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Episode#317: The Other Car




Episode#317: The Other Car

-Greta tells Nicole that she’s no better than her, but Nicole goes on to say that Greta has so much money since her mother is truly dead….she had a chance with such a great man, Eric, yet she’s spent so much time seeking revenge on HER, and even Jan, for something that happened years ago! She tells Greta she knows this is much deeper than her and Jan shoving her out of town in 2007, or just some fight where she got rabies…she still holds a grudge against Nicole for Eric leaving Greta for Nicole alllll those years ago!

-After Megan is gone from Jill’s hospital room, Dr.Stansville says both her and Megan will be released soon…in fact, Megan’s already being released as they speak, but Jill will have to stay…Jill nods, and Dr.Stansville says that they can’t keep this from her forever…she has to tell Megan that JILL got pregnant with her own baby after she slept with Bo, too!

-Hope runs down onto the pier in the rain, still trying to run away from Bo…she flashes back to seeing Bo and Kristen making love, and says she can’t blame Bo for moving on…but how could he never tell her?! She was still his wife, and it hurts to see him in a bed with Kristen DiMera of all people…she continues to sob and think about this, but suddenly she runs into someone….and that person is LARRY!

-Steve pulls Kayla out of the pit, and the officers get the man(Joshua Morrow) out….Kim runs towards Kayla’s side as Steve lays her down, and he says she’s breathing, just unconscious…Shane says they need to find that Rhonda woman and find out whats going on, but Rhonda walks in and says there’s no need for that…before pulling out her gun!

-Stefano and his car go flying off a cliff after crashing with another car…Sami approaches, and gasps when she see it happen, and she parks her car on the side of the road and runs out into the rain and to the edge of the cliff, and watches as the car plummets into darkness…she looks on, horrified…and she realizes this in itself may have killed Stefano! She slowly turns away from the cliff, and stumbles over to the crashed car to see if the people inside it are alright…she slowly peaks into the window…and is terrified to see…WILL AND DESTINY!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Greta tells Nicole she doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about…she let that go years ago…Nicole laughs and says the hell she did! She says if she did, she wouldn’t have tried to rekindle her relationship with him two years ago! Greta yells she NEVER tried to do that, she cut Eric out of her life, and he ran back to Nicole! Nicole says that’s just because Eric didn’t want to be with a bitch like her…even if she didn’t have rabies then!

-Jill turns to Dr.Stansville and tells her that Megan WILL murder her if she finds out that one night with Bo got her pregnant too…she says that all they have to do is just…make sure when her baby with Bo is born Megan isn’t around, and then just give the baby away or something…and Megan’s baby can just go straight to Megan.

-Hope asks Larry what the hell he’s doing here..he should be in prison for Patrick Lockhart’s murder! Larry says he was, he escaped in a riot earlier this evening…he also sees she’s out for the murder of Gina, and she says she was RELEASED, unlike him…he tells her its so weird to run into her…since the last time they saw each other he tried to kill her. Hope tells him to just go away and leave her the hell alone, she has enough to deal with, and he says he doesn’t think so!

-Rhonda points a gun at Steve, Kim, Shane, Kayla, the officers, and the man…she says none of them are going anywhere! Steve asks who the hell she is, what does she want with his wife, and Rhonda says that’s for her to know and for him to never find out! Kim jumps in front of them all and tells Rhonda to step aside, but Rhonda doesn’t budge! Kim ATTACKS Rhonda, the both of them getting into a struggle…and the gun goes off…Kim screams!

-Sami looks on, eyes wide and jaw dropped, at her son, her only child…WILL…lying in the drivers seat of the car that Stefano hit! She yells “No, no, no, NO!” as she runs over to the door to the driver’s seat, and tries to pull it open as the rain continues to pour, screaming and crying in the process….

-Greta tells Nicole to SHUT UP, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, she tricked Eric like she tricked Austin, Victor, Lucas, so many other people…she’s the true bitch! She was a porn star, a liar, a murderor, she tried to pretend to be Tony and Marlena’s missing daughter! Nicole tells Greta that she may be a bitch…but she’s not a crazy bitch. She says Greta could have everything in the world, yet she spends her time locking people up underneath mansions, tormenting them….and that is very, very pathetic…all she does is obsess over how she’s going to torture them next…she’s become pitiful! Greta finally has enough, and BURSTS into the actual room, tackling Nicole!

-Dr.Stansville says that will be VERY difficult to pull off considering the babies were conceived around the same time, they may be born around the same time…Jill says she doesn’t care, they just have to cover it up to Megan…during ultrasounds and everything…she tells Dr.Stansville if she does…she’ll split half the money she’s making off of this with her! Dr.Stansville sighs and slowly says fine, and Jill says she may want money…but she values her life more…

-Larry grabs Hope by the arm and says he never really got to kill her…and he’s on his way out of Salem…so why not do something that he wanted to do a long time ago! And this time, there’s no Vivian Alamain around to interfere! Hope tells him to let GO of her, and to not even dare…he lost before, he’ll lose again! Larry just tightens his grip, but suddenly…Bo approaches!

-The officers and Shane run up to Rhonda and grab Kim, as they also restrain Rhonda and get the gun away from her…its revealed the bullet only grazed Kim’s arm, and she breathes a sigh of relief as she says they can get it patched up…as some of the officers handcuff Rhonda and grab the man, and Steve carries Kayla, and a few other officers go off to find Chris, they all leave the room, hoping to leave Rhonda’s house and turn Rhonda in for holding Kayla and this other man captive…

-Sami is able to rip the door of Will’s car open…and slowly, she unbuckles Will and pulls him out, and looks at his wounds…she sees some blood on him, but she soon says in relief that he’s still breathing, but she needs to get him to a hospital! She thinks to herself she can’t call 911...she is an escaped convict, but she can’t let her son die…she then decides she has to call…Lucas!


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