breaks down crying!

    -Dr.Stansville and Megan slowly walk into Jill’s hospital room, Dr.Stansville guiding Megan so she won’t fall or anything…Jill slowly stirs around, and wakes up, and Megan looks down on her…Jill asks if everything worked, and Megan tells her yes…Jill now has her and Bo’s baby in her stomach!

    -Hope, Bo, and Kristen all continue to run throughout the town…

    -Steve tells Shane they need a rope, as the security tries to get them out but to no avail…Rhonda tells them to come with her, and as they walk out of the room Chris follows…while Kim grabs a rope and gives it to Steve, and he throws it down and as Shane holds it he begins to climb down it, into the pit…

    -Vivian tells Larry she’s not paying him yet…Stefano’s not dead! Larry scowls and tells her that HIS job wasn’t as major as Sami’s: He just had to break the bitch out of jail and bring her here, which he did! And he says that he needs it now before Stefano gets back and doesn’t let Vivian have a penny…he says that Stefano’s not the only one who can kill Vivian! Vivian growls and tells him to NEVER ever threaten her life again, but fine, she’ll pay him…under one condition! Vivian then says:

    Vivian:Get out of Salem.

    -Sami is chasing Stefano all over Salem, each of them in cars, and also in the pouring rain…Sami tells herself this is so insane and ridiculous, she should’ve NEVER done this…her mother’s probably looking down on her in sadness…but its too late to go back now! Stefano meanwhile in his own car sees Sami behind him and says he won’t let her and Vivian win….

    -Greta takes joy watching Jan in so much pain…and Nicole grabs Jan and tells her to get her whiny ASS off the floor, and says that if she really cares about Lucas or her new kid, she’ll stop whining and try to break out of this place! Greta tells Jan to not listen to that bitch, cry all she wants! Nicole looks at Greta and tells her sh is SO pathetic and sad…this is what her life has turned into! A sick enjoyment of torturing her and Jan!

    -Jill says good, then everything work…she tells Megan that she better be making some big bucks off of this, though! Megan tells her she will…she’ll give her half now, half after the baby’s born…and she had better take care of herself…no more partying or sleeping around…or she’ll kill her! And she means literally! Jill then flashes back to sleeping with Bo over two months ago!

    -Steve gets down into the pit, and finds Kayla, as she slowly moves but is still unconscious…he tells her its alright…Patch is here…but then he sees a man is next to her…a young man(Joshua Morrow)…and wonders who he is! He tells the officers, Kim, and Shane this, and the officers come down to get the man as Steve takes Kayla back up…

    -Rhonda goes into a room inside her large house…with her security guards…and grabs a GUN, as she exclaims that she can’t let them get Kayla and her other “guest”…she and her security guards turn to leave, but Chris walks in, telling her to stop right there! However, the security guards both attack Chris, overpowering him, and they tell Rhonda they’ll take care of him…and Rhonda walks off, gun in hand!

    -Larry tells her fine, he was planning on doing that anyway…Vivian nods, and says she doesn’t want him here since he’s connected to all of this…Larry asks what about Sami, and Vivian says she and Sami have their own deal…Vivian then gives Larry a chunk of cash, and he smiles and says it was a pleasure doing business with her before leaving the DiMera Mansion, and Vivian says that Sami had better kill Stefano…

    -Sami continues chasing Stefano, as he drives his car, and continues to think how FOOLISH he was to involve Vivian in his family’s plan…but he’ll take care of her, Samantha Brady, and anyone else in his way and his reign shall continue, he’s already completed so much! Howeer…as he drives, he can’t see due to all the pouring rain…and CRASHES INTO ANOTHER CAR! While the other car hit’s a tree, Stefano’s car spins out of control as Sami catches up to it…and Stefano’s car…goes FLYING OFF A CLIFF!
  9. daysfan
    Episode#315: Dead or Alive?

    -Greta walks back into the Secret Room…and Nicole and Jan ask what she’s doing back so soon, and she tells Jan that she’s here to tell her something…she saw something VERY very interesting up in the mansion above them…Jan anxiously asks what, and if Lucas is alright…Greta laughs and says he’s VERY VERY alright…especially in the arms of his new woman houseguest!

    -Steve continues to bang on the door of the house at that address he found at the pier…Shane tells him to just calm down, but Steve ignores him, despite his and Chris’s warnings against it. Steve continues to yell for someone to OPEN UP, and a woman does(Kristina Wagner)…she asks Steve who he is, and he says she doesn’t need to know his name, he’s looking for his wife, Kayla Brady Johnson!

    -At the hospital, Megan is seen lying on a hospital bed, unconscious…she slowly wakes up, and Dr. Stansville walks in…she tells Megan she has some news.

    -Bo and Kristen, lying in the bed, both look in shock at Hope as she stares at them both….completely horrified! Bo asks what she’s doing here, and she slowly says nothing…she’s sorry, she…she didn’t realize she was interrupting anything! Bo yells “FANCY FACE” but Hope shuts the door, and breaks down outside her and Bo’s bedroom!

    -Vivian looks at Sami in shock, who is holding a gun as Stefano falls over…Vivian says she wasn’t expecting her for a little while, but she arrived at the perfect time…Stefano was about to kill her! Sami is silent, as she looks down at Stefano’s body…she says that she killed Stefano…she actually killed Stefano DiMera! Larry runs in, and sees Sami holding the gun he stole at the prison as the riot happened, and Vivian tells them that they both did their jobs…Larry then says:

    Larry:Well…I did…don’t know about Miss Brady here, though, because that gun was full of blanks…Stefano’s still alive!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Jan stops dead in her tracks, and asks Greta what the hell she’s talking about…Greta tells her that Lucas has obviously forgotten about her…he’s snuggling up to his new hoochie! Nicole snaps that she’s lying, but Greta only grins, and pulls out her phone and presses it up against the window of the Secret Room…and Jan gasps when she sees the picture of Eugenia and Lucas lying together!

    -The woman in the doorway asks who…and Steve angrily tells her not to play dumb, he KNOWS she’s here! Shane sighs and he steps in front of Steve, and says he’s from the ISA…a woman is missing and they believe she may be here, and Chris says he’s from the Salem PD and can back up Shane’s statement…the woman is silent for a moment and introduces herself as Rhonda Miller…

    -Megan asks what the news is, and if the operation was a success…Dr.Stansville sighs and nods, saying that the operation on both her and Jill was a COMPLETE success…and its too late to go back now!

    -Bo jumps up, and he says this shouldn’t have happened, and he has to go after Hope…outside, Hope runs off in tears, and back inside the bedroom Kristen says she understands…as Bo puts his clothes on and leaves, Kristen sighs and sheds a few tears herself…

    -Vivian scowls, but simply shrugs it off, and Sami breathes a sigh of relief…Vivian asks why she seems so relieved, she’s only going to have to kill him anyway…she says they have to be quick…before he wakes up and kills HER! Larry says the closeness of the blank must have knocked him out, and Vivian tells Sami this is her chance…to kill Stefano DiMera, once and for all! However, suddenly…STEFANO STANDS UP!

    -Jan tells Greta no…Lucas loves her, he wouldn’t go to another woman…Greta says Lucas thinks she’s been gone for months, he’s moving on with his life! Jan screams no, no, no….this is IMPOSSIBLE!

    -Steve tells this Rhonda that he wants IN her house, he knows his wife is in there, and he’s gonna find her! Chris tells Rhonda that they will need to search her house, but Rhonda yells they don’t even have a warrant or evidence, this is ridiculous! Steve’s anger is high, and he SHOVES his way past Rhonda and into the large house!

    -Megan grins and says excellent…the plan is in motion…Dr.Stansville says that she is going to have to monitor both her and Jill, because this was difficult as it was and they have to make sure Jill is alright more than anything…Megan nods, and says whatever it takes…Dr.Stansville sighs and says this is crazy, but Megan tells her to just do her job. Megan asks how “it” is doing, and Dr.Stansville says:

    Dr.Stansville:Well…we checked up on Jill….and you’re baby is just fine…again, the operation went well…we moved the baby from your stomach into Jill’s and that was that!

    -Hope runs out into the pouring rain, in tears. She thinks to herself she was so stupid to ever come back here…she should’ve known Bo moved on by now! Hope continues to run as Bo runs out of their house, yelling for Hope…back in the house, Kristen slowly gets her clothes on….thinking how it felt so right…but she never should have done it, Bo’s a married man, and he and Hope have true love, she’s not like Megan is….

    -Sami, Vivian, and Larry are all shocked to see Stefano just stand up! Stefano calls them all fools…the blank never even phased him, he just fell to see what Vivian was up to…and now he gets it! Vivian set up his son’s death, and now she hired Sami Brady to kill him and somehow involved Larry Welch! He tells Vivian she’s wise and cunning, but not as much as he is! He says that now he can kill his traitorous wife AND the woman that killed his Queen of the Night, not to mention take out another ass in the process! All three back away from Stefano and Vivian tries to plea with him, but to no avail…Sami is very nervous, as she knows this may be the end for her and Vivian and Larry…so out of instinct, she suddenly runs…grabs the knife Vivian had, and runs at Stefano with it!

    -Steve runs through Rhonda’s house as she screams for security and for him to stop, and Chris and Shane run after Steve, trying to stop him, but Steve just keeps running, searching many rooms for his wife…soon enough, he walks into one room…and sees a PIT there, and sees KAYLA lying down there! Steve then yells “SWEETNESS!!!!!”

    -Sami tries to stab Stefano, but he turns around, and SHOVES her backwards, saying she’s so amateur…he doesn’t see how she killed Marlena! Sami, VERY angry, screams that she DIDN’T, and she runs at Stefano again, but he dodges her! Stefano darts out of the room, thinking to himself that he’ll take care of them all, but first he’ll lead them on a little goose chase…Vivian orders Sami to go AFTER him and actually KILL him, and Sami follows Stefano…
  10. daysfan
    Episode#314: Getting to the DiMera Mansion

    -In the Secret Room, Lea packs all her supplies up after checking up on Jan and the baby. Greta asks her how everything seems with Jan’s little bundle of joy, and Lea says she’s unsure, but the baby is alive and doing alright…however, she tells Greta that she may need to improve how and what she feeds Jan…and also, the baby may be in danger due to a lot of stress and perhaps a lack of care. Jan exclaims that she WOULD care for her baby, but she’s stuck down here! Nicole sighs as she watches all of this, and Greta simply thanks Lea and says she’ll escort her out…

    -Down at the Salem police station, Julie and Hope are seen inside a room…and are seen getting into regular clothes, and Ji’Min and Judge Fitzpatrick are there….they seem to be discussing something, and suddenly Hope thanks Ji’Min…for getting her and Julie out of jail at long last!

    -Bo and Kristen are still in Bo’s bed at his house…they continue to make very passionate love….Bo says to Kristen he has a wife, and this is wrong….but then Kristen tells him it feels so right…

    -At the Spears Mansion, Lucas and Eugenia continue to talk, and Eugenia assures him she’ll keep his mind off of Jan for at least tonight. Will and Destiny come downstairs, both of them dressed very nicely…Lucas congratulates them as Eugenia smiles, and Will assures his father its only something to just relieve some stress, nothing serious. Destiny slowly nods, and after some talking, they set off!

    -Steve is stunned to see Shane Donovan standing before him…along with Kayla’s sister, Kim Brady(Patsy Pease)! Shane tells Chris that he is from the ISA, and he can authorize them to go to this place where Kayla may be…they inform Steve that they were on their way back to Salem when they heard about the switch between him and Stefan, they wanted to get here immediately…and they happened to be walking in here when they heard all about the situation with Kayla! Kim then says that there’s no time to waste, they can all catch up later after they find her sister!

    -Stefano strangles Vivian…she tries to break free but can’t, and she soon falls to the ground…lifeless!

    -Sami is horrified to see Carrie before her…and Brandon with her! She asks her what the hell she’s doing here, and Carrie says she heard about this on the news…she got Brandon and rushed down here! Larry asks who this is, and Carrie tells him she’s Sami’s sister…she tells Sami…she can’t do this, she’s sacrificing everything! Sami tells her everything in her life is already gone because of Stan, no one believes her, so why shouldn’t she escape this place? Carrie then yells:

    Carrie:NO, I believe you! I believe you didn’t kill Marlena!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Lea puts her umbrella up as she and Greta come out of the secret exit on the side of the Spears Mansion….Greta hands Lea a huge chunk of cash, and thinks her for keeping silent…if she keeps on doing her job and keeping quiet about all this, there will be more where that came from. Lea nods but asks if this is really right, to do this to two women…especially when one of them. Greta smirks and says oh yes…its poetic justice at its very best!

    -Jan says this is so pathetic and ridiculous! She’s pregnant, locked up in a room with a woman like Nicole, and some nurse that’s probably on drugs is the one taking care of her! Nicole tells her she resents the comment about her, but she does agree…but then she tells Jan that she watched that Lea closely while she examined Jan…she seems like a weaker person…someone sorta like her mother…and if they play their cards right, Lea could be their ticket to freedom!

    -Ji’Min tells her it was no problem, he knows how to pull some strings…and she and Julie are all cleared! Hope and Julie are both overjoyed as they are finally released from custody, and the two embrace as they leave the police station…Hope tells Julie that now…she can put Gina and the entire mess with her behind her, and she can go home, reunite with her children, and maybe her husband!

    -Bo and Kristen continue to make love….

    -Will and Destiny are in a car, driving through Salem…they are silent for a moment, before Destiny thanks him for asking her out tonight. He says it was no problem, and Destiny tells him it should be fun, and they should try to do things like this more often, and Will agrees.

    -Back at the Spears Mansion, Lucas and Eugenia decide to try watching some TV tonight, just to relax…they both sit down in the living room, and Eugenia feels her stomach, looking down at where her unborn baby is…she slowly smiles, and she and Lucas begin chatting again…she says her baby’s father may not be in her life right now, but it is a joy…to think of having a child, she’s so excited for its birth…Lucas agrees, and says she’ll love it, saying how its such a joy to have Will…he just wishes he and Jan could have had a baby someday.

    -Chris sighs and says he supposes if the ISA gives permission…they can go. Shane nods, and Steve quickly rushes off, with Kim not far behind him…Chris then gets some officers and leaves with Shane, and they all run off, desperately trying to find Kayla!

    -Vivian lies on the floor as Stefano walks past her, still saying how he was utterly foolish to ever have brought her into the DiMera life, and to MARRY that woman all over again! He says he may have done it to finally take over Salem, but he won’t tolerate anyone harming his family. Vivian slowly breathes and tries to stand up as Stefano rants, and she grabs a knife off of a desk!

    -Sami is silent for a brief moment…before telling Carrie she’s lying, she just wants her to go back into the prison and sit until the riot is over! Brandon interrupts and tells Sami Carrie’s telling the truth, him and Carrie were going to try to prove her innocent! Sami tells Brandon this is the first time she’s talked to him in YEARS, how is she supposed to believe him?! Sami tells them both she just can’t do this anymore, she’s not going to get executed for a crime she didn’t commit! Carrie begs Sami to stop this madness, please…but Larry then says:

    Larry:Oh all of you shut up! I don’t want to hear about who didn’t or did kill who, I don’t give a damn! Now get out of my way!
    Brandon:No, sorry, buddy, but I’m not letting that happen!
    Larry:Well, then…I’m sorry I have to do this…

    Larry suddenly takes out a GUN, and mutters that he got this off of one of the guards while they were escaping, and he hits Brandon in the face with it! Brandon crumbles to the ground as thunder is heard, and Carrie screams “BRANDON!”, but then Larry hits her over the head with the gun, too! Carrie slumps over unconscious, and Sami says that he just hit her SISTER and her ex-boyfriend, but Larry just growls to come on, and he yanks Sami away from Carrie and Brandon and the crazy prison!

    -Jan asks what Nicole has in mind, and Nicole says that all they have to do is lay on the guilt THICK to Lea…and she’ll crack. Jan laughs and yells no she won’t, she’s just looking to make some money! Nicole says maybe, but her type…they aren’t people like the henchman Stefano DiMera or Victor hire, people like her are weak…she tells Jan just to keep calm…but if, as Lea takes care of her, she makes her feel really guilty…she’ll be back to Lucas faster than she can say Secret Room!

    -After Lea leaves, Greta sneaks around the grounds of the Spears Mansion for a bit…she slowly peaks in a window into the living room, and is SHOCKED when she sees Lucas and a pregnant Eugenia sitting together, talking and laughing!

    -Eugenia, continuing to try to get Lucas’s mind off Jan, changes the subject and asks Lucas if he remembers when they were dating…Lucas laughs and says yes, and no offense, but that was a crazy time in his life. Eugenia nods and says it was in hers too, and they continue to laugh and talk about random things as they watch TV…but it doesn’t take long for them to…fall asleep together! Greta gasps and smiles devilishly as she takes a picture of this via her phone!

    -Bo and Kristen continue to make love, both almost trying to break away from it but keep getting pulled back in….however, downstairs, unknown to Bo…HOPE slowly sneaks into their house!!!!

    -Steve, Shane, Kim, Chris, and several other officers arrive at 1412 Salem Boulevard Drive…Shane and Chris both advise Steve to be calm, and they’ll handle this…but Steve says no, HE has to find HIS wife, and he runs up to the front door and bangs on it, and yells for someone to let him in…he knows his wife is in there!

    -Sami and Larry are running around Salem in the pouring rain, trying to avoid any police…Sami says this is so crazy, she should have never told Vivian she’d do this…Larry tells her to shut up, and not long after he announces the DiMera Mansion is nearby! They’ll be there within mere minutes!

    -Hope looks around her house, and she sheds a few tears as she thinks to herself how she hasn’t been here for months and months….she wonders if her girls are here, but can’t find them, so thinks they must be with someone else tonight…she says she saw Bo’s car outside, so he must be here…she walks up the stairs to her room…

    -Bo and Kristen keep on making love…Bo again pulls back, saying this isn’t right…he still has a wife and does still love Hope! Kristen nods and says she’s so sorry, its just…Bo’s the first man she’s actually…made love to since Vince raped her…and it just feels so special…slowly they lean in and kiss once again, and begin making love again…but suddenly the door opens, and HOPE is seen standing there in shock!

    -Vivian slowly approaches Stefano with a knife, thinking to herself Sami was supposed to do it, but she can’t let him kill her! She continues to approach Stefano, but suddenly he turns around, knocking the knife out of her hands, and grabs her again! He tells her she’s such a fool, NO ONE can kill Stefano DiMera…NO ONE! Vivian says that she has to defend herself, he’s acting like a damn mad man! Stefano tells her that she won’t have to for much longer, because he is going to kill her right here, right now! Vivian agains tries to scream, but suddenly…there is a large explosive sound, and Stefano crumbles to the ground…Vivian’s eyes widen when she sees SAMI in the doorway…gun in hand!
  11. daysfan
    Episode#313: The Escape

    -Down in the Secret Room, Greta and Lea walk in…and Lea slowly and nervously tells Jan its time for her first check up, basically where she sees how the pregnancy is coming and how the baby is doing. Jan snaps to not touch her, but Greta happily says she doesn’t have a choice! Lea has a kit of medical supplies in hand, and Greta takes out a gun and tells Jan and Nicole to not move, as she unlocks the door and lets Lea in…

    -Above the Secret Room in the Spears Mansion, Lucas walks in as it pours out rain outside. Eugenia is in the living room and tells him wow, its really storming out there. Lucas says yeah, and Eugenia comments how she hopes Will and Destiny will be alright. Lucas asks where they’re going, and she tells him about them going out…Lucas then says that it seems they may be here all alone tonight!

    -Steve bursts into the police station, and he yells that he’s looking for Bo! An officer(Greg Vaughan) approaches him and tells him that Bo’s not in today, and introduces himself as Officer Chris Reddins and asks what he needs. Steve tells him that his wife is missing and he may know where she is!

    -Kayla is lying in a pit somewhere, unconscious….a man, also unconscious, is seen next to her!

    -Vivian asks Stefano what the hell he’s talking about, that’s preposterous! Stefano angrily tells her not to lie, it didn’t take much to figure it out! He tells her he’s been thinking ever since Peter’s funeral, and he’s figured it out…the only one who could do it is her! Vivian asks WHY she’d set Peter up to die, and Stefano tells her he knows everything…he knows he slept with her during the snow storm last Feburary, he knows he exposed that at the fashion show….he knows EVERYTHING! He says now its time for her to pay!

    -Sami is sitting in her cell, thinking about how she has to kill Stefano…she nervously gets up when she sees prisoners running everywhere, but someone opens her cell and says its time to go…she looks up to see Larry Welch!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -At the Salem Airport, two people get off a plane….

    -Nicole almost tries to make a break to escape, but Greta keeps the gun pointed at her…Lea walks in and sits Jan down, and as Nicole and Greta watch, she begins to check on her…Jan complains she needs to be let OUT of here to see a proper doctor, but Greta says this is all she’s getting…

    -Eugenia asks if that’s a problem, and says no, not one bit…its storming pretty bad out there, anyway. Eugenia asks if there’s been any more luck in finding his fiancee, but he sadly says no…

    -Steve explains everything to Chris about where he thinks Kayla is, and he says he can’t just go barging into random houses…Steve tells him NO, they have to, he is and he needs the PD’s help! Chris and Steve argue about what to do about the mysterious address!

    -Vivian tells Stefano to CALM DOWN, and asks him what about their plans! He tells her that they don’t matter now, this marriage is over, he can carry on without her! Vivian backs away from Stefano, and he tells her its no use to try to run, and that all of his children were alive and well, and the rule over Salem was beginning…but she has ruined it! Vivian screams and thinks to herself that Sami better get here quick!

    -Sami looks up at Larry and exclaims she knows of him and asks him what the hell he’s doing here, and Larry laughs and tells her he’s here on the behalf of Vivian Alamain DiMera….he’s here to break her out of jail! Sami gasps and looks around as the riot takes place, prisoners fighting guards, and thinks to herself this is her last chance to call this off!

    -Lea continues to check up on Jan and her pregnancy, and she advises Jan to be calm, and that all this stress she has could be hurting her baby…Jan exclaims that she HAS to be stressed out, she’s locked down here with a lunatic! Lea sadly nods, and Jan asks her how she could go along with such a crazy, evil scheme…how could she keep this a secret! Lea sighs, and tells her please, she doesn’t like it but its part of her job. Jan tells her she’s just some random nurse off the street who Greta bought off with whatever money she inherited from her killer mother, and Lea again sighs as she finishes up…

    -Lucas says he doesn’t know whats going on with Jan, and its been three months since she ran out on him around the time of Marlena’s death….he says however that he wants to try to get his mind off of her, she’s all that’s been going through his mind. Eugenia says she understands, and she can help with getting his mind off of Jan!

    -Chris Reddins and Steve continue to argue, and Chris tells him without evidence or a warrant, they can’t just go barging into some house to try to find his wife…and he should have reported her missing instead of setting off on his own! Steve says that he wanted to find her himself, but now he may just need the PD’s help…he and Chris still argue, but suddenly someone tells Chris to calm down and that he can authorize them to go to this house…Steve turns around to see….SHANE DONOVAN(Charles Shaughnessy)!

    -Stefano tells Vivian that he was a downright FOOL to ever get involved with her, he got her out of jail and cleared her for all of her crimes! Vivian tells him no, she’s helped him, she’s the CEO of Alamain for him…Stefano again says none of that matters now!

    -Sami is tempted to call it all quits…she thinks to herself about what her mother would think…and how this may sacrifice any chance she has of anyone ever believing she didn’t kill Marlena…but then she thinks to herself about how she’ll be locked up in here for the rest of her life anyways, and remembers what Vivian said…Larry tells her there’s no time to laze around, they have to LEAVE! Larry yanks Sami out of her cell, and they run out, fighting through many guards and prisoners as they run throughout the prison…

    -Vivian continues to beg Stefano just to calm down and they can talk through this, but Stefano refuses, and says she’s harmed his children…now he will harm her! Stefano begins to strangle Vivian!

    -Larry and Sami run throughout the prison, Sami constantly thinking about how soon she will kill Stefano…chaos is all over the place as guards are overpowered by the prisoners, and Larry uses some spare weapons he grabbed to get past any that try to stop him and Sami…soon enough they finally get to exit, and…they both break it open! Sami and Larry DART out of the place…only for Sami to stop dead in her tracks when she sees someone before her out in the pouring rain as sirens blare: Her half sister, Carrie!
  12. daysfan
    Episode#312: The Riot Begins

    -It is nightfall in Salem, a thunder storm is brewing!

    -At the Spears Mansion, Destiny sits by a window and watches as the rain pours. Will walks in, and Destiny smiles when she sees him as they greet each other. Will is all dressed up, and Destiny asks him why…he tells her he knows there’s a real bad storm out tonight, but to get their minds off all the custody drama, he wanted to know if she’d….go out to dinner with him!

    -Lucas walks into the Java Café, and continues to think about Jan missing and his ever growing interesting situation with Eugenia. As he walks up to the counter, he runs into Carrie!

    -Steve is down at the pier, he says he’s searched everywhere in Salem….he can’t find his wife!

    -Vivian is in the living room at the DiMera Mansion, and she says tonight may be the night….the night Stefano dies! And then she can move on with her plans, and she doesn’t have to worry about Peter’s death….she quiets down when Stefano himself enters, and he tells her they need to talk!

    -At the jail, Larry sits in his cell and laughs….and says its time for a prison riot!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Destiny is shocked at Will’s offer, and she tells him wow, this is so unexpected! They continue to talk for a moment and he asks if she’ll do it…and she finally says yes, sure, she’ll go out with him tonight!

    -Carrie slowly greets Lucas, and tells him its been awhile. He smiles slowly and says yeah, the last time they saw each other was at Marlena’s funeral a few months ago. Carrie asks him how he and Will are, and Lucas explains he’s fine just everything’s crazy with Jan running off, and Will is trying to get ready to fight for his daughter. Carrie tells him she’s so sorry about everything, and it seems a lot of things are crazy in all their lives right now….and if he ever needs anything, she’s here for him!

    -Steve continues to desperately wonder where the hell his wife is and what happened to her…a man watches Steve as he paces, and he slowly writes something down on a note!

    -Vivian slowly asks Stefano what they need to talk about, and Stefano tells him its about Peter’s death….Vivian again asks what about that, and he slowly tells her he thinks someone set him up to die….and he may know who it was! Vivian’s eyes widen!

    -Larry begins to put his plan into motion….he slowly cuts his stomach slightly with a razor in his jail cell, just enough to make it look somewhat bloody….he lies down on the ground, and screams out, yelling for help! The security guards rush towards his cell!

    -Will is overjoyed at Destiny accepting his offer, and she tells him she’ll go get dressed…Will says he’ll be downstairs waiting for her, and as he walks away and Destiny starts to get ready, she thinks about how nice it is for Will to ask her out….she wonders if it could be anything romantic, but she says no, Will will always love Arianna, and she shouldn’t even put the thought into her mind!

    -Lucas thanks Carrie, and Carrie says its funny….after they broke up so she could be with Austin in 2006, Austin cheated on her, they divorced, and she’s here back in Salem. Lucas says in shock he never knew Austin cheated on her, and Carrie nods and says its true. Lucas says he’s so sorry, and that just doesn’t seem like Austin. Carrie says well it happened, and Lucas tells her to remember he’s there for her, like she is for him…not romantically…just as a friend. Carrie nods and smiles as she leaves the Java Café…

    -The note slides towards Steve’s foot, and he sees it there and wonders what it is. He slowly picks it up and it reads “1412 SALEM BOULEVARD DRIVE”. Steve looks around and says outloud that may be where Kayla is…he says first, he might need some help! He rushes off!

    -Vivian nervously asks who could it be that set up Peter, and she wonders why anyone would set up Peter in the first place. Stefano slowly says that not many people hated Peter, so the one who truly did set him up to die instead of Tony is obvious....Vivian shakes, and Stefano looks her deep in the eyes, and says:

    Stefano:I know its you who is responsible for my son’s death.

    -The security guards walk into Larry’s cell, as he lies on the ground, moaning and groaning. One of them says they should take him to the nurse, and as they try to get Larry up…suddenly he jumps up on his own, and punches both of them! Larry steals the keys off one of the guards, and runs out of his cell and locks them inside! Larry proceeds to unlock all of the prisoners’ cells saying its time to escape this hell hole, as a prison riot begins!
  13. daysfan
    Episode#311: The Calm Before the Storm

    -It is a new day in Salem!

    -Jan and Nicole are down in the Secret Room, and Jan is sitting on her bed, rubbing her stomach gently…she whispers to her unborn baby that she’s going to protect it no matter what. Nicole just rolls her eyes, and Greta walks in and tells them today is the day…Jan gets to meet her nurse!

    -Above the Secret Room, in the Spears Mansion, Eugenia is getting something to drink for herself in the kitchen…she thinks about how nice it was for Lucas to let her stay here, and as she turns around to go into another room she runs into Will!

    -Bo slowly wakes up in his bed…and he wakes up next to….KRISTEN!

    -Vivian is in the courtyard outside the DiMera Mansion, on her cell phone. She tells the person on the other side that today has to be the day, and the man says don’t worry….and soon it is revealed to be LARRY! Larry assures Vivian that he’ll break Sami out of jail TODAY!

    -Steve is pacing around his apartment….wondering why Kayla hasn’t come back yet! He wonders if the Cassadine empire has done something, and he opens his door to find a letter there!

    -Megan walks into an office at the hospital, and a woman is seen there at a desk…the plaque on the desk says “Dr. Phyllis Stansville.” Dr.Stansville(Brandy Norwood) stands up and smiles at Megan and welcomes her in, and Megan asks if her friend Jill is here…Dr.Stansville nods, and asks if Megan is ready for the procedure!

    -Stefano is down at Marlena’s grave….he sits there, and tells his Queen of the Night he has been meaning to visit her, but he has been so busy. He explains the situation with Peter’s death, and he says that….as vital as she has been to him and his plans, he must rid himself of his son’s killer….and continue the domination of Salem!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -At the Alamain Mansion, Nicholas comes downstairs, and Forrest tells him its good to see him, he has a tentative plan in mind on how to get Alamain back from their crazy aunt. Nicholas tells him to save it, he’s done with all of this. Forrest asks him what the hell he’s talking about, and Nicholas smirks and says:

    Nicholas:I’ve had enough….at this point, I say forget Alamain. We fought to save it, to keep it, we lost. I’ve even tried to stay by this family’s side after we lost it, even if it hasn’t been that long since we did, but I give up. I am giving up on this damn family, its fallen apart. I don’t care about your orders or plans, I am going to reunite with my love, Belle, and we’re leaving this crazy ass town. I have been back in Salem for two years and its been pure hell, aside from meeting and falling in love with Belle, which you tried to ruin.
    Forrest:Excuse me?! Damn it, Nicholas, stop being so whiny. I’ve had about enough….you lost Belle because of me, that’s all you ever say. We were in the middle of a war with Titan, yet you were dating their top model, that is just unacceptable. And this family is in shambles but I have been the only one trying to put it back together. Ever since 2006 when I came to this town, I have tried to restore the Alamain family and the Alamain business. Vivian tried to stop me though, and now you are. I am not giving up, and I am starting to realize I am the only one that’s trying to get this family back on its feet. You are all talking about how you’re gonna get your model and leave Salem, Valentine’s vanished into thin air, Billie’s not even supporting me anymore!
    Nicholas:Maybe its because everyone’s realized you aren’t the great man we all thought you were! I had faith in you for awhile, but now you’re just pathetic. All you are, all you’ll ever be. Its time for me to take my life back, I’m not going to operate under your thumb any longer!

    -At a mysterious hideaway, Valentine and Andre are both there. Valentine wipes a tear from her eye, and says its so sad that her ex-lover, Peter, is dead…he helped her so much in the temporary downfall of her sister. Andre says he was a fine man, but nothing to cry over….they have bigger things on their mind! Valentine nods, and she says that she is going to take down her sister Vivian, no matter what it takes!

    -Jan tells Greta that she is not using any nurse Greta hired! Greta tells her its too late for that, and then says that she’ll bring her in…Greta leaves for a moment, and Jan and Nicole wait for her to come back, and soon Greta comes back with a woman….Greta tells them to meet Lea Zaslow(Janet Zarish)!

    -Will is shocked to see Eugenia, and asks what she’s doing here…Eugenia says she’s sorry, and asks if he remembers her, she’s Eugenia Willens! He says vaguely, and as Lucas walks in, Eugenia tells him that Lucas invited her to stay with them!

    -Bo looks at Kristen as she wakes up….and she looks around and gasps and asks if…they slept together! Bo slowly says yes, and both of them remember making love and coming up to Bo’s bedroom last night after Kristen broke down! Bo tells her he’s so sorry, he shouldn’t have, especially with the state she’s in….she tells him no…don’t apologize…she actually…enjoyed it!

    -As Vivian hangs up her phone, she says excellent…everything is going as planned….now she just needs to wait!

    -Steve looks at this letter, and he tears it open to read it….and he takes out a simple paper that reads “YOUR WIFE IS IN DANGER”.

    -Megan nods, and says she thinks she’s waited long enough for everything to take its course, but not too long….Dr.Stansville asks if she really wants to do this, and she says it could be risky….not to mention her entire plan is almost crazy. Megan orders her to not question her, its time to get to work!

    -Stefano continues to talk at Marlena’s grave, and he says he’s running out of time, and Vivian did help in taking over Alamain….but if she killed his son, then all bets are off! He tells Marlena he never loved the woman, but he did need her….however, now she’s going to pay!

    -Forrest tells Nicholas to STOP acting like an IDIOT, and he WILL obey him and help him get Alamain back, for both their sakes! Nicholas laughs and says he just doesn’t care….he’s going to get Belle back, and then he’s getting out of this rat hole of a town! Nicholas then storms out!

    -Valentine and Andre vow to take down Salem!

    -Jan and Nicole look at this Lea Zaslow, as Lea examines the place…she nervously looks at Greta and says it is nice, and Jan laughs and says she’s not letting someone like THIS take care of her! Greta asks if she’d stop saying that, and Nicole asks Lea what Greta had to pay her to do this….Lea sighs and says she’s sorry, and this may all seem odd but she really is a skilled nurse…and she can take care of Jan during her pregnancy, all the while keeping quiet about them being under here!

    -Will slowly says he sees, and looks to Lucas, and pulls him aside. Lucas tells him this is probably temporary, and Will reminds him that he has a FIANCEE, even though he’s no Jan fan and she ran off a few months ago. Lucas says he knows, and promises to Will that this is nothing romantic. Eugenia says she hopes this isn’t a problem, but Lucas assures her it isn’t, and his son was only a bit shocked.

    -Bo tells Kristen this still wasn’t right, because he’s MARRIED! He says his marriage may be pretty much in shambles but he is married…Kristen tells him….maybe its alright, and she actually has….no regrets. Kristen and Bo again stare into their eyes, and kiss again! They fall back down onto the bed, giving in to their passion….

    -Steve very angrily looks at the note, and curses as he stomps out of his apartment!

    -Dr.Stansville asks Megan if she’d like to see Jill before she has the procedure, and Megan nods, and Dr.Stansville says she’ll go finish preparing as Megan walks into Jill’s room….

    -Stefano slowly stands up and walks away from Marlena’s grave, as he says that he’s going to confront his wife…TONIGHT!
  14. daysfan

    In a shocking turn of events, Kristian Alfonso(Hope Williams Brady) has been promoted back to contract status on LIS! Alfonso was on contract with the soap from 2006-2008, until she was dropped to recurring in June. "Hope needed to pay for her crimes, and also we needed more room for other stories and characters. But, Hope is an important vet and important part from LIS, so its time to bring her back into play....though its going to be interesting because just as she becomes a main player again, Bo is growing VERY close to Kristen! It will be so exciting to have her back full time with LIS, and also expect this to mean more time for Susan Hayes(Julie Horton)." Tara Smith explains

    This is effective immediately.


    Andrew Hyatt Massey(Larry Welch) has returned to LIS! Massey played Larry on Days from 1983-1985, and then again from 2002-2003. On LIS, he has guest starred before, as he was the mysterious "Gloved Hand" in Summer 2006, and was responsible for the death of Patrick Lockhart. "Its great to have Andrew and Larry back, they play a role in whats going on with the DiMera's this month....its going to be huge!" Tara Smith says

    This run is rumoured to be another short one.

    Also, expect to see some newcomers soon: Famous actress and singer Brandy Norwood, most famous for her role as "Moesha" on the sitcom with the same name, shall join the cast as Dr. Phyliss Stanville. Dr.Stanville shall be a character who will interact with Megan(Kimberlin Brown) and Jill(Lisa Robin Kelly). She is on recurring. Also, Janet Zarish, best known for her role of Lee Halpern on "One Life to Live", is joining LIS as Lea Zaslow. Lea is another recurring character, who will be interacting with Greta(Julianne Morris), Jan(Heather Lindell), and Nicole(Arianne Zuker).
  15. daysfan
    Episode#299: The Hospital

    -Lucas is at the Spears Mansion, making dinner for everyone when he hears the doorbell ring! He goes to answer it, and is stunned to see Eugenia standing there on the front porch!

    -Valentine gulps as the mysterious man reveals he is her husband!

    -Alexis very vaguely sees someone standing above her, and its revealed to be….JEREMY! Jeremy looks down at Alexis in shock and wonders outloud what the hell happened to her, as she continues to bleed, and he says he has to get her to a hospital!

    -Tony and Billie try to keep Peter alive, and Tony says that an ambulance is on its way. Billie and him try to keep Peter’s pulse going, and Tony comments that whoever shot him, shot him good! Crystal watches and fear begins to rise within her, and she says its too late, she can’t kill Tony now, and she takes off running….but she bumps into….Kate!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Victor is at Titan, reading some of the local business news….he reads the headline “VIVIAN ALAMAIN DIMERA TAKES OVER ALAMAIN” and his jaw drops, and he quickly calls Justin into his office!

    -Lucas asks Eugenia what she’s doing here, and Eugenia says she found out he was living here and she thought she’d pay him a visit….because they need to talk. Lucas tells her he has enough on his mind, he doesn’t need to talk to her. Eugenia begs him to wait, and finally he invites her in!

    -Valentine tells her husband that she thought they agreed to go their separate ways years ago, and he tells her they did, but he heard she was in Salem and the situation with Alamain….he’s decided to move to Salem!

    -Alexis continues to sob, and asks who’s there, and Jeremy just says its Jeremy, and everything’s gonna be fine….he’ll get her to safety. Jeremy slowly picks up Alexis, trying hard not to make the wound worse, and he runs off, muttering to himself that she can’t die!

    -Tony and Billie watch over Peter as they see the ambulance arrive! Tony comments its about time, and the paramedics rush out, and Tony tells them that he was shot and has lost a lot of blood. The paramedics get him onto a stretcher, and they say the bullet hit him right in the chest, and they’re gonna have to get him to the hospital…he’ll need surgery!

    -Nearby, Kate gasps when she hears the sirens, and she asks Crystal if Tony’s dead….Crystal begins to shake, and slowly says no….she’s sorry but no, and Kate inwardly breathes a breath of relief! She asks why the ambulances are there, and Crystal tells her its because she shot someone else on accident and didn’t have enough time to shoot Tony…she shot Stefano’s other son, Peter!

    -Justin comes into Victor’s office, and Victor shows him the news headline and asks him how this can be….Vivian should be in jail, and not to mention she is penniless, and their takeover of Alamain was going fine! Justin is equally shocked at the headline, and as he reads the article….he notices it says that she and Stefano DiMera beat Titan Enterprises to taking over Alamain…Victor also reads that she is Stefano’s new WIFE, and is even more shocked…and he also says this means that their takeover has failed!

    -Lucas asks Eugenia whats so big that she needs to talk to him about…and Eugenia tells him she wants to say….she’s sorry. She’s sorry for teaming up with Kate to set up Brandon and Sami together in 2005, she definitely regrets it, even though she still hates Sami, and she just wants to apologize, it was wrong and something she’ll never do again. Lucas sighs and says he almost forgot about that, but its fine…it was nearly four years ago, its in the past, Sami’s in the past…especially since she’s in jail. Eugenia says she heard about that, and she and Lucas chat a bit, but Lucas notices something about Eugenia’s stomach…and asks if she’s pregnant!

    -Valentine asks him how can he do that….he’s a criminal, a wanted man, and he can’t just live open and free in Salem…he says with the power he has, oh he can, but Valentine whispers:

    Valentine:I know you can’t…Andre….

    It is then revealed that Valentine’s mysterious husband is the very much alive ANDRE DIMERA!

    -Jeremy rushes into the hospital, with Alexis in his arms, yelling he needs help, and this woman’s been stabbed! A nurse gasps and runs to get a doctor, and as Jeremy lies her down on a stretcher….MIKE comes out! Mike is shocked to see both his son and former one night stand here, and Jeremy tells Mike he knows they aren’t the best of friends right now, and neither are Jeremy and Alexis, but he has to save Alexis before its too late!

    -Kate asks Crystal what the HELL she was thinking, and Peter wasn’t the target at all! Crystal tells her she knows, she knows, and she explains that she was about to kill Tony….Peter arrived and they fought, and Peter threatened to kill him, so she fired a random shot and it hit him…and now it looks like he may not make it! Kate is silent, but she then says she has to get to the hospital and takes off!

    -The ambulance rushes into the hospital, with Tony and Billie following close behind, and they all run in as Peter is being taken inside. The paramedics call for a doctor STAT, and they put Peter in a hospital room, and Tony and Billie walk in there…and suddenly, none other than LEXIE comes in! Lexie is horrified to see her brother bleeding to death, and Tony explains to her what happens…Lexie nervously yells that they need to prep him for surgery!
  16. daysfan
    Episode#298: A Stabbing and A Shooting!

    -Valentine asks a mysterious person in front of her what he’s doing in Salem!

    -Megan lies on Bo’s bed with her, and he mutters “Fancy Face” as he looks up at her, and she smirks as she begins to kiss him…she thinks to herself this is all doing perfectly…she takes his clothes off and kisses him all over!

    -Kate is at the Kiriakis Mansion, and thinks to herself that by now…Tony may be dead….she begins to wonder if she did the right thing in teaming up with Stefano and hiring Crystal Galore! She tries to tell her Tony deserves it for all that he’s done, but something inside her tells her this is wrong!

    -Greta and Alexis fight, and Alexis asks her what the hell she’s doing, but Greta doesn’t say a thing and after a moment…she overpowers Alexis, and she uses her knife to STAB her! She stabs Alexis in her shoulder, and Alexis screams out as she crumbles to the ground, and blood begins to pour, and Greta laughs as she shakes, holding her knife…Alexis lies there, crying for help, but suddenly a gunshot is heard!

    -Billie is still walking as she thinks about Forrest…but she hears a gunshot, and asks outloud what the hell was that!

    -Peter and Tony fight, but Crystal finally….FIRES her gun! Both of them turn at the sound of a gunshot, but within mere seconds, as Crystal gasps, one of them is hit! Tony turns in shock as he sees Peter fall to the ground from the gunshot, and he wonders whats going on, and he quickly rushes to Peter’s side as Peter gasps for air!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Kate tries to say to herself that this is just her getting her revenge….this is for her, Stefano, Kristen, and numerous others….but her conscious continues to get to her!

    -Bo, thinking Megan is Hope, locks lips with her….Megan thinks to herself at last, after all this work, Bo’s is hers! She thinks to herself as they continue to kiss that soon, Bo will consciously love her!

    -The mysterious person tells Valentine that he came back for her….only to see her leaving Salem, he says he’s heard about what happened with her sister and Alamain, and he tells her that she’s not really going to run….she’s going to stay and fight! Valentine tells him he shouldn’t be here, but he says ah, he should be!

    -Greta and the stabbed Alexis both hear a gunshot, and Greta mutters that crime must be happening all over Salem….as Alexis begs for someone to help her, but is in and out of consciousness, Greta thinks that’s what she gets for sleeping with Eric…she doesn’t know why she cares so much, but she does…Greta then takes off before anyone finds her, leaving Alexis to die!

    -Tony is at Peter’s side, and he looks around, wondering where that came from….he sees Peter is bleeding, and takes out his phone, and prepares to call 911! Crystal curses as she says she shot the wrong person, and she lifts her gun again, and prepares to shoot Tony!

    -Kate walks into the living room of the mansion to try to get her mind off of Tony’s impending death, and she rolls her eyes when she sees Celeste’s cards on the table, and mutters that she must have left them here one day….she gasps when she sees the words on them: “STOP CRYSTAL”!

    -Valentine just says to the mysterious person that this gives her all the more reason to leave Salem, and he grabs her arm and tells her she’s not going anywhere, and she tells him to get his hands OFF of her, but he says:

    Mysterious Man:Oh…but I am your husband, now.

    -Alexis lies on the corner of a deserted street, bleeding to death, and barely conscious…she looks around, everything is very blurry, and tears constantly stroll down on her cheeks as she whines for help….suddenly, however, she sees someone standing above her!

    -Crystal is about to shoot Tony, but suddenly….Billie arrives as Tony dials 911! Tony tells her thank goodness she’s here, and Billie asks what the hell happened to Peter, and Tony explains that a gunshot just came out of nowhere and hits him! Crystal again curses and says that if she wants to get Arianna back she needs to kill Tony, and Stefano won’t react well to her killing one of his other sons! As Tony talks to the 911 operatives, Billie checks Peter and exclaims that he’s losing too much blood and fast!

    -Kate tells herself this HAS to be just a coincidence, Tony NEEDS to die, he has to die….she is silent for a moment, and closes her eyes and says she’s going to regret this, and then she darts out of the Kiriakis Mansion!

    -Billie tells Tony that if they don’t help him fast….Peter WILL die! There is a freezeframe of the shot Peter...
  17. daysfan
    Episode#297: Cliffhangers

    -Nicole and Jan are down in the Secret Room, and they both see Greta walk in….through the area where she gives them their food, she slides the pregnancy test in, and tells Jan there…now she can find out if she’s pregnant or not! Jan says this is useless but she’ll do it, and Nicole mutters finally. Greta tells them she better go now, and Nicole asks why she’s in such a rush, and Greta simply says that’s none of their business and leaves!

    -After a hard day at work, Bo walks into his house, he’s very tired…he says he hopes when Abe gets back he can take a much less time consuming shift, but that’s the job, and he walks into his kitchen and pours himself a quick drink…he walks off to do something, and Megan slowly slips in!!!

    -Valentine arrives at the airport…she says this is it, this is the end for her life in salem!

    -Billie continues to walk through Salem, contemplating whats going on with Forrest….

    -Down at the pier, Peter and Tony continue to ask why each other are here, and Peter tells Tony Kristen wanted to meet him here, and Tony tells him it was Anna who wanted to meet him here! Peter accuses Tony of lying and asks if he did to her, and this sparks an argument! Crystal watches both, and says she knows who Tony is, but wonders why this other guy is here….

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Alexis walks throughout Salem, and she remembers her one night stand with Eric…she tells herself she needs to just forget that, she just doesn’t want Jeremy to find out, because that’d kill any chance she has to get him back…she sighs, and says she has to stop hooking up with random men like this…first Mike, then Eric…little does she know Greta is watching her! Greta begins to follow Alexis!

    -Jan takes a deep breath as she looks down at the pregnancy test, and she says she better get to this…just to prove she’s not pregnant! Nicole asks Jan why she’s so resistant to believe she’s pregnant, and Jan says that its because she’s trapped down here and the only thing that’s taking care of her is a loon, and she doesn’t want to put a baby in the middle of this!

    -Megan stands in the kitchen while Bo takes care of something in another room, and she looks at his drink…as she slowly approaches it, she says this is absolutely perfect! She says that tonight her dreams will come true! Megan takes out some pills…she slips them into Bo’s drink, and they slowly dissolve!

    -Valentine gulps as she waits for her flight….she says she’s sure had some memories in Salem…but in the end, Vivian bested her…but she may have won this battle, but she’s not winning the war!

    -Peter and Tony continue to argue, and Tony tells Peter that he knows the rape was Vince, he’s tired of trying to convince people of that! He says it was all Vince, but it seems no one will believe him! He tells Peter no more, all of them can think what they want, he doesn’t really care about what the DiMera’s do anymore anyway! Crystal keeps on spying them, looking back and forth between the two brothers….

    -Greta stalks Alexis as she walks along….Alexis feels like someone is following her, but ignores it…Greta thinks that soon Alexis will pay for sleeping with Eric, and she slowly takes out a knife!

    -Nicole tells Jan she understands, but Jan sure has changed…she says just a couple years ago when Shawn died, she was still obsessed with him and just had impregnated herself with Bentley….Jan tells Nicole that she’ll always love Shawn, he’s still her soul mate, but…she loves Lucas so much too, and he’s the man she wants to spend her life with. Jan then goes off to take the pregnancy test!

    -Megan hides when Bo comes back in, and he drinks his drink! Megan grins from where she’s hiding, and Bo sits for a little while until he eventually says to himself he’s feeling a little tired…and he goes upstairs, and Megan comes out and says all is going according to plan…

    -Valentine hears the announcement that her flight is taking off, so she slowly gets up and begins to go toward where she can board the plane….but she hears a voice ask if she’d really just go off running like this, and Valentine turns around and yells “YOU!”

    -Peter tells Tony HE is sick of Tony flaunting around Salem like a free man, he tells him that he constantly blames everything on that Vince, and he’s tired of it! He says it ends here…he’s going to stop Tony DiMera once and for all! Tony asks if that’s a death threat, and Crystal gasps, and curses, saying he’s going to ruin everything for her if HE kills Tony! She grabs her gun, and says she better shoot him now!

    -Jan comes out of the bathroom in the Secret Room, and tells Nicole she took the test…now they just have to wait…

    -Greta continues to follow Alexis throughout Salem, eventually they come to a corner where there aren’t many people around…Greta smirks, and Alexis can’t shake the feeling that she’s being followed, and she looks behind her to see Greta! She tells her its just her, the girl she met at the pharmacy…Greta nods, and Alexis tells her that she thought she’d have gone a different direction by now, and Greta tells her oh no, she wants to be right here where she is…Greta reveals her knife, and Alexis’s eyes grow wide!

    -Bo lies down in his bed, and everything gets blurry as the drug Megan slipped in his drink takes effect…however, before he can fully fall unconscious, Megan herself walks in! Megan has a wig and some make up on…a wig that looks JUST like Hope’s hair!!!! Bo looks at her and asks who it is, and Megan simply says as she climbs onto the bed:

    Megan:Its me, Brady, the love of your life….your soul mate….

    -Alexis asks Greta what the hell she wants to do with a knife, and Greta says she wants to remove someone who did something she shouldn’t have done…Alexis, frightened, tells Greta she hasn’t done a thing to her! Greta laughs and says she’s such an idiot, and tells Alexis she hopes she enjoyed her time living! Greta crazily attacks Alexis, and they get into an intense catfight…but quickly, Greta is able to overpower Alexis and she STABS her!!!!

    -Crystal prepares to shoot Tony as Peter and Tony argue…Peter tells Tony it may be a death threat, and Tony says that wouldn’t be wise, and he tells Peter he’s letting his emotions get the better of him…he knows him, he’s not like this...he wouldn’t kill anyone! Peter tells him he may be right, but warns him to just stay away from them, and Tony tells him he has been until tonight when Peter decided to assault him! Crystal finally says here we go, and this better work, and she then FIRES her gun!
  18. daysfan
    Episode#296: The Trap

    -Greta is at a small pharmacy in Salem Place, getting the pregnancy test for Jan. After she gets it, she goes up to the checkout counter, and in front of her is Alexis! Alexis and her begin chatting, and after a bit of talking as they wait in line, Alexis tells Greta her name! Greta’s eyes widen, remembering Eric told her he slept with someone named Alexis Kefer!

    -Tony and Anna finish up their dinner date, and Anna leaves….but before she does, she kisses Tony on the cheek! Tony just smiles as Anna walks off…

    -Crystal gets her gun…and slowly, she writes a note for Benard when he gets back saying she’ll be out for awhile….after she’s done she puts it on the table, and she takes a very deep breathe before leaving the hotel!

    -Billie walks through Salem as she thinks about the situation with Forrest….she sighs and says she wishes she could somehow help him, but instead he’s just tossing her out of his house….

    -Vivian is still at the DiMera Mansion, and she walks into the living room, and sees Peter…she tells him she’s been looking for him. Peter asks if she wants to kill him, and Vivian laughs and says no, but she did want to speak to him…first of all, she wanted to thank him for helping her get Alamain. Peter tells her he did it for his father, not her….Vivian says secondly, Kristen called…she wants to meet him at the pier!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Megan is leaving a message for Jill…as she sits inside the DiMera Mansion, she tells Jill to be ready, because she’s putting her plan to get Bo in motion….TONIGHT!

    -Greta asks Alexis a bit more about herself, and Alexis tells her some, like she works at Titan, but doesn’t mention anything about Eric…Greta thinks to herself that its typical of a tramp to not admit who she sleeps with…and Alexis checks out and leaves, and then Greta does as well…as she walks along, she says not anyone can sleep with Eric!

    -Anna is walking throughout Salem…suddenly, someone grabs her and pulls her into an alleyway!

    -Peter asks why Kristen didn’t just come here or tell him herself, and Vivian says its really important, she has to speak to him in a place they know will be private, and she just happened to call the mansion…Peter tells Vivian fine, he’ll head down to the pier…as he leaves, Vivian laughs, saying she just set something deadly in motion…also, Megan leaves the DiMera Mansion as well!

    -Crystal arrives down at the pier…gun in hand!

    -Tony is still at the Penthouse Grille, and he contemplates his feelings for Anna, but also how he hasn’t gotten over Marlena, but he’s trying…however, his cell phone rings in the middle of his thinking, and he answers it! He hears Anna on the other side, and she says hello, and immediately Tony comments that she sounds nervous…Anna tells him she’s fine, she just wants him to come down to the pier…now. Tony asks why, and she says she just needs to talk to him…Tony tells her he’ll be right there, and he leaves the Penthouse Grille!

    -After she hangs up, Anna begins to cry, and it is revealed a man is holding her at gunpoint! She asks what he wants to do to Tony, and the man tells her that’s none of her business…before punching Anna in the face, knocking her out, and running off! Anna lies unconscious in the alleyway…

    -Down at the pier, Tony arrives…Crystal gasps and says this looks like the man Stefano gave her a picture of, and she gets her gun ready…but then Peter arrives, and he asks Tony what the hell he’s doing here, and where’s Kristen! Tony asks him what he’s doing here, and where’s Anna! Crystal is shocked and confused, and as she holds her gun from afar, she wonders who to shoot!
  19. daysfan
    Episode#295: Preparing for the Murder

    -It is the next night in Salem after Vivian’s takeover of Alamain the day before!

    -Crystal is at her hotel she shares with Benard…she is in their bedroom while he is away, and she pulls a case out from under her bed…she says she can’t believe Stefano gave her this but its necessary….she then pulls out a powerful and loaded gun!

    -Tony and Anna are at the Penthouse Grille, having dinner…Anna tells him it was so nice of him to invite her to dinner, and he says anytime. They eat together and talk, and Anna tells him he’s such a nice man, she’s really been enjoying this lately….she doesn’t know what she’d ever do without him!

    -Forrest is at the Alamain Mansion, and is very furious…Billie tries to calm him down, but it doesn’t work. He explains to her that eventually, they will lose everything…he’s already lost Alamain, eventually they’ll run out of money, they’ll lose the mansion….he says he can’t believe Stefano and Vivian did this, they’ve pretty much destroyed the Alamain legacy, and he has to get the company back somehow!

    -Stefano is on the phone with Kate, and he tells her everything is finalized, and outside his office Vivian walks by…and she overhears Stefano go over his plans again to Kate! He says that he supplied Crystal Galore with a gun, and he’s going to somehow lure Tony down to the pier…where she’ll shoot him! Vivian gasps, and she says so he plans to kill Tony….well she’s sorry, but this gives HER the perfect plan for yet another act of revenge!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Celeste is at her house, she hears someone knocking on the door, and she yells to them that she’s coming! She walks up to the door and opens it to see Valentine! She is confused and asks what she owes this visit, and they haven’t spoken in months! Valentine tells her they have to get out of Salem, because Vivian is free and on the rampage!

    -Crystal says that she can’t believe she’s doing this type of thing again….but she’s doing it for Arianna, for both her deceased daughter and her granddaughter…and after this, she can have her and they can all be a family, and hopefully they can be done with this town!

    -Tony and Anna continue to eat and talk at the Penthouse Grille, both expressing how glad they have each other!

    -Billie tells him it’d be nice for Forrest to get Alamain back, and she sighs but tells him she has to be honest….Forrest raises an eyebrow and asks what she’s talking about, and Billie says at this point…she’s so sorry but….she doesn’t think he’ll get Alamain back. Its just….too late, and its not going to happen. Forrest gets even more angry and tells her if she’s going to be negative, then she can just get out! Billie tells her she wants to help but she can’t lie, but Forrest simply throws her out of the Alamain Mansion!

    -As Stefano hangs up the phone, Vivian thinks to herself that this gives her a great opportunity…she walks into Stefano’s office and greets him, and she says that a large part of his plan is complete: Alamain is under their control! Stefano yells excellent, and that now a portion of Salem is under his control…and eventually, Titan will be too! He says they will just have to figure out another way to take it since its more stable. Vivian however thinks to herself that she’ll get Titan…but not in a way Stefano prefers!

    -Celeste asks Valentine what she’s talking about, and Vivian got thrown in jail. Valentine yells that Stefano got her out, and married the woman! Celeste’s jaw drops, and Valentine explains that with Stefano’s help she’s taken over Alamain, and she’s out for blood, so both of them need to skip town! Celeste is silent as she says this can’t be happening, and Valentine tells her it is, and with or without her, she’s leaving Salem! Celeste tells Valentine to do that then, because she’s not, but she has to figure out something to do. Celeste quickly shuts the door, and Valentine rushes off with suitcases in hand!

    -Stefano and Vivian continue to talk for a moment, before Stefano leaves his office…as he walks through the DiMera Mansion, he says that by this time tomorrow…Antony DiMera will be dead! There is then a freeze frame of Stefano, Tony, and Crystal’s faces…
  20. daysfan
    Episode#294: Vivian’s Takeover!

    -Sami asks Carrie if she’s serious, and Carrie tells Sami yes, she’s going to stand by her and help her through her trial. Sami says she can’t believe this, the one sister she’s feuded with for years is the only one supporting her in a time like this. Carrie tells her she’s thought about it a lot, and its what she needs to do…and they’re going to fight these charges!

    -Jan snaps to Nicole to just leave her alone, she’s NOT pregnant, and Nicole jokingly taunts her about how she’s pregnant. Greta walks in and with a raised eyebrow asks who’s pregnant, and Nicole congratulates Greta, saying she imprisoned a pregnant woman! Nicole motions to Jan, and Greta yells:

    Greta:No…DAMNIT…..NO! I didn’t expect to have to take care of a baby too!

    -Stefano, Kate, and Crystal continue to talk…and Kate suggests they lure him into a trap of some sort, and there Crystal can kill him. Stefano tells her it’s a good idea, but asks her what kind of trap. Kate just says anything that can make it easier for Crystal to kill the man. Crystal says that she’d prefer it not to be a direct, face to face murder…she wants to do it from afar, and Stefano nods in acknowledgement as he thinks…

    -The Alamains are all shocked at Vivian’s announcement that she is the knew CEO of Alamain, and Vivian tells them its true! The chairman nods, and says that with Vivian and the DiMera’s money and resources can save the company, the Titan takeover won’t happen, and Alamain will be fine. Ji’Min nods, and says they already have a plan in place to get it back on track…Forrest yells that they can’t just kick him out of his rightful company, a company he inherited, a company he has put well over two years into, ever since he came back to Salem! Vivian tells him that’s the point, he had enough time to fix Alamain, yet he only tore it down! Vivian then says:

    Vivian:Goodbye, Forrest…your time in this building is over…and mine has only just begun.

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Sami sighs and says unless she has a good lawyer, she doesn’t think they’ll be able to…she says her story’s too bizarre and Stan’s probably gotten rid of what little evidence there was…Carrie asks IF, and she says if is a keyword, her story’s true…what evidence would there be. Sami explains that there’d be a huge costume and the murder weapon, but he probably got rid of that…and there’s also Nicole, she might know something, but she’s missing…she says she can’t think of anything else, and Carrie tells her she will get a good lawyer, she promises her that, before Carrie leaves….

    -Jan tells Greta she’s not pregnant, its just Nicole making a big deal out of nothing! Nicole says no, she is, especially after having morning sickness for so long….she tells Greta that if she doesn’t want to take care of a baby, she can just let her and Jan go free and she won’t have to worry about any baby, and Greta tells her not so fast….she angrily looks at Jan, and tells them both she’ll be back…with a pregnancy test!

    -Stefano tells Kate and Crystal that this can be done, and it can even get Tony killed soon…he tells them that he has an idea, however, and begins to tell them….

    -Forrest protests Vivian’s takeover of Alamain, and tells the board of directors to stop her, but they say its too late…Vivian does own Alamain! Billie says she can’t believe this, and Vivian calls for security to remove these four! As security guards come in and take Forrest, Billie, Nicholas, and Valentine away as they all scream in disagreement, Vivian laughs and says she thinks this meeting is over, and also mutters to herself that she’s gotten her revenge on four people, only a few more to go…
  21. daysfan
    Episode#293: The Board Meeting

    -Jan laughs and tells Nicole she can’t be pregnant, and Nicole tells her she’s been seeing all the symptoms since like…just a little after Christmas, she hasn’t been feeling well, morning sickness…Jan tells her that’s impossible, and Nicole is just stupid…Nicole asks if Lucas and her got it on shortly before Greta threw them in this hell hole, and Jan is silent for a moment as Nicole says:

    Nicole:Oh yeah….looks like you have another baby in that tummy of yours.

    -Carrie slowly tells Sami she’s not sure…but right now, she has faith in Sami, and Sami tells her she doesn’t believe her…this has to be some sort of trick, CARRIE is believing her? Carrie tells her its no trick, and she knows Marlena would want her to stand by Sami, so she’s going to!

    -Kate arrives at the DiMera Mansion, and Stefano gladly welcomes her…Kate says she’s surprised he found someone to kill Tony so soon, and Stefano says that he’s Stefano DiMera…he then takes Kate upstairs, and opens a door…and Kate sees Crystal standing there!

    -Vivian enters the conference room at Alamain, and Forrest looks at the board of directors and says he’s sorry about this, this woman shouldn’t be here…he looks to Vivian and asks what the hell she’s doing here, she should be in a jail cell, and he tells her he’s going to call security! Vivian warns him that that wouldn’t be wise, and the board of directors stop him…they tell Forrest she’s supposed to be here!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Lucas is at the local grocery store in Salem, getting food for everyone at the Spears Mansion, and he continues to think about the situation with Jan just running out like that, and how odd it is…as he gets food, he hears a voice say “Wow, I never thought I’d see you again.” and he turns around to see Eugenia Willens(Daphne Bloomer)!

    -Jan tells Nicole that before all the chaos with Will, Greta, and her began…she and Lucas did sleep together, it was around the time they got engaged….she says that they just love each other so much, but she can’t be pregnant! She nervously says that its probably just the flu or something, and Nicole asks how she’d get that, she’s been stuck in a clean room for quite awhile now, and she tells Jan to just face it, she’s carrying Lucas’s child!

    -Forrest asks the board of directors what they mean, and that Vivian used to be on the board of executives but she was relieved of those duties just weeks after Alamain went public, and the chairman says that he knows that, but Vivian has as much of a role in this company in anyone else…and that’s one reason why they all called everyone here…because there is going to be a little announcement…but he thinks Vivian should take it from here. Valentine thinks to herself that this can’t be good, as Billie asks Forrest what the hell is going on!

    -Crystal slowly introduces herself to Kate, and Kate introduces herself back…she asks Stefano if this is the one, and Stefano says yes, it is. Kate tells Crystal she looks vaguely remember, and Crystal tells her she was the one who set Marlena up to die back in 2004. Kate looks at Stefano in shock, and she tells him he better be sure about this, and he is. Kate also says she could have sworn she heard her name recently mentioned by one of her children, but Crystal and Stefano simply glance at each other and leave out that fact. Stefano then says:

    Stefano:Now, lets get down to business…we need to discuss how to kill my son…

    -Vivian tells Ji’Min to come in now, and then she and Ji’Min walk to the front of the room….and she tells them as they know, they’ve put up the vast majority of their stock and everything Alamain has for sale…Forrest asks what this has to do with anything, and Vivian tells him all will be revealed in due time. Ji’Min tells them that ever since they put so much up, he’s been buying a lot of stock….a lot. Vivian tells them Ji’Min is right, and Nicholas asks where she got the money to buy their stock, and she’s just a poor gold digger. Vivian laughs very hard at this, and responds:

    Vivian:Stefano DiMera!

    -Lucas is shocked to see none other than Eugenia Willens, who used to work at the hospital and helped Kate break up him and Sami, and asks if she’s still in Salem after all this time. Eugenia chuckles and says no, she actually just returned from a foreign country. She asks if him and Sami ever got back together, and he answers no, no they broke up a long time ago…Lucas tells her that if its okay he needs to go, and Eugenia’s the last thing he needs in his life right now….she tells him that she’s changed, she’s not that same schemer anymore, but Lucas just walks off….

    -Billie asks Vivian what the hell STEFANO has to do with any of this, and Vivian snaps to Billie that she is so dumb and has such a simplistic mind…she explains to her that Stefano orchestrated all of this, and all of the Alamains look at each other in shock, and she says she was just his partner-in-crime….Forrest asks her why he’d do that though, and give her enough money to buy stock, and Vivian exclaims that’s because she’s his wife! Valentine falls down at that statement, and gasps for breath, realizing this is why Peter was warning her! Forrest tells Vivian to just get to the point of all of this, and Vivian says:

    Vivian:With all the stock Stefano, Ji’Min, and I have bought….I own so much more than you…and therefore, Alamain is mine. The board of directors are backing a takeover, and that’s my takeover of the company, the DiMera’s take over of the company!
    Nicholas:What?! I thought that takeover they talked about meant the Titan takeover!
    Vivian:Oh please! Stefano and I beat Victor to it, this has just been kept under heavy wraps and has been a long process…but say hello to the new CEO of Alamain! And all four of you: Say goodbye to your jobs!
  22. daysfan
    Episode#292: Alamain’s Last Hope

    -It is another new day in Salem!

    -Steve and Kayla wake up in bed together…they smile at each other, and Kayla says she’s so glad to be back with the real Steve Johnson…she tells him that after seeing all that happened last night, she’s just glad he’s with her, and he promises he will be, until the end of time…

    -In the Secret Room, Nicole wakes up to hear Jan throwing up in the bathroom, and she sighs and wonders outloud about whats been going on with Jan lately, she’s been sick so much….

    -At the DiMera Mansion, Stefano is in the living room and Vivian walks in, all dressed up…she tells him today is the big day! He smiles and says he knew this would come through, and she says he came up with such an excellent plan, and now its working! Stefano agrees, and Ji’Min walks in and asks Vivian if she’s ready to go, and she nods and leaves the DiMera Mansion…and Stefano then pulls out his phone and calls Kate, and tells her he knows who can kill Tony for them!

    -At the Alamain Mansion, Forrest walks in as Valentine, Billie, and Nicholas are all in the living room and he tells them that today, they all have a meeting with the board of directors…he tells them this is their last chance, their last chance to try to somehow save Alamain from Titan! They all soon get going, and Billie tries to calm Forrest’s nerves, as he knows today will be the day that the family company’s fate is decided…

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Sami is just getting up and around in her jail cell, and she looks around, and she tells herself she can’t stay here for long, she has to get out of this place…suddenly, a guard approaches her, and tells her she has a visitor! Sami is shocked to see Carrie!

    -Steve and Kayla spend time together and reconnect!

    -Jan comes out of the bathroom, and Nicole asks if she’s alright, and Jan says she’s fine, she’s just been sick lately, Nicole looks at her for a minute, and Jan asks whats wrong, and Nicole asks back how she can’t see it. Jan asks what she means, and Nicole says:

    Nicole:Jan, duh, you’re pregnant!

    -Stefano tells Kate to get down to the DiMera Mansion immediately, because they have some serious talking to do! He says that the end for Tony is about to begin!

    -At Alamain, Forrest, Nicholas, Billie, and Valentine all walk into the large conference room to see the board of directors…Forrest greets them and says they’re here, and ready to begin. He tells them that he’s begging them to just help him, and his family, keep Alamain, they can’t let Titan take it over…they have to figure out something, another tactic…

    -Sami asks Carrie why she’s here, and Carrie tells her that she’s her sister, and comments how she can’t believe she didn’t call anyone. Sami asks why she would, everyone would just call her a murderor, and she says she knows she’s just down here to taunt her. Carrie tells her no, she’s here to help her! Sami looks at her in shock and asks if she believes her, does she believe Sami didn’t kill Marlena!

    -Forrest and the other Alamains continue to talk with the board of directors, but after a bit of talking, the chairman of the board says they’re missing someone! Forrest looks around and asks who, and says they’re all here and accounted for…he tells them they should probably get on with talking about ways to get out of the takeover, but suddenly, the door swings open, and Forrest is HORRIFIED to see the person in the doorway! The person then says:

    Vivian:Sorry I’m late everybody…it just…took me awhile to prepare myself for this…
  23. daysfan

    Coming in immediately after "Episode#291: A Deadly Fall"....two characters and one actress have been cut from the LIS cast! Constance Towers(Helena Cassadine), who has played the top villianess from 2006-2009, and Stefan Cassadine(played by Stephen Nichols from 2008-2009) have both exited! Nichols shall remain on as his main character Steve Johnson, but his time playing dual roles has ended. The two characters exited when, in a showdown with Steve and Kayla after Steve escaped Helena's prison, they both lost their lives. With these two characters gone, the Cassadine family has been officially phased out of LIS.

    "I simply thought it was time....there were more plans for the Stefan impersonating Steve storyline, but I felt it was a failure and wasn't working, so after playing it out a bit I decided to end it. With how LIS is now, the Cassadines don't really have a place here before...they were once a big family on the show, since we've had Helena, EJ, Nikolas, and Stefan all here(and Mikkos in a few old flashbacks), but they're played out and its time for the GH crossover to end. I enjoyed having them here on the show, though, and I wish Constance all the best in the future." Tara Smith told reporters

    Both character's last airdate was on Episode#291.
  24. daysfan
    Episode#291: A Deadly Fall

    -At Steve and Kayla’s apartment, Kayla screams when she sees Steve and Helena go flying off the balcony! She rushes to see if they’re alright!

    -Eric is at the Brady Pub, eating, and he’s alone until he sees Greta walk in! Greta is shocked to see Eric, and she greets him, and he simply says hello. Greta is surprised, and asks if that’s all he has to say…this is the first time they’ve seen each other in so long. She tells him she’s so sorry about his mother, but he simply says its fine…Greta asks if he’s alright, and he says it is, its just been a hectic few days, and Greta asks how so!

    -Nicholas is in his office at Alamain, and he looks up when there’s a knock on the door. He says to come in, and Billie walks in and they greet each other. Nicholas asks what she needs, and Billie says this actually is related to Forrest, and the company itself.

    -Kayla runs to the edge of the balcony, and breathes in relief when she sees Steve hanging on! She helps pull him up as he breathes heavily, and she asks if he’s alright…he nods, and she kisses him, saying she’s so glad to have him back. She asks what happened to Helena, and Steve says in between breaths that he thinks she actually fell! Kayla says that an ambulance and the police are on their way, and this is finally coming to an end. She runs back inside to check on Stefan, and her eyes widen as Steve walks in, and Kayla says outloud:

    Kayla:He’s dead…Helena killed her own son!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Vivian meets with Ji’Min at his office in downtown Salem….he tells her everything’s gone extremely well this past day, and their operation is just about complete!

    -Steve and Kayla looks down at Stefan, and Steve asks if she’s sure he’s dead, and Kayla says she’s sure…she can’t bring him back. Steve tells her he hates the guy’s guts but can’t help but feel bad for him, his mother played him like a chess piece and didn’t even care that she ended up shooting him. Kayla nods, and suddenly, the police burst in!

    -Eric tells her that obviously he’s still trying to get over his mother dying, and he also heard about how his twin sister was arrested for his mom’s murder…he says he hasn’t bothered to visit or call though, and Greta tells him she’s so sorry and tries to comfort him. Eric also says that he did something he shouldn’t have…he had a one night stand with a woman! Greta is shocked and motionless for a moment, as Eric explains that he slept with a woman named Alexis Kefer, and he really shouldn’t have…Greta suddenly makes a quick end to the conversation and rushes out, and is seen clenching her fists!

    -Steve and Kayla back away from Stefan’s body as the police walk in, and Kayla explains what happens…and also assures them that the dead man is Stefan Cassadine, and his mother Helena shot him…they tell her that the paramedics are outside, and they found a woman sprawled out on the sidewalk with a gun only inches away, and she had a major head injury. As they examine Stefan’s body, and people come in to takeh im away, Steve holds Kayla, and tells her at least they are reunited at last…

    -Nicholas asks what about Forrest and Alamain, and Billie says that she’s worried…Alamain is falling apart and on the verge of Titan buying it out, and she’s worried about Forrest…he’s been so stressed lately, he’s been trying everything to save the company but everyone’s been so busy fighting, and they have to help him…Nicholas coldly says that he doesn’t care anymore, Forrest forced him into breaking up with Belle, which is an all time low, and he’s tried to help Alamain but it hasn’t worked…he tells her he’s not going to do anything more, he just doesn’t give a damn! He tells her he has work to do, and she sighs as she leaves…

    -Back at Steve and Kayla’s apartment, as Stefan’s body is taken out, Steve and Kayla walk outside and they see paramedics with Helena, and Kayla asks how she is…they sigh, and inform Steve and Kayla that Helena had a massive head injury after her fall, and combined with that and the impact of the fall in the general…they couldn’t save her. Helena Cassadine is dead! Steve and Kayla are both in shock, as both of their enemies just died in one night! An officer walks forward and tell them that they see no need to launch an investigation or anything, so all that’ll happen now is they expect Helena and Stefan to be shipped back to their home country to be buried…the police and paramedics soon leave, and Steve and Kayla fall into their arms, safe, sound, and together…
  25. daysfan
    Episode#290: The End for a Cassadine or a Johnson?

    -At the Carver house, Abe continues to press Bo about whats on his mind…Bo finally confesses there is, and Abe laughs and says he knew it. Bo sighs and he says that for a few days now…he’s been confused, because he thinks something happened right before New Years Eve…Abe asks what, and Bo says after some serious thinking, he thinks he slept with Jill Stevens!

    -Megan’s anger quickly boils over at Jill confessing she slept with Bo, and Megan SLAPS her, and asks her what the hell she was thinking, and Bo’s is HERS and hers only, and that’s why she even brought her to Salem! Jill says she ran into him at the Cheatin’ Heart, he got drunk and she took him home and it just sorta happened….and that’s it! She promises it will never happen again, but Megan tells her that her patience with her is already thin!

    -Stefano tells Crystal she’s making the right decision, and Crystal says she hopes so…Stefano promises her that if Tony dies, Arianna will be her’s in no time! Crystal nods and asks how he wants her to do this and when, and Stefano says he will be in touch…he gives her his address before leaving!

    -Either Steve or Stefan crumbles to the ground after being shot! Kayla screams and Helena laughs, and she says this may be the end of Steve at last! Kayla angrily charges at Helena, and she SHOVES her out onto their balcony, stunning Helena for a moment. The man still standing tells Kayla he’s Steve, but Kayla asks how does she know he’s not Stefan impersonating Steve agin…the man leans down, rips off the eye patch on the fallen man to reveal….Stefan!

    *Life in Salem Opening*

    -Abe says the name Jill Stevens sounds familiar, and Bo says it was just a girl Franco Kelly hired years ago to try to cause trouble for him and Hope…Abe asks Bo what the hell he’s thinking sleeping with anyone, much less a woman who worked with Franco! Bo tells Abe he’s only just figuring it out…but he remembers being at the Cheatin’ Heart, getting drunk, and after that its all just a blur!

    -Jill begs Megan for forgiveness, and she tells her that she won’t be able to find anyone else like her for a job like this! Megan tells her fine, but if she does anything like this ever again, she’ll slit her throat! She says Bo is hers, and no one else’s! She tells Jill to come in, its time they discuss her plan….

    -Crystal contemplates this huge job she’s just taken off…she was just hired by the infamous Stefano DiMera to kill his own son! She says this better be worth it before leaving Salem Place!

    -Kayla kisses Steve, so glad he’s alive, but she declares that Stefan’s in critical condition, she has to save him! Steve says that they shouldn’t bother with this scum, and Kayla says she hates him too but they can’t let him bleed to death…she tells him to stop Helena while she tries to keep him alive! Steve reluctantly agrees, and as Kayla gets to work, Steve rushes out to the balcony and tells Helena this is it!

    -Abe reminds Bo that even though she’s in prison, he still has a wife, named Hope, not Jill! Bo says by no means does he have any feelings for Jill…its just a crazy time in his life…he says his wife is in jail, one of his closest friends is dead and his niece is the murderor, and not to mention everything else…Abe comforts Bo, and tells him in time, it will all heal….

    -Kayla tries to save Stefan’s life as she calls 911, but outside on the balcony, Helena holds Steve at gunpoint! She tells Steve this is indeed it, because she IS going to kill him and his wife! He asks her if she even cares she may have killed her own son, and Helena just calls him a pawn! She says that she hasn’t had any fun like this in too long, its good to be murdering again…and now EJ can rest in peace! As she begins to pull on the trigger, she tells Steve to say goodbye to life, but Steve says:

    Steve:You’re right…he will rest in peace…because his crazy mother will finally be taken down!

    Before Helena can fire, Steve tackles Helena, but they both end up going flying over the railing!!!! Steve, at the very last minute, manages to grab onto the railing but Helena goes plummeting to the pavement below!
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